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Sunrise Medical Quickie 2 Family Ultralight Wheelchair

Model NumberQuickie 2/Quickie 2 Lite: EIQ2XStarting Retail PriceQuickie 2: $2,050
Quickie 2 Lite: $2,075
Quickie 2 HP: $2,150Frame StyleFoldingHCPCS CodeK0005Wheelchair WeightQuickie 2: 25.4 lbs. / 13.6 lbs (transport weight) 
Quickie 2 Lite Fixed Front: 23.5 lbs. / 12 lbs (transport weight) 
Quickie 2 Lite Swing Away: 24.8 lbs. / 12.6 lbs (transport weight) 
Quickie 2 HP: 27.9 lbs.Frame MaterialAluminumUser Weight CapacityQuickie 2: 300 lbs.
Quickie 2 Lite: 265 lbs.
Quickie 2 HP: 250 lbs.
Quickie 2/Quickie 2HP Heavy Duty: 350 lbs.Transit ApprovedYesShipping Dimensions33" L x 38" H x 13" WAverage Shipping Weight50 lbs.  FRAME AND FEATURE MEASUREMENTSSeat WidthsQuickie 2: 12" to 22"
Quickie 2 Lite: 14" to 20"
Quickie 2 HP: 11" to 22"Seat DepthsQuickie 2: 12" to 20"
Quickie 2 Lite: 14" to 20"
Quickie 2HP: 10" to 20"Frame AngleQuickie 2 Lite Fixed Front: 70° or 80°Front Seat-to-Floor Height13.5" to 22"Rear Seat-to-Floor Height13" to 22"Lower Leg Length Setting5.5" to 20.5"Back Height9" to 21"Angle Adjustable Backrest Adjustment Range-15° to +3°Camber0°, 2°, 4°Center of Gravity (COG) Adjustment1" to 3.5"Tilt RangeN/A  OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIESFrame TypeRear Side Frame Straight 
Rear Side Frame Rounded 
Depth Adjustable Back (DAB) 
Heavy Duty 
70° Fixed Front Frame 
80° Fixed Front FrameSpecial PackagesN/ATilt Release OptionsN/AFrame InsetN/ACaster Wheels3" Micro 
4" Low Profile Polyurethane 
4" Micro Lighted 
4" x 1" Aluminum Polyurethane 
4" x 1.25" Semi Pneumatic 
4" x 1.5" Aluminum Soft Roll 
5" Low Profile Polyurethane 
5" Micro Lighted 
5" x 1" Aluminum Polyurethane 
5" x 1.5" Semi-Pneumatic 
5" Soft Roll (Grey) 
5" x 1.5" Aluminum Soft Roll 
6" Polyurethane 
6" Pneumatic 
6" x 1.5" Semi Pneumatic 
6" x 1.5" Aluminum Soft Roll 
7" Polyurethane 
8" Polyurethane 
8" Pneumatic 
8" x 1.5" Semi Pneumatic 
8" x 2" Pneumatic 
8" x 2" Pneumatic with Airless InsertCaster OptionsCaster Pin LocksHangers60° Swing In/Out Hanger 
70° Swing In/Out Hanger 
80° Swing In/Out Hanger
60° Hemi Swing In/Out Hanger
70° Hemi Swing In/Out Hanger
70° Swing In/Out Front Mount 
80° Swing In/Out Front Mount 
90° Swing In/Out Front Mount
Articulating Hanger 
Elevating Hanger 
Elevating Hanger Front MountFootplatesComposite 
Composite Angle Adjustable 
Aluminum Angle Adjustable - Extension Mount
Aluminum Angle Adjustable - Front Mount
Aluminum Footplate - Fixed 
Platform Flip UpFootplate OptionsHeel Loops 
Leg Strap 
Extension TubesAxleQuick Release Steel 
Quad Quick Release SteelAxle PlateStandard Adjustable 
Amputee Adjustable 
One Arm DriveRear Wheel Type20" Mag Wheel 
22" Mag Wheel 
24" Mag Wheel
20" Mag Wheel 5-Spoke
22" Mag Wheel 5-Spoke
24" Mag Wheel 5-Spoke
20" Lite Spoke Wheel 
22" Lite Spoke Wheel 
24" Lite Spoke Wheel 
25" Lite Spoke Wheel 
26" Lite Spoke Wheel 
22" Ultra Lightweight Spoke Wheel 
24" Ultra Lightweight Spoke Wheel 
22" Spinergy SPOX Black 
24" Spinergy SPOX Black 
25" Spinergy SPOX Black 
26" Spinergy SPOX Black 
22" Spinergy LX Black 
24" Spinergy LX Black 
25" Spinergy LX Black 
26" Spinergy LX Black 
24" MountainRear Wheel TirePneumatic 
Pneumatic with Airless Insert 
Full Poly 
High-Pressure Clincher Back
High-Pressure Clincher 
Knobby V-TRAK 
Schwalbe® Marathon Plus Evolution 
SHOX® Performance Poly 
Mountain TireHandrimsAluminum Anodized 
Plastic Coated 
Natural Fit - Standard Grip 
Natural Fit - Super Grip
Natural Fit - No Thumb Grip
Natural Fit LT - Standard Grip 
Natural Fit LT - Super Grip
Natural Fit LT - No Thumb Grip
Spinergy Flex Rim
Projection - 8 Oblique
The Surge - Oval w/Gription Strip
The Surge LT - Oval w/Gription Grip
Q-Grip Neoprene CoatedHub LockN/ASuspensionFrog Legs Suspension ForkBackrest TypeStandard 
Angle Adjustable -15° to +3° (3" - 5" Pivot Height)
Angle Adjustable -15° to +3° (5" - 7" Pivot Height)
Depth Adjustable (DAB)Back Post OptionsPush Handle Straight 
Push Handle 8° 
Angle Adjustable Straight Push Handle 
Regular Stroller Handles
Tall Stroller Handles
Depth Adjustable Back - Swing Away Stroller Handles
Folding Push Handle with Ht. Adj. Back
Depth Adjustable Back - Post Standard 
Depth Adjustable Back - Post Medium 
Depth Adjustable Back - Post TallBackrest OptionsStabilizer Bar 
Reinforced UpholsteryBack UpholsteryStandard Nylon Upholstery
Standard Upholstery EXO
Tension Adjustable Ballistic
Tension Adjustable EXO
Tension Adjustable 3DX Vented
JAY® GO Back
Depth Adjustable Solid Back 
JAY® J3™ BackMilitary Service PatchesMarines 
Air Force 
Coast Guard 
Purple HeartArmrestsPadded Swing-Away 
Single Post Height Adjustable Standard 
Single Post Height Adjustable Low 
Flip Back Height Adjustable Classic 
Flip Back Height Adjustable LITE 
Flip Back 
Length Adjustable Locking Flip-up (DAB) 
Adjustable Locking Flip-up (DAB)Arm PadsDesk Length - Classic
Full Length - Classic 
Arm pad Foam - Short 
Arm pad Foam - Long
Ergo ArmpadWheel LocksHigh Mount Push 
High Mount Pull 
Ergo Scissor 
Unilateral Wheel Lock
6" Extension Handle PairSeatingSeat Sling 
2" Cushion 
JAY Cushions/BacksPower AssistQuickie Xtender™ JWX-2 and Pneumatic Wheels
Xtender Spare NiMH Power Pack
Xtender Spare Li-ion Power Pack
SPARE 22" Spoke Pneumatic Aluminum
SPARE 22" Spoke Pneumatic Plastic
SPARE 24" Spoke Pneumatic Aluminum
SPARE 24" Spoke Pneumatic PlasticGrade AidGrade AidAnti-TipsRear Anti-tipsSide GuardsPlastic - Standard 
Plastic - LowSide Guard OptionsN/APositioning Belts1.5" Auto Buckle 
2" Aircraft Buckle 
2" Padded Aircraft BuckleTray TablesSmall 
X-LargeAccessoriesQuickie Backpack 
Zippie Backpack 
Seat Pouch 
Clear Spoke Guard 
Black Spoke Guard 
Gel Cover Hanger/Frame 
Gel Cover Swing-Away Armrest 
Extra Leg Strap Black 
Impact Guard Neoprene 
Crutch Holder 
IV Holder 
O2 Holder 
Tool KitFrame Color OptionsAztec Gold
Black Cherry
Black Opal
Blue Opal
Candy Blue
Candy Purple
Candy Red
Electric Blue
Green Apple
Hot Sparkle Pink
Mauve Pink
Sparkle Silver
Sunrise Orange
Titanium Color Paint
Matte Black
Matte Black Cherry
Matte Electric Blue
Matte Evergreen
Matte Purple
Desert Camouflage
Mossy Oak Camouflage
Stars & Stripes
Sours: https://www.shermanoaksmedical.com/shop/product/sunrise-medical-quickie-2-family-ultralight-wheelchair

Serving San Francisco (877) 727-1954


✦User Weight Capacity 300 lbs.

✦Overall Wheelchair Weight 128 lbs. without batteries

✦Overall Wheelchair Width 14" to 20" Seat Widths: 25.75"

✦22" to 24" Seat Widths: 27.75"

✦Turning Radius 24"

✦Overall Wheelchair Length 33.5"

✦Suspension Dynamic

✦Transit Approved Yes

✦Shipping Dimensions 47" L x 40" W x 54" H

✦Average Shipping Weight 350 lbs.

✦Manual Conversion Kit N/A

✦Ventilator Options Articulating Vent Tray

✦Batteries 22NF Flat Top with Straps

✦Group 24 Flat Top Gel Cell with Straps

✦Battery Charger 8A Dual Mode (Compact) CTE

✦Drive Control Options Non-expandable VR2 Controller 90Amp

✦Expandable R-net Controller


P-222 SE

Rule your world with speed and style. The powerful and sleek Quickie® P-222 SE power wheelchair offers you the ultimate in indoor and outdoor maneuverability and performance. Its rear-wheel drive base, sporty frame, and manual conversion kit ensure you arrive confidently and in style.



✦ Fast and Maneuverable Base

✦ Manual Conversion Kit

✦ Bold Style Options

✦Frame/Shroud Color Options: Aztec Gold, Black, Black Cherry, Black Opal, Blue Opal, Candy Blue, Candy Purple, Candy Red, Electric Blue, Evergreen, Glow, Green Apple, Hot Sparkle Pink, Mauve Pink, Rootbeer, Sparkle Silver, Sunrise Orange, Titanium Color Paint, Yellow, Matte Black, Matte Black Cherry, Matte Electric Blue, Matte Evergreen, Matte Purple, Desert Camouflage, Mossy Oak Camouflage, Stars & Stripes, Zebra.



✦Backrest Frame Type Angle Adjustable

✦Angle Adjustable Backrest Options Folding


✦Back Cane Angle Straight

✦8° Bend

✦Towel Bar Depth N/A

✦Back Cane Height N/A

✦Backrest Type Parapak Upholstery JAY Solid Back J3

✦Seat Width Range 14" to 24"

✦Seat Depth Range 14" to 20"

✦Seat-To-Floor Height No Power Seating: 18" to 20"

✦Tilt: 17.5" to 20.5"

✦Pre-Set Seat Frame Angle N/A

✦Back Height Range 15.5" to 24"


Sours: https://www.electropedic.com/QuickieWheelchairs.html
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Quickie Color Brochure - Quickie-Wheelchairs.com


High Gloss Colors




Matte Finish Colors




Choosing a color is a very personal decision,

so Quickie and Zippie give you more options.

From subtle to eye-catching, we offer the

Apple Green



Matte Black

widest spectrum of possibilities. Explore our

collection to find the look that suits you!



Candy Apple Red High Gloss Black Yellow

Digital Camo

Candy Blue

Midnight Blue





Woodland Camo



Mossy Oak Camouflage



Stars and Stripes

Candy Purple

Pearl Pink

Color match your

JAY ® J3 Back to your

Quickie ® chair!




Available for order

through JAY Your Way


* Black Zebra Kolorfusion pattern is available on any base color.

Shown here on Candy Blue base color.

Carbon Fiber

Pearl White

©01.2014 Sunrise Medical (US) LLC

932088 Rev. L

Customer Service: 800.333.4000



Sparkle Silver, Red Anodized Package

Zebra Kolorfusion

Glow paint shown in the dark

High Gloss Colors

Matte Finish Colors

Aztec Gold Candy Red Rootbeer Titanium Color Paint

Black Electric Blue Sparkle Silver Matte Black

Black Cherry Evergreen Sunrise Orange Matte Black Cherry

Black Opal Glow Yellow Matte Purple


Blue Opal Green Apple

Refer to product order form for anodized part options.

Matte Electric Blue

Candy Blue

Hot Sparkle Pink

Black Titanium Grey Gold Blue

Matte Evergreen

Candy Purple

Mauve Pink

Green Purple Red


Print processes cannot accurately represent paint finishes.

Actual colors may vary.

Colors and patterns may vary based on type of chair or frame material.

Not all colors available on all products. Please see product order form

for specific color options.

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Magazine: Quickie Color Brochure - Quickie-Wheelchairs.com

Sours: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/34904977/quickie-color-brochure-quickie-wheelchairscom
Quickie Q700M Outdoor Review

Quickie LXI Ultralight Wheelchair

Quickie LXI ultra lightweight folding manual wheelchair is the perfect value solution for today's rehab needs. Key among ultralight wheelchairs is a highly adjustable axle plate, which helps ensure the proper seat angle, center-of-gravity, & wheel camber. The LXI also features 24 standard and custom color choices, swing-in/out footrests, transit option, and performance options such as Spinergy wheels.

Quickie LXI wheelchair supports some of the most exciting wheels in today's wheelchair market. For pure performance, consider the Spinergy SPOX and LX wheels in 22", 24", 25", and 26" sizes. For more outdoor pursuits, both 24" and 26" mountain wheels are now available.

When it comes to handrims, the choices are dazzling: Natural Fit and Natural Fit LT with standard grip rim, super grip rim, and no thumb grip rim; standard anodized aluminum rim; plastic coated rim; and 8 oblique and 8 vertical projection hand rims! Whether you are looking for high performance or quad assistance, the LXI offers a full range.

Nothing turns heads like a great custom color. The LXI takes custom colored frames to a new level. For example: the Quickie LXI offers six different camouflage colors. Over half match current or recent US military uniform patterns. For something more colorful or different, consider Berry Vibrations, Stars and Stripes or Graphite.

For the clinical professional who needs to elevate a user's leg, the Quickie LXI and LX feature a complete set of tools: a standard elevating legrest, a shorter 90 elevating legrest, and an articulating footrest. For increased maneuverability, the Quickie LXI axle plate features optional built-in camber angles of 0, 3, and 5 degrees. A one-arm drive option, perfect for amputees, is also available.



The Quickie LXI features many of the same swing/out footrests, legrests, footplates, rear wheels, casters, backrests, and accessories as the other members of the Quickie ultra lightweight folding family. This commonality helps dealers reduce inventories and easily interchange parts when required.

LXI Options


The revamped Quickie LXI is filled with a host of hot new options. A few of the more unique include: transit option, Spinergy wheels, mountain wheels, camouflage frame colors, Case Logic side pockets, Natural Fit handrims, and military service patches.


The LXI offers outstanding value in an ultra lightweight folding wheelchair. For example, 15 standard frame colors, swing-in/out hangers, and a camber-angle adjustable axle plate (shown) are all available at no additional charge. Add these features to Quickie's longstanding reputation for durability and you create a value package second to none. Additionally, many upcharge options are now offered at no-charge. Among the favorite being 24in spoke rear wheels.


The new Angle Adjustable Backrest continues a strong tradition of rehab focused Quickie chair options. This unique backrest ensures that the pivot point of the backrest matches the pivot point of the spine, a key consideration when fitting a long-term user.

Sours: https://www.quickie-wheelchairs.com/Ultra-Light-Wheelchairs/Ultralight-Folding-Wheelchairs/Quickie-LXI-Ultralight-Wheelchair/2410p

Wheelchair colors quickie


Quickie QM-710 with Seat Lift and Spider Trac #1209


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