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TEAS Test Study Guide

What is on the TEAS?

The TEAS exam contains four sections. There is a Reading section that contains 53 questions that are timed for 64 minutes. The Mathematics section consists of 36 questions that are timed for 54 minutes. The Science section of the TEAS exam has 53 questions and are timed for 63 minutes. Finally, the English and Language Usage section has 28 questions which are timed for 28 minutes.

What is the composite score on the TEAS test?

The composite score for the TEAS test is your main score. This score is a combination of how well you did on all four sections of the TEAS test. Every school has different criteria for admission when it comes to your score, but most schools require your composite score to be at least 60% to 70%.

How long is the TEAS test results good for?

Scores for the TEAS test are valid for 24 months after you take the exam.

Can you use a calculator on the TEAS?

Calculators are allowed to be used on the TEAS exam. However, calculators will be provided for use. If you are taking the online version of the TEAS exam, the calculator will be a digital version on the computer.

Is the TEAS test all multiple choice?

The TEAS test consists of all multiple choice questions. There are 170 total multiple-choice questions on the TEAS test. However, your score will only be measured on 150 questions, while the other 20 are sample questions. You will not know which are scored questions and which are sample questions.

Can I go back to a question on the TEAS test?

Yes, you can return to a question you have completed or skipped but only in your current section.

How long do you have to take the TEAS?

The TEAS exam is timed for 209 minutes and contains just 170 multiple choice questions. There is a 10 minute break after the second section that is not considered part of the 209 minutes allocated for the test.

Can you retake the TEAS?

If you didn’t get the score you were expecting on the TEAS test, you are allowed to retake the exam. If you wish to retake the TEAS test, you may be required to wait 30 days before re-testing, depending on the school you will be attending. Some nursing schools will allow you to retake the TEAS test twice while other nursing schools may allow you to retake the test multiple times.

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Best TEAS Study Guides for 2021

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When getting ready to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), finding the right TEAS study guide can make or break the experience. Finding a TEAS book that works for you can help you study efficiently and effectively, and improve your chances of doing well on the TEAS exam.

To help you find the right TEAS study guide for you, we rounded up several of the best options for 2021. Read on to learn more about each choice.

Why Use a TEAS Study Guide?

Using a study guide to prep for the TEAS may seem like overkill at first, especially if you need to stay within a tight budget. That said, getting a good score on this exam can set you up for success in your future nursing career, making a guide worth the investment.

Using a TEAS study guide can help you identify areas where you need to focus your efforts, allowing you to study smarter instead of harder. Rather than spending time in a subject area you already know well, you can maximize your time by deepening your knowledge in an area you find challenging.

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ATI TEAS Study Guide! Best Test Prep Book To Help You Pass The Exam For Nursing School! Practice Questions & Review For The Test of Essential

Book Synopsis

If you want to pass the ATI TEAS Test, but don't have a lot of time for studying keep reading......

You are no doubt a busy student with a lot of things going on! It can be challenging to find the time to read your textbook in preparation for the TEAS Exam. However, the truth is that the TEAS exam is a challenging test, and in fact, in some state schools, 60 percent of the admissions decision is based on the TEAS. Thorough preparation cannot be overlooked therefore. That is why the author Mia Ingrum, a nursing professional, developed the TEAS Study Guide! This Edition is a practice questions edition. It contains hundreds of practice questions, as well as reviews all essential concepts found on the exam, from all categories of the test. It comes in text format, so that you can use it anywhere, anytime! It's sections include:

Reading Section

Mathematics Section

Science Section

English & Language Use Section

Each section is divided into further subsections making sure all aspects of the exam are covered! If you read our study guide, and take the time to really understand the concepts, we are confident you will pass the ATI TEAS Exam, and be on your way to a new career in nursing!

ATI TEAS V Test - How to Pass TEAS Exam Science, Reading, Math \u0026 English


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