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Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Divine Beast Vah Medoh Dungeon guide

Divine Beasts are the closest things to typical Zelda dungeons in Breath of the Wild, and Vah Medoh is the easiest - but it still has brain teasers.

You've made it - it took a ton of flying about in updrafts and some expert bow skills, but you're aboard the gigantic flying divine beast. The view of Hyrule from up here's amazing, and despite the Rito hero's best intentions you find yourself alone. We think this dungeon might be named after Wind Waker Rito sage Medil, for the record.

We've got lots more help for Link's grand adventure if you want it - simply check out our full Zelda Breath of the Wild guide.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Walkthrough - Main Quest: Divine Beast Vah Medoh Dungeon

In previous Zelda outings this would've been named a dungeon or temple, though this is still pretty different to those concepts in previous games. There's still the basic dungeon layout going on here: a series of puzzles to complete and an over-arching theme to the style of the dungeon. For Vah Medoh, this is wind. Think of this as the wind dungeon, in finest Zelda tradition.

Rather than keys and locked doors (as in previous Zelda games), your goal here is simpler. You need to activate 5 different terminals scattered around Divine Vah Medoh. The dungeon layout is quite open, so the challenge is in getting to or activating these terminals rather than opening locked doors and such.

Once you get access to the map you'll also be able to make Vah Medoh move its wings, and doing this tilts and twists the whole dungeon, moving objects around. This is absolutely vital for completing the Divine Beast Vah Medoh dungeon - so as the voice of the Rito champion tells you, you'll first need to grab a map from the map room. So.. let's get that map.

Inside Divine Beast Vah Medoh: Getting a Map

Once the cutscene has played out and you have control of Link properly once again, you'll be aboard Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Turn around and look behind you towards Vah Medoh's tail. There's a chest back here, and some Ganon corruption gunk. This stuff will be encountered frequently, so get used to it. This is a nice easy start to the dungeon - just walk back there, use the short ramp to jump over the corruption, then grab the chest.

Once you've opened the chest, look to the right of it. There's a Ganon's corruption eye thing (what are these things?!), and if you shoot it with an arrow the corruption that was previously in your way will disappear.

Turn back and head through the entrance proper. Into the belly of the (divine) beast! There's Ganon's corruption ahead, but if you look to the right hand side of it there's an eye you can shoot to get rid of it, just like with the chest.

Walk forwards - there's an updraft here, as you found lots on the way here. Ride the updraft with your paraglider, and when you end up at the middle area with metal blocks keep in mind if you need to you can use your Magenesis rune power to drag them into a better position.

Run and jump across, kill the lone guardian, then download the map at the terminal. Now for the actually difficult part... we need to activate 5 terminals. The terminals are scattered throughout Vah Medoh, and so your path to activate them is through completing various puzzles and making use of the new control you have over the Divine Beast Vah Medoh via the map screen.

Inside Divine Beast Vah Medoh: Terminal 1

If you head out of the map download room and hook right you'll find a ledge you can drop down onto - on this ledge there's a chest you can get. Drop down once more and there's a chest covered in Ganon corruption. The eye in the middle is a hard bow shot to make, but you can also get it by tossing a bomb into the middle and detonating.

Take the updraft back to the main hall, with the metal blocks you can move with Magnesis. They're all well and good, but it's the stone ones we want to move... and we can. You can either use stasis to freeze and hit these blocks or tilt Vah Medoh on the map screen to make them move - either works.

With that noted, use that to head to the opening towards the right wing of Divine Beast Vah Medoh. One of the stone blocks can be moved right to that opening to provide a platform.

In this room there's some purple corruption gunk on the ceiling that'll spit out enemies at the far end, so run down there and take that out with a well-placed arrow first.

Now hit the switch in the middle of the room. That switch will open a window, sending wind gushing in. There are fans on the ceiling... we know what to do, right? Very Wind Waker.

One of the fan switches is already in the air's path, so leave that for now. The other needs to be pushed there. Hit it with Stasis, then with a bomb arrow - you should have some of those left. It may take two goes, but you'll get it into place. A small gate will open.

In the path of the air behind the fans is a giant battering ram, and up the way from it is a switch. By lowering the barrier we can now use those two together.

Once again it's stasis or tilt - either tilt Divine Beast Vah Medoh one way then the other to make the ram draw back and slam the switch or freeze the ram with stasis and slam it a bunch with a heavy weapon. I actually found stasis a little easier/quicker.

Behind the door that opens is your first terminal. Onto the next!


Inside Divine Beast Vah Medoh: Terminal 2

Head back to the main room. Use either stasis or bird tilting to position one of the blocks as such that you can jump onto the grill at the other side of the room.

Climb it, open the chest at the top, then shoot the eye to remove the Ganon corruption preventing access to the left wing of the beast.

Head into the left wing of Vah Medoh. Take out the eye behind the corruption with a careful shot so you can work in peace.

Hit the switch in the right corner of the room, then head up the ramp and around until you're above the current of wind. Jump and paraglide across to the second terminal. That one was easy!

Inside Divine Beast Vah Medoh: Terminal 3

In the same room as where you got the second terminal, head to the far corner where the switch is. Hit the switch and then drop a bomb through the little hole. It'll roll down (you can tilt the wings via the map screen to speed up the ball via gravity) and then hit an cracked-looking blockage. Detonate.

Repeat this again, this time winding the bomb around the path by using wing tilting (tilt the wing down, then have the open window blow the bomb across the room.

The bomb will end up at another wall you can blow to smithereens, so do that. You free a large metal ball.

Tilt the wings down to free the ball of its cage and then grab it through the window(!) with Magnesis.

Place it on the tracks the bomb was on - you can see the switch the other side of the room, right? Tilt the wings and watch the ball roll and hit it hard.

The door will open. Head right in and grab terminal three.


Inside Divine Beast Vah Medoh: Terminal 4

Leave this room - go back to the main hall and drop down to the lower floor. Take the one path that isn't covered in ganon's corruption out to the outside and underside of Divine Beast Vah Medoh's wings. That's... quite the drop. Don't fall.

There's a small basket right in front of you - look and notice it's on the same type of railing as all the stuff you've been moving with the wings or with stasis.

From a distance (yes, it's a tough shot) hit the eye on the corruption to clear it away, then get in the basket and tilt the wings so the basket will carry you to the other side.

Head up the stairs here... and there's a terminal right there! Terminal four is down. One to go.

Inside Divine Beast Vah Medoh: Terminal 5

Terminal five is on the other side of the underside of Divine Beast Vah Medoh from Terminal four, except where Terminal four had a lovely, simple basket to carry you across this terminal isn't so kind - it's just hanging out, and the only way to get there is some precarious gliding.

Remember a tilt of the wings will make the platform a little lower - for me this made it easier to reach.

Download Terminal 5, then prepare yourself. Glide back to safety (again, tilting the wings so that your destination is lower is handy if you're nervous) and then set the bird's wings flat again.

It's time to take back this Divine Beast. From here on the underside of the bird you'll be able to glide onto the top of its wings on an up-draft. Here you'll find the main terminal. Activate it.


Boss: Windblight Ganon

Windblight Ganon flies, and you're atop the wings of a flying beast which is all... well, it's all very appropriate. This boss warps around the battlefield and has a strong slate of both up-close and long-distance attacks.

You do have one slight advantage, however - remember how you got onto Divine Beast Vah Medoh in the first place? Fans with updrafts are scattered around Vah Medoh's wings, and if you get in one you can jump and deploy your paraglider to get high in the air.

Once you're floating, get a bead on Windblight Ganon and aim for its eye, making use of the slow-motion firing-while-mid-air bonus that you get when pulling you bow out mid-glide. Keep doing this. If you've got leftover bomb arrows from your assault on Vah Medoh earlier, now is the time to use them.

When Vah Medoh switches phases you should really pull out the big guns. The drone-like enemies it deploys to help itself can make things really hazardous, and they actively work to prevent you from using the updrafts. Focus on your most powerful tools, and if you knock Vah Medoh down waste no time in getting in there with a sword.

Don't forget to use food and elixirs to buff yourself too, especially in the second phase.

When the fight is done there'll be another lovely cutscene and you'll get Revali's Gale, a new ability that lets you perform three super-high jumps. When you've done three, the ability will take some time to recharge.

With Vah Medoh conquered, you can now consider your next destination. For story purposes we suggest heading up Death Mountain and to Goron City - or you can go ahead and explore Breath of the Wild's huge open world.


This is a guide to the Main Quest, Divine Beast Vah Medoh, in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Here you can find the quest walkthrough, where to start Divine Beast Vah Medoh and all quest rewards.

Quest GiverKaneli
LocationRito Village

Upon reaching Rito Village, its elder, Kaneli, asks you to aid them with appeasing the Divine Beast, Vah Medoh.

Divine Beast Vah Medoh Quest Rewards
Heart ContainerRevali's GaleGreat Eagle Bow

This is a full list of the Adventure Log entries for Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

EntryEntry Text
Quest StartKaneli, elder of Rito Village, wants you to help a local soldier named Teba. You offered your assistance, but first you must find the soldier.

Teba's wife Saki may know where he is. Ask around Rito Village to gather more information.
1st UpdateYou found Saki and asked where Teba went. It sounds like he headed for the Flight Range.

Search the Flight Range for Teba.
2nd UpdateYou found Teba at the Flight Range, but he has no intention of returning to the village before Divine Beast Medoh has been appeased.

He intends to appease the Divine Beast himself. You had better help him out.
3rd UpdateTeba won't let you anywhere near Divine Beast Vah Medoh unless you can at least hit the targets at the Flight Range.

If you catch an updraft with your paraglider, it'll carry you high into the sky. Use this technique to destroy five targets with arrows within the time limit to prove yourself to Teba.
4th UpdateYou proved your mettle by hitting the targets at the Flight Range.

When it comes time to battle DIvine Beast Vah Medoh, Teba will draw the focus of its attacks so you can focus on destroying its cannons.

Teba will carry you into the sky where Divine Beast Medoh awaits.
5th UpdateThe battle with Divine Beast Vah Medoh has begun!

Use the paraglider to launch into the air for a good vantage point, and then take out all the cannons with your bomb arrows.

But be careful—if you get too close, you'll run into the Divine Beast's barrier!
6th UpdateYou destroyed all of the Divine Beast Vah Medoh's cannons and landed on its back, but Teba suffered injuries and had to retreat.

You must finish what you both started. Enter Divine Beast Vah Medoh on your own to stop it once and for all!
7th UpdateYou defeated Windblight Ganon, which had infested the insides of Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

The Divine Beast has been enshrined at the highest point of Rito Village, and moreover, it looks like Teba was able to safely return to Rito Village.

Go report to Kaneli.
Quest ClearYou reported to Kaneli that Divine Beast Vah Medoh has regained its senses.
Your efforts have earned you the power of the Champion Revali, Revali's Gale.

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Divine Beast Vah Medoh

This article is about the dungeon inside the Divine Beast. For the Divine Beast in other uses, see Vah Medoh.

Divine Beast Vah Medoh

Isometric view of the Dungeon Map

Vah Medoh is one of the four Divine Beasts in Breath of the Wild. Vah Medoh serves as one of the four main dungeons in the game. Link must defeat Windblight Ganon in order to free the Divine Beast from the control of Calamity Ganon. As is with the other Divine Beasts, Link must venture inside and activate the five Sheikah Terminals in order to fight the boss and free the dungeon of Malice. Vah Medoh is controlled by the Rito champion Revali. Once the dungeon is completed, Link will not be able to re-enter it, for it moves to a different location to prepare an attack on Hyrule Castle.


As Link comes in close proximity to Rito Village, a cut-scene plays showing Vah Medoh gliding around the area, making it dangerous for Rito to fly. Link must gain the trust of Teba by training at the Flight Range. After doing so, Teba will carry Link close by to Vah Medoh, allowing Link to shoot the four cannons, giving entrance to the dungeon.


Link shooting a cannon


Overhead view of Vah Medoh


Once Link has obtained a map of the Vah Medoh, he has the ability to manipulate it in order to progress and solve various puzzles. In this dungeon, Link can either tilt the abdomen up or down around 30° either way.


Upon freeing Vah Medoh of Calamity Ganon's influence, it will fly up to the top of a natural pillar in the center of Rito Village, and it spreads its wings in order to prepare an attack on Hyrule Castle. Having completed this dungeon means in the fight against Calamity Ganon, he will lose one-eighth of his health.


Divine Beast Vah Medoh has been taunting you from your earliest moments in Breath of the Wild. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get there, how to solve its puzzles and how to defeat its boss.

Table of contents

Divine Beast Vah Medoh

How to get there

Divine Beast Vah Medoh is located above Rito village, in the northwest corner of Breath of the Wild’s map. Tabantha tower is closest.

Preparing: Snowquill armor

Before you embark upon your journey to the Divine Beast Vah Medoh, you need to prepare. And preparation boils down to two things, really: having a bunch of arrows and the right armor.

There’s a shop in Rito village, where you should buy the snowquill armor set:

  • Snowquill tunic for 600 rupees
  • Snowquill trousers for 550 rupees
  • Snowquill headdress for 1,000 rupees

That’s 2,150 rupees all told. It’s not cheap, but buying this set will let you forget about cold climates, period. And Divine Beast Vah Medoh involves some of those. If you don’t have enough money, sell your gems and various monster parts until you do. It’s really that important.

Upgrade your armor

It’s also a good idea to warp to Ta'loh Neg shrine near Kakariko village and visit the Great Fairy to upgrade your new snowquill armor. Doing so will not only make your armor more powerful, but wearing all pieces of the snowquill armor will grant you a set bonus, making your cold resistance even better.

You’ll need red ChuChu jelly. If you’re low, just find hot area of ground and toss on some blue ChuChu jelly. That'll transform it into red ChuChu jelly. (Thanks to Polygon reader Josh Combs, who pointed out that the original version of this guide said to throw it in a cooking pot. Don't do that, unless you want some dubious food. And you probably don't.)

How to get the Divine Beast Vah Medoh quest

Take the stairs all the way to the top of Rito village. Speak to the Rito chief, Kaneli, to unlock the Divine Beast Vah Medoh main quest. Walk to the alcove next to Kaneli to speak with Saki, who will tell you where to go next: the Flight Range. Jump off the platform just down the stairs from Saki and use your paraglider to fly toward the flags in the distance.

You can complete the Sha Warvo shrine here or just interact with it to unlock a waypoint.

The Flight Range

At the Flight Range, you’ll meet Teba. Complete his quest (which is no more complicated than using your paraglider, then holding ZR to shoot a few targets), and you’ll receive the falcon bow and 20 bomb arrows. You’ll also find a swallow bow near a cooking pot in this area.

Destroy the canons

After satisfying Teba, he’ll fly you up to Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Your actions at the Flight Range were a prologue to this. All you need to do is hop off of Teba, aim at the targets and hit them with your bomb arrows.

It’s to your benefit to do this with the fewest arrows as possible, and there’s very little danger up here. The Divine Beast Vah Medoh boss of this area is susceptible to bomb arrows, so the more you have, the better.

Solving the Divine Beast Vah Medoh puzzles and finding the terminals

After destroying the canons, you’ll land on Divine Beast Vah Medoh and automatically interact with the first terminal here and learn the way to the map terminal. Your goal is to interact with all of the terminals and then, ultimately, fight the boss.

Before heading in, turn around, and shoot the eyeball in the goo to unlock access to a treasure chest, where you can collect a sapphire.

Walk into the belly of the Divine Beast, and shoot the eyeball in goo to clear the path ahead of you. Fall down to the lower level, and kill the eyeball in goo blocking your way out. This unlocks an exit to the room and a treasure chest with an ancient shaft.

Head outside, and walk the perimeter of Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Destroy an eyeball to unlock a fan blowing up, then keep going around to destroy another eyeball that unlocks the second entrance to the room you fell into earlier.

Head back inside the room, and use your paraglider to take the upward draft up to level where you entered the Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

Two treasure chests

This time, instead of falling down, take the upward near the entrance and veer left. There are two treasure chests on the left side of the room. Grab onto the climbable area shown in the image above, and climb up to find a treasure chest with an ancient core. Jump off the far side and paraglide left to the other treasure chest, which has five bomb arrows.

Getting the map

Head back to where you entered. Use magnesis to pull one of the metal blocks toward you, so you can jump over the platforms. (See the gallery below for the exact positioning.)

Fight the guardian on the other side of the gap, and retrieve a guardian spear. Continue down the hallway, and interact with the terminal to get the map of Vah Medoh.

The map shows the location of five terminals, each located along the axis of Vah Medoh’s wings. It also enables divine beast controls. There are three points of movement: Level (center), curled up (high) and curled down (low).

Terminal 1 and a treasure chest

Stand overlooking the drop down from where you got the map. Use the map to tilt Vah Medoh’s wings to the highest position. Look on the ceiling, and you’ll see another eyeball. Destroy it with an arrow to unlock access to the next room.

Use magnesis to pull the left magnetic block close to you. Tilt Vah Medoh down. Take the path up across the magnetic block, up the climbable wall and past the treasure chest. Glide into the room you opened when you killed the eyeball on the ceiling.

Turn left and kill the eyeball. You may also have to kill the floating skulls it left behind.

Tilt Vah Medoh back to level, walk up the ramp on the right side of the room, and tilt Vah Medoh to high. Walk to the farthest edge of the ramp, and paraglide to the treasure chest for a knight's claymore.

Walk back up the ramp, and shoot the switch with an arrow, which opens a hole that shoots air across the room. Paraglide across the room using the draft to interact with the first terminal. One down, five to go.

Terminal 2

In the same room where you found terminal 1, take out a round bomb, and roll it into the next room through the hole in the wall. Detonte it where it stops to destroy the stone barrier.

Drop another round bomb through, and hit the switch to your right after it can't roll anymore. That'll blow air into the room from the right, pushing the round bomb to the far left side of the room. Detonate the bomb when it can't go anymore. That’ll destroy the rock wall and reveal a giant metal ball.

Hit the switch to stop the wind. Use the map to turn Vah Medoh to its lowest position. The ball will roll twoard you. Use magnesis to bring it ot the other side of the room, where you put the bomb earlier. Move Vah Medoh to the top position. The ball will roll, hit the switch and raise the gate. Enter the room, and turn left to activate the terminal. Two down, three to go.

Terminal 3

Lower Vah Medoh to its middle (or straight) position. You can see your destination from the exit in the room with the first two terminals. Tilt Vah Medoh down, and paraglide across the gap into the room on the opposite side.

While you’re paragliding, keep to the right, and you'll find a treasure chest with a knight's bow.

Hop down and destroy the eyeball on the ceiling at the far end of the room. That will drop a treasure chest near the closed gate at the far end of the room. Open it for 10 ice arrows.

Tilt Vah Medoh to its highest position, and make your way back to the room on the other side where you got the first two terminals.

Use magnesis to grab the giant ball and take it up the ramp to leave. Extend the ball with magnesis as far as you can, and place it on the right. Paraglide down to where you placed the giant ball, grab it with magnesis again, and put it in the room across the way from the room with the first two terminals. Paraglide in. (You can see the exact positioning in the gallery above.)

Tilt Vah Medoh to the top position. The ball will roll along the track and hit the switch, which lifts the gate and reveals the third terminal. Three down, two to go.

Terminal 4

Go back down to the lowest floor, and walk out onto the edge where you destroyed the eyeball at the beginning. Head to Vah Medoh’s right wing. Turn the divine beast to its highest position, and fly into the room. Interact with the terminal there. Four down, one to go.

Terminal 5

Tilt Vah Medoh to lowest position, and fly into lowest floor room again. Head straight through, turn left and walk up the little ledge to the left of the door. Destroy the eyeball in the distance with an arrow.

Tilt Vah Medoh to its highest position, which will bring a gondola toward your position. Tilt Vah Medoh straight so you can walk up the ramp and get in the gondola. Now tilt Vah Medoh down, and ride across. Exit, interact with terminal. Five down, a new terminal to go.

The final, main terminal

Interacting with all five terminals will add a new glowing point on your map. Use the process above in reverse to get to the lowest floor again. Walk the through room, and take the upward draft all the way to the top of Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Interact with the main terminal in the middle of the area to start the boss fight.

Before you fight the boss, we have two strong recommendations: Make sure you have a lot of bomb arrows (go buy a bunch if you need to), and go cook yourself Breath of the Wild’s most powerful meal to give yourself as many as 20 extra (temporary) hearts.

Windblight ganon boss fight

In both phases of your fight with Windblight Ganon, it's all about updrafts and bomb arrows. Catch an updraft, deploy your paraglider and press ZR to slow down time. That gives you time to aim and fire (and keeps you away from his ground-based attacks).

The only time you should be on the ground is when you’re running between updrafts. And the very process of doing that is a great way to avoid his attacks.

If you can't see Windblight Ganon (like, say he puts a tornado between you), drop to the ground and run to the nearest updraft. Circle it until you find him, and then take the updraft to try again.

After you do enough damage, Windblight Ganon will fall to the ground, immobilized. If you’re close enough, by all means wack away at him with your strongest weapon. But using the strategy above, getting damage in here was of little consequence.

Defeat Windblight Ganon, and you’ll get a heart container. You’ll also get Revali's Gale, which creates an upward draft on demand. (Just X to charge your jump.)

Interact with the terminal to leave.

Finishing the Divine Beast Vah Medoh main quest

Return to Ruto village, and speak to chief Kaneli again to end the quest.

Before you leave, open the treasure chest near Kaneli for great eagle bow. Talk to Harth (two huts down from the chief), who says he can repair the bow if it breaks. You’ll need a swallow bow, five bundles of wood and a diamond. (Jeez.) Good news, though: There's a swallow bow in his house … hutt … thing.


Medoh vah

Breath of the Wild Walkthrough – Vah Medoh Dungeon

11.1 Dungeon Map

Progress at this point
Total LifeHeartHeartHeart
New in this section
Dungeon Map
Vah Medoh

Once you start the dungeon, run ahead and you’ll see a glowing eye on the wall to the right. Shoot an arrow out to remove the malice. You want to make it across to the other side of the room. There are blocks in the center of the room and you can use Magnesis to push or pull some of them. Alternatively, you can use the wind geyser and paraglider over to the other side. Defeat the small guardian and activate the pedestal ahead.

The Map in this dungeon will allow you to tilt the Divine Beast. This will cause platforms and items to drift accordingly.

11.2 1st Terminal

Progress at this point
Total LifeHeartHeartHeart
New in this section

In the main room drop to the bottom floor and head through the passage on the left side. You will see an eye all the way in the distance; use your bow and snipe at the eye. On the map, change the tilt of the dungeon to the top and it will cause a cart to move over to you. Step into the cart and choose the bottom tilt of the dungeon and the cart will move back to the other side.

Climb up the staircase here and place the Sheikah Slate onto the pedestal to activate the first terminal.

11.3 2nd Terminal

Progress at this point
Total LifeHeartHeartHeart
New in this section

Pass through the door and look up to find a glowing eye. You want to get rid of this guy so he doesn’t bother you. Tilt the dungeon downward and you’ll see a large battering ram move against the wall next to the door you came out of. If you follow the rails to where this battering ram leads, there is a large glowing switch that needs to be pushed in. However, there are two gates that are blocking the pathway.

Just above the rail you will notice two windmills that are also on rails. The only way to lift the gates is to cause the windmills to spin. There is also a nearby switch on the ground, and if you strike it with your sword, a window will open, causing wind to blow in the direction of the opening. The wind will blow and if it hits the windmills, they will spin, causing the gates to open.

The trick here is that we need to hit the large switch with the battering ram with full force in order to press it all the way down. We want to start with the tilt of dungeon down, and then change the tilt up, so the battering ram moves all the way across the rails. However, this will also cause the second windmill to move, which will close the gate. In order to keep that windmill in place, use your Magnesis ability to hold it in place, allowing the battering ram to hit the switch. Run inside and activate the terminal.

Note: This is not the only way to solve this particular puzzle. Later in the dungeon you will find a large spherical ball and you can bring it over to this switch, avoiding having to use the battering ram.

Return to the main room and if you fall down, use the wind geyser to get back up. Looking towards the main room from the wind geyser, glance to the left and look at the ceiling. There is a glowing eye here, so nail it with an arrow. Just beneath the platform where the glowing eye is located is a wall that you can climb up. Tilt the dungeon up so that the nearby platform moves all the way to this side of the room. Step onto the platform and then tilt the dungeon down. You can toggle the tilt so the platform stops right in front of the wall. Climb up and up the treasure chest to get an Ancient Core.

From here use the Paraglider to glide through to the next room. There is some malice on the wall to the left and you can shoot the eye above it to get rid of the malice. There terminal is located on this higher ledge and there are a couple ways to reach it. You can climb the staircase on either side of the room and then tilt the room so that the platform with the pedestal is lower than you. Use the paraglider to glide over and activate the 3rd terminal.

In this same room you can tilt the dungeon up and glide over to the treasure chest that is above the door to get a Knight’s Claymore.

11.5 4th Terminal

Progress at this point
Total LifeHeartHeartHeart
New in this section

In the same room as the previous terminal, you’ll see a small spherical hole where you can drop a round ball. Drop a round ball into the hole and as long as the dungeon is tilted up, the ball will role into the hole towards the boulder ahead. Blast the bomb to destroy the boulder.

Toss a second bomb into the hole and let it roll all the way to the end. Hit the switch that is right next to where you dropped the bomb and it will cause wind to blow through a window, blowing the bomb to the other side of the room. Detonate the bomb and it will blast through a wall, revealing a large spherical ball.

Tilt the dungeon downward and the ball will roll out. Use Magnesis to grab the ball and pull it on the route where you initially dropped the spherical ball. Tilt the dungeon up again and the ball will roll right into the switch, opening the door. Run ahead and activate the 4th terminal.

11.6 5th Terminal

Progress at this point
Total LifeHeartHeartHeart
New in this section

Run to the main room in the center of the dungeon. From the wind geyser, drop down to the bottom floor and then head through the door on the left side. If you look across the gap, you can see the final terminal in the distance. Turn to the right and you’ll see a slightly higher ledge that is a bit closer. Tilt the dungeon up and then paraglide over to the final terminal.

Return to the start of the dungeon and ride the large wind geyser up to the top of the dungeon. Here you can access the main control panel to trigger the boss fight with the Scourge of Divine Beast Vah Medoh: Windblight Ganon.

For this battle, I recommend having a bunch of arrows, as they will come in handy for the second phase of this fight. Without arrows, the second part of the battle becomes a bit trickier. All in all this boss can be a bit challenging, but if you have some patience, you should be able to get by in a few tries.

During the first phase Windblight Ganon will appear at various parts of the arena and he will do one of two attacks. Either he’ll summon a small tornado, or he will shoot out four consecutive lasers from his arm cannon. During the tornado attack, there isn’t too much you can do, just run away and you’ll easily be able to dodge the attack.

When Windblight Ganon shoots his four lasers, he will stop for a moment and if he’s on the ground level, he is vulnerable. The lasers are quite easy to avoid as long as you stay on the move and don’t run directly into him. If Windblight Ganon is on the ground level, after he shoots his lasers, run up to him and deliver some attacks. If you are using a two-handed weapon, I recommend using faster, one-handed attacks to do multiple hits. After a few hits, you’ll want to run away as Windblight Ganon will attack. Just repeat this same exact process and use some patience.

After you hit Windblight Ganon enough times, he’ll drop to the ground and you can run over and deliver a series of attacks.

After half of his health is gone, Windblight Ganon will now begin to summon some satellites. When he performs his laser attack, the lasers will bounce off of the satellites and then come after you. It is a much more dangerous attack than before, but still nothing that you can’t just run away from. Windblight Ganon will still summon tornadoes and this time he’ll summon two at a time. Still, nothing you can’t just run away from.

While you can defeat the satellites with some arrows, they will eventually respawn. I would recommend just avoiding them, as they aren’t too much of a hassle as long as you stay on the move. Occasionally Windblight Ganon will spawn on the ground level and shoot arrows. You can run up to him and deliver sword slashes, just like before. However, that is a bit less frequent. A much safer strategy at this point is to simply use arrows. Whenever he is floating around, just deliver an arrow right at its eye for maximum damage. You can use the wind geysers and launch an aerial attack with your bow to get a better shot in.

When Windblight Ganon’s health is really low, he will resort to shooting a red laser at you, much like the Guardians. Don’t bother trying to block it, but instead, just hide behind a boulder. Keep at it until Windblight Ganon has been defeated.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wiki Guide

Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough for the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This page contains information on the main quest - Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

Upon speaking to the Rito Elder, Kaneli, you’ll learn that the Divine Beast has gone rogue, terrorizing the skies above Rito Village and shooting down anything that dares match its height. Several Rito have tried unsuccessfully to get near it, and now only a lone warrior named Temba seeks to continue the fight.

Locate Temba

Video Guide: Assaulting Divine Beast Vah Medoh

You’ll be asked to meet with Temba, but the warrior isn’t at home in Rito Village.

If you check in the next building, speak to his wife Saki who will mention he left for the Flight Range at the foot of the Hebra Mountains.She’ll point out that you can leave via Revali’s landing, named after the great Rito Champion. This will cause Link to have a flashback of his time with the arrogant champion, and remember a bit more of the past.

Leave the village by jumping off Revali’s Landing facing North and stop at the large stone pillar, and then continue gliding until you make landfall. Make sure before you leave that you’re appropriately geared up - Hebra Mountains are a cold place, much colder than the peaks of the Great Plateau, so just having some warming food or a Quilted Doublet won’t be enough. You’ll either need to combine clothing and food or elixirs - or purchase the Rito’s Snowquill set from Rito Village’s armor shop.

The path to the Flight Range is treacherous, as it’s guarded by Black Bokoblins on horseback, and a few camouflaged Ice-breath Lizalfos. Once you’ve carefully dealt with them, head on to Sha Warvo Shrine and then up the path to the Flight Range itself.

The Flight Range Trial

At the Flight Range, head up into the building and meet Teba, the Rito Warrior who wants to bring Vah Medoh down. If you agree to help, he’ll want proof of your abilities, and ask you to do a little test - use the updrafts in the area to take out 5 targets with your bow in 3 minutes. If you need a bow, take the Swallow Bow and arrows in the building.

Luckily, this isn’t as hard as it sounds due to two factors: There are way more than 5 targets in the arena, and you’re stamina wheel will instantly refill with each successful hit. Float around on the paraglider until you spot a target, and then let fly an arrow in slow-motion before stopping and moving on to the next target.

Once you’ve completed the task, you’ll have impressed Teba enough to agree to letting you help. He’ll also give you the Falcon Bow, a Rito bow with a high rate of fire. He’ll also help you out by giving you a whopping 20 Bomb Arrows for the assault on Divine Beast Vah Medoh, so don’t waste them!

Be sure to prepare by getting whatever you need - like warm clothes if you haven’t already, and tell Teba you’re ready.

Assaulting Divine Beast Vah Medoh

When the assault begins, you’ll need to take out four cannons at each end of the Divine Beast that stand on the tips of it’s impenetrable shield. They function much like Guardian beams, locking on for a few moment before letting loose a blast, but luckily like the Flight Range, your stamina replenishes every time you reopen your paraglider.

Teba will try and run interference for you, but if the cannons lock onto you, wait until the last moment to start freefalling to duck under the lasers, then paraglide back up until you get in range to let loose your bomb arrows. Each cannon will take two bomb arrows, so you’ll have to make sure you get in close enough to make the shots count. Make a large circuit of the Divine Beast to take out each cannon in turn, and hang around the edges so that the other cannons can’t target you if you don’t rise too high or fall too low next to the Divine Beast.

Once all cannons are taken out, Teba will have to depart, leaving you to face the inside of Vah Medo yourself.

Dungeon - Divine Beast Vah Medoh

Video Guide: Divine Beast Vah Medoh Dungeon

Once inside, the familiar voice of Revali will tell you what’s up: to take control of Vah Medoh back from Gannon, you’ll need to get a map of the Divine Beast, and then activate all the terminals on board.

You’ll start at the literal tail end of the ship, but before heading inside, turn around to look for a gate of Malice between you and a chest. Look on the side to snipe the eye to get rid of the goop, and then claim the Sapphire from the chest before going inside.

Once on the inside, you’re task is to cross to the front of the Divine Beast where the Guidance Stone is - but first you need to clear out more Malice by looking for an eye on the right side. Past this is a large hall with a turbine creating a gust to the upper level, and a large pit with slabs in the middle over the lower floor.

To get to the other side, go to the first slab on a rail and use Magnesis on the metal slab further up to drag it close. Before moving on, be sure to use Stasis to smack the stone slab you’re on to the left wall, then pull the metal slab all the way forward before smacking the stone slab into it. This should place it next to a ladder you can use to get up to a chest that holds an Ancient Core.

Now move the Metal Slab back a bit until you can hop from the stone slab to the metal slab and all the way to the other side, where a Guardian Scout protects the Guidance Stone. Destroy it, then use the stone to get a map of the Divine Beast.

With the map, you’ll also gain the ability to tilt the Divine Beast at will, changing the dungeon accordingly. The five terminals you need to activate are all located in the wings: two on one side, three on the other.

Before going into the wings, head back out onto the first stone slab and look down to spot an eye in a pool of Malice. Kill it, then jump down to the small balcony below to find a chest in the corner with 5 Bomb Arrows, then drop down to the lowest level to find another chest the Malice was covering for an Ancient Shaft.

Now return to the middle of the ship and move onto the middle stone slab - and tilt the Divine Beast right, angling down towards the two terminals. This will slide the slab you’re on over to the right wing. The first terminal here is behind a sealed gate, and there is a large moveable stone that needs to be slammed into the receptacle on the right - but it needs enough momentum.

Hit the orange switch to turn on a fan that will trigger the left gate to open, and if the wing is still tilted it should roll into the far wall. Now tilt the Divine Beast left, and use Magnesis to keep the second windmill in place to open the other gate, allowing the stone to freely slide and slam into the receptacle - opening the gate to the first terminal.

While the beast is tilted left, run up to the orange switch and look back to spot a chest on a high platform above the receptacle. With the slant, you should be able to paraglide through the gust to get enough height to reach it and get a Knight’s Bow. There’s also a sealed door at the other end with a pool of Malice above and a maw that spews enemy skulls - destroy it to dislodge a chest holding Ice Arrows.

With the gate to the other terminal sealed and no way to get past from this angle, keep the Beast tilted left and glide all the way back into the middle room and onto the platform you got the chest from to find a gate of Malice nearby. Shoot the eye and head into the next room. You can glide across the length of the room while it’s tilted to get the chest on the far ledge that holds a Knight’s Claymore.

Then drop onto the floor below and look for a maw of Malice in the center with an eye lurking behind it. Once it’s gone, tilt the Divine Beast back right so you can go back up the slope, then tilt it back so you can glide to the second terminal.

Up ahead, there’s a sealed gate, and to the right is a window showing the room beyond where a small hole allows spheres to pass through. While the Divine Beast is slanted left, drop a Remote bomb through and let it roll into the stones to blow them up. However, there’s another rock wall towards the back, but in the wrong corner.

Drop the bomb in, and then hit the switch to trigger a gust of air that will guide the bomb to the corner. This will cause a large metal boulder to be unveiled. Turn off the gusting air and tilt the Divine Beast back to let the boulder fall towards your side, and use Magnesis to bring it over to the right where the large receptacle waits. Align it, and tilt the Divine Beast once more to send it crashing into the switch. With the gate open, head inside to use the third terminal.

Right the Divine Beast to a flat position and return to the central room and go to the bottom floor. The left door is blocked by Malice, so take the right door outside. Luckily, you can just run around the balcony to the other side to find the eye on the other side of the blocked door - as well as one covering a turbine nearby.

When the Malice is gone, tilt the Divine Beast left - and look across the wings from your position for the fourth terminal all the way across. With the Divine Beast tilted as it is, you should be able to glide down to it no problem and activate it.

Tilt the Divine Beast the opposite direction to fly back, and head out onto the other underside of the wings. You’ll notice there’s a carousel attached to a rail that will move back and forth as you tilt the Divine Beast. Tilt it towards you and flatten the Divine Beast to board it, then tilt it towards the wing tip to start moving. Note that a gate of Malice blocks your path - and if you let the carousel slam against the wall you won’t be able to target the eye above. You’ll have to ease over there by flattening the Divine Beast halfway across to get a shot off, then tilt the rest of the way over when the gate is gone. Head up the stairs and activate the last Terminal.

With all terminals active, the Main Control Unit will now be active on the roof of the Divine Beast. Flatten the Beast out and return to the lower balcony to find two turbines that will lift you up top - where you’ll spot the Main Control Unit in the center, and large walls that cross the wings. Before moving on, head to one side of the wings and tilt the Divine Beast so that you are higher up, and look towards the “nose” of the Divine Beast. You can paraglide down from your high position to reach a chest here that holds a Giant Ancient Core.

Now return to the Control Unit to activate it - only to have Ganon interfere with one of his incarnations.

Boss Fight - Windblight Ganon

Video Guide: Windblight Ganon Boss

Windblight Ganon takes the form a floating enemy with a large canon for one arm, and floats about the stage.

He doesn’t like to play fair, and will try to keep his distance whenever possible, alternating between firing several cannon shots in rapid succession that you’ll need to sprint away from, or causing giant tornado gusts that need to be avoided.

You can also make use of the many turbines here to get into the air and out of harm’s way - but also set yourself up for a bow shot into his face for critical damage. This is especially important when he teleports up high, where it’s harder to reach him.

If he stays low to the ground, try to close the distance, and if you can, get under his cannon shots as they have a minimum range making him vulnerable to multiple melee strikes. Otherwise, keep moving, and use your bow shots wisely with whatever arrows you can muster.

At half health, Windblight Ganon will teleport back to the middle while creating several small floating turrets which he’ll use for several new attacks. The worst of which is when he teleports up high and sends them floating in a circle. He’ll then shoot at them, ricocheting his blast off each turret to form even more shots that will rain down from above, making things very hectic. He can also use them to focus his cannon into a large direct tornado blast, or create multiple bigger tornados.

To combat this, you’re going to need to take out his turrets. The best way to do this is use the updrafts to get up high and wait for them to stop darting about before slowing down time to take them out with arrows. The more you take out, the less effective his attacks will be, and he’ll be forced to return to the ground to use his standard tornado attacks, letting you dodge them and get in close for melee attacks. If he tries to activate his eye laser like a Guardian, stun him by hitting his eye to make him stop.

When at last Windblight Ganon falls to your might, control of Divine Beast Vah Medoh will be yours, as will a new Heart Container. Even Revali will reluctantly acknowledge your skills, and grant you his ability: Revali’s Gale - allowing you to take off from the ground in a gust of wind.

Returning to Rito Village

Upon returning to Rito Village, speak with the Elder Kaneli to finish your quest, and you’ll receive Revali’s Champion Bow - the Great Eagle Bow, capable of firing three shots at once! If anything should happen to the weapon, speak with the bowmaster Harth and he’ll replace it for you.


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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (BotW) Divine Beast Vah Medoh
This is a dungeon walkthrough for Divine Beast Vah Medoh in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). To learn how to find and activate all terminals, get all the Treasure Chests, and get Revali's Gale, please read on.

Divine Beast Vah Medoh can be found in the skies of Hebra Mountains. You can enable its waypoint after you destroy its cannons with Rito Warrior Teba.

Divine Beast Vah Medoh Rewards
Heart ContainerRevali's Gale
Hit the Lever
Hit the orange lever to open the windows by the wall. This will let gusts of wind in, turning the small windmill, and opening the first gate along the rail.

Destroy the Eyeball
Optional: Shoot the eyeball on the ceiling to get a Treasure Chest containing 10 Ice Arrows.
Drag the Second Windmill
Another gate will block the rail. Look over to the other end of the room to see a second small windmill. Use Magnesis to drag it to the wind, opening the second gate along the rail.
Tilt the Beast
Watch Out: To gain full momentum, rotate the Beast to the right, and after it has gone all the way, tilt it all the way to the left again. The next step should be done fast, so be ready!
Hold the Second Windmill in Place
When you tilt the Beast to the opposite direction, the second windmill will slide too. Quickly use Magnesis or Stasis to hold it in place.
Activate the Terminal
A pillar should ram into the opposite side, pushing the button, and opening the gate to the second terminal.

Get the Treasure Chest
On a raised platform is a Treasure Chest containing a Knight's Bow.

To get it, hit the level to let the wind in. Run to the far edge of the room, and tilt the Beast to the left. You should be in a good place to jump and glide your way down to the platform.
Tilt the Beast
In the same room is the next terminal, locked by a gate.

There is an opening where you can put Remote Bombs in, but for it to roll over, you need to tilt the Beast to the left.
Detonate a Remote Bomb on the Rail
Place a spherical Remote Bomb inside the opening, and detonate it when it reaches the blocker on the rail.
Destroy the Wall to the Left
Do it again, but first turn the winds back on with the lever so the Remote Bomb is pushed to the left. Detonate it when it reaches the wall, revealing a metal ball.
Tilt the Beast to the Right
To be able to reach the ball, tilt the Beast to the right so it slides over to your side.
Use Magnesis on the Ball
Go over to the side of the ball, and use Magnesis to drag the ball into the rail.
Till the Beast to Roll the Ball into the Button
Hit the lever to stop the wind, and tilt the Beast to the right so that the ball rolls over to the button.

The gate will open, giving you access to the terminal.
Activate the Terminal
Go inside the unlocked room, and run up the ramp to the left. Activate the fourth terminal.

The Windblight Ganon fight has two phases, with its attack patterns changing after it reaches 50% HP.

Use the wind turbines on Vah Medoh's back to fly high and get slow-motion shots at the boss. Hide behind pillars to avoid the lasers and ignore the turrets Windblight Ganon summon in the second phase, focusing your attacks on the boss itself. It teleports around a lot, so we recommend using your bow and aiming for its eye, unleashing a flurry of blows once it's stunned!

For the full strategy, check out our boss fight guide!

Windblight Ganon Boss Guide

Collect and save the Bomb Arrows you get from Treasure Chests and from Teba, because these deal heavy damage to Windblight Ganon.

Bows are crucial to winning the fight against Windblight Ganon. Make sure you equip the Falcon Bow that you can get from Teba after passing his test. It has a longe range, so you can target Ganon's eye even from afar.

Make sure to cook food and elixirs to gain an advantage in battle. If you have a small number of hearts, consider packing defense-boosting food, or getting sleeping on a Rito-down bed at Swallow's Roost to get extra temporary hearts and stamina.

During your stay in Vah Medoh, you can leave and come back anytime, as you can fast-travel to it. Take note that every time you leave, you will always arrive at the Travel Gate. Press the minus button (-) to open up the map, and press X to leave the area.

If you find yourself in a tough situation against Windblight Ganon, you can retreat and prepare for your return.

After defeating Windblight Ganon, and using the main terminal to leave, you cannot come back inside the Divine Beast anymore, so if you want to get all the chests, do so before leaving for good. Check the next section for locations of all the Treasure Chests in Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

Chest LocationHow to Find
Before you go in, you can turn around and make your way to the end of Vah Medoh's tail. You can find a Treasure Chest containing a Sapphire.
Up a ladder in the main room, there is a Treasure Chest containg an Ancient Core.

To get there, use the updraft, and glide until you reach the ladder. Quickly let go of the paraglider, and climb to get to the Chest.
Glide down from the first Chest to get to the lower platform. Open the Chest for 5 Bomb Arrows.

You can also use Magnesis on the metal blocks to cross to the other side of the main room, and jump down from there.
At the bottom floor, there is a Treasure Chest covered in malice. Shoot the eyeball inside to open it and get the Ancient Shaft inside.
In the room to the right wing, shoot the eyeball on the ceiling to get a Treasure Chest containing 10 Ice Arrows.
On a raised platform in the right wing's room is a Treasure Chest containing a Knight's Bow.

To get it, hit the level to let the wind in. Run to the far edge of the room, and tilt the Beast to the left. You should be in a good place to jump and glide your way down to the platform.
In the left wing's room is a Treasure Chest on a high platform. From the right room, tilt the Beast down and glide to the opposite room.

While you are high in the air, you can continue gliding forward to get to the Chest containing a Knight's Claymore.
There is a Treasure Chest on the tip of Vah Medoh's beak containing a Giant Ancient Core.

To get there, go the end of either of Vah Medoh's wing. Tilt the Beast to the opposite direction, and use the updraft to glide your way down.

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