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Paper Quilled Penguin Animal Figurine

This happy little penguin figurine is made entirely from paper quilling strips.  He has rosy cheeks, a red scarf to keep him warm, and quintessential black and white features on the face and body.  He is approximately 2.5 inches tall and stands up on his own adorable webbed feet. This little guy is coated in a sealant which makes him water resistant and UV resistant. He is also coated in an additional glaze, making him sleek and shiny, perfect for slipping and sliding on the snow.  He'd be a perfect gift for any animal lover.

All ornaments will arrive in beautifully packaged boxes wrapped with a ribbon and optional gift tag, ready for giving. 


Approx. 2.5in tall x 1.5in wide x 1.25in long


This item is made to order which means I will make you a fresh piece as soon as you order. Your piece will look nearly identical to the photographs provided. Small variations may be present, as each item is one of a kind.

If you like this and prefer a different size or color, please message me. I will be delighted to make you a custom piece!

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What is quilling?

Quilling is also known as paper filigree. It is an ancient art form that involves curling, rolling, looping, scrolling and coiling thin strips of paper into various shapes for decorative and artistic purposes.

All of my quilled paper jewelry is what I like to call "rain or shine", as I carefully hand-paint each piece with a sealant that makes it water resistant and UV resistant. This sealant also provides a sturdiness to the paper which makes it just as robust as "regular" jewelry. I do not recommend swimming in or sitting on your quilled paper jewelry :) but it is suitable for everyday wear. As with all precious jewelry, careful storage of your paper jewelry is also advised.

For more information about quilling please see my FAQs section by clicking here.

Sours: https://www.sweetheartsandcrafts.com/product/paper-quilled-penguin-animal-figurine

On an Easter note, I would like to show another quilled egg I made recently. This is an emperor penguin. Emperor penguins are the tallest and heaviest of all living penguin species and are endemic to Antarctica. In my opinion they are the most beautiful, too. Males and females are similar in plumage and size, so my penguin may be either a mom or a dad, whichever you like better :) And there's a surprise, too.

My readers already know that I admire Fabergé eggs, and especially the surprises they contain. I made a quilled Easter egg with a surprise in the past. So when I decided to create this egg in the shape of an emperor penguin, it became clear right away that it would bend its head, and for a good reason. What or whom is it looking at? Just lift it a bit and you will see its little secret :)

It's a chick! Emperor penguin chicks are typically covered with silver-grey down and have a black head and white mask. They are so cute, aren't they? I just couldn't resist quilling one.

1/16"-wide (1.5 mm) paper strips were used for this Easter egg. You can recognize both traditional and beehive quilling here. The chick was made of 1/8"-wide strips (3 mm) using 3D quilling techniques. The egg is hollow like all my Easter eggs are.

Sours: https://increations.blogspot.com/2014/04/penguin-easter-egg-quilling.html
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Quilling by Sandra White's Boutique

My Quilled Penguin is an 8" x 10" piece custom triple matted under glass and framed in a black oak wood frame, completely handmade by me in my New Hampshire studio.

This is my Quilled Penguin, a favorite with many people.

What is Quilling?

Quilling is a very old craft. Its name comes of the old practice of trimming the gold edges from books, and then winding the narrow strips of paper around feather quills, using the quill of the feather for the tool. Once rolled into circles and pinched into various shapes, the paper is used as texture and detail in pictures.

My own technique uses the quill work as a background and details to my original cut-outs of wildlife. The quill work simulates the feathers in the duck and birds, the scales on the fish, the veins in the wildflowers, and the fur on the moose.


Other Friends , The "Quilling for Christmas" Collection

Sours: https://quillingbysandrawhite.mysupadupa.com/products/quilled-penguin-wall-art-handmade
3d quilling penguin


Penguin quilled


Penguin Ice Fishing Valentine's Day / Anniversary Card - Paper Quilling - Beginner


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