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Fortnite Kit Skin

The Kit Skin is an Epic Fortnite Outfit from the Mecha Kitty set. Kit was available via the Battle Pass during Season 13 and could be unlocked at Tier 60.

Kit is a Reactive skin and has a few different things that happen to it when you do certain actions in the game. When you run forward the tire will start to spin, when you back up your brake light will light up, and the front headlight will light up at night! Both the shadow (action) and ghost (happy) styles have the same reactive animations.

How-to Get the Kit Skin

Kit is part of Season 13. If that season is still currently in the game, you can obtain this item by purchasing and/or leveling up your Battle Pass.

Kit's Attachments

If Kit has a Back Bling it will be listed below.

Kit Styles & Images

You can find additional Kit styles and alternative images below!


You can find PNG images of Kit below! Click to enlarge the image.

Mecha Kitty Set

Kit is part of the Mecha Kitty set! You can find all of the items that belong to it below.

View the Complete Mecha Kitty Set

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by Alexandra ·

Kit outfit 1 300x300 - KitKit outfit is a skin from Chapter 2 Season 3 Battle Pass. Isn’t he adorable? This little Meowscles is too small to kill you by himself, so he uses a controllable robot instead. Kit skin is probably made for him by Jules and it’s made of some junk and scrap parts – there’s even a wheel inside it. I have no idea how it is even working, but it is – and that’s all that matters. You have 3 styles for Kit outfit – the default one, a Shadow one, and a Ghost one.


TypeRarity Reach
OutfitEpicSeason 13 Battle Pass (Tier 60)


Fortnite Kit Outfit 6 673x800 - Kit
Fortnite Kit Outfit 4 673x800 - Kit
Fortnite Kit Outfit 5 673x800 - Kit

Kit skin has 3 styles:

  • Kit skin. For this style you need to buy season 3 chapter 2 bp and reach bp lvl 60.
  • Kit skin (happy). For this style you need to buy season 3 chapter 2 bp, reach lvl 60 and complete challenges from week 6.
  • Kit skin (action). For this style you need to buy season 3 chapter 2 bp, reach lvl 60 and complete any (40) weekly challenges.
Fortnite Kit Outfit 1 1 626x800 - Kit
Scr00.6 19 2020 626x800 - Kit
Kit happy
Fortnite Kit Outfit 3 626x800 - Kit
Kit action


Proudly following in his father’s pawprints.

PNG pictures

High-quality images of Kit outfit in a PNG format with a transparent background, so that you use them as you see fit (wallpapers, YouTube, etc.):

kit fortnite - Kit

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Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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Fortnite Kit Skin

👕 Kit skin is a Epic Fortnite Outfit. Is Part of the Mecha Kitty set.

📅 This character was added at Fortnite Battle Royale on 17 June 2020 (Chapter 2 Season 3 Patch 13.00).

🔰 This outfit is one of the Fortnite Battle Pass cosmetics in Chapter 2 Season 3. It was available once you have reached Tier 60.

☢️ Character Kit is reactive:
It changes or evolves (reacts) when something happens in the game. Actions such as causing damage, opening chests, ... or conditions such as whether it is day or night, for example.

💎 Exclusive Kit styles upgrades could be unlocked by completing challenges related to this costume.

Evolution of Meowscles in Fortnite Trailers, Shorts \u0026 Cutscenes

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Fortnite kit png


HERO Kits and Meowscles deamatic story-(Fortnite Animation)


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