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Thanks to all the contributors at Blue Plastic Tracks and the Thomas Minis Wikia (where most of the pictures came from) for sharing the data used to create this page!

Updated 2020-12-22 (Fizz 'N Go Thomas-3 and Nia multi-packs; previously:: Nia, dark (variant) kitten, Yellow-2 Car and 6 new pets; 2020/1 and 2020 Advent pictures).

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2015 Series


February 2015(Series 1)
March 2015 (Series 1; JPN)
April 2015 (Series 2; AUS)
May 2015 (Series 2; UK/JPN)
June 2015 (Series 2; US/CAN)
July 2015 (Series 3; MAL/AUS)
August 2015 (Series 3; US)
October 2015 (Series 3; CAN)
September 2015 (Series 4; AUS)
October 2015 (Series 4; JPN)
December 2015 (Series 4; US/CAN)

2015 Series refers to the first range of vehicles released in four series of blind bags (known as fleets) throughout 2015.



The Classics theme refers to the engines in their normal form.



The Robo theme features engines with robot details.


The Dino theme features engines decorated as dinosaurs.


The Heroes theme features engines dressed as comic book-like superheroes.


The Spooky theme contains engines dressed up as scary characters.


The Racers theme features engines with racing car inspired designs.


The Neon theme features engines in highlighted paint schemes.


The Chillin' theme features engines covered in different forms of snow.

Old School

The Old School theme features engines in monochromatic paint schemes.

DC Super Friends

DC Super Friends is a theme which features engines dressed up as DC Comics superheroes or villains. This theme was added later to the range in the third and fourth blind bag series.

  1. Makita 18v x2 circular saw
  2. Ulala legendary pets list
  3. Drexel undergraduate
  4. Axure teams


Thomas Minis Track - Mini Trains 2015 Collection. Waves 1-4 Pulled!


2015 thomas mini


Thomas Minis Track - Mini Trains 2015 Collection. Waves 1-4 Pulled!


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