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86 area codes were created by AT&T and the Bell System in They were created to prepare for a nationwide unified long-distance direct dialing system - the ability to make a call to any other calling area without the need for an operator.

The first digit did not allow a zero (could be confused with the operator) or a 1 (techical reasons). The second digit was either a 0 for an area code covering an entire state/province or 1 for an area code covering part of a state/province.

At the time, rotary phones made it so that dialing lower numbers like 1 or 2 took less time to dial and dialing higher numbers took longer to dial. Area codes with lower numbers that were easier to dial were given to high population and high call volume areas. For this reason, areas such as New York (area code requires 2+1+2=5 pulses), Los Angeles (area code requires 2+1+3=6 pulses), and Chicago (area code requires 3+1+2=6 pulses) received area codes that are much faster to dial than rural areas such as South Dakota (area code requires 6+10+5=21 pulses).

The original area codes only existed in the US and Canada. Parts of Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii were not yet included.

The original 86 area codes:
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and


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Use the ZIP Code, City, Phone, & Area Code lookup to search ZIP Codes, city names, phone numbers or area codes for information related to the given input. Displays the city name, state, county, population and more related to the input.

  • Enter a 5 or 9-digit ZIP Code.
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With our FREE ZIP Code finder, you have many ways of finding the information you need.

Use it to find information on ZIP Codes, Lookup ZIP+4 of any address in the U.S., Find all the ZIP Codes in a given radius, Find the distance between any two ZIP Codes (line of sight + driving distance/directions).

United States ZIP Codes:

Zip Code Search - Zip Code Lookup - Zip Code Finder in US - Melissa Data

ZIP Code are a system of postal codes and are used within the United States. The system, which is being used by the United States Postal Service since , results in faster and effective delivery of mail within the country. While the basic ZIP Code comprises five digits, in , an extended ZIP+4 code was introduced. In this system, along with the a hyphen and four more digits are also used. These additional digits are useful in determining a specific location within that particular Zip Code.

US Zip Codes Map

US Zip Code Map

Disclaimer  :  All efforts have been made to make this image accurate. However Compare Infobase Limited,its directors and employees do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same.

About Zip Code Map:The ZIP Code Map shows the ZIP Codes that are used within the various states of the United States. To make it easier for the user, the states whose Zip Codes start with a particular number (for e.g starting with eight, seven, nine, etc) are shown in similar color.

About US Zip Codes

The USA is a large country, with 50 states divided into counties, parishes, or boroughs. The name ‘county’ is used in 48 states, with Louisiana using ‘parishes,’ and Alaska using ‘boroughs.’ The total number of counties/parishes/boroughs in United States is 3,

Zip codes are intended to quicken and simplify the process of the delivery mail. The ‘ZIP’ in Zip Code, is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan.

The history of the ‘ZIP code’ dates to , when the United States Postal Services started this postal code system. This enabled postage to reach its destination in a much more effective and faster way.

If you want to know the ZIP code of a particular place, then Zip Code Finder (below) tool given below is a easy to use utility and one can quickly find the Zip Code of a particular location or find the location by searching through ZIP code.


StateStates AbbreviationsZIP Code
AlabamaALxxxx, xxxx
ArizonaAZxxxx, xxxx, xxxx, xxxx
CaliforniaCAxxxx, xxxx, xxxx
ConnecticutCTxx, xx
District of ColumbiaDCxx, xx, xx, ,
FloridaFLxxxx, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx
GeorgiaGAxxxx, xxxx
HawaiiHI, xx
IdahoIDxx, xx
IllinoisILxxxx, xxxx
IowaIAxxxx, xxxx
KansasKSxxxx, xxxx
KentuckyKYxxxx, xxxx
LouisianaLAxxxx, xxxx, xxxx
MarylandMD, xxxx, xxxx
MassachusettsMAxxxx, xx
MinnesotaMNxxxx, xxxx
MissouriMOxxxx, xxxx, xxxx
NebraskaNExxxx, xxxx
NevadaNVxxxx, xxxx, xxxx
New HampshireNHxxxx
New JerseyNJxxxx
New MexicoNMxxxx, xxxx
New YorkNYxx, , xxxx
North CarolinaNCxxxx
North DakotaNDxxxx
OklahomaOKxxxx, xx, xx, xxxx
Rhode IslandRIxx, xx
South CarolinaSCxxxx
South DakotaSDxxxx
TexasTXxx, , xxxx, xxxx, xx
VermontVTxxxx, xxxx
VirginiaVAxx, , xxxx
WashingtonWAxxxx, xxxx
West VirginiaWVxxxx
WisconsinWIxxxx, xxxx, xxxx

US Zip Codes by State

- Click on State name for its Zip Codes
Last Updated on: July 14,


Code us zip locator

Zip Code Lookup - Find USPS Zip Code

Search Zip Code for Cities in United State. You can find Zip code by City or City and State by ZIP Code with our Zip Code lookup tools. Our Zip Code locator helps to search Post office of USPS By zip code , city and State for USA. Mailpieces with a ZIP Code are processed quickly and efficiently.

Find Zip Code - By City and State

Enter city and state to see all the ZIP Codes™ for that city.

How to use zip code look up tools ?

With our Post office zip code look up tools , you can find the zip code of city with that particular state name. This tool also suggest similar city name to not confusion with their zip code identically similar . Here we do the same to find Zip Code of Newyor City. Lets Do :-


Enter ZIP Code in Search Box

Enter Zip Code you want to check with. The zip Code should be in ZIP 5 Format. Here we enter the zip code of New York City for example.

us zip code look up


Press “Find Button”

Now Press Find button to load Zip code of that zip code. In our case we entered Zip code.


Boom ! "Result" - Newyork Zip Code

We found that was pertaining to New york city. Now this postal code can you to send post to newyork city.


Near by Post office "Later" Section

You can see nearest post office to this zip code as well. You can you our Post office location to find Post office , Gopost ,Self service kiosk etc at this page Post office Location Finder

ZIP Code Look Up - For zip _

About Postal Code - What is Zip Code ?

A Zip-code is an postal code Utilised by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Founded in , the fundamental format contained five digits. Back in , an Elongated ZIP+4 code has been released; additionally comprised the five digits of the ZIP Code, followed with a hyphen and 4 specimens which given a specific place. ZIP Codes really certainly are an essential portion of earning sure that the mailpiece is processed fast and economically. Perhaps not using a zip-code ™ in your own email brings about unnecessary waits as it is going to call for manual dealing with.
A domestic ZIP Code number and other ZIP Code information (including ZIP+4 Codes) can be found through the ZIPCode Lookup tool on the search box above. Using the drop-down menu provided, you can search for a ZIP Code number by address, by city, by company, or you can find a city by ZIP Code.
The Name ZIP is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan. It was chosen to suggest that the email travels more economically and quickly (zipping along) when senders use the code in the postal address the Simple arrangement Is Made up of five specimens.

Zip Code Look Up

What are the parts of a ZIP Code?

Where to find my Zip Code?

What Exactly the 5 Digits in Zip Codes Stand To ?

Zip Code Vs Postal Code - Are they same ?

Point for ComparisonZip CodePostal Code
MeaningThe zip code is nothing but a coding system commonly used in the United States which helps in identifying the location and accelerating the delivery of mail.Postal Code is an alphanumeric or numeric code, which helps in tracking the location at which the mail-piece has to be delivered.
Introduced in
CountriesThe United States and the PhilippinesAll the other countries except the US and the Philippines.
ObjectiveReference and location identificationReference, location identification, census and route planning
ContainsNumbers onlyNumbers only or a combination of numbers and letters, or sometimes punctuation marks are also used with numbers and letters.

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About US ZIP Codes

US ZIP codes are a type of postal code used within the United States to help the United States Postal Service (USPS) route mail more efficiently. ZIP codes near me are shown on the map above. Some still refer to ZIP codes as US postal codes. The term ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan. The basic 5-digit format was first introduced in and later extended to add an additional 4 digits after a dash to form a ZIP+4 code. The additional 4 digits help USPS more precisely group mail for delivery. Though ZIP codes were originally developed for USPS, many other shipping companies such as United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express (FedEx), DHL, and others make use of ZIP codes for sorting packages and calculating the time and cost of shipping a package (the shipping rate).

Types of Zip Codes

  1. Unique/single high volume address (ex. for the CIA in Washington, DC)
  2. PO Box only (ex. for the PO Boxes of Alexandria, VA)
  3. Military
  4. Standard (all other ZIP codes)

Assignment of ZIP codes and Mail Sorting

The first digit of a USA ZIP code generally represents a group of U.S. states. The map of the first digit of zip codes above shows they are assigned in order from the north east to the west coast. The first 3 digits of a ZIP code determine the central mail processing facility, also called sectional center facility or "sec center", that is used to process and sort mail. All mail with the same first 3 digits is first delivered to the same sec center where it is sorted according to the last 2 digits and distributed to local post offices. The sec centers are not open to the public and usually do most sorting overnight. As you can see from the map of the first 3 digits of zip codes, the digits after the first are also generally assigned from east to west. In the map, 0 is closer to white and 9 is much more vivid. It's easy to follow the gradient across each of the zones even though there are a few exceptions (such as the southwest tip of Georgia which uses 39XXX like central Mississippi).

The ZIP+4 code is not required, but it aids the post office in additional sorting of mail. A ZIP+4 code may correspond to a city block, group of apartments, or an individual high-volume receiver. It is also common for each PO Box number to correspond to a unique ZIP+4 code. Sometimes, several PO Box numbers are grouped into the same ZIP+4 code by using the last several digits of the PO Box number. This method isn't a universal rule though so the ZIP+4 must still be looked up for each PO Box.

Places in the US so Remote, They Don't Have a ZIP

As you can see from the map, not everywhere in the US is assigned a ZIP code. Remote and especially rural areas of the country do not have enough deliverable addresses to create a mail route. Without mail delivery, a ZIP is not needed. If you are looking to get off the grid, these areas are some of the most remote places within the country.

USA ZIP Code Boundaries

Despite the fact that ZIP codes seem to be geographic in nature, that wasn't their intended purpose. They are intended to group mail to allow the USPS to deliver mail more efficiently. Some ZIP codes will span multiple states in order to make mail routing and delivery more efficient. In most cases, addresses in close proximity to each other are grouped in the same ZIP code which gives the appearance that ZIP codes are defined by a clear geographic boundary. However, some ZIP codes have nothing to do with geogaphic areas. For instance, a single ZIP code is used for all US Navy mail. When ZIP codes appear to be geographically grouped, a clear shape cannot always be drawn around the ZIP code because ZIP codes are only assigned to a point of delivery and not the spaces between delivery points. In areas without a regular postal route or no mail delivery, ZIP codes may not be defined or have unclear boundaries.

US ZIP Code Map

No official ZIP code map according to actual USPS data exists. The main issue is discussed above: there simply isn't always a clear geographic boundary for a ZIP code. The Census Bureau and many other commercial services will try to interpolate the data to create polygons (shapes using straight lines) to represent the approximate area covered by a ZIP code, but none of these maps are official or entirely accurate.

On this site, all ZIP code maps use the ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) as specified by the United States Census Bureau in (or newer) and discussed below. They provide a very close approximation of the area covered by a ZIP code. You can easily notice some of the boundary issues when viewing our maps. Very rural areas aren't labeled as belonging to a ZIP code (such as much of Nevada and Utah) where there are few, if any, addresses to deliver mail. If the address is on the same street as a ZIP code boundary on the map, be sure to search for the full street address to determine the ZIP code instead of relying on the map.

ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs)

ZIP code tabulation areas were developed by the United States Census Bureau. Their purpose is to convey statistical data about regions that are familiar to most citizens. However, ZCTAs are not exactly the same as ZIP codes. As discussed above, it is difficult to precisely define a geographic area covered by a ZIP code. ZCTAs were developed to account for some of the difficulties in assigning an area to a ZIP code and to precisely define a geographic area. Also, ZCTAs are not updated as frequently as ZIP codes. In general, they are updated once every 10 years for the Census.

The Census assigns an area to a ZCTA according to census blocks (the smallest geographic unit used by the census). Imagine a city block that makes up a typical census block as pictured to the right. It is bounded on all 4 sides by portions of city streets that each have their own name and addresses. The issue is that census blocks almost always split down the middle of the street. ZIP codes rarely do because that would require two postal workers delivering mail to that street - one for each side of the street. In the example, one mail carrier may deliver to 3 sides of the block via one ZIP code while another mail carrier delivers mail on the other street in a different ZIP code. When this happens, the Census Bureau will assign the entire block to a single ZCTA (in this case, ) because the census block is the area that is precisely measured. If you are getting very precise (usually a matter of meters, not miles), census block boundaries near the edge of a ZIP code almost always split ZIP codes.

The statistics provided by the Census Bureau can give insight into the demographics within the ZIP code. For instance, see our ZIP code rankings.

Matching ZIP Codes with States, Counties, and Cities

Remember that ZIP codes were made to make mail delivery easier. They weren't made to correspond to existing boundaries such as cities, counties, or even states. If it is more efficient for a mail carrier to drive across a state line to deliver mail, the ZIP code "boundary" will cross the state lines. ZIP codes don't usually cross state lines, but some do (, , and are good examples). The complete list of ZIP codes that cross state lines is available as part of our US ZIP code list.

It gets even more complicated when trying to assign a ZIP code to a specific county (as much as 25% cross county lines), congressional district, metro area, time zone, area code, etc. The edges of the boundaries commonly overlap. For the purposes of our free zip code database by county downloads, we will commonly list either the most common region for the ZIP code or list multiple regions if several exist in the ZIP code.

For cities, the assignment is somewhat more complicated. USPS does not always use the city in which the ZIP code is located. The assignment of cities to ZIP codes is more general. The city is usually the name of the main post office. For instance, almost all ZIP codes in St. Louis County in Missouri have a city of Saint Louis when they may be more accurately described as the name of a smaller city where they are located.

Click here to learn more about matching ZIPs to cities and counties

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