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The Puzzle Corner

This page contains puzzles and other games that I've created for my students as well as links to my favorite puzzle sites and tips for using word search puzzles in the classroom.  NOTE: I do not provide answers keys for puzzles!

Visit my QUIA page for online challenges on a variety of science topics!

General Science Puzzles
For more lesson ideas, visit the General Science Lesson Plan page of the Science Classroom.

Science A to Z Puzzle (pdf) - Visit the General Science page for the answer key and tips for extending this assignment!
Science A to Z Challenge #2 (pdf) - Another version of the A to Z puzzle with words that bend.
Scientific Method Word Search (pdf)
Super Scientists Challenge (pdf) -Visit the General Science page for more Super Scientists materials and the answer key!
Super Scientists Word Search (pdf)
Inventor's Challenge Word Search (pdf) - Visit the General Science page for more Inventor's Challenge materials.

Biology Puzzles
For more lesson ideas, visit the Biology Lesson Plan page of the Science Classroom. Some of the puzzles in this section are from the Adopt-An-Insect Unit, Eagle Days, and Nature Center areas of the website.

Adopt-An-Insect Word Search (pdf)
Bald Eagle Word Search (pdf)
Cells Word Search (pdf)
Ecology Word Search (pdf)
Biome Word Search (pdf)
Invertebrate Word Search (pdf) 
Vertebrate Word Search (pdf)
Microscope Mania Puzzles (pdf)- Includes a word search and make-a-word challenge.
Human Body Systems Challenge Puzzle (pdf)
Human Body Word Search (pdf)
Human Body Systems Review (pdf)
Nervous System Crossword Puzzle (pdf)
Skeletal & Muscular System Crossword Puzzle (pdf)
World of Insects Word Search (pdf)
Genetics Word Search (pdf)
Genetics Challenge puzzle (pdf)
DNA Challenge (pdf) - How many words can you make from the letters in deoxyribonucleic acid? The record in my classroom is 763 words! Way to go, Alicia J.!
Note: You will want to do this as an in-class challenge as there are websites that will list all the possible words.

Physics Puzzles
For more lesson ideas, visit the Physics Lesson Plan page of the Science Classroom.

Physics Word Search (pdf)
Simple Machines Word Search (pdf)
Sound and Light Word Search (pdf)

Chemistry Puzzles
For more lesson ideas, visit the Chemistry Lesson Plan page of the Science Classroom.

Chemistry Word Search (pdf)
Metric Challenge Puzzle (pdf)
Periodic Table Puzzle (pdf)
Periodic Table Puns (pdf) or Periodic Table Puns 2 (pdf)
Element Challenge Puzzle-Word Search (pdf)
Periodic Table Challenge (pdf) - How many words can you make with chemical symbols? The record in my classroom is 1534 words! Way to go, Megan L.!
Note: You will want to do this as an in-class challenge as there are websites that will list all the possible words.

Earth Science Puzzles
For more lesson ideas, visit the Earth Science Lesson Plan page of the Science Classroom. Some of the puzzles in this section are from the Digging Into Science lessons page.

Earth Science Word Search (pdf)
Geology Word Search (pdf)
Rocks and Minerals Word Search (pdf)
Storm Puzzle (pdf)
Weather Word Search (pdf)

Astronomy Puzzles
For more lesson ideas, visit the Astronomy Lesson Plan page of the Science Classroom.

Astronomy Word Search (pdf)
Constellation Word Search (pdf)
What's Your Sign? (pdf) - Create-A-Word challenge puzzle related to the 12 constellations of the zodiac.

Miscellaneous Puzzles

Career Puzzle (pdf) (From the Career Center page)

Tips on using word search puzzles in a classroom ...
- Challenge students to use 10 or more of the terms in the puzzle to create a concept map or web.
- Have students make flash cards using the words in the puzzle and definitions they find in a book or on the Internet.
- Have your students write a report that includes a specific number (10, 15, or 20) of the terms in the puzzle.
- See who can find and define the most words (or fill in the most words) in a specific period of time.
- Have the students use the words to make questions for a Jeopardy-type game for their classmates.
- Offer extra credit! If I assign a word search puzzle as extra credit, I award 10 points to those students who find all the words. Students who find some of the words receive points based on the percentage they find. For example, if they find 90% of the words, they receive 9 of the 10 points. Download the Earth Science Word Search (pdf) and check out the second page for an example of my extra credit method. Students usually have 1-2 days to complete the word search puzzles (on their own time, not class time) and 3-4 days for the create-a-word challenge pages.

Puzzle Sites

Puzzlemaker @ Discovery School - An excellent site for review puzzles and other challenges!

Mrs.Tomm's Quia! class page- An assortment of online games - flash cards, quizzes, and more - for science careers, chemistry, earth science, and more! Visit the Quia main page for tons of great ready-to-use online games for every subject!

JLab Science Puzzles - An assortment of science related puzzles to print or play online.

Qualint Puzzle Worksheets - Browse the sample puzzles for social studies, science, and more! Learn more about purchasing the Wordsheets program to make your own puzzles!

Squiggly's Playhouse - Visit this page for pencil puzzles and online games.

Word Search Builder - Enter your word list and create a puzzle for your next unit!

Do you have other puzzle sites? Send me an e-mail.

Want to make your own puzzles? Visit the Centron Software website
for more information about the Puzzle Power program to create my puzzles.

Animal Word Search
Biology Word Search
Bird Word Search
Chemistry Word Search
Christmas Word Search
Computer Word Search
Country Word Search
Earth Word Search
Easter Word Search
Element Word Search
Flower Word Search
Food Word Search

Food Word Search

Hungry for word searches? Check out his food word search puzzle.

Geography Word Search
Halloween Word Search
Health Word Search
Human Body Word Search
Insect Word Search
Internet Word Search
Metal Word Search
Music Word Search
New Years Word Search
Physics Word Search
Plant Word Search
General Science Word Search
Space Word Search
Sport Word Search
Spring Word Search
Summer Word Search
Technology Word Search
Valentine's Day Word Search
Water Word Search
Weather Word Search
Winter Word Search
Robot Word Search
Recycling Word Search
Dinosaur Word Search
  1. Aesthetic nurse salary
  2. Thundereggs vs geodes
  3. Credo house
  4. White tractor seats
  5. Griselda medina

38 Free Science Word Search Puzzles

Science word search puzzles are a great way to get students comfortable with new science terms or strengthen science vocabulary. Not only are they a great teaching tool but kids seem to really have a fun time completing them.

The puzzles below are organized by area of science—biology, earth science, astronomy, chemistry, physics, and famous scientists. They're also organized with the easiest word searches listed at the beginning of each section.

All of these are printable and completely free to use. They're a great resource to use in the classroom or at home. 

If it's the beginning of the school year, the kids will love these back to school word search puzzles.

Astronomy Word Search Puzzles

Below are puzzles over planets, stars, moons, and constellations.

  1. Neptune Word Search: Look forwards and backward to find 25 words about the planet Neptune in this word search.
  2. Cycle of the Stars Word Search Puzzle: Seek out 23-star cycle words in this puzzle.
  3. Planet Uranus Word Search: There are 29 words hiding in this word search puzzle.
  4. Astronomy Wordsearch: You'll need to find 33 hidden words having to do with astronomy to solve this printable puzzle.
  5. Mercury Word Search Puzzle: There are 34 words that need to be found about Mercury in this science word search puzzle.
  6. Jupiter's Moons Word Search: Find all 37 of Jupiter's Moons to solve this puzzle.
  7. Saturn Word Search: There are 39 hidden words related to Saturn in this free puzzle.
  8. Constellations Word Search: There are 40 constellations to find in this astronomy word search puzzle.

Physics Word Search Puzzles

This free science word search puzzles cover physics:

  1. Physics!: There are just 12 hidden physics terms in this free word search puzzle, making it an ideal choice for elementary school.
  2. Electronics Word Search: After you find all 40 words you can use the rest of the letters to spell out the name of an electric component.
  3. World of Physics: Here's a huge science word search puzzle all about the world of physics.
  4. Physics of Motion: There are 20 hidden words in this physics word search that can be printed and completed by hand or solved online.
  5. Physics 1 Word Search: There are just under 50 hidden words in this free word search puzzle that has everything to do with basic physics.

Famous Scientists Word Search Puzzles

The inventor of everything from the phonograph to the light bulb, have fun with the Thomas Edison puzzle and others.

  1. Thomas Edison Word Search: Find 18 words about Thomas Edison in this science word search.
  2. Famous Scientists Word Search: There are the last names of 24 famous scientists in this free word search puzzle.
  3. Famous Physicists Word Search: Find 40 famous physicists in this large word search puzzle.
  4. Famous Chemists Wordsearch: There are 35 hidden last names of famous chemists in this free, printable word search puzzle.
Using Decodables and Leveled Readers


  • Planets

    Find all the planets of our solar system hidden in this word search, plus and few stars and of course Pluto

  • The Brain

    A word search on the parts and functions of the human brain

  • The Respiratory System

    Find the missing letters related to the respiratory system

  • Astronomy

    Words related to Astronomy and the night sky

  • Earth Moon and Sun

    Vocabulary words related to the interactions of the Earth, Moon and Sun

  • Biology, Cells

    A biology based puzzle where you must find the words related to cells

  • Skeleton

    A word search game containing popular bones and other areas of the human Skeleton.

  • Chemistry

    Travel to Chemistry to check out some chemical reactions within the human body.

  • Properties of Matter

    There are three forms of matter (liquid, solid, and gas)

  • Circulatory System

    Try to find all the words

  • Microbiology

    Travel to Microbiology to see what is normal flora vs a pathogen in the body.

  • Veterinary

    Words associated with the work of Veterinarians

  • Earth & Environmental Science

    Find all of the study words hidden in the game related to Environmental Science and Global Warming

  • Muscular System

    Words dealing with the muscular system.

  • Blood Bank

    Travel to Blood Bank to see if you are compatible!

  • Earthquakes

    Play this word search game based around the topic of Earthquakes

  • Global Warming

    Find the words with links to global warming.

  • The Rain Forest

    Find all of the words hidden in the letter grid which relate to The Rain Forest

  • Atoms

    Words used in association with the atomic structure. How ios are created and what they do to become an ion. How we find out what the atomic structure of an element is.

  • Pathology

    Travel to Pathology to learn what goes on in gross pathology, cytology, and histology.

  • Hormones

    Several hormones found in the human body are hidden within this game. Can you locate them all.

  • Genetics and Adaptations

    A word search game using words on Genetics and Adaptation to create a puzzle.

  • Names of 2D and 3D Shapes

    Hidden in this game are the word of various shapes, can you find them all.

  • Coral Reefs

    Solve the game by finding all of the words which relate to Coral Reefs

  • Nuclear

    Try and find all of the words in the game which are connected with Nuclear Reactions.

  • All about the Big Bang

    Mostly about space and astronomy

  • Hematology

    Travel to Hematology to take a close look into a blood smear!

  • Agricultural Science

    A word search puzzle to aid in revision for the subject of Agricultural Science

  • Energy

    Energy vocabulary

  • Chemical Elements - Metals

    These are all metals found on the periodic table.

  • The Plant Cell

    Find the names of the organelles in the word search using the word bank.

  • Urinalysis

    Travel to Urinalysis and you may catch a glimpse of these microscopic findings!

  • Types of Sedimentary Rock
  • Veterinarian

    A selection of words which might be associated with vets and veterinary practices.

  • Chemical Elements : Non Metals

    All non metallic elements found on the periodic table are hidden in this grid.

  • Types of Metamorphic Rock
  • Polynomials

    Polynomial vocabularies

  • Moon Phases

    Moon Phases and other words connected with the moon.

  • Chemical Elements - Nonmetals

    These are all non-metals found on the periodic table

  • Polynomials

    Find various words related to Algebra.

  • Science of Waves

    A word search game covering the Scientific vocabulary associated with Waves

  • Photosynthesis

    The elements needed during the process of photosynthesis

  • Science of Light

    Science vocabulary on the topic of light

  • Evolution

    Solve the puzzle if you accept the challenge. All words relate to Darwin's theory of evolution and how it was discovered.

  • Lab Equipment

    Hidden in the puzzle grid are words which relate to Lab Equipment, try and find as many as you can as fast as you can.

  • Parts Of The Eye

    A word search puzzle all about the Parts of the Eye

  • Science of Space

    All of these words are connected with wither space itself or the exploration of space. Can you find them all.

  • Air Pollution

    Air pollution is the introduction of particulates, biological molecules, or other harmful materials into Earth's atmosphere, causing diseases, death to humans, damage to animals and food crops, or the natural or built environment.

  • Volcanoes

    A collection of words which relate to Volcanoes are hidden in this puzzle. Try to find as many as you can.

  • The Heart

    Hidden in the puzzle grid are words which relate to the Anatomy of the Heart, try and find as many as you can as fast as you can.

  • More on The Muscular System

    Circle or Highlight the Vocabulary words in the List.

  • Volcanoes

    Find the words that describe what you have learnt about volcanoes

  • Blood

    Word search for blood in biology

  • Common British Birds

    British birds found in the garden and countryside.

  • Acids and Alkalis

    Solve the game by finding all of the words which relate to Acids and Alkalis

  • Atomic Theory

    Find all the names of the scientists and words that relate to the atomic theory

  • Biology Terms

    To solve the word search puzzle you must find all of the words which relate to Biology Terms

  • Pathophysiology Basics

    Find all of the words hidden in the letter grid which relate to Pathophysiology Basics

  • Reaction Rates

    Please find the words relating to the Rates of Reaction Topic

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