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The Immersive Engineering mod is a global modification that complements the game with new mechanisms. This is an industrial mod that can truly surprise you with its variety of mechanisms and new ways of producing energy.


  1. Copper. It is often found at heights from 72 to 40 blocks. Useful for crafting wires and electric coils.
  2. Bauxites. The spawn height is 85-40 blocks. Needed to create high-voltage wires.
  3. Lead. Needed for capacitors. Rarer ore, for mining you need to go down to level 36-8.
  4. Silver. An alloy of electricity can be created with the help of silver ore. It appears at levels 40-8.
  5. Nickel. One of the rarest ores, along with uranium. The spawn height is 24-8 blocks. Needed for various alloys.
  6. Uranus. Needed for nuclear generators and various installations.


Mod replenishes the game with a large number of a wide variety of materials. Some of them were in the original game, but received new features and crafting. Now from all ores you can create not only ingots, but also powders, plates, sheet blocks and even half blocks.


  1. Creosote. Required for crafting boards.
  2. Vegetable oil. One of the components for special fuels.
  3. Biodiesel. The liquid is needed for refueling diesel engines.
  4. Ethanol. Component for crafting fuel. Component for crafting fuel.
  5. Liquid concrete. Created using a mixer.

Basic tools

  1. Engineer’s Manual. This is a book that contains various tips for playing with the mod.
  2. The hammer. Can crush ores and turn them into dust.
  3. Nippers. Removes wires from mechanisms.
  4. Hook. With the hook, you can catch on the wires and go down them.
  5. Voltmeter. Changes the voltage.
  6. Case with tools. Stores various tools inside.
  7. Blueprint. Creation of various shapes, lamps, wires and other components.
  8. Backpack with condensers. Powers a variety of tools when the player uses them on the go, such as charging a ailgun.
  9. Canister. Stores up to 12 buckets of water or other liquid.

Mechanical tools

  1. Drill. A semi-automatic setup that is much more efficient than a pickaxe. Powered by fuel.
  2. Revolver. A firearm that requires ammo to use.. A firearm that requires ammo to use.
  3. Chemical Thrower. It splashes a chemical composition on enemies, and then sets it on fire. Dangerous weapon!
  4. Railgun. Several shells to choose from. An analogue of a cannon with a high rate of fire and a long range of fire. It takes energy to use it.


  1. Revolving. For its operation, a red dust signal is required, as well as an electricity supply.
  2. Chemical. We need a red dust signal and electricity. It can overheat and therefore requires special cooling.


The player can equip weapons and turrets with various supplies. The effectiveness of the shot will depend on them. In addition, there are supplies with special effects. For example, Dragon’s Breath ammo allows you to set fire to mobs.


More than 10+ different upgrading items for a wide variety of mechanisms and weapons. They help to reduce recharge time, increase damage, increase energy production efficiency and get special effects.


  1. Kinetic. You need to connect a windmill or water wheels, after which energy production will begin.
  2. Thermoelectric. Uses temperature differences to generate electricity.
  3. Diesel. Connect it to the diesel storage and power generation starts.
  4. Waterwheels. Placed next to a body of water.
  5. Windmill. For windy biomes. You can improve the mill. The higher its height, the more energy it produces.

Generator maintenance

There are a lot of items that allow you to transfer, store and energize various mechanisms. The player will be able to create transformers, coils, capacitors and much more that will be needed to service the mechanisms.


  1. Engineer’s workbench. A special type of workbench for crafting cartridges, electrodes, modules and shaders.
  2. Charging station. It is needed to recharge various mechanisms.
  3. Tesla coil. Protects an area of 13×13 blocks from mobs, attacking them with current.
  4. Rotary table. Using the block, you can deploy mechanisms.
  5. Drill. Analyzes a specific chunk for valuable resources.
  6. Air heater. Speeds up blast furnace operation.
  7. Sorter. Based on a certain list, it will be possible to sort items.
  8. Pump. Removes fluid from the specified area.
  9. Trumpet. Transport mechanism for liquids.
  10. Coke oven. Creates creosote and coke coal.
  11. Blast furnace. Steel and slag (a by-product) can be created.
  12. Alloy plant. Creation of alloys.
  13. Metal press. Formation of metals.
  14. Shredder. Conversion of metals to dust.
  15. Mixer. Mixes solids with each other.
  16. Oil mill. Squeezes oil out of organic matter.
  17. Collector. Carries out the development of the mechanism according to his drawing.
  18. Excavator. Automatic mining of ores.

Other features:

  1. Faraday armor. Protect the player from enemy Tesla coils. Will help increase damage from weapons that use electricity.
  2. Protective gear. Headphones and a shield will help the player not to be stunned by the sounds of machinery that uses electricity.
  3. Engineer. This is a new kind of villager who can sell mechanical parts from the modification. A special house was also added for him.

How to install Immersive Engineering mod

  1. Make sure you have installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download the mod for your version of the game.
  3. Put it in the ‘mods’ folder, which is located in the game folder.

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Anakardian said:

Just finished episode 4:
Tested the drill heads and worked on autocrafting red science.
Also failed at autocrafting because ???
Efab is strange.

Regarding the music, I have no idea what to choose or how to add it.
Quite new to these videos.
On the positive side, i think i figured out the microphone buzzer. Seems to be a grounding issue. No easy fix on that as the house is not equipped with ground except in the wet rooms.

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I'll check out your vid. I had a chuckle at a few points in your #3 vid.

From your vid, I see you've found it's a known issue with efab. An issue I haven't encountered myself. This is quite serious as Efab is the core for producing research (and some other core components). I may have to look at possible alternatives such as modular machinery. It sounds like it can do what's required.

I do like the way you have used the efab compared to me, I've used small self contained efab setups, but you've got them all linked into one big mega efab.

Regarding gunpowder, I have thought about that. Only real access to gunpowder early on is from mobs, which you are naturally avoiding. It might seem strange, but I'm thinking of giving a recipe that can use Slag to make gunpowder. Without gunpowder, there's little incentive to progress down the military branch, which isn't the intention.

I didn't even notice that the assault rifle ammo can only be made in the ammo press. I saw that pistol ammo has a normal 3x3 recipe alternative, and assumed that was the same with assault.

I'll delay the Space update as this efab is a critical issue. The Automation 2 research will give the Automated Workbench, so I can add blueprints for Science Packs and any other common components, removing the reliance on Efab.


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Minecraft Billionaire 12 Immersive Engineeringクエスト Aks . Smelting (also known as cooking, baking, burning, or producing) is the main method to "smelt". Add Items to make a Blast Furnace. Get. Bugged Out Coke Oven And Reinforced Blast Furnace Maybe . Weird Lighting Issue After Upgrading Infinity From 242 25 With brass you can upgrade the mill to crushing wheels. Andrew Miner renamed Immersive Engineering (+2) (from Immersive Engineering (+1)) Andrew Miner moved Immersive Engineering (+1) lower Andrew Miner renamed Immersive Engineering (+1) (from Immersive Engineering) Wicked Conquers Immersive Engineering is a modded Minecraft playthrough focusing on only 1 mod at the time, with few utility mods listed below. If you want to see more Wicked Conquers Immersive Engineering gameplay make sure … Our site gives you recommendations for downloading video that fits your daily listening habits. blast furnace minecraft immersive engineering. Arc Furnace. Apparently, I was wrong. CraftTweaker Documentation. 29. It has an input rate of 512 FE/tick and an internal buffer for 40.000 FE. Many machines are multi-block structures. TechNodeFirmaCraft may be required. Two slots would also allow the creation of 'alloys', most notably, netherite is an alloy of netherite scraps and gold. This would make it clearer that it's smelting items faster than normal furnaces. Setting the burnTime to 0 will stop the input from being a fuel item. Version: Language: Theme options. 1 item in a minecraft furnace takes 200 ticks to complete. Improved Blast Furnace 본문. To use a blast furnace, first, select the blast furnace in your hotbar. This texture pack changes the appearance of the coke oven and the blast furnace of Immersive Engineering to look like Minecraft vanilla bricks . 12. How to craft a Minecraft Blast Furnace (Image credit: Mojang) Crafting the Blast Furnace is relatively easy, provided you have the required ingredients. The command for retrieving an item's fuel value is: Our site gives you recommendations for downloading video that fits your daily listening habits. If you don't have a blast furnace in your inventory, you can quickly make one with a crafting recipe for a blast furnace.. Next, position your pointer (the plus sign) on the block where you want to place the blast furnace. That is an industrial mod that may actually shock you with its number of mechanisms and new methods of manufacturing vitality. Minecraft coal burns for 1600 ticks, 80 seconds, 8 items. Documentation for the CraftTweaker Minecraft mod, information on how to use the ZenScript language and a central wiki for mods that rely on it. Immersive Engineering Blast Furnace Immersive . You can call the BlastFurnace package using mods.immersiveengineering.BlastFurnace. Open the Crafting Menu. (네이버 사전 검색입니다) crude는 이런 상스러운 뜻을 가지고 있습니다. A blast furnace is a utility block that generates in a village's armorer houses. Place the Blast Furnace. Blast Furnace. Handlers Supported. The following handlers are supported: Arc Furnace Blast Furnace Bottling Machine Coke Oven Crusher Excavator Fermenter Metal Press Actually from what I recall of Immersive Engineering's furnace heater making it "hot like lava" or "hot like fire" for RoC purposes would fit the block's purpose quite nicely. Roughly Enough Items 1.16.3 Mod for Minecraft 1.15.2 + 1.14.4 + 1.13.2 The Immersive Engineering 1.16.3 Mod is a world modification that enhances the sport with new mechanisms. 1.14 saw the addition of smokers and blast furnaces to Minecraft. The Blast furnace is a multi-block machine used to smelt tough metals. but they are both great Mods while Rail Craft add some pretty cool Rails Immersive Engineering adds a cool way to transfer & generate RF plus a whole bunch of cool tech. Add Recipe: A blast furnace is a utility block that generates in a villages armorer houses. I think instead of … I am playing on TechNodeFirmaCraft, in case that matters. First, open your crafting table so that you have the 3x3 crafting grid that looks like this: 2. The Immersive Engineering mod is a global modification that complements the game with new mechanisms. The first consideration is how often one smelts large quantities of ore (or performs other blast furnace compatible operations); if the frequency with which one smelts large amounts of ore is low (eg one gets most of one's iron and gold as metals from farms) the limited range of operations is probably more important than the increased speed. The Blast Furnace package can be used to add/remove recipes/fuels to/from the Immersive Engineering Blast Furnace. Collaboration with Minecraft; ... [Immersive Engineering] 03-8. As in, literally treat-as-fire or treat-as-lava for the blast furnace (or any other temperature-sensitve block). How To Make The New Steelrefinediron In The Blast . 오늘은 1티어 용광로, Crude Blast Furnace 를 공략해 보겠습니다. My idea is for the Blast furnace to have two smelting slots. Improved Blast Furnace 이리듐-kdh1070 2017. The map on the left shows a path the player can take walking from Seers' Village/Camelot to the mines east of Rellekka. You can also share Forever Stranded EP 7 - Derp is the Word! It isan action using a furnace, blast furnace,smoker, or a campfire where a player converts ore or another block into something else by heating it with fuel. Their main purpose is to speed up the smelting of certain items. The machines in this mod use the low, medium and high voltage which divided into 3 kinds: Low will be 256 … Refinery Immersive Engineering Feed The Beast Wiki . ... Immersive Engineering Tutorial 5 Blast Furnace . 기술모드/Immersive Engineering(기본편) [Immersive Engineering]07-1. It can smelt ore at twice the speed of a furnace, but it will use up fuel twice as fast, and it can only smeltore-related blocks. The best setup you can get with iron is the millstone, ore washing, and either the blast furnace or lava smelting. The GUI for the coke oven and blast furnace is bugged, the item slots and creosote tank on the coke oven don't render their contents. i especially love that there is an add-on mod that allows Immersive Engineering wires to carry AE2 channels 00:00 안녕...피곤한 이리듐이에요. The Blast Furnace is located in Keldagrim.To enter Keldagrim, the player must have started the quest The Giant Dwarf by speaking to the Dwarven Boatman within the mines east of Rellekka. Lately, I've been playing in the DNS mod pack -- Minecraft version 1.10.2 -- and have been having a blast with one mod in particular. The smelting abilities depends on … minecraft immersive engineering reinforced blast furnace. you could say that Immersive Engineering is the new Rail Craft.
Immersive Engineering: Metal Press \u0026 Assembler - Minecraft 1.10.2/1.11.2
IE Metal Press.png

ModImmersive Engineering
TypeMultiblock structure
Max RF input256 RF/t
RF use20 RF/t
RF storage16,000 RF

The Metal Press is a 3×1×3 multiblock machine added by Immersive Engineering. It stamps Plates, Rods, and Wires out of metal ingots. If IndustrialCraft 2 is installed, it can also create IC2's Plates, including the Iridium Reinforced Plate.


The piston's and the Conveyor Belts' direction matters. The piston should face downwards. The Conveyor Belts should both travel down the length or up the machine.

After the blocks are in place, use an Engineer's Hammer on the piston—whichever side the control panel should be on—to complete the multiblock.


The Metal Press has no GUI. Redstone Flux (RF) is inputted through the top block of the multiblock (where the Heavy Engineering Block was). Items are inputted and outputted through the built-in Conveyor Belt. An extra Conveyor Belt or Hopper should be built leading into the Metal Press for dropped items to properly go through the Press.

The Metal Press requires a Mold in order to function. Right-clicking (or as of version 0.7.4, throwing) a Metal Press with a Mold will attach the Mold to the Metal Press. The mold can be detached by shift right-clicking with an Engineer's Hammer.

The recipes performed depend on the Mold being used. For more information, see the Mold article. Each use of the Metal Press consumes 2400 RF, at 20 RF/t.


Minecraft metal press


Metal Press work


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