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Fort Dodge is thrilled to host RAGBRAI on Monday, July 26th,

On behalf of the citizens of Fort Dodge and our City Council, I am pleased to welcome RAGBRAI back to Fort Dodge and to Webster County, IA.

In all my years in Fort Dodge, I find this is one of the most exciting times to call this community home. With a population of more than 24,, we are the county seat for Webster County and a major commercial center for North Central and Northwest Iowa.

Fort Dodge was founded in and was originally a military fort. Throughout history, Fort Dodge has seen many changes, but today is thriving more than ever. It continues to show economic growth and the community continues to come together to find ways to make Fort Dodge a dynamic and exciting place to live.

Fort Dodge is a friendly town with wonderful neighborhoods, first-class educational opportunities, state-of-the-art health services, many service clubs and organizations, and an array of arts and culture &#; as well as boundless activities through recreation, local attractions, and entertainment venues. We have made many improvements to our community since RAGBRAI was here in Together we have made great strides within our infrastructure, retail, recreational, and educational opportunities that have helped our community thrive. It is my hope that you will find Fort Dodge a great stop on your RAGBRAI journey.

Again, I welcome you to our great community. Enjoy your stay here and discover why Fort Dodge is a healthy, vibrant community in which to live, work, and play.

&#; Mayor Matt Bemrich
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Questions? For now, please email us at [email protected].

RAGBRAI Announcement FD

Learn more about Fort Dodge here!

If you&#;re as excited as we are and want to show your Fort Dodge pride, you can order apparel here:



Have you started training yet? Because we&#;ve started gearing up for your arrival. From beginning to end, we&#;ll show you exactly how Fort Dodge is Rollin&#; on the River! Want to keep up with what&#;s going on in Fort Dodge as we prepare for your arrival? Follow us on Facebook!


Fort Dodge is always rockin&#; and rollin&#;. From live entertainment, refreshments, and good ole community hospitality, we&#;ll welcome you into Downtown Fort Dodge and guide you to our unique locally-owned restaurants, breweries, pubs, and shops. You&#;re not going to want to leave!

We are ridiculously excited to announce our entertainment &#; and here it is! We are thrilled to make sure you have a blast rollin&#; on the river here in Fort Dodge &#; and these incredible bands will make it happen!

Starting at 2 pm, local buskers will be entertaining throughout the day as you (& they) make their way through downtown Fort Dodge.
4 pm &#; 6 pm – Cory Waller & The Wicked Things
6 pm  -8 pm – Salty View
8 pm &#; 10 pm – Lone Tree Revival

Lone Tree RevivalMay be an image of one or more people, people standing and outdoorsMay be an image of 5 people, people standing and outdoors

Food and Vendors

We have filled all of our vendor spots, and we&#;re super excited to give you all the details! Check back for updates and follow our Facebook page!

You can always email us with any questions at [email protected]

Directions & Parking

Maps! Maps! Get your maps here!

Images below. For a downloadable, printable version, click here:
RAGBRAI Fort Dodge Map
Vendor Map &#; Fort Dodge


We&#;re going to get you set up along the river with easy access to historic downtown Fort Dodge and all the amenities you&#;ll need.

Sunkissed Meadows is a 30+ acre former par-3 ball golf course that over time has been converted to an hole disc golf course. Nestled into the Des Moines River Valley, affectionately called Sunkissed by locals, this park provides a plush grass surface with numerous trees that continue to provide tough angles and obstacles for any disc golfer’s enjoyment and bountiful shade for all users of the park.

The large tranquil park has an outdoor exercise equipment station located on the intersection of two connecting trail systems that surround the natural landscape. On the other end, a R/C (Remote Control) vehicle track provides for weeknight leagues and weekend tournaments, bring R/C enthusiasts from all around. This park provides a variety of passive, do on your own, recreational opportunities, for users of all ages and interest.

Due to its large size and proximity to downtown, Sunkissed is home to many special events, including 5K walk/runs, Car Cruises, and a variety of other community events. This year’s RAGBRAI will be the first here, but definitely not the last time this area will host RAGBRAI as the main campground.

We are currently not assigning campgrounds/RVs to riders or teams. We won’t begin communication on that until May 4th, after RAGBRAI has announced their lottery results and riders have been assigned their wristbands. If you would like to submit a request now, you may do so and we will follow up when we are ready.

We are tremendously grateful to the residents of Fort Dodge for their hospitality not only during RAGBRAI, but also year-round. We know that life will get a little wild on Monday, July 26th and Tuesday, July 27th, so here&#;s more information for you.

The annual RAGBRAI event will be coming to Fort Dodge next Monday, July As expected, this will cause traffic flow issues throughout the city during the day Monday, and during their departure Tuesday morning, July We encourage community members to be aware of the RAGBRAI routes and use alternative routes for those two days.

The highlights;
1. Kenyon Road from HWY to 12th Street (Monday from A.M. to P.M.)
Reduced to 25 MPH, head-to-head vehicle traffic in westbound lane
Eastbound lanes will be bike traffic only
2. Sunkissed Meadows and surrounding area
Sunkissed Meadows will be the main campground. All roads immediately surrounding the area will be closed to local traffic.
3. South 7th Street
South 7th Street will be used as a walking/biking path between Sunkissed Meadows and the downtown area. South 7th Street will be closed to traffic and those living in the area will need to seek alternate routes.
4. Downtown
This will be the main entertainment area and closed to traffic all day Monday. A portion of downtown will remain closed Tuesday morning for the route out.
5. Route Out
Riders will be crossing the town from Sunkissed Meadows, leaving east on 10th Ave North. This will require riders to cross the entire city Tuesday morning. Road closures will be in place and residents are encouraged to cross the route at 9th Street, 15th Street or 22nd Street. 32nd Street will be closed to all north/south traffic Tuesday morning.
6. 6th Ave North from 11th Street to MLK Drive
No Parking will be allowed along this stretch from midnight Tuesday morning until A.M.
7. Knollcrest Neighborhood
10th Ave North will be closed Tuesday morning from A.M. – A.M. Residents of the Knollcrest neighborhood will need to detour north to 25th Ave North in order to go south into town.
8. North 32nd Street
North 32nd Street at 10th Ave North will be closed Tuesday morning, from A.M. – A.M. All north/south traffic will need to see an alternate route.

Linked below, you will find a media release containing traffic flow information. In addition, two photos have been attached showing the route out of the city. With 15,+ riders entering our community next week, we encourage everyone to be cautious of the increased traffic. We understand this may be an inconvenience but we want to ensure the safety of both our community members and the riders.

RAGBRAI Media Release

Click here to host riders in your yard



We&#;ve created a Facebook Group where residents and cyclists can work together for housing. Take a look here:

Housing FB Group

If you do not use Facebook and would like assistance hosting or being hosted, click here:

Submit housing request here


Everyone knows that it’s the volunteers that make the magic happen. Join us in welcoming our guests by becoming a volunteer.

Volunteer here!Click here to host riders in your yard


We’re putting together some Frequently Asked Questions right now, but in the meantime, why don’t you ask away by emailing us with any questions at [email protected]?

Let&#;s Talk About COVID

For up-to-date information about the COVID precautions we&#;re taking here in Fort Dodge and Webster County, please refer to the following:

Additionally, here is what RAGBRAI plans as far as COVID mitigation:

  1. Online pre-event health screening will be required of all participants
  2. Daily health screening will be required of all staff, vendors, and volunteers
  3. Participants, staff, vendors, and volunteers will be required to wear a mask when social distancing is not possible
  4. Hand sanitizer must be available at all vendor locations, in SAG wagons, and will be provided to towns for entertainment venues & volunteer use
  5. Appropriate COVID mitigation signage provided by RAGBRAI will be posted at the entrance to all areas of the ride expected to have large numbers of participants or spectators
  6. All venues and towns will be encouraged to recommend outdoor dining to their restaurants and bars
  7. Indoor hosted housing will not be supported by RAGBRAI

RAGBRAI reserves the right to add or remove any of the above mitigation methods based on current State of Iowa recommendations and industry best practices.

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‘A sampling of local music’

The Fort Dodge RAGBRAI committee announced Friday that three stages will be set up along Central Avenue. The stages will feature local talent Cory Waller &#; the Wicked Things from 4 to 6 p.m., Salty View will be on the main stage from 6 to 8 p.m., and Lone Tree Revival will be rocking out on the stage at the City Square from 8 to10 p.m.

&#;Fort Dodge has a ridiculous amount of talented artists and musicians,&#; said Shelly Bottorff, RAGBRAI entertainment committee member. &#;I am most excited about being able to give people a sampling of our local music groups. We have decades of talent hitting the stages that evening. You&#;ll hear a variety of music from folk to funk, blues, pop, rock and just plain groovy fun, we pretty much have it all covered. We even have an Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Dean Davis, rocking out on the drums with Lone Tree Revival alongside several other local celebrities.&#;

Soldier Creek Winery will also host Chad Elliott from 6 to 8 p.m., and Amigos will have Tank Anthony on stage as well.

&#;If you hate fun, then this is not the place to be,&#; said Bottorff. &#;This is going to be a blast!&#;

Roger Netz

A beverage garden area will also be set up on Central Avenue from 12th Street down to the City Square. Tickets can be purchased for use within the beverage garden, and bars along Central Avenue will accept those tickets. Those drinks can be taken out of the establishments so that locals and RAGBRAI&#;ers can enjoy the entertainment and a beverage.

While RAGBRAI riders are enjoying musical entertainment, they&#;ll also be able to view artwork from area youth and adult artists. Windows up and down Central Avenue will be painted to welcome riders.

&#;Our goal is to have every window on Central Avenue painted to welcome riders and to highlight our great downtown district,&#; said Mary Kay Daniel, who is leading the charge for window painting. &#;We&#;re asking businesses to paint their store windows, and we&#;re looking for volunteers to help paint vacant storefronts.&#;

According to Daniel, volunteer artists helping with the vacant storefronts can be amateur or professional artists of any age. Main Street Fort Dodge will provide all approved window paints and supplies. All window painting must be completed by Sunday, July 25 as RAGBRAI riders will make their way into Fort Dodge the following day. Artists interested in helping to paint windows should contact Daniel at ext. 5.

The Blanden Memorial Art Museum is also hosting the RAGBRAI Kids Art Contest. Area children of all ages are encouraged to create a two-dimensional art piece that shows bicycle riders riding along the river with RAGBRAI. All art projects can be dropped off at the Blanden Memorial Art Museum during regular business hours. The deadline for submissions to the contest is July 9. All submissions must include the artist&#;s name, age, address, and contact telephone number.

Lone Tree Revival


Roger Netz and Clint Riedel singing throughout Central Avenue from 2 to 4 p.m.

Cory Waller &#; the Wicked Things (stage located on Central, between 10th and 11th Streets) p.m.

Mainstage Salty View (RAGBRAI&#;s Stage located on Ninth Street) p.m.

Lone Tree Revival (Stage located in City Square) p.m.

Corey Waller

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What you need to know - RAGBRAI XLVIII Day 2: Sac City to Fort Dodge

Here&#;s what you need to know about Day 2 of RAGBRAI XLVIII, when we ride from Sac City to Fort Dodge!

First things first: let&#;s see your second bike ride of the week:

Today&#;s ride is miles with approximately 1, feet of climb. On our way from Sac City to Fort Dodge, we visit Lytton (first visit), Yetter, Lake City (Meeting Town), Rinard, Callender (first visit), and Moorland (first visit). Stop by the People for Bikes booth downtown in every overnight town for route cards with more accurate between-town mileages.

Monday on RAGBRAI XLVIII is Virtual Jersey Day and First Responders Day.

Virtual Jersey Day
For those of you who have joined us on the and Virtual RAGBRAI, we will wear our jerseys and meet up in the Lytton beverage garden on Monday, July 26 starting at 9am! We&#;ll have pie, screwdrivers, and bloody marys.

First Responders Day
On Monday, July 26 we will recognize and show gratitude to the first responders and front line workers who sacrificed their mental and physical health to keep us all safe in We ride for you today! Stop by the RAGBRAI Merchandise trailer and pick up a free sticker (merchandise trailers will be located at each overnight town and in the meeting town along the route).

Lytton IS a Slice of Heaven. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with their RAGBRAI plans &#; just click this text! 

We can&#;t wait to visit Moorland! Follow them on Facebook to keep up with their RAGBRAI plans &#; just click this text!

Once we get to Fort Dodge, we&#;ll be Rollin&#; on the River! Thanks to our official GIS Sponsor, CGA Consultants for our RAGBRAI XLVIII Overnight Town Maps!

To find out more about Fort Dodge&#;s plans for us visit their page on our website:

Follow on Facebook:
Instagram: @RAGBRAIFD


Fort Dodge is thrilled to make sure you have a blast rollin’ on the river  — and these incredible bands will make it happen!

Starting at 2 pm, local buskers will be entertaining throughout the day as you (& they) make their way through downtown Fort Dodge.
4 pm – 6 pm – Cory Waller & The Wicked Things
6 pm  -8 pm – Salty View
8 pm – 10 pm – Lone Tree Revival

MercyOne Health Tip

Outdoor festivals or activities such as RAGBRAI and alcohol consumption often go hand-in-hand.

“When choosing to consume alcohol at these summertime events, it is important to keep in mind that alcohol is a diuretic and increases internal body temperature,” says family physician Ambrose Munro, MD. “Limiting alcohol use and remembering to stay hydrated is essential, especially when it is warm outside, and you are exerting yourself during activities like bike riding and outdoor festivals.”

For more:

Fuel Up at Kwik Star Photo Contest

#FuelUp at KwikStar on RAGBRAI XLVIII. Whether you need snacks, caffeine, take home meals, or fuel, stop by one of the Kwik Stars along the RAGBRAI route to fuel up. To enter the contest take a picture of your fuel up choice, and post it to Instagram/Facebook, tag @RAGBRAI and @KwikStar or @KwikTrip and use #FuelUpRAGBRAI Seven lucky winners will receive a $ gift card to Kwik Star! Winners will be announced the week after the ride.

Hungry? Fareway is just around the corner. 
There&#;s a Fareway in Fort Dodge today! In our professional opinion Day 2 is a great time to load up on salty snacks like chips and salsa.
It&#;s at 1st Ave S, Fort Dodge, IA

Thirsty? Big Grove is with Mr. Pork Chop
Find a Tailwind &#; guaranteed! Just keep an eye out for Mr. Pork Chop&#;s big pig bus.

Need Swag? Scheels has you covered
Scheels is our official Sporting Goods Supplier and this week they&#;ll also be our official Swag Supplier. Stop by their tent next to the Iowa Beer Bus about six miles past Lake City and see if you can score a freebie! The locations are marked on our official fold out maps.

RAGBRAI 2021 1st Day Bike Ride across IOWA. Camping, Drone Views: Fort Dodge, Super Mix Master

RAGBRAI returning to Fort Dodge

In January , Fort Dodge was announced as an overnight host for the 48th annual RAGBRAI, but by April, the event had to be canceled.

Organizers hosted a route announcement party on Saturday to share details of the event, which includes a route of miles and 11, feet of climb from July

The seven-day ride will begin on July 25 in Le Mars and make its way east toward the Mississippi River. The overnight stop in Fort Dodge will be July

On Saturday, RAGBRAI also announced its pass-through towns, something it doesn&#;t normally do until later in the spring. On their way from Sac City to Fort Dodge, riders will pass through Lytton, Rockwell City, Rinard, Somers, Roelyn and Moorland.

When riders leave Fort Dodge on the morning of July 27 to their next overnight town &#; Iowa Falls &#; they will pass through Duncombe, Webster City, Blairsburg, Williams and Alden.

While the event is just under six months away, Fort Dodge Mayor Matt Bemrich said a planning committee is already hard at work to put together a spectacular and safe event. Typically, a RAGBRAI visit would bring at least 10, people, but the RAGBRAI organizers haven&#;t announced if they will limit the number of registrants this year.

Canceling the event back in April didn&#;t give the local planning crew any extra time to plan, Bemrich said &#; it just put everything on pause.

&#;Now we are trying to get reenergized and motivate people to get back out and get involved,&#; he said. &#;Right now, we don&#;t know what the sign up will look like but as RAGBRAI and the city of Fort Dodge collaborate moving forward, we&#;ll define what we think the attendance will be and we&#;ll make accommodations accordingly.&#;

Unlike the event originally planned for , the RAGBRAI stop in Fort Dodge will not overlap with the Girls State Softball Tournament at Harlan and Hazel Rogers Sports Complex. This year, the state softball tournament will be held July

Bemrich said the staggering of these events will help keep community members and visitors safe if the pandemic is still active.

Hosting RAGBRAI for an overnight stay has huge economic impacts for the host cities, bringing significant benefits to restaurants, retailers and other local establishments, in addition to intangible benefits of community pride and camaraderie. However, it isn&#;t likely to look like the same RAGBRAI of years past this time around, even as organizers try to bring some &#;normalcy&#; to the event, Bemrich said.

&#;I think it creates opportunity but it also puts a level of responsibility forward to us to make sure that it&#;s a responsible event that can be hosted and keep people safe and at the same time, give them an opportunity to have fun and experience the RAGBRAI that they all know from the past,&#; he said.

The Fort Dodge RAGBRAI planning committee is working hard to plan the event and is looking for volunteers and input from community members.

&#;We really want to make this as safe and enjoyable for all,&#; said Niki Conrad, a Webster County supervisor and executive chair for the planning committee. She asks that anyone interested in volunteering email her at [email protected]

&#;Send me your name, contact information and what you would like to do,&#; she said. &#;We&#;ll try to match you up with an opportunity that best matches your interests and skill sets.&#;

This will be Fort Dodge&#;s sixth time hosting RAGBRAI. Only Atlantic, Council Bluffs, Glenwood and Sioux City have hosted RAGBRAI as the start city or an overnight stop more times &#; at seven times each.

Fort Dodge was an overnight stop during the very first RAGBRAI in It was also an overnight stop in , , and

&#;I think we&#;ve done a good job for RAGBRAI in the past and we&#;ll continue to put together great events that not only create an opportunity for the rider, but also the community to go out and do fun things,&#; Bemrich said. &#;As mayor, I&#;ve gotten to travel all around the state and talk to different people and I often hear from former riders and current riders about the great time they had in Fort Dodge, and we want to continue to make that a reality for them now and in the future.&#;

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RAGBRAI riders make 67-mile trek to Fort Dodge


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