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Borderlands 3: 5 Things That Make No Sense About Troy & Tyreen

The Borderlands franchise is not known for its seriousness or dedication to a cohesive narrative. The main appeal of Borderlands is the game's out-of-this-world characters, constant crude and off-color humor, and satisfying combat mechanics that feel different from any other looter-shooter. It's a long-lasting franchise that has had some hiccups in the past (looking at you, Pre-Sequel) but is still celebrated as one of the most unique shooters ever made.

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Once someone digs beneath the surface of some plot and character points, though, the game's narrative falls apart. None are more so responsible for this than the Calypso Twins of Borderlands 3, Troy and Tyreen. While the two stand out among the rest of the Borderlands universe for their Gen-Z aesthetic, their actions in the story often don't make any sense at all.

5 They Can Use Their Powers On Anyone Anywhere, For Any Reason, Anytime

Sirens in Borderlands 3 are described as the most powerful beings in the universe, and Tyreen Calypso just happens to be one of them. As one of the main antagonists, she uses her powers to rally her cultish followers and further her goals – typical for a villain. What isn't typical, though, is both how quickly she learned her abilities and the incredible power of her teleport. Lilith never reached the level where she could teleport instantly from anywhere, but Tyreen is able to do this at a moment's notice.

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Tyreen can teleport anybody to any location whenever she wants, even if she's nowhere nearby or if the target destination is a planet across the entire galaxy. This is also apparent when Troy phase locks the entire moon Elpis from another planet. Lilith had to learn her powers over time, and the player got to see that progression in Borderlands 2, whereas Tyreen apparently has immense power to do whatever she wants without having trained or learned anything about herself. There is a side quest in Borderlands 3 that explains that Sirens know what their powers are without training, but this would directly contradict Lilith's journey in becoming the Firehawk.

4 Troy Being A Siren Makes No Sense, Despite Explanations

Troy is the parasitic twin of Tyreen, meaning when they were born he only survived because he was attached to her. Canonically, this gave him the ability to take on Siren powers when he siphons energy from Tyreen, but this makes no sense for two reasons: there can only be seven Sirens in the galaxy at any one time, and Troy is a male.

Being female has long been a central trait of the Sirens. Since the first Borderlands, this rule has never been broken and has been repeated over and over again by several characters throughout the series. Troy identifies as male, and it is never insinuated that Troy was a female at birth – not that Borderlands has ever explored whether a transgender person could be a Siren.

The parasitic nature of Troy's powers somewhat explains why he has access to these abilities, but then the point that there can only be seven Sirens in the universe at one point comes into play. Even when Troy absorbs Maya's abilities and kills her to become a full-fledged Siren, him being a male-at-birth should counteract that process. Being a Siren isn't inherited by genetics or sharing a womb with a female, it's a universal force bestowed upon random people, and ultimately Borderlands 3 throws a lot of established Siren lore into the trash.

3 They Ignore Amara Entirely, Despite Hunting Sirens

Amara is a melee-focused Siren introduced in Borderlands 3 who plays nearly no role in the grand Siren narrative of the game. She is a unique character, with great interactions with NPCs, and is as fun as any other Vault Hunter to play as, but her being a Siren plays nearly no part in the story of the Calypso Twins.

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The Calypso Twins hunted Sirens and willingly took the powers of those who would oppose them. Maya and Lilith both get their powers taken away by the Calypso Twins at some point in the story to bolster the powers of Tyreen and Troy, but for some reason, they never try to take Amara's powers – let alone make any unique reference to her. One would think the Calypso Twins would recognize a Siren close by and refer to them the same way they refer to NPC characters, but Amara doesn't even show up in a cutscene.

It begs the question of whether Amara needed to be a Siren to have her abilities, and whether it was worth it to make that a part of her backstory at all.

2 They Choose Not To Kill Their Sworn Enemies Constantly

The Calypso Twins are opportunistic and mischievous, always choosing to play with their prey instead of killing it. They show off the battered bodies of characters they've captured to their followers for more attention and to rally them, but very rarely do they make the wise decision to just end the lives of their enemies. In-game, they say they don't like to kill their enemies because it's not good for views – it's a rare example of their selfishness in action, and a rare decent explanation for a plot point.

However, why do they need psychos when their powers are apparently omnipotent?

What doesn't make sense, though, is who they do choose to kill. They kill unimportant unseen characters with ease and refuse to kill the people who actually stand in their way. If their goal is to rally the Children of the Vault and eventually open the Great Vault, why would they leave Lilith, the player, Tannis, Ava, and all of the other major characters responsible for getting in the way of that goal alive? It's a trope going all the way back to the oldest James Bond movies – why have the villain do what makes sense by killing their arch-rival when they can explain their plans and leave the main character alive instead?

1 They Know What The Player Is Doing At All Times, Except Sometimes

It's pretty common in the Borderlands series for NPC characters to pop onto the player's screen via ECHO to talk to them during a quest. It makes sense for the most part as a gameplay feature – the NPC talking to the player is usually nearby or gave the player the quest to start with, and can therefore offer advice or commentary when objectives are completed. Troy and Tyreen pop in just the same way without any warning and comment on what the player is doing throughout the game. They do this while on a completely different planet from extreme distances and often without being involved in the current quest at all.

It's as if they can see the player's every movement and know exactly what they are up to at any given point. If Tyreen is truly such a powerful Siren, this makes sense, but what doesn't make sense is that major twists still come as a surprise to the apparently omniscient twins. They will go from immediately responding to something the player does to being taken surprise by the Vault Hunter's plans. It's something a lot of NPCs are guilty of to be sure, but one would think the developers would have thought a little bit more about this for the main antagonists.

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The God Queen

God Queen Tyreen
Tyreen the Destroyer

Powers / Skills


Combat expertise
Superhuman durability
Superhuman stamina


Streaming mass murders.

Hunting Vault Monsters.


Become a God by siphoning The Destroyer within the Great Vault.

Destroy the universe.


Type of Villain

Arrogant God Wannabe

Tyreen Calypso is one of the two main antagonists and final boss of Borderlands 3. The twin sister of Troy Calypso, she and Troy formed the Children of The Vault, uniting the warring bandit clans of Pandora under a single banner and turning them into a fanatical cult. With the endless legions of bandits under her command, she sought to find and open The Great Vault, and steal the power of the monster within to become a God.

She was voiced by Elisa Melendez.


Tyreen was born the Siren daughter of Typhon and Leda DeLeon on the Eridian homeworld Nekrotafeyo. At birth, she had a twin brother, Troy, conjoined as a parasitic sibling. In order to save the life of both his children, Typhon separated the two, leading to Tyreen having full Siren powers while Troy's powers were stunted as a result. Her mother passing away at a very early age, Typhon raised the twins alone on the alien world, unaware that the stories from his grand adventures placed a dark desire within his children.

Tyreen and Troy eventually left their birthplace and made their way to Pandora, where they would bring all the endlessly warring bandit clans under their rule, forming the Children of the Vault.

The Calypso Twins would use their fanatical cultists to start their crusade across the stars, searching for vaults so that they may leech the power of the vault monsters that lay within. Their ultimate goal was to find and open The Great Vault, and then absorb the essence of the extremely powerful creature within to become Gods.

They would eventually succeed in not only finding The Great Vault, but as well as opening it, however this cost Troy his life. Tyreen, unaware of the true power of The Destroyer inside, ends up fusing with the cosmic monstrosity, becoming Tyreen The Destroyer in the process. Her goal of ascending to godhood corrupted by the eldritch horror to now desire to consume all of reality. She is ultimately slain by the Vault Hunters.


Far more outspoken and overall vocal than her brother, Tyreen constantly calls the Vault Hunters on their echo device to insult and mock them. Believing herself to be a god, she thinks everyone else, including her twin, is beneath her, and she demands absolute loyalty from her followers. She is just as sadistic and cruel as her twin, but is less playful about their atrocities than Troy.

Deep down, Tyreen may harbor some insecurities about herself and is easily made jealous. This is shown when Troy begins to be more vocal and asserts himself more often, which angers Tyreen and she is always very quick to try and remind him she's the one truly in charge. She is also somewhat of a coward, as she became increasingly distressed the more pain was inflicted on her in their attempt to open The Great Vault.

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Borderlands 3: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Calypso Twins

The Borderlandsseries has always been known for its standout villains, many of whom balance a sinister persona with a whimsical sense of humor. Gearbox has kept this tradition alive with the debut of the unique antagonists in BL3, Troy and Tyreen Calypso.

This dynamic duo share some of the wit and goofiness that Handsome Jack was renowned for in the previous game - with a tinge of Millenial-era dialect. At the same time, they also have the intimidating traits of being among a select few Sirens in the Borderlands universe.

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Given the odd nature and powerful mystique of these two villains, there's no shortage of interesting tidbits regarding the Calypso Twins. Let's take a look at 10 of the most interesting details now.

10 The Calypso Name Origins

While there is little on record when it comes to the Calypsos' name origins, it's very likely that the last name is based on the nymph of Greek mythology by the same name. This would seem to make sense, given that the Calypsos are Sirens, which are also a reference to the singing enchantresses of Greek lore.

You've also got the parallel trait of the mythological Calypso being a god-like figure that also has one foot in the realm of mortal humanity. Additionally, you have the parallels of Calypso bearing twin sons to Odysseus. This is fitting, given that the Calypsos of BL3 are twins themselves.

9 Almost Pushed Aside For A Handsome Jack Return

One of the many reasons Borderlands 2 is so renowned is because of its chief villain, Handsome Jack, whose sadistic craziness and charming wit made him a fan-favorite.

As it happens, Gearbox initially had thoughts of bringing this Hyperion overlord back once again. This likely means we wouldn't have even seen the Calypso Twins in this third entry of Borderlands, or they would have at least played a far less prominent role.

Luckily for Troy and Tyreen, this idea to bring Jack back was ditched rather early in the development process, as the team felt that, despite his popularity, we had seen quite enough of him. After all, not only was he a major player of BL2, but he was also a centerpiece of The Pre-Sequel and Tales from the Borderlands.

8 The "Children Of The Vault" Origins

Looking back to prior entries in the BL series, society and culture is in a pretty anarchic state, on account of various tribes and factions at odds with one another. While these chaotic conditions are prominent in BL3, the Calypsos have managed to consolidate their power by unifying most of the bandit tribes under one massive banner - The Children of the Vault.

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These violent foes have now become even more dangerous and fanatical, following their unshakable devotion and willingness to fight for this cult, led by Tyreen and Troy. This drive is motivated by their goal in finding and opening every single vault in the galaxy.

7 A Relationship Between Troy and Hammerlock's Sister

Those who have played through BL3 may have noticed a particular dislike to Troy expressed by Sir Hammerlock. There's a reason for this aside from the simple fact that these twins are troublesome and tyrannical.

As revealed in an ECHO log which can be found on Eden-6, it would seem that Troy was involved in a brief romance with Aurelia. As a wealthy Vault Hunter and power-hungry antagonist to her brother, she would seemingly make a natural match for this Calypso twin.

6 Tyreen Can Taste Those She Leeches Life From

Sirens possess unique abilities which only a handful of people in the Borderlands universe are capable of - but they also hold distinct, exclusive powers even amongst themselves. When it comes to the sinister Tyreen, she fittingly possesses the ability to leech power from life forms and apparently even tasting that which she draws from.

This is alluded to with her quotes referencing Tinks as "popcorn shrimp, but screamier" and proclaiming "your dumbass friend looks delicious!" 

5 Troy Stands As The Only Male Siren

If you thought being one of only a handful of Sirens in the Borderlands universe was exclusive, try being the only known male Siren in the universe! This is the case for Troy, who's described as being the manifestation of "unlikely circumstances."

These unique circumstances have allowed Troy to possess powers that are similar to his female counterparts, while also granting him unique traits that allow him to stand out and shine in his own way. This is illustrated in a physical feature which will be described in greater detail a bit later.

4 The Peculiar State Of Tyreen's Victims

As we've touched on - Tyreen can essentially siphon life energy off her victims like some sort of majestic human leech. Though players of BL3 eventually find that that the end product of this manifests a pretty unique visual.

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Specifically, the remains of her victims take on a life-like statue that's covered in Eridium-esque crystals. These part-human and part-Eridium structures are referred to as "husks" in the game.

3 The Prominent Voices Behind The Twins

The Borderlands games have been known for some memorable and amusing voice performances, thanks in part to celebrity appearances like Ice-T and Penn and Teller. Though the voice of Troy, Max Mittelman, should also be fairly recognizable to those who've experienced their share of cartoons and video games.

He's taken on major roles of well over 100 games, cartoons, and anime, including Saitama from One Punch Man, Ryuji Sakamoto from Persona 5, and King from The Seven Deadly Sins.

The voice behind Tyreen is also significant in her own way. While she's quite new to the voice-acting scene, Elisa Melendez takes on the dual roles of Tyreen in addition to being the New Media Manager of Gearbox Publishing.

2 Tyreen Is The Source Of Troy's Life

Similar to Tyreen leeching off others, Troy is also co-dependent on his sister, who essentially provides the life source for himself. Basically, Tyreen is the reason that Troy is able to survive, at least according to her. This likely explains the reasoning behind Troy's existence as a siren despite being male.

As Tyreen states, "I'm the Siren, he's just a parasite. Literally. When we were born, our father had to cut him off me. Now I'm the only thing keeping him alive." It's a pretty peculiar relationship, to say the least.

1 The Unique Nature Of Troy's Siren Tattoos

Tyreen's distinct characteristics among the already exclusive group of Sirens is literally illustrated in his tattoos.

While all Sirens possess the recognizable wing image that's a key trait to Sirens in BL, Troy comes with a unique variant of this design. His tattoos are naturally blood-red rather than blue, and take on a larger, messier and more "violent" appearance overall. This is in contrast to the cleaner, swooping shapes found on the other female Sirens.

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We all know Batman isn't dead

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Boss Description

Tyreen Calypso is a ‘Boss’ in Borderlands 3. She is one of the two main antagonists and also the final boss of the game when she fuses with The Destroyer.

Where can I find Tyreen the Destroyer in Borderlands 3?

Tyreen the Destroyer is located in Destroyer’s Rift on the planet Pandora. The fast travel station will drop you in front of the battle arena next to 2 vending machines. Tyreen the Destroyer Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Which legendary items does Tyreen the Destroyer drop?

You can farm Tyreen the Destroyer for these legendary weapons as it is the dedicated loot source for these items. Tyreen the Destroyer has a 15% legendary drop chance.

Tyreen the Destroyer Guide

Tyreen herself is the weak spot in this boss fight. Shoot at her when she appears from inside of the Destroyer.

Tyreen the Destroyer will throw a bunch of different projectiles at you, however, the one that looks like an Eridium rock can be punched back. This will stun her and you can go in and get free shots.

Standing right in front of the boss is kinda an unsafe spot, always be at a small angle.

When you dealt enough damage to Tyreen she will become immune and collapse onto the ground. Now you need to climb up her legs and deal damage at the top of her back. Some weapons are able to hit this critical spot from the ground. If done correctly, Tyreen will immerge from inside the Destroyer.

When Tyreen is getting at low health she will take flight and shoot fireballs and lasers at you.

A few Varkid will spawn during the fight. These initially aren’t much of a trouble unless they evolve. You can use them to score a second wind but don’t let them evolve too often.

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