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DIY Toilet Paper Tube Organizer Is Ugly, but It's a Helluva Cable Organizer

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If you are a tech head, you've probably amassed quite a collection of miscellaneous cables that you aren't currently using, but might need later on. Keep them organized and tangle-free with a few toilet paper tubes in a box.

We've mentioned using cardboard tubes to keep your cables tidy before, but Instructables user berserk takes it to a new level with a full-on cable organizer based on toilet paper tubes. Instead of shoving all those cables into a box and letting them get tangled up, you can slide them all in a box, one-by-one, in their own individual toilet paper tubed bundles, as shown above. Now, when your TiVo's HDMI port breaks and you need to use that Component cord you have hoarded away, it's really easy to find. Got any other cable organizing methods you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments.

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Magiin Cable Organizer Coiled Tube Sleeve Cable Cable Management Sleeve for Office and Home Black Length78.7inches Diameter0.87 inches

2, *Suitable for: managing Computer cable, Round edges ensure it won't scuff up the room, Description, packaging and shipping, tear resistant, Black Length78, Open the spring-loaded jaws of the tool and lay your wires inside, Office, *How to Apply:, Feature, outdoor activities, well prevent your kids or pets from danger. power cords, so the bullet does not pop out of the opened coil, construction industry, The wide diameter design was created to hold more hdmi and power cables. tangles and knots, : DIY & Tools, pcs X cable management sleeve, 87 inches, Magiin Cable Organizer Coiled Tube Sleeve Cable Cable Management Sleeve for Office and Home, 5, 3, Keep your hand around the tool and the opened coil. 7inches Diameter0, ★☀Easy to Use - Cable wrap cover solutions with the clip tool. 00% new quality goods, and computer stations, *Instant cable wire Solutions: tidy and clean your room cables in minutes, ★☀Durable &Secure- Heavy duty PE material: wear resistant. 6, Magiin Cable Organizer Coiled Tube Sleeve Cable Cable Management Sleeve for Office and Home. Size: 0, Push the bullet-shaped end of the tool into the end of the coil just a few inches. Household, electronic industry, Black Length78, ★☀Multiple Use - Our Cable coil tubes are ideal for home or office use, Well protect your pets from the dangers of chewing on electrical cords. 87*0, keeping your wire and cords from dirt, 87 inches, you can easily get your phone cables, Measure carefully and cut the coil into the length you need, usb wires on the desktop, *Heavy duty material:better prolong your cable life, or other mechanical equipment, 7inches Diameter0, frays, 87*78, suitable for home theaters, Color: Black, Material: PE Plastic, workshop, 7inch, you can cut them to the lengths you need, Continue laying the wires side-wise until done. It will force open the end of the coil. Keep pushing the bullet shape further into the coil. ★☀No More Searching Cables Under Desks - The cable organizer comes with individual openings, Long service life, : DIY & Tools, cable and wire assembly, ★☀Good Guarantee -100% Happy With Your Purchase Or Your Money Back with our 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee, audio cables, TV entertainment systems, That will open more coil and you can continue laying in your wires, Package included:, Also prolong the life of your cables. USB cords, pcs X Easy-to-use clip, car cable.

Magiin Cable Organizer Coiled Tube Sleeve Cable Cable Management Sleeve for Office and Home Black Length78.7inches Diameter0.87 inches
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A lifesaver for wiresAimeeGreat for protecting wires from your pet bunny5

Does its job wellrgilbert57Why did I buy three of these? I wanted to hide cables and cords and make them behave-- a mad desire to be organized. Well, they work. A good length, you can cut to length easily and turn a mishmash of different colored cables into a sleek, hidden network that is the lifeblood of our modern homes.5

Plastic serrated edges put pressure on wiresRobbie12345A friend bought these for me and they were very attractive but upon examination I found them to be dangerous. The sharp plastic edges pressed against my wires. I can't imagine why anyone would buy them.1

JoJo7777Bought to protect lamp & appliance power cords to protect my rabbit from harm as bunnies love to chew on things. Quick & simple to apply. Extremely inexpensive for the quantity of hose you get. Very happy! It would be nice to have a black option, too.5

Reduced my clutter please bring back dark colorCana_bananaWent thru and organized all the cable in my bedroom amd i LOVED this organizer it was the eastiest task its really just a matter of untangling the cables grouping them and sticking them in . I wanted to organize the cables in my living room but i noticed they only had white please bring the dark grey or black back not everyone has a light color scheme in everyroom and i feel like they would stand out far too much... not sure what im going to do yet maybe spray paint?5

LILLIANASDI bought it to protect my cables from my cat. Works great. He is unable to bite the cables now!!!!5

Great love itBigmike57Love it hide my wires and look great5

Cat-proofOrdinaryI will be purchasing more of these Rabalder cable organizers. My wonderful kitty loves to chew on cords (oh my!), but these lovely organizers provide a safe buffer. They also look very nice with my white IKEA furniture.5

JldFA little bulky but gets the job done!4

It does it’s job.. I guessMomToMany12It does “organize “ the cables, as long as you aren’t putting too much length in it. The cut side spirals, so it’s near impossible to keep it hidden against a wall or corner.2

Very handyTad32Bought this to organize all the cords and speaker wires behind my tv/stereo cabinet. I cut 4 pieces to organize different sets of wires and had a few feet left over. Just what I needed and at a great price!5

Simple product that helps neaten up!kashr118It worked perfectly for our ugly wires, helped to clean up the whole place.5

Covers all the hideous cable wires.RagssyI have bought this product previously in grey. You no longer carry grey. Why.5

Flexible solutionJibejecoThe flexible hose was much better than the rigid channel alternatives.5

Great cable accessorySCMXBought these many years ago in the gray color they had. I've used them to sleeve the cables on my garage door opener (power cable, data cables coming out of wall to the opener and the safety sensors), and for some misc. cables for my computer studio. Took off a star because they come in a round shape in the bag. When you try to straighten out the cable organizer, it retains some kinks in it. Can make the setup look a bit sloppy. I've found using a hair dryer on medium heat can soften the plastic and allow to get this kink out. But for the price, can't complain!4

Lots of product for the priceFemale 46 to 55I'm very happy with this product You get A LOT of cable organizer for the price; I don't remember if they sold it any other color, but the white hides cables nicely along a white baseboard.4

EasyLynnieThis is one of my favorite cable organizers. I use it to dress the chords down walls from flat screen TVs, along baseboards and to help office spaces look clean and organized. I do wish it would come in other colors. Right now I only find white and often find a need for black brown.5

Got Rid of the Medusa ProblemA in SharonIt's so much better than having Medusa hanging out by my television. It was relatively easy to work with. The edges were a bit rough, but I was not harmed using it.4

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