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List of Jimmy Neutron characters

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This is a list of characters in the American film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the animated television series spin-offThe Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius and other media.

Main characters

Cast table

  1. ^Professor Finbarr Calamitous is voiced by Ming-Na Wen and Jim Meskimen respectively in the guises of Princess Quin Shi Su and Quentin Smithee.

Jimmy Neutron

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James Isaac Neutron (voiced by Debi Derryberry) is an extremely intelligent boy who uses scientific knowledge and inventions to solve problems, most of which he causes himself. He is 10 years old in the first season, 11 in the second season, and 12 in the third and final season. His name is a reference to Isaac Newton.[citation needed] He is the son of Judy and Hugh Neutron. Although he is a genius, he is a kid at heart and has more often than not proven so. Due to the events in Retroville, Jimmy is key in resolving most situations. Jimmy will usually exclaim "Gotta think..." when he begins formulating a solution for the dilemma, accessing a vast wealth of information gathered during the dilemma. Once he has developed a plan, he usually exclaims "Brain blast!", his catchphrase. His best friends are Sheen Estevez, Carl Wheezer and his robot dog Goddard. He and Cindy Vortex have a dislike for each other, although it is revealed in later episodes that they secretly love each other.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Neutron is usually seen wearing a red T-shirt with his yellow trademark atom symbol on it, blue jeans, and white Chuck-Taylor Converse All-Star sneakers, but blue shorts and brown shoes in the film. He has blue eyes and a huge mass of brown hair that is considered "anti-gravity" and is in a whipped-up form, earning him many nicknames from classmates (especially Cindy), such as "Whippy-Dip" from his clone Evil Jimmy, and "Señor Fudge-Head" and "Buzz Adams" (from Cosmo in The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour). In addition to his parents, several of his other relatives have also appeared on the show.[7][8]

Sheen Estevez

Ramón Juarrea “Sheen” Estevez (voiced by Jeffrey Garcia) is Jimmy's slightly older, hyperactive, addled best friend, characterized by his unhealthy obsession with the fictional superhero "UltraLord" and the television series, video games, and merchandising inspired by UltraLord. Sheen, who wears an UltraLord T-shirt, has amassed a collection of UltraLord memorabilia and also created a website dedicated to the superhero. Sheen lives with his father and grandmother. Sheen's father makes a brief appearance in season one, although his face is not shown.[9]

Sheen is noted for his extreme, constant bouts of hyperactivity, which he demonstrates multiple times per episode, along with his misdirected, limited intelligence and short attention span, to the annoyance of his peers. Alongside UltraLord, Sheen also appears to be interested in superheroes in general and in typical masculine subjects such as wrestling, and is strongly infatuated with Libby Folfax, becoming her boyfriend by the time of the program's conclusion.

Sheen would later star in his own spin-off show, Planet Sheen, which premiered in 2010. In this series, he goes into Jimmy's lab and steals his new rocket ship, which crash lands on the planet Zeenu. Due to the series being short-lived, he is never shown returning to Earth. However, in "The Tomorrow Boys", a 2005 episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius that involves time travel, Sheen is shown to be living on Earth in the future.

Sheen's full name is a reference to the last names of both stage name and real names of father-son actors Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen, and Emilio Estevez.

Carl Wheezer

Carl Wheezer (voiced by Rob Paulsen in the film and TV series, Wally Wingert in the 2002 PS2 and GameCube game) is a bespectacled dim-witted boy and one of Jimmy's best friends. Carl and his parents have numerous allergies, at times even to things that are incapable of triggering allergic reactions. He passionately loves llamas, and his passion for them is often used as a running gag throughout the series. He is also a bit cowardly and developed a crush on Jimmy's mom, as shown throughout a multitude of episodes. His crush on Judy becomes so extreme that he is shown an interest in exterminating Judy's husband and Jimmy's dad, Hugh Neutron. An extraterrestrial character named Doppy, with similarities to Carl, is a main character in Planet Sheen.

His extreme obsession for the llama originated when his parents expanded their cable lineup and he became devoted to a show called Llama Boy The Super Hero. Since his obsession began he has gone to great lengths to express his love for them, going as far as to join a fan club called The Llama Love Society, which he likely created himself.

It is worth noting, Carl is afraid of lima beans, germs, and scary stories. He is also known to have asthma, and is very stressed about his multitude of allergies and is terrified of getting any sort of illness. Also, when he is tired, his mom makes him warm milk, rubs his tummy, and sings "nani nani nani".[10]

He frequently shows off his vocal abilities performing improvised and poetically expressed rhymes.

Cindy Vortex

Cynthia Aurora "Cindy" Vortex (voiced by Carolyn Lawrence) is a blonde-haired girl with green eyes, wears a fading-green shirt with stripes and wears her hair in a ponytail with her trademark bangs. In her debut, she wore a salmon-pink shirt with black pants and salmon-pink shoes and wore her hair in pigtails. She is very good at tai-chi. Her close friend is Libby. She has a dog named Humphrey, who is seen in many episodes, usually accompanying her. She is Jimmy Neutron's female counterpart and arch-rival yet love interest but in the 2006 episode, "Lady Sings the News", Jimmy and Cindy officially start dating, which was predicted in earlier episodes like "Win Lose and Kaboom!". In "The Tomorrow Boys", Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl traveled to the future, where future Jimmy revealed he and Cindy were married. It is unclear whether this is the true future since the gang changed the past by the end of the episode.

In The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour trilogy, Cindy has a relationship with Timmy Turner.

Cindy's mother, who was born in France and loves French food, has high standards for Cindy and expects her to follow in her footsteps. Her father is an accountant who makes an appearance in the episode "Make Room for Daddy-O."

Libby Folfax

Libby Folfax (voiced by Crystal Scales) is Cindy's sassy, wealthy close friend for whom Sheen has been shown to possess an infatuation. She is African American and has black hair that is always styled accordingly. Early in the series, Libby dislikes Jimmy and his friends and often sides with Cindy, but as the series continued, both Libby and Cindy become more attached to Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen. Libby later became Sheen's girlfriend, much to his glee. In one episode, Libby mentions that her ancestor was the fictional Queen Hasabataslapya ("how's about I slap ya?") of Egypt, who died at a young age. During the episode, Libby was forced to masquerade as the queen in order to distract a group of revived mummies (as the ancient portrait of the queen strongly resembles Libby). For the rest of the series, Libby kept her new hairstyle, and her wardrobe also changed. She adores popular music and dancing, and lusts for it as soon as it has been taken away from her for any reason.

Libby's father appears in the episodes "Make Room For Daddy-O", "Men At Work", and "Win Lose and Kaboom". He has also made cameo appearances in several episodes. Libby's mother (also voiced by Scales) appears in "Journey to the Center of Carl"[9] and "The N-Men".[11]


Goddard (voiced by Frank Welker) is Jimmy Neutron's robotic dog that Jimmy invented himself. He is loyal to Jimmy and often accompanies him on his adventures outside of school. Jimmy can call him whenever he wants from his phone. He has various features including self-propelled flight and can double as a rocket propelled bicycle-like transportation for Jimmy to ride, complete with handle bars. Jimmy often uses Goddard to help weigh options for his dilemmas, which Goddard displays on a computer monitor covered normally by his breastplate. He has mostly the disposition of a normal dog, but occasionally uses voice clips to communicate. Jimmy can have Goddard “play dead”, which causes him to self-destruct. Despite being blown to pieces, Goddard can instantly reconstruct himself back to normal from the scrap without any assistance. This has become a running gag for him. He was named after the late famous American engineer, Robert H. Goddard.

Hugh Neutron

Jimmy Neutron's father and Judy's husband, Hugh Neutron (voiced by Mark DeCarlo) is portrayed as a clueless, dimwitted, but good-natured, and fatherly person who frequently offers advice to Jimmy. Ducks are Hugh's favorite hobby; he enjoys collecting figurines of ducks and displaying them around the house. Hugh also loves the pies that are baked by his wife Judy. In one episode, Hugh invented a holiday called "Pule" (a combination of Pie and Yule) when Jimmy accidentally causes Christmas to be replaced by messing with Santa's atoms.

Judy Neutron

Judith "Judy" Neutron (voiced by Megan Cavanagh) is a housewife who is Jimmy's mother and Hugh's wife. She has auburn hair in a 1950s style hairdo and green eyes. She wears a green sleeveless dress with small pink polka-dots, along with a white pearl necklace, high-heel dress shoes, red lipstick, and has a mole on the left side of her face. She acts bossy, strict, and responsible towards her son Jimmy.

Carl Wheezer is interested in Judy and her cookies.

Recurring characters

Betty Quinlan

Betty Quinlan (voiced by Kath Soucie) is Jimmy's first crush. She is nice to him, and has the unintentional ability to make him do things he normally would not do. Betty told Cindy that she is fully aware of Jimmy and Cindy's feelings for each other, and to "Just relax and keep out of my face. He's all yours".

Bolbi Stroganovsky

Also known as the "boy from fairy-tale land" or the "boy with the funny name", Bolbi Stroganovsky (voiced by Phil LaMarr) is the strange resident exchange student from Backhairistan. He normally speaks broken English, but is shown to have a surprisingly good Shakespearean acting voice when auditioning for a play. He dresses in stereotypical Eastern European garb and has an accent of indeterminate origin, and joins Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy, and Libby to the game show in "Win, Lose, and Kaboom!" He states that "Super-Kabobby Man" is the most famous hero of Backhairistan. It is known that he has a blond sister who looks just like him in "Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen." He has a musical pet goat named Yurri.

Miss Winfred Fowl

Winfred Fowl (voiced by Andrea Martin) is the teacher for Jimmy and his friends, who frequently squawks like a chicken when speaking. In an episode of the first season, Jimmy inadvertently turned Miss Fowl into a giant plant monster after he revived a 64-million-year-old plant. Because of Jimmy, Fowl was later shrunk down to normal.[12]

Nick Dean

Voiced by: Candi Milo

Nicholas "Nick" Dean is the "cool" kid at school who is often seen on a skateboard, doing dangerous tricks. He does not participate in his school's show and tell activities and sometimes arrives at school five minutes before dismissal. Nick is obsessed with styling his hair, and is considered very handsome by all girls in the school. He is of Brazilian American descent, and his mother speaks Portuguese and English. Nick sometimes breaks his leg while riding his skateboard; when he does so, he usually lets out a high pitched girl-like scream. Nick was originally going to be part of the regular group of characters, similar to his role in the film. He is one of the town's wealthiest children, living in a 92-room mansion, with a bowling alley, maids' quarters, a screening room, and a soda parlor. He can also sing operatic German, and can style his hair without using his hands. In the movie, he was almost always seen with a purple lollipop in his mouth. He is very strong; in one episode, he was able to beat up Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen and throw them all into a dumpster. However, he can be a coward at times and even a wimp as in the movie when he confronted Poultra, he ran away screaming. He wore a sleeves jacket for the first half of the series then switched to a leather jacket. Nick is the second male character (along with Jimmy) who is voiced by a woman.

Principal Willoughby

Principal Willoughby (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is the flamboyant, Broadway-loving Principal at Lindbergh Elementary School. He is also somewhat overweight. He directed Macbeth in Space and was extremely giddy about it. He shows fierce anger when one of his shows gets ruined. However, he is a truly good person, albeit forgetful at times. He is energetic and enthusiastic. He seems to genuinely care about his scholars, and has clearly taken the time to get to know each and every one. He has a sister named Eunice who looks like the late Albert Einstein, and comments on always getting them confused. He appears a handful of times.

Sam Melvick

Sam Melvick (voiced by Billy West) is the disgruntled and hot-tempered owner of the Candy Bar, an ice cream shop in Retroville where Jimmy and his friends often meet. He frequently says "Yeah!" at the end of his sentences.[13][11]


UltraLord (voiced by Jim Cummings in the film and TV series, Rob Paulsen in the PC 2001 video game) is a superhero for whom Sheen has an unhealthy obsession and who stars in a TV series of the same name. His main enemy is Robo-Fiend (also voiced by Cummings). Sheen has the largest UltraLord action figure collection and is offended when other characters call them "Dolls". In the film, Sheen is tricked by Cindy into showing his school class a rare, never-to-be-seen condition Ultralord action figure when Cindy asks how Sheen knew it was in the condition box. Also in the film, Sheen meets an UltraLord impersonator at Retroland and gets an "Ultra-mask" from him. Sheen has been seen wearing the Ultra-Mask throughout the show.


King Goobot V

King Goobot V (voiced by Patrick Stewart in the film, S. Scott Bullock in the TV series, Joe Whyte in the video game) is the Yolkian King who appears in the 2001 film and the episodes "The Eggpire Strikes Back" and "League of Villains". He had his armada kidnap all the parents in Retroville and attempted to sacrifice them to the Yolkian god, Poultra, a giant monstrous chicken. He was stopped by Jimmy and all the other children.

He later returned in "The Eggpire Strikes Back" wanting to make amends with Retroville while claiming that Poultra made them do those awful things. This ploy was part of King Goobot's plot to get into Jimmy's lab and use his cloning machine to recreate Poultra. King Goobot was defeated again by Jimmy.

In "The League of Villains", King Goobot formed the titular team by gathering Junkman, Baby Eddie, Grandma Taters, Eustace Strytch, Professor Finbarr Calamitous, Beautiful Gorgeous, and the Space Bandits in a plot to get revenge on Jimmy Neutron.


Ooblar (voiced by Martin Short in the film, Paul Greenberg in the TV series, Mark DeCarlo in the video game) is the Yolkian sidekick and younger brother of King Goobot.

He no longer serves as Goobot's assistant because in the "League of Villains", Goobot said he was traded for sulfur butter.

Yolkian Fleet Commander

The Fleet Commander (voiced by Rob Paulsen) of Goobot's forces who only appears as the main antagonist in the PC version of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. He pays homage to Darth Vader, thanks to his mannerisms and armor.


Poultra (vocal effects provided by Frank Welker) is a giant chicken-like monstrosity whom the Yolkians worship as a goddess. She only appears in the original film and in the hour-long TV episode "The Eggpire Strikes Back". Her name is a play on the word "poultry."

Professor Finbarr Calamitous

Professor Finbarr Calamitous (voiced by Tim Curry) is a mad scientist and Ms. Fowl's former student. He is Jimmy's nemesis and, due to his popularity with fans, eventually becomes the show's main antagonist. Professor Finbarr Calamitous was once a brilliant boy who could never finish anything, not even a sentence. The only thing he could finish was a robotic suit, although he did not consider it finished since he did not put a bathroom into it. He later overcomes this to some extent, and Finbarr Calamitous is heard completing sentences as seen in "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion", "The Great Egg Heist",[14] and "The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide". However, he still has a habit of not finishing his plans, or more specifically, he is able to carry out his plans but does not plan on what he is going to do after that. He has also been the main antagonist in the video games Nicktoons Unite! (2005) and Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots (2007) where he faced Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner, Danny Phantom, SpongeBob SquarePants, and other Nicktoon characters.

In two separate episodes, Calamitous used disguises that initially fooled Jimmy and the other children.[14][15] In the second season, Calamitous disguised himself as Princess Guan Qi "Peggy" Tsu (voiced by Ming-Na Wen).[14] In the third season, Calamitous disguised himself as Quentin Smithee (voiced by Jim Meskimen), a demanding film director who cast Jimmy and the other children in a film. During production, Calamitous made several failed attempts to kill the children.[15]

Beautiful Gorgeous

Beautiful Gorgeous (voiced by Wendie Malick) is an evil villain who is the daughter of Jimmy's enemy, Professor Calamitous. Her childhood dream was to become the person who "puts those little plastic things on the ends of shoelaces". She appears in "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion", "My Big Fat Spy Wedding", and "The League of Villains".

Beautiful Gorgeous is a playable character in the 2008 video game SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom.

Space Bandits

The Space Bandits are three reptilian aliens who Jimmy and his friends first encountered when mining for diamonds in space.

In "The League of Villains", the Space Bandits are among the villains recruited by King Goobot V to assist in his revenge on Jimmy Neutron. They later defect to Jimmy's side and are revealed to speak a reptilian language where they persuaded a Tyrannosaurus to go after Baby Eddie.


Zix (voiced by Maurice LaMarche impersonating Jon Lovitz) is the leader of the Space Bandits. He appears in the episodes A Beautiful Mine, Men at Work, The Incredible Shrinking Town and The League of Villains.


Travoltron (voiced by Jeff Bennett impersonating John Travolta) is a member of the Space Bandits. He appears in the episodes A Beautiful Mine, Men at Work, The Incredible Shrinking Town and The League of Villains). He is a caricature of John Travolta.


Tee (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson impersonating Mr. T, understudied by Maurice LaMarche in "Men at Work") is the third Space Bandit. He appears with his friends in the episodes A Beautiful Mine, Men at Work, The Incredible Shrinking Town, and The League of Villains. He turns towards good with the other space bandits in The League of Villains. He enjoys hugging, and dreams of opening a dress shop. Tee also hates it when people call him stupid, and though he was originally mute, he became known for exclaiming "Fool!" after his sentences when he was given spoken dialogue in "The Incredible Shrinking Town," due to him being a caricature of Mr. T.


The Nanobots appeared in the episodes Safety First, Return of the Nanobots, and Fundemonium). They consist of an orange large Nanobot (voiced by Daran Norris) and a red thin Nanobot (voiced by Tom Kenny)

Evil Jimmy Neutron

Evil Jimmy Neutron (voiced by Rob Paulsen) was one of several clones created by Jimmy to do his chores while he harvested moon rocks. The clones are frozen by Jimmy using ice crystals after they cause trouble, although Evil Jimmy escapes and later returns in "The Trouble with Clones", in which Jimmy attempts to convert him into a nice person to have him do chores. Evil Jimmy creates an evil clone of the Earth, causing the real Earth to disappear. The original Jimmy travels to the evil Earth and reverses the effects, with the cloned Earth and Evil Jimmy being sucked into the Dark Matter Dimension.

Eustace Strytch

Eustace Strytch (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is a rich, snobby boy seen in "Billion Dollar Boy", "King of Mars", "The League of Villains", and "The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators". He had a cameo appearance in "Attack of the Twonkies". He is the bitter rival of Jimmy, and has an extremely annoying laugh.

Professor Crank

Professor Crank (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) appears in the episode Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion.

The Junkman

The Junkman (voiced by Charlie Adler) is a filthy extraterrestrial creature who deals in fixing up and selling refuse products throughout the galaxy.[16] He first appears in the second season, when he attempts to recycle Brobot's parents and sell their parts for profit.[16] He has a dog named Roxy, whom Goddard has a crush on.[16] The Junkman later returns in several additional episodes where he made cameos in some of them. In "The League of Villains", Junkman is among the villains recruited by King Goobot V to assist in his revenge on Jimmy Neutron. Due to one of Jimmy's inventions, Junkman falls in love with Beautiful Gorgeous much to the dismay of Professor Calamitous.


The Twonkies (vocal effects provided by Frank Welker) species of small, puff ball-like aliens. One is found on a comet, and it multiplies once Jimmy brings it back to Earth. Its offspring are kept as pets by the people of Retroville until their dark secret is discovered: they turn into vicious monsters every time they hear music. Sheen's terrible singing voice, however, lulls them to sleep. The Twonkies can combine themselves into a large eight-foot tall seemingly invincible monster that can only be subdued by Sheen's bad singing. Jimmy manages to capture most of the Twonkies, and sends the merged beast back to its comet; but he forgets Sheen's, which escapes and reproduces asexually. As a recurring gag, the Twonkie's offspring are seen throughout the show but unnoticed by the characters, such as in a student's locker, in a chair at Jet Fusion's wedding, and behind Carl after he is prosecuted.

Meldar Prime

Meldar Prime (voiced by Tim Allen, singing voice provided by Jess Harnell) is the host of the TV show Intergalactic Showdown that appears in "Win, Lose, and Kaboom"!

Baby Edward "Eddie" Neutron

Edward "Eddie" Neutron (voiced by Mark DeCarlo) is Jimmy's infant evil genius cousin and the son of Kari and Newt, whom looks identical to Granny Neutron as an infant. Eddie believes that he is much smarter than Jimmy. He planted bombs inside gifts and a cake during a Neutron family reunion and birthday party in an attempt to kill the family and inherit their money, making sure that Jimmy would be blamed for a crime that Jimmy has not committed. His plan was foiled and his motive was exposed leading to Eddie being taken away by his mother to be dealt with.

Eddie appears in "Clash of the Cousins"[8] and "The League of Villains".

Grandma Taters

Grandma Taters (voiced by Edie McClurg) is a sweet-seeming old lady who is actually a hostile alien. Through a television series starring herself, she tried to hypnotize the citizens of Retroville into behaving as cheerful zombies. Featured in "One of Us" and "The League of Villains".

Buford Lee Stormshuckle

Buford Lee Stormshuckle (voiced by Bill Farmer) is the Southern Americanprison warden of a correctional facility who framed Jimmy for a bank heist. He never reveals why he framed Jimmy. He taunts Jimmy by pseudo-offering him a glass of ice cold lemonade. When Sheen and Carl unsuccessfully tried to free Jimmy, he arrested them too. However, Jimmy and his friends blinded him, allowing them to escape. Buford puts out a $10,000 reward for their capture. He was fired from his job and arrested after Jimmy proved to the police that he was the real bank robber. As punishment, Buford must clean up trash. After Jimmy taunts Buford, he vows to get revenge on Jimmy. Buford appears only in "Who Framed Jimmy Neutron?"

Dr. Sydney Orville Moist

Dr. Sydney Orville Moist (voiced by Jeff Bennett) is a paranoid dance-crazy scientist who works in a secret underwater lair in the Bahama Quadrangle, making evil henchmen out of algae. He appears in the episode "The Evil Beneath".

Dr. Moist later collaborated with Professor Calamitous in "The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide" briefly before being betrayed and ejected for failing to keep an eye out for Jimmy.


Shirley (voiced by Jeff Garlin) is a villain created by Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner in The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators. He is created out of boredom of defeating the same, easy villains in the hopes of having a more difficult, challenging one to fight. Although he is the main villain of the movie, he at first acts humble, polite, and even dimwitted. It is only when Jimmy and Timmy abandon him at a mall that he becomes evil.

Other characters

Other characters in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius are listed below:

April the Gorlock

April (voiced by Alyssa Milano) is a Gorlock, a race of alien creatures that have green skin and tusks. The Gorlocks belong to one of four participating groups on Intergalactic Showdown; they usually win challenges with the use of brute strength and force. April made one appearance on the show in the episode "Win, Lose, or Kaboom!". In fear of her planet's safety, she had performed a seal of trust with Jimmy which resembled a kiss. Cindy had observed this and was jealous. Jimmy's hormones had kicked in after that, and he had hoped for another kiss from her when the adventure was over. He and April would send messages via space rock after that. Her real name is Chee Aaaaaaaaaah Doik!, but she hates this name and threatens anyone who calls her by it.

Britney Tenelli

Britney Tenelli (voiced by Candi Milo) is a friend of Cindy and Libby who is also a backup dancer with them. She wears a pink and white shirt with her stomach exposed, a pink jacket, pink pants, and light brown shoes. Her blonde hair is braided in pigtails and her eyes are greyish-blue. Britney usually appears as a background character but occasionally hangs around with Cindy and Libby.


Brobot (voiced by Paul Greenberg) is a robotic brother that Jimmy created after feeling lonely. However, Jimmy quickly became annoyed with Brobot. Although Brobot irritates Jimmy, it is shown that he cares about Brobot; when Jimmy disconnects him, he cries "What have I done?"[17] Jimmy decides to send Brobot to live on the moon with robotic parents, Popbot (voiced by Jim Cummings) and Mombot.[17][16] Brobot and his parents return in an episode of the second season, when Popbot and Mombot are kidnapped by the Junkman, who plans to recycle them and sell their parts for a profit.[16] Brobot later returns in "The League of Villains".


Butch (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is a slightly slack jawed bully. Butch may have a softer side as he is seen in one episode clearing his anger with stacking sticks. In the beginning of the episode "Jimmy Goes To College," Jimmy uses sophisticated words to describe his unstable molecules and Butch holds his head, saying, "Big words! They hurt! They hurt!"


VOX (voiced by Megan Cavanaugh) is Jimmy's computer. She is rarely heard in later seasons.

Mr. and Mrs. Wheezer

Carl's parents (both voiced by Rob Paulsen) who are very over protective and share many of Carl's allergies and hypochondria. In one episode Mr. Wheezer stated that he was allergic to ice; this would lead to an allergy to water. In "The Mighty Wheezers," Mr. and Mrs. Wheezer also happen to be allergic to almost every kind of food (including salt), eating an edible substitute matter instead. At night, they do stretches while making weird noises before dinner, participate in a "good family gargle before bedtime at 7:30pm," and instead of watching television, they (along with their son) sit on the couch and sing "sitting and singing" numerous times before bed.

Mayor Quador

Mayor Quador (voiced by Mark DeCarlo in "Normal Boy", Jim Cummings in later episodes) is the Mayor of Retroville.

He is modeled after Clark Gable.

Coach Gruber

Coach Gruber (voiced by Jim Belushi) is the gym teacher at Lindbergh Elementary School.


Hilgo (voiced by Megan Cavanagh) is a muscular Russian woman who appeared in different roles.

In "Time is Money", Hilgo appeared as the Neutron family's maid after Jimmy persuaded Hugh's past counterpart to make a wise investment.

In "Nightmare in Retroville", Hilgo was part of an angry mob assembled by Sam and Ms. Fowl.

In "Return of the Nanobots", Hilgo appeared as a lunch lady at Lindbergh Elementary School.

Officer Tubbs

Officer Tubbs (voiced by Frank Welker in most episodes, Rob Paulsen in "The Great Egg Heist") is a police officer who is not very bright. In some episodes, he would often be seen arresting the bad guys that Jimmy defeats.

Cap'n Betty

Cap'n Betty is an odd sailor who knows about a monster that Jimmy is trying to reveal to be false. He appears in "Monster Hunt", "My Big Fat Spy Wedding", and has numerous cameos throughout the series, many of them well-hidden. He is a parody of Quint from Jaws.[citation needed]

Commander Baker

Commander Baker (voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan) is an African American who is the Big Top Secret Organization commander. It is stated in "My Big Fat Spy Wedding" he did something illegal when he implanted a tracking chip inside Beautiful Gorgeous's head. He is also at a constant upset by all the embarrassing pictures of him when he is showing Jimmy his mission. He appears in the episodes "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion" and "My Big Fat Spy Wedding".

Corky Shimatzu

Corky Shimatzu (voiced by Billy West) is a famous Japanese big-shot television producer, whose catchphrase is "Super Fantastic!"

Ernest Abercrombie

Ernest Abercrombie[12] (voiced by Mark DeCarlo) is a military general who appears in two episodes.[12][11] In the first season, he is shown as having a lack of knowledge about the military as Retroville faces the threat of Miss Fowl, who has become an overgrown monster, inadvertently because of Jimmy.[12] His second appearance occurs in the third season, when he detains Jimmy and his friends after they obtain superhero powers and are mistaken by Retroville citizens as mutants.[11]


Flippy is Hugh's dummy and a semi-villain. He was used as firewood to ward off the Twonkies in the season-three premiere episode, "Attack of the Twonkies". He also appears in "Flippy".

Hank McSpanky

Hank McSpanky is the founder of a chain of fast food restaurants named McSpanky's. It is said that he is Scottish. He once met Jimmy's father, with whom he almost went into business.

Jet Fusion

Jet Fusion (voiced by Christian Slater) is an athlete, actor, and spy who is admired by Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen. He appears in the episodes "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion" and "My Big Fat Spy Wedding". His name is a play on James Bond.

Neutron family

Besides Jimmy, Judy, Hugh, and Eddie, this section lists the known relatives of the Neutron family. As revealed in "Clash of the Cousins", Jimmy is disliked by most of the relatives that appear in that episode due to the fact that he "brings danger to the town" until he exposed Eddie's plot.

Amanda Neutron

Amanda Neutron (voiced by Tress MacNeille) Jimmy's wealthy great-aunt and Hugh's aunt. Amanda originally hates Jimmy because he "brings danger to the town". She reconciled with him after he revealed his baby cousin Eddie's evil plan to harm the family. Amanda appears only in the 2005 episode "Clash of the Cousins".[8]

Kari Neutron

Kari Neutron (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is Jimmy's aunt, Hugh's sister and Baby Eddie's mother. Like the rest of Jimmy's cousins and aunts, she hates him for "nearly destroying the town". She was completely horrified and fainted when Jimmy attacked Baby Eddie. When she woke up, she was shocked to discover her baby speaking full sentences. She reconciles with Jimmy and apologizes to him and his parents for little Eddie trying to destroy them all. She appears only in the episode "Clash of the Cousins".[8]

Annabelle Neutron

Annabelle Neutron (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is Jimmy's paranoid, insane, and brown-haired cousin. She suffers from many phobias. This was evident when Carl touched and talked to her when she was sorting toothpicks. Annabelle appears only in the episode "Clash of the Cousins".[8]

Gomer Neutron

Gomer Neutron (voiced by Mark DeCarlo) is Jimmy's cousin on Hugh's side who is extremely stupid and plays ping pong with a ball that is covered in saliva and is known as his "spit ball". Unlike the other relatives, Gomer has no issues against Jimmy. Gomer appears only in "Clash of The Cousins".[8]

Granny Neutron

Granny Neutron (voiced by Phyllis Diller in season one, Rose Marie in season four) is Hugh's mother and Jimmy's paternal grandmother. Jimmy once turned her into a baby in "Granny Baby".[7]

Newton "Newt" Neutron

Newton "Newt" Neutron (voiced by Mark DeCarlo) is Jimmy's uncle, Kari's husband and a seemingly, mild-mannered, semi middle aged man who is Eddie's father. Like Jimmy's other cousins and aunts, he hates Jimmy for nearly destroying the town. He has black-brown hair. Only appears in "Clash of the Cousins".[8]

Newton is modeled after Keith Alcorn.


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Cindy Vortex (Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius/The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius)

Cindy Vortex (Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius/The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius)
Cindy Vortex Movie.png
Cindy Show.png

""Nice invention, Nerdtron!"

Gender: Female
Type: Snarky & Arrogant yet Reliable, Smart Friend
Age: 12
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Carolyn Lawrence
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Cynthia "Cindy" Aurora Vortex is one of the main characters from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. She is Jimmy's female counterpart, arch-rival, and eventual girlfriend. She used to be the smartest kid in her old school until she moved across the street from Jimmy's house. Since then, she has been trying to regain her old reputation.

Why She Rocks

  1. She is very smart, kind, independent, loving, caring, and good-hearted, if also spoiled, bossy, prideful, competitive, sarcastic, and stubborn.
  2. Like Garfield: Her sarcasm is hilarious. Especially how she teases Jimmy & comically makes fun of other male characters such as Sheen for their blunders with her snarky attitude when something goes wrong out of Jimmy's pride for example.
  3. Despite her snarkiness, short-temperedness, arrogance, and fitful jealousy, she has a good heart and actually cares about Jimmy secretly. Especially when she usually picks on Jimmy but she only does this to mask her love for him.
    • Despite her seemingly cold and condescending demeanor, she and Jimmy are very much alike; she loves science as much as he does, loves having adventures with her friends, and doesn't seem to be very popular or have a lot of friends. It is also shown that Cindy secretly wants to be as brilliant and smart as Jimmy and looks up to him and really does care about him.
    • She is also a great friend to Libby. Their friendship is very strong and they are clearly very close, though it is made apparent that Libby is a closer friend to Cindy than Brittany.
  4. Cindy is also shown to be a very compassionate person, as it is shown that she does not appreciate it when Jimmy is heartbroken or depressed, and she actually tries to comfort him. One example is in the movie when Jimmy starts crying and feeling sorry for himself after realizing the abduction is his fault and she goes to comfort him.
    • Another example is in "Billion Dollar Boy", when she realizes that Eustace is a petty, sadistic jerk and he was only using her and the others to hurt Jimmy and then have Jimmy watch Goddard die. When a heartbroken Jimmy thinks he's lost Goddard forever, Cindy looks especially regretful.
  5. She is very athletic and practices a lot of martial arts sports.
  6. Cindy serves as Jimmy's voice of reason in later episodes and usually warns and reminds him of the consequences of his actions and tells him to think his plans through.
  7. She has a good character design.
  8. Carolyn Lawrence does an amazing job at voicing her.

Bad Qualities

  1. She tends to be very argumentative. Especially when in the series, she's become more stubborn and she and Jimmy fight more than in the 2001 movie, where she was revealed to be a lot kinder than she seemed and she and Jimmy got along better as result by films' end.
    • She can be very bratty if she doesn't get what she wants. Especially when she tries to make excuses to justify her actions in order to maintain the image she wants people to have of her.
  2. She is very spoiled and has a large ego. She loves being the center of attention and will do anything for fame and money, even if it means constantly annoying people by reminding them how talented and beautiful she is. This only ever works to draw attention away from her talent and beauty, and instead towards her vanity.
    • In "Who Framed Jimmy", she didn't care that Jimmy has been sent to prison and tries to turn him in to get the reward money.
  3. She can be too competitive.
  4. For some reason, her design was completely changed in the series, and, depending on your opinion, it looks ugly and poorly detailed compared to the original (the only exception being the shoes), same with Libby and Nick in Season 2-3. Fortunately, most Jimmy Neutron games ignored this change and kept her movie design.


  • She is the only main character from the original Jimmy Neutron series who doesn't have a Planet Sheen counterpart.

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Cindy Vortex


Bossy, prideful, intelligent, stubborn, arrogant, spoiled, insecure, athletic, competitive, romantic, stylish, kind, sweet, smart, brave, caring, cheerful, helpful, compassionate, short-tempered, friendly, loving, annoyed, serious, jealous (sometimes), flirtatious, understanding


Jimmy Neutron (boyfriend), Libby Folfax (best friend), Brittany Tenelli, Carl Wheezer, Sheen Estevez, Goddard, Nick Dean, Humphrey, Amber, Bolbi Stroganovsky, Nissa Kapadopolus, Tina Sue, Rose, Betty Quinlan, April the Gorlock, Zix, Travoltron, and Tee


King Goobot V, Ooblar, Professor Calamitous, Beautiful Gorgeous, Poultra, Meldar Prime, Betty Quinlan (formerly), Grandma Taters, Eustace Strych, Zix, Travoltron, and Tee (formerly), The Junkman, Baby Eddie, The Twonkies, Bueford Lee Stormshuckle, Captain Spoor, April the Gorlock (formerly)


Being smarter than Jimmy (sometimes), martial arts, getting good grades, Jimmy, Libby, Brittany, music, Irish dancing, popularity, wealth, being the center of attention, Humphrey, science, cute things, plants, people waiting on her, teasing her friends, the secondary colors, winning, being beautiful


Being second best, not getting attention, losing, Jimmy being taken away from her, seeing Jimmy sad, Betty (formerly), mimes, scary things, failure, being ugly, humility, Jimmy flirting with other girls, the League of Villains

Cynthia "Cindy" AuroraVortexis a major character in the Jimmy Neutronfranchise. She is Jimmy's female counterpart, arch-rival, and girlfriend.

Official Description

"Cindy is the second smartest kid in class (she used to be number one, until she moved across the street from Jimmy). Cindy and Jimmy compete over pretty much everything, including their dogs (Jimmy's is a robot, Cindy's a canine). They're usually found teasing and/or insulting each other, but the two have more in common, than they realize. Though they're pretty much the only ones in Retroville who haven't figured it out..."


Before Cindy moved to Retroville, she initially found herself the most respected and most intelligent person in her class at her old school, a position that she used to have until she moved and met Jimmy. She became best friends with Libby and Brittany after moving.

Jimmy took her smartest person in town title when she moved into the house across the street from him, whereupon Cindy, now second runner up, began a rivalry with him. She started to begin to frequently attack his intelligence by criticizing his every mistake, even though she only does this to mask her love for Jimmy and to cover up her insecurities and her fear of failure. Her home life is rarely shown, and her parents are only minor characters in the show. But some of the statements she makes during Stranded seem to suggest that she may be pressured by her mother to be perfect all the time, which could be another reason she is so competitive and mean all the time.

Cindy is a member of Team Neutron with her best friends; Libby, Carl, Sheen, Nick, Goddard and Jimmy Neutron who usually go o by the genius himself. She began developing a deep and eternal friendship with these seven, despite being the most aggressive, snarky and critical person in the group.

Physical appearance

Cindy is a pretty 11-year-old girl. She has blonde hair with side-swept bangs, pale skin and green eyes.

In her debut in "New Dog, Old Tricks", Cindy wore a pretty pink button-front, short-sleeved, knee-length dress with a frilly white collar.

In the following shorts and the film, as well as the video games, Cindy wore a coral pink short-sleeved button-up shirt, with black jeans, and coral pink saddle shoes/sneakers. She wore her hair in pigtails with pink ties and she had dark pink eyelids. This design is still used in promotional merchandise and clip art.

When the television series began, Cindy's entire look changed for the rest of the franchise. She now wears her hair in a single ponytail and now has grayish purple eyelids. She also now wears a faded green-striped halter shirt (tank top in 2D promotional art and books), khaki pants, pink polka-dot panties, gray socks, and a pair of dark lavender-pink and white Converse sneakers. Keith Alcorn said this change was to make Cindy look older as the series takes place a year after the movie.

In The N-Men, when she gained her super powers, she wore a light grey crop-top with The N Men logo on the front with dark grey seams, blue wrist bands, a red skirt with white stars, a blue thong a red cape, blue futuristic boots, and a purple star on her right cheek. Her hair band also becomes red instead of its usual pink. Her eyelids also became a lighter shade of purple.

She also wore a pink one-piece swimsuit in Jimmy on Ice when she was in her pool, Monster Hunt in the picture of her on a beach that accidentally came up in the lake monster slide show, Beach Party Mummy during the Egyptian beach party, and Journey to the Center of Carl when her mother was giving her acupuncture with 678 needles.

In Nightmare in Retroville for her Halloween costume (Muffy the Vampire Annihilator), she wore a jet black halter top with a logo of flaming heart slayed by a wooden stake with the name Muffy on it, bright red pants, jet black Converse sneakers, black finger-less gloves with spikes on the wrists, a black spiked neck collar, and a black tattoo on her right arm. Her hair band also becomes black instead of its usual pink. When she was a vampire in this same episode she continued to wear this same outfit and she had pale skin, black hair, nails, and lips, and two sharp top fangs.


Cindy is very smart, kind, loving, caring and good-hearted, but she’s also spoiled, bossy, prideful, independent, competitive, sarcastic and stubborn. Increasingly, she’s forced to an authentic admission that Jimmy can indeed do some cool things and take them on very fun adventures. Throughout the course of the franchise, they start to become closer and closer as friends, eventually not fighting as much. It‘s also shown that Cindy secretly looks up to Jimmy, and wants to be as smart as him. Sometimes, Cindy's desire to be number one can cause her to believe false flattery from the villains, so they can trick her into helping them with their evil schemes, only for her to realize the error of her ways too late.

Cindy is very spoiled and has a large ego. She loves being the center of attention and will do anything for fame and money, even if it means constantly annoying people by reminding them how talented and beautiful she is. This only ever works to draw attention away from her talent and beauty, and instead towards her vanity. Sometimes, when things don’t go Cindy’s way, she tries to make excuses to justify her actions in order to maintain the image she wants people to have of her.

Libby and Brittany are Cindy's best friends, and two of the only characters that she has shown very little anger or aggression towards in the franchise. Their friendship is very strong and they are clearly very close, though it is made apparent that Libby is a closer friend to Cindy than is Brittany. Libby and Brittany are also two of the only characters that Cindy has been seen frequently confiding in.

Even though Cindy teases Jimmy, she does care about him a lot and doesn't like it when Jimmy is sad, always attempting to comfort him when he is at his lowest. Some perfect examples would be in the Jimmy Neutron movie when she goes to comfort Jimmy after he starts crying, and in Billion Dollar Boy when she finds out that Eustace was just using her to hurt Jimmy to then have Jimmy watch Goddard die. Generally, Cindy's physical, mental, and emotional abuse towards Jimmy is illustrated in a very teasing and secretly romantic way.

While Cindy constantly makes fun of Jimmy's alleged nerdiness, she is a genius like him and loves science just as much as he does. Her IQ just isn't as big as his. Also, while her condescending demeanor would suggest otherwise, she isn't any more popular with other kids than Jimmy is, and she has no close friends aside from Libby and Brittany.

Cindy frequently talks about her gender in a surprised way. She will act like it's a big surprise when boys ask her for help and says that he actually values her opinion, as shown in Jimmy Timmy Power Hour Part 1 when Timmy asks Cindy if she will help him with his science fair project. A similar example can be found in Jimmy On Ice when Cindy forces Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen to admit that girls are superior in all aspects of life if they want to swim in her pool. She appears to believe that girls are not "important" the way boys are.

In Stranded, it’s revealed that she actually can be more open about herself when she's away from pressure, friends and competition, and that she also may hold some bitterness toward her mother from pushing her so hard all the time and from her father not being around all the time.

In the (non-canon) Jimmy Timmy Power Hour trilogy, she‘s shown to have an unrealistic side, as she easily believed everything Timmy said, even though he was clearly lying and let Jimmy and Timmy fight over her, even though it was causing a lot of trouble. Later, Cindy began to realize that Timmy is not a genius, but she still liked him because she knew he really did care about her. However, it is implied she was just trying to make Jimmy jealous.


Jimmy Neutron

Main Article: Jimmy and Cindy's relationship

Jimmy is Cindy's male counterpart, boyfriend, and arch-rival. Since they are both geniuses, they have a strong competitive rivalry and they act as if they dislike each other in front of peers to hide that they are crushing on each other. Despite this, Cindy does care about Jimmy and doesn't like it when Jimmy is sad and often tries to comfort him. Jimmy still sees Cindy as a friend because she's the one person who can keep him on his feet. As a result, their chemistry is a bit inconsistent.

Towards the end of the series, Cindy begins to flirt with Jimmy, and often is angry when he likes other girls, ignores her, takes credit for her ideas or blames her for his mistakes. In the third season, they get along when they are alone and pretend to argue only when others are around, but it's confirmed that they have always been attracted to each other.

In Lady Sings the News, they’re revealed to have been dating secretly for a portion of the third season. In the next episode, Cindy finally openly reveals her feelings for Jimmy (sort of).

In the planned season four, Jimmy and Cindy would've finally ended their fighting once and for all, since they would become an official couple before the series ended.

Timmy Turner

In "Jimmy Timmy Power Hour" trilogy which is non-canon, Cindy develops a small crush on Timmy who everyone but her and Libby stupidly thought was Jimmy with a smaller head until they realize the truth near the end. Cindy also kissed Timmy on the cheek.

In the second crossover special, Cindy and Jimmy were planning to go to the dance together but Timmy's untimely arrival ruined it. Soon, Jimmy and Timmy started fighting over Cindy, which she allowed because she was happy to be getting attention, despite the trouble it was causing.

In the third crossover, after learning that Cindy is on a family vacation, Jimmy and Timmy become fast friends and ignore Cindy when she returns. Her crush on Timmy seemed to end when he called her 'Debby' when she entered Jimmy's lab and when Timmy was the one to boot her out.

While Cindy's feelings for Timmy are more open than her feelings for Jimmy, it's more of a crush than actual love and/or relationship, and the fact that during the last Power Hour and finale of the Jimmy Neutron series Cindy is already Jimmy's girlfriend and Timmy has pretty much forgotten about Cindy at this point and vice versa. Not to mention that Tootie eventually became Timmy’s girlfriend instead as shown in the movie “Grow Up Timmy Turner!”.

Nick Dean

Cindy had a crush on Nick in the movie and a portion of the first season and often tried to get his attention, only to constantly be sabotaged by Jimmy and his pranks. Her crush on Nick ended once and for all after Jimmy embarrassed Cindy in front of Nick in See Jimmy Run and Trading Faces. Cindy and Nick do remain friends after this, however. They share fairly good chemistry.

Libby Folfax

Libby is Cindy's best friend. Libby also shows a deep understanding of Cindy's actions and feelings, and can tell when Cindy is lying. Libby also knows that Cindy has a crush on Jimmy and wants her to tell him how she feels. It is also shown that Cindy is aware that Libby likes Sheen. This says very much about the strength of their friendship, as Cindy is very guarded about her feelings, and doesn't allow many people to become close to her. Cindy likes Libby because she is loyal and a true friend to her. The two share good chemistry.

Brittany Tenelli

Brittany is Cindy's other best friend. Even though Cindy and Brittany don't hang out as much as Cindy and Libby do, they get along well and are good friends. Cindy likes Brittany because she's ditsy, off-the-wall and the one person in their friend group who can make her feel smart, which Brittany doesn't notice and is usually confused by. Even though Cindy and Libby usually pick on Brittany, they still love her and the three of them are close. The three of them share good chemistry.

Carl Wheezer and Sheen Estevez

Cindy hates Carl and Sheen because of their stupidity and idiotic antics (Sheen in particular). While they hate her because she's mean. Despite this, the three are part of Jimmy's team, since he is best friends with Carl and Sheen and Cindy likes Jimmy. In fact, Cindy hates Carl at a lot less than Sheen (due to Carl at being less annoying), while Cindy's dislike of Sheen is more apparent as she is often irritated by Sheen's antics.

Her family

Little is known about Cindy's family life, which makes it somewhat questionable. Her dad is hardly ever seen on screen, having no speaking lines, and only appears in the movie and in "Make Room for Daddy-O". Her mom is pushy and prideful of her daughter. Some of Cindy's statements in Out, Darn Spotlight, Maximum Hugh and Stranded hint that she might have a tough home life and a bad relationship with one or both of her parents. She has an Aunt Susie who is an Olympic Champion and Buff-Chick Monthly centerfold foldout. Her aunt debuted in Maximum Hugh. However, the movie and moments in certain episodes show that they do care for Cindy.


Humphrey is Cindy's pet bulldog and one of the few living things she shows love and affection to. The two share good chemistry. It should be noted, however, that since Humphrey is not a person, he doesn't really count as one of the very few people that Cindy gets along with, although she does get along with him.

Betty Quinlan

Cindy only disliked Betty throughout the series because Jimmy had a crush on her. Betty often flirted back to Jimmy, which always upsets Cindy, and she sometimes lashes out at them in jealousy over it. She has very little actual interaction with Betty; most of what we know of her thoughts on Betty is from when Cindy expresses jealousy of her. We eventually learn that Betty doesn't hate Cindy because she likes Jimmy, but because she's always mean to her.

In the episode Party at Neutron's, Cindy was jealous to see Jimmy dancing with Betty.

In the episode Vanishing Act, Betty shows that she is aware of Jimmy and Cindy's feelings for each other and seems to even be supportive of the two getting together, but it's hard to show it because Cindy is always mean to her. She no longer flirts with Jimmy after this point in the series and is reduced to a supporting character. Jimmy and Betty still remain friends, however. Also, Cindy and Betty start to get along for the rest of the series.

In the series finale, Cindy displays what could be a slight attraction to Betty when looking at a picture of her in Jimmy's lab; instead of being immediately upset that Jimmy had the picture, she smiled and giggled at it until Carl took it from her, so this scene hints that Cindy may be secretly fond of Betty. In addition, it’s shown that she thinks Betty is hot, as well as "beautiful and perfect".

In the planned season four, there would have been an episode called "Three's a Crowd", in which Cindy, Libby, and Betty got trapped in Jimmy's lab and have to work together to get out. In said episode, Cindy would have finally opened up to Betty and the two would've become friends.

April the Gorlock

Cindy briefly disliked April because of her and Jimmy's slight interest in each other, and when she catches April kissing Jimmy, which in Gorlock culture was a symbol of trust, she misinterprets it as Jimmy and April being affectionate, yelling at them, only then to claim that she doesn't care. April senses her jealousy and then assumes she is Jimmy's mate (to which both Jimmy and Cindy react with gagging and profuse denial). When the characters team up to stop Meldar, April and Cindy become a tag team and defeat Meldar's robots together. At the end of the special, right as Jimmy and Cindy are about to kiss, a space rock hurtles down from the sky to land just outside of the Candy Bar. Both race outside to find that it is a message from April. When April is flirtatious towards Jimmy in the message, Cindy gets mad at him, then Jimmy attempts to respond to her message and Cindy cuts it short, so Jimmy won't endanger the planet again.


  • "Ultra Lord isn't coming, you ding-dong! The Yokians lied to you!" -The Eggpire Strikes Back
  • "I'm warning you, Neutron! If anything at ALL is wrong with my brain...!" -Trading Faces
  • "I wasn't gonna say 'love'!" -The League of Villains
  • (sarcastically) "Oh, boy... Here we go... Queen Libby is in the house..." - Beach Party Mummy
  • "Do you think he likes my lip gloss?" -King of Mars
  • (Hits Jimmy) "Sorry, I have two left feet! Oh, wait... No, I don't!" - Vanishing Act
  • "Oh, look! A 1947 Van de Graff electrostatic generator!!" (points at nothing) - See Jimmy Run
  • "And now presenting geek number two: The 'Static-Cling King'." -When Pants Attack
  • "You fake!! I can't believe I let you betray me again!" -King of Mars
  • "Or SOLAR SYSTEM!!!" - Make Room for Daddy-O
  • "Well, you built the invention to impress your DREAM girl!!" -Vanishing Act
  • "So, Neutron's the best man?! Yeah! More like 'Best nerd'!! I bet he'll look like a..(mouth drops) *sees Jimmy and gets hearts in her eyes* HUNKMUFFIN!!" -My Big Fat Spy Wedding
  • "Carl, why haven't you perfected your super-burps??" - The N-Men
  • "Feel free to join in any time you want to, Neutron!" - When Pants Attack
  • "If any of you does anything wrong tonight, I will kill you!" -Out, Darn Spotlight
  • "It's full of POO! I thought you were a genius!!" - Granny Baby
  • "If you're looking for Captain 'Bad-Hair-Day', he just left with our teacher." - The Big Pinch
  • "Oh, so now you're an art critic, too." -Vanishing Act
  • (Eustace kisses her hand) "Me likey!" - Billion Dollar Boy
  • "Great. Terrific. Now a bunch of dead guys wrapped in toilet paper are gonna kill us!" - Beach Party Mummy
  • "I know, I know... Next time, Autopilot..." - The League of Villains
  • "I found another photo of Betty Quinlan! What is he, obsessed?!" -The League of Villains
  • "Everyone knows the stupid phantom's a myth. Only you would ruin everything by being so pedantic about it." -Phantom of Retroland
  • "*panting* Oh...a scary *teeth chattering*" -Stranded
  • "Please tell me you didn't say toilet!" -Vanishing Act
  • "Neutron's in trouble! Life is GOOD!" -Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion
  • "You bring one of those every day, Ultra-Loser!" -When Pants Attack
  • "Enough with the scientific yadda yadda! Fix us!" -Vanishing Act
  • "...And then in the library, Neutron's foot hit mine so I tapped his foot back and he kicked mine again! I think we were playing footsie! Promise you wont tell anyone!" -Lady Sings the News
  • "Okay I've had it, Miss Hot pants!! This is all your fault!!!"-Vanishing Act
  • "Not even in his dreams, Neutron!" -I Dream of Jimmy
  • "If I want to do my triple axle mid-air Betsy flip, then doggonit, I'm gonna do my triple axle mid-air Betsy flip! Oh, and the Hover Car needs gas." -Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen
  • "Do you wanna piece of me, girlfriend?!" -Win, Lose and Kaboom!
  • "Is it lame invention of the month time?!" (laughs hysterically with Libby) -The League of Villains
  • "Yes, although I haveNOidea how the Yokians could've possibly gotten into Jimmy's lab... The point IS, we owe Jimmy! Who stopped all those marauding pants from running amok in the streets? Who repelled the big, flaming meteor headed straight for town?! Who risked hisLIFEtoshrink Miss Fowl down to size when she was fifty feet tall?! I know, those were all Neutron's fault in the first place... But he still risked his life to save us!!! The least we OWE him is our trust!!" -The Eggpire Strikes Back
  • "Libby, smash the boombox!" -The League of Villains
  • "What kind of sick joke is this?!" -Love Potion 976/J
  • "I say we hold him down and force him to make us more candy!" -Krunch Time
  • "Back off, Brittany! You're fogging the merchandise!" -A Beautiful Mine
  • "This...Ow! Must...Ow! Be...Ow! NEUTRON!!!" -Pain, Pain, Go Away!
  • "Libby, we have no choice! Dance towards that banana peel!" -The League of Villains
  • "No fame?! This show must go on!" -Out, Darn Spotlight
  • "This should ruin Nerd-tron's magic career and his chances with Betty!" -Vanishing Act
  • "Some boys can't hold their punch." -The Tomorrow Boys
  • "Your darn sick patch just dissolved into my skin, Nerd-tron!" -Journey to the Center of Carl
  • (mockingly) "Be careful, Betty!" -Vanishing Act
  • "You're rewarding these chowder heads for hacking into the news?" -Lady Sings the News
  • "Why would anyone dance with Nerd-tron? I wouldn't dance with him if he were the last kid on Earth!" -Party at Neutron's
  • "Neutron, why don't you watch where you're going?!" -One of Us
  • "Getting angry, Neutron?" -The N-Men
  • "Watch where you're going, fly-boy!" -The League of Villains
  • "Oh, is that all, and what if we all went around freakishly enlarging our friends' heads?! HUH?!" -Sheen's Brain
  • "Pets are animals!
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