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Correct Name Pronunciation Aids Classroom Management

To the Editor:

Regarding the article “Bungling Student Names: A Slight That Stings,” I spent 11 years of my life as a daily full-time substitute, known as an occasional teacher, in a school district just north of Toronto, Canada, with a large and very ethnically diverse student population. China (mainland and Hong Kong), India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Japan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Russia, and many other countries were represented in the student population.

When I take attendance in a new classroom, I have learned the importance of pronouncing each name correctly. I have heard the class laughter and witnessed the embarrassment of the student whose name I have mispronounced. I have also seen the relief when I have said a student’s name correctly.

I read the attendance aloud to myself, alone, before class to make sure I am comfortable with the names and know how to pronounce them. If I find a particularly difficult name, I ask a neighboring teacher, or one of the other students as the class enters the class. I do this quietly and unobtrusively. I then take attendance reading the names slowly and clearly, and if there is a chance that thepronunciation is ambiguous (to me), I give alternative ways to the student and politely ask which one is right. If there is confusion, I ask the student to say his or her name.

I am touched by the look of relief in students’ faces when their names are said correctly and often I hear the comment “You’re the first OT [substitute teacher] to get my name right!” When I really stumble over a name, I apologize immediately and make sure all laughter stops. In doing all this, I let the students see and know that I care about them because I have learned to say their names correctly. The bonus is that classroom-management issues are severely reduced.

Dirk Mast

Covenant Global School

Toronto, Canada

man·​age·​ment|\ ˈma-nij-məntHow to pronounce management (audio)\

Essential Meaning of management

1: the act or skill of controlling and making decisions about a business, department, sports team, etc.She's planning a career in (business) management.Business improved under the management of new owners.See More ExamplesShe's responsible for the day-to-day management [=running] of the hospital.a smart management decisionWe're using new management techniques/practices.Hide
2: the people who make decisions about a business, department, sports team, etc.To save money, (the) management decided to reduce the size of the staff.Management and labor could not agree.See More ExamplesHe has a job in middle management.senior/top management(The) Management is planning to hire more workers. = (Brit) (The) Management are planning to hire more workers.The restaurant is now under new management. [=is now controlled by different people]The managements of several top corporations met yesterday.Hide
3: the act or process of deciding how to use somethingHe's extremely cautious when it comes to money management. [=he is careful about the way he uses money]time managementa new system of water management

Full Definition of management

1: the act or art of managing: the conducting or supervising of something (such as a business)Business improved under the management of new owners.
2: judicious use of means to accomplish an endis extremely cautious when it comes to money management
3: the collective body of those who manage or direct an enterpriseManagement decided to hire more workers.
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Pronunciation Guide for National Forests and Grasslands

The following is a complete list of national forest and grassland names and their pronunciations listed by state.

Information sources include:

  • Wherever possible, pronunciation audio files found at were used to populate column six. The remainder of the audio files contained in this column are recordings made by Forest Service personnel.
  • The audio files are best played using the Google Chrome or FireFox browsers.








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AlabamaConecuhKuh-EH-kuhkəˈneɪ kəkuh-neh-kuh
Alabama TalladegaTal-uh-DAY-guh  
Alabama Tuskegeetuss-KEE-geetʌsˈki gituhs-kee-gee
Alabama William B. Bankhead ˈwɪl yəm bi ˈbæŋk hɛd wil-yuhm bee bangk-hed
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Alaska TongassTAHN-guhs  
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ArizonaApacheuh-PATCH-eeəˈpætʃ iuh-pach-hee
Arizona CoconinoKo-kuh-NEE-no  
Arizona CoronadoCur-uh-NAH-doeˌkɔr əˈnɑ doʊ, ˌkɒr-kawr-uh-nah-doh,  kor-
Arizona KaibabKIE-bab  
Arizona PrescottPRESS-kitˈprɛs kət, -kɒtpres-kuht, -kot
Arizona SitgreavesSIT-greevz  
Arizona TontoTAHN-toe  
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ArkansasOuachitaWAH-shu-tahˈwɒʃ ɪˌtɔ, ˈwɔ ʃɪ-wosh-i-taw, waw-shi
Arkansas Ozark ˈoʊ zɑrkoh-zahrk
Arkansas St. FrancisSaint FRAN-sisseɪnt ˈfræn sɪs seynt-fran-sis
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CaliforniaAngelesAN-juh-luhsˈæn dʒə ləsan-juh-luhs
CaliforniaButte Valley byut ˈvæl i byoot val-lee
CaliforniaCleveland ˈkliv ləndkleev-luhnd
CaliforniaEldoradoEll-duh-RAH-doeˌɛl dəˈrɑ doʊel duh-rah-doh 
CaliforniaKlamathKLAM-athˈklæm əθklam-uhth
CaliforniaLassen ˈlæs ənlas-uhn
CaliforniaLos PadresLows-PAH-drace  
CaliforniaMendocinoMen-duh-SEE-noˌmɛn dəˈsi noʊmen-duh-see-noh
CaliforniaModocMOE-dockˈmoʊ dɒkmoh-dok
CaliforniaRogue River roʊg ˈrɪv ərrohg riv-er
CaliforniaSan BernardinoSan Ber-na-DEE-noˈsæn ˌbɜr nərˈdi noʊ, -ˌbɜr nə-san bur-ner-dee-noh
CaliforniaSequoiaSuh-QUOY-uhsɪˈkwɔɪ əsi-kwoi-uh
CaliforniaShasta-Trinity ˈʃæs tə ˈtrɪn ɪ tishas-tuh trin-i-tee
CaliforniaSierra siˈɛr əsee-er-uh
CaliforniaSiskiyouSIS-kee-you (or SIS-que)  
CaliforniaSix Rivers sɪks  ˈrɪvərzsiks riv-erz
CaliforniaStanislausSTAN-iss-law (or -loss)  
CaliforniaTahoeTAH-hoeˈtɑ hoʊtah-hoh
CaliforniaTrinityTRIN-uh-teeˈtrɪn ɪ titrin-i-tee
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ColoradoArapahouh-RAP-uh-hoeəˈræp əˌhoʊuh-rap-uh-hoh
ColoradoComanche kəˈmæn tʃi, koʊ-kuh-man-chee, koh-
ColoradoGrand MesaGrand MAY-suhgrænd ˈmeɪ səgrand-mey-suh
ColoradoManti-La SalMAN-tie-Luh-SAL  
ColoradoPawnee pɔˈnipaw-nee
ColoradoPike paɪkpahyk
ColoradoRio GrandeRee-o Grandˈri oʊ ˈgrændree-oh grand
ColoradoRoosevelt ˈroʊ zəˌvɛlt, -vəlt, ˈroʊz vɛlt, -vəltroh-zuh-velt, -vuhlt, rohz-velt, -vuhlt
ColoradoRouttROUT (rhymes with shout)  
ColoradoSan IsabelSan IS-a-bellˌsænˈɪz əˌbɛlsahn iz-uh-bel
ColoradoSan JuanSan Wahnˌsæn ˈwɑn, ˈʰwɑnsan wahn, hwahn
ColoradoWhite River ʰwaɪt, waɪtˈrɪv əhwahyt riv-er
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FloridaApalachicolaAp-uh-latchee-CO-luhˌæp əˌlætʃəˈkoʊ ləap-uh-lach-uh-koh-luh
FloridaChoctawhatcheeChoc-tuh-hatch-eeˌtʃɒk təˈhætʃ ichok-tuh-hach-ee  
FloridaOcalaOh-CAL-uhoʊˈkæl əoh-kal-uh
FloridaOsceolaAh-see-OH-luhˌɒs iˈoʊ lə, ˌoʊ seɪ‑os-ee-oh-luh, oh-sey
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GeorgiaChattahoocheeChat-uh-HOO-cheeˌtʃæt əˈhu tʃichat-uh-hoo-chee
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IdahoBitterroot ˈbɪt ərˌrut, -ˌrʊtbit-er-root, -root
IdahoBoiseBOY-seeˈbɔɪ zi or, especially locally, -siboy-see
IdahoCaribou ˈkær əˌbukar-uh-boo
IdahoChallisCHA-lis (a as in cat)  
IdahoClearwater ˈklɪərˌwɔ tər,-ˌwɒt ərkleer-waw-ter, -wot-er
IdahoCoeur d'AleneKoor Duh-LANEˌkɜr dlˈeɪnkur dl-eyn
IdahoCurlew ˈkɜr lukur-loo
IdahoKootenaiKOOT-kneeˈkut nˌeɪ, -nˌikoot-n-ey, -n-ee
IdahoNez PerceNEZ-purseˈnɛz ˈpɜrsnezpurs
IdahoSalmonSAA-muhn (a as in cat)ˈsæm ənsam-uhn
IdahoSt. Joe seɪntdʒoʊseynt-joh
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IllinoisMidewinMih-DAY-winmɪ 'deɪ wɪnmi-dey-win
IllinoisShawnee ʃɔˈnishaw-nee
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IndianaHoosierHOO-zhureˈhu ʒərhoo-zher
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KansasCimarron ˈsɪm əˌrɒn, -ˌroʊn, -ər ənsim-uh-ron, -rohn, -er-uhn
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KentuckyDaniel Boone ˈdæn yəl bundan-yuhl boon
KentuckyJeffersonJEFF-er-sunˈdʒɛf ər sənjef-er-suhn
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MaineWhite Mountain ʰwaɪtˈmaʊntn, waɪthwahyt-moun-tun
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MichiganHiawatha ˌhaɪ əˈwɒθ ə, -ˈwɔ θə, ˌhi ə-hahy-uh-woth-uh, -waw-thuh, hee-uh-
MichiganHuronHEW-ronˈhyʊər ən, -ɒn or, often, ˈyʊər-hyoor-uhn, -on
MichiganOttawaOTT-uh-wahˈɒt ə wəot-uh-wuh
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MinnesotaChippewaCHIP-puh-wha (a as in far)ˈtʃɪp əˌwɑ, -ˌweɪ, -wəchip-uh-wah, -wey, -wuh
MinnesotaSuperior səˈpɪər i ər, sʊ-soo-peer-ee-or
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MississippiDe SotoDee-SO-toedə ˈsoʊ toʊduh soh-toh
MississippiDelta ˈdɛl tədel-tuh
MississippiHolly Springs ˈhɒl i sprɪŋhol-eespringz
MississippiTombigbeeTom-BIG-beetɒmˈbɪg bitom-big-bee
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MissouriMark Twain mɑrk tweɪnmahrk tweyn
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MontanaBeaverhead ˈbi vər hɛdbee-ver-hed
MontanaBitterroot ˈbɪt ərˌrut, -ˌrʊtbit-er-root, -root
MontanaCuster ˈkʌs tərkuhs-ter
MontanaDeerlodge dɪər-lɒdʒdeer-loj
MontanaFlathead ˈflætˌhɛdflat-hed
MontanaGallatinGAL-uh-tinˈgæl ə tɪngal-uh-tin
MontanaHelenaHELL-uh-nuhˈhɛl ə nəhel-uh-nuh
MontanaKootenaiKOOT-kneeˈkut nˌeɪ, -nˌikoot-n-ey, -n-ee
MontanaLewis & Clark ˈlu ɪs ænd klɑrkloo-is-and-klahrk
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NebraskaNebraska nəˈbræs kənuh-bras-kuh
NebraskaSamuel R. McKelvieMah-Kell-vee  
NebraskaOglala ɒgˈlɑ ləog-lah-luh
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NevadaEldoradoEll-duh-RAH-doeˌɛl dəˈrɑ doʊ, -ˈreɪ-el duh-rah-doh, -rey-
NevadaHumboldtHUM-boltˈhʌm boʊlthuhm-bohlt
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New HampshireWhite Mountain ʰwaɪtˈmaʊntn, waɪthwahyt-moun-tun
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New MexicoApacheuh-PATCH-eeəˈpætʃ iuh-pach-hee
New MexicoCarson ˈkɑr sənkahr-suhn
New MexicoCibolaSEE-bow-luhˈsi bə ləsee-buh-luh
New MexicoCoronadoCur-uh-NAH-doeˌkɔr əˈnɑ doʊ, ˌkɒr-kawr-uh-nah-doh,  kor-
New MexicoGilaHEE-luhˈhi ləhee-luh
New MexicoKiowa ˈkaɪ ə wə, -ˌwɑ, -ˌweɪkahy-uh-wuh, -wah, -wey
New MexicoLincoln ˈlɪŋ kənling-kuhn
New MexicoSanta FeSanta Fayˈsæn tə ˈfeɪsan-tuhfey
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New YorkFinger Lakes ˈfɪŋ gər leɪksfing-ger leyks
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North CarolinaCherokee ˈtʃɛr əˌki, ˌtʃɛr əˈkicher-uh-kee, cher-uh-kee
North CarolinaCroatanCROW-uh-tan  
North CarolinaNantahalaNan-tuh-HAY-luh  
North CarolinaPisgahPIZZ-guhˈpɪz gəpiz-guh
North CarolinaUwharrieU-WHAR-ee (rhymes with far)  
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North DakotaCedar River ˈsi dər ˈrɪv ərsee-der-riv-er
North DakotaLittle Missouri ˈlɪt l mɪˈzʊərilit-l-mi-zoor-ee
North DakotaSheyenneshahy-en  
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OhioWayne weɪnweyn 
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OklahomaOuachitaWAH-shu-tahˈwɒʃ ɪˌtɔ, ˈwɔ ʃɪ-wosh-i-taw, waw-shi
OklahomaBlack Kettle blæk ˈkɛt lblak-ket-l
OklahomaRita Blancarit-uhblahng-uh  
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OregonCrooked River ˈkrʊk ɪd ˈrɪv ərkrook-id riv-er
OregonFremontFREE-montˈfri mɒntfree-mont
OregonKlamathKLAM-athˈklæm əθklam-uhth
OregonMt. Hood maʊnt hʊdmount hood
OregonRogue Riverroʊg ˈrɪv ərrohg riv-er 
OregonSiskiyouSIS-kee-you (or SIS-que)  
OregonWhitmanWIT-muhnˈʰwɪt mən, ˈwɪt-hwit-muhn, wit-
OregonWillametteWill-LAM-etwɪˈlæm ɪtwi-lam-it
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PennsylvaniaAlleghenyAl-luh-GAIN-eeˌæl ɪˈgeɪ nial-i-gey-nee
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Puerto RicoEl Yunqueel-ZHUN-kay  
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South CarolinaFrancis Marion ˈfrænsɪs ˈmær iən, ˈmɛər-fran-sis mar-ee-uhn, mair-
South CarolinaSumterSUM-terˈsʌm tər, ˈsʌmp-suhm-ter
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South DakotaBlack Hills blæk hɪlzblak-hilz
South DakotaCuster ˈkʌs tərkuhs-ter
South DakotaBuffalo Gap ˈbʌf əˌloʊ gæpbuhf-uh-loh-gap
South DakotaFort Pierre foʊrt pɪərfohrt-peer
South DakotaGrand River grænd ˈrɪvərgrand-riv-er
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TennesseeCherokee ˈtʃɛr əˌki, ˌtʃɛr əˈkicher-uh-kee, cher-uh-kee
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TexasAngelinaAn-juh-LEE-nuhˌæn dʒəˈli nə, -ˈlaɪ-an-juh-lee-nuh, -lahy-
TexasBlack Kettle blæk ˈkɛt lblak-ket-l
TexasCaddo ˈkæd oʊkad-oh
TexasDavy Crockett ˈdeɪ vi ˈkrɒkɪtdey-vee krok-it
TexasLyndon B. Johnson ˈlɪn dən bi ˈdʒɒn sənlin-d-uhn bee jon-suhn
TexasMcClellan Creek məˈklɛl ənmuh-klel-uhn
TexasRita Blancarit-uhblahng-uh  
TexasSam Houston sæm ˈhyu stənsam hyoo-stuhn
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UtahAshley ˈæʃ liash-lee
UtahCaribou ˈkær əˌbukar-uh-boo
UtahDixie ˈdɪk sidik-see
UtahFishlake fɪʃ-leɪkfish-leyk
UtahManti-La SalMAN-tie-Luh-SAL  
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VermontGreen Mountain grin ˈmaʊn tngreen moun-tn
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VirginiaGeorge Washington dʒɔrdʒ ˈwɒʃ ɪŋ tən, ˈwɔ ʃɪŋ-jawrj wosh-ing-tuhn, waw-shing-
VirginiaJeffersonJEFF-er-sunˈdʒɛf ər sənjef-er-suhn
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WashingtonGifford PinchotPIN-show  
WashingtonMt. Baker maʊnt ˈbeɪ kərmount bey-ker
WashingtonOlympic əˈlɪm pɪk, oʊˈlɪm-oh-lim-pik
WashingtonWenatchee wəˈnætʃ iwuh-nach-ee
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West VirginiaGeorge Washington dʒɔrdʒ ˈwɒʃ ɪŋ tən, ˈwɔ ʃɪŋ-jawrj wosh-ing-tuhn, waw-shing-
West VirginiaJeffersonJEFF-er-sunˈdʒɛf ər sənjef-er-suhn
West VirginiaMonongahelaMuh-nahn-guh-HEE-luhməˌnɒŋ gəˈhi ləmuh-nahn-guh-hee-luh
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WisconsinNicoletNick-oh-LAYˌnɪk əˈleɪnik-uh-let
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WyomingAshleyASH-leeˈæʃ liash-lee
WyomingBighorn ˈbɪgˌhɔrnbig-hawrn
WyomingBlack Hills blæk hɪlzblak-hilz
WyomingCaribou ˈkær əˌbukar-uh-boo
WyomingMedicine BowMedicine Boˈmɛd ə sɪn boʊmed-uh-sin boh
WyomingShoshoneSh-SHOW-nee shuh-shoh-nee
WyomingTetonTEE-tohnˈti tɒn, ˈtit ntee-tohn, teet-n
WyomingThunder Basin ˈθʌn dər ˈbeɪsənthuhn-der bey-suhn
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