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Bangs are the oh-so-stylish way to layer your mundane-looking hair and structure the shape of your face. And guess what? They're totally in fashion! But with the unflinching summer sun shining hard on us, it's tough to keep your pretty bangs perfectly styled all the time. The humid atmosphere is all the more annoying if you have sweat-drenched fringes irritating your eyes. It's advisable to pin your bangs back before stepping out in the heat. So, why not do it stylishly?
If pinning your bangs back instantly made you think of just a silly bobby pin, you're at the correct place. Here are some chic ways to handle your fringes on a bad-bangs day.

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Easy Twist

[caption id="attachment_23258" align="alignnone" width="300"]Easy Twist Easy Twist[/caption]

Part your hair to one side and neatly tuck away the shorter ones by using bobby pins. Now smartly hide the bobby pins using the longer strands of hair. Tadaa! You have an under-one-minute way to pin your bangs back.

Waterfall Braid

[caption id="attachment_23259" align="alignnone" width="492"] Waterfall Braid
Waterfall Braid[/caption]

Braid your bangs in a simple waterfall braid and pin it at the crown. You could also try overlapping two strands of hair repeatedly, as an alternative to the waterfall braid.

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Mini French Twist

[caption id="attachment_23260" align="alignnone" width="477"]Mini French Twist Mini French Twist[/caption]

Make an elegant French twist using your bangs and pin them at the end using an embellished hair pin. Super easy!

Front French Braid

[caption id="attachment_23262" align="alignnone" width="318"]Front French Braid Front French Braid[/caption]

Grab all your bangs together and start braiding them into a French braid. Pin it to the crown and leave the rest of your hair open. Don't worry about being perfect because messy is in!

Quirky Clips

[caption id="attachment_23263" align="alignnone" width="271"]Quirky Clips Quirky Clips[/caption]

Too lazy to make a perfect braid? Grab your hair to one side and pin it up using eye-catching clips or bobby pins.

Side Poof

[caption id="attachment_23264" align="alignnone" width="365"]Side Poof Side Poof[/caption]

If a front poof is too mainstream, consider going in for a side poof. Grab a section of your bangs, push them forward and clip it. Whoa!

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Two-Way Twists

[caption id="attachment_23265" align="alignnone" width="360"]  Two-Way Twists Two-Way Twists[/caption]

Part your locks in the centre and loosely twist your bangs to each side for a more relaxed, feminine look.

The Headband

[caption id="attachment_23266" align="alignnone" width="298"]The Headband The Headband[/caption]

Backcomb the front portion of hair for a more voluminous look. Slip in a girly headband and loosely poof your hair a little forward. You've perfected the girl-next-door look!

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These stylish ways to wear your bangs are also great during the awkward growing-out phase, when they're neither too short to be left loose, nor too long to be tucked into a ponytail. Have fun trying each of these hairstyles.

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12+ Ways to Pull Back Your Bangs

Twelve Plus Ways to Pull Back your Bangs

I currently am in major need of a haircut (not to mention my highlights touched up!), but due to a bunch of craziness in my schedule I’ve not had time to get to my hairdresser to rescue me from my bad hair days!  Because my hair is needing to be cut, that means my bangs are WAY too long and I’m going crazy.  We recently had 5 days of major high winds that blew non-stop and I thought I’d go insane with my bangs not staying put with just a few spritzes of hairspray.  So it’s had me reaching for my bobby pinsand looking for things to do with my bangs besides my standard 2 strand twist that I shared years ago.

Also, with Bug in those “tween” years, she’s wanting her hair down a bit more, but with a little something done to the hair up front to keep it out of her face.  She doesn’t have bangs, but that doesn’t matter.  With both these issues going on, I thought it might be helpful to round up some of our ways we’ve found helpful (and cute) to keep our bangs and hair pulled back and out of the way with more than just a headband or the typical “pompadour.”

Some of these are obviously more suited for younger girls, others can be done on any age.  Hope they help if you’re fighting madly with your bangs!  And just in case you need bobby pins (many of these styles use them) our favorites areMarianna Supreme Bobby Pinsand you can buy some HERE.  Be sure to check out some of our other favorite products over in Our Store.

Just click on the name of the style above the picture to be taken to the tutorial.

This pretty tutorial is from Flette Mia and would work great if you’ve got layers you’re trying to grow out.  She fastens her braids underneath her hair in back at the nape of her neck.  You can watch her video tutorial HERE.  She does amazing styles and if you don’t follow her on Instagram yet, check her out HERE.

Lace Braided Headband

This gal has bangs that go right across her forehead in a very blunt cut.  With these 3 styles I would have never guessed her hair was cut as it is.  Here’s how she tackled them.  If you’re into accessorizing with bobby pins, she went bold with the look on the right!Bangs3

Here’s another way to do a Lace Braided Headband over the top of the head, and sadly my hair isn’t long enough to do this style with, but if you’re growing out bangs, don’t have bangs, or have layers that are driving you crazy, this is a great one!Lace Braid Headband from #lacebraid #headband #hair

We did this back on my oldest when she was hitting the same age as Bug and just wanted something simple.Simple Tween Look (8)

Along the same lines as the style above, I love this one from Kate at The Small Things Blog.  She always looks simply polished and fabulous!  Her simple idea is fantastic so check out her video where she shows how it’s done.  She also has tons of other great hair ideas as well.Bangs1

You obviously don’t need to pull the rest back and make a ponytail, but this certainly is something you could do in little sections to keep your hair back & out of your face.Cornrows and Half Ponytail (5)

This one we just recently posted, but it, along with our Floating Braid Style are great for that awkward bang length and for keeping things secured without a bobby pin.Quick & Easy Bang/Fringe Pullback from #bangs #fringe #braid #twist #hair

I love the name of her post!  I feel her pain! 😉  Caroline from The Modest Mom Blog has some great examples of what you can do.

Seven_Ways_To_Style Bangs 2

This one I can pull off since it’s going down the side and incorporates both short hair from my bangs and longer hair from the side.  bangs4

And last but not least, my bang pull back that I posted years ago, but is still my #1 go-to when my bangs are driving me insane! 😉 Simple 2 Strand Twist for Bangs (1)

If you’ve got bangs, or want your hair out of your face, what’s your favorite “go-to” style?  Comment and let us know what you do with your bangs!

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Side Bang, Pin Back Poof Using Just 1 Bobby Pin {Video}

I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have always gone back to some sort of side bang. I try to grow them and I always seem to cut them again.

Bangs and side bangs are awesome for so many reasons; I love how they can frame out a face and can change up a style without being too dramatic.  They look good styled up and down. You can also style them with curly hair or strait hair. 

One of my favorite ways to style my bangs is in this pin back poof. It is the easiest way to style your bangs and anyone can achieve this poof with only one bobby pin… Yes you read that right, only one bobby pin!

Side Bang (Pin Back) Tutorial. With one bobby pin!

Here is a 2 minute tutorial showing you just how I achieve this style! (For all of my E-mail subscribers, Click Here to watch the video)

Start with any hair style where you want to pin back your bangs.

Start with any hair style where you want to pin back your bangs

Grab a section of hair from the middle of one of your eyebrows to the middle of your other.

Grab a section of hair from the middle of your eyebrow to the middle of your eyebrow.

Pull the hair off to the side and twist it away from the face. (You can even pull it straight back and achieve the same type of look.)

Pull the hair off to the side and twist it away from the face.

With the open end of the bobby pin (facing the back of your head), grab a piece of hair and twist the bobby pin around so that the open end is facing the front of the head.

With the open end of the bobby pin facing the back of your head, grab a piece of hair and twist the bobby pin around so that the open end is facing the front of the head.

With the opened end of the bobby pin facing the front of the head, insert it into the poof.

With the opened end of the bobby pin facing the front of the head and insert it into the poof.

 There you have it!

The perfect side bang pin back tutorial

This is seriously a super easy way to pin back your side bangs or bangs and it looks great every time!

This is a super easy way to pin back your side bangs

It is really that easy. Never underestimate the power of a professional bobby pin! This is only one of the many ways you can style your bangs. 

 Is there a particular way you like to style your bangs?

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