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1:48 Scale Diecast Metal Model Truck Ural 5557 with Traffic Sings Russian Road Repair Service Die-cast Toy Car

1:48 Scale Diecast Metal Model Truck Ural 5557 with Traffic Sings Russian Road Repair Service Die-cast Toy Car


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Product Details

  • Scale 1:48 Die-cast Metal Model Truck URAL 5557 with pull back action and opening doors
  • Length 5 in. (12 cm). Highly detailed chassis and interior. Official licensed product
  • URAL 5557 model stored in a delicate package box, a perfect gift for kids and collectors
  • Protection coating - made of non-toxic water-based paint, thus protecting the safety of children
  • Made of high quality materials, passing through 4 safety checks and 13 resist-hitting tests
Product Dimensions5 x 2 x 2 inches (12.7 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm)
Item Weight5.9 ounces (167.27 grams)
Country of OriginRussian Federation
Manufacturer recommended age14 years and up
Mfg Recommended age14 year and up
Model NameURAL 5557
Item Dimensions LxWxH5 x 2 x 2 inches (12.7 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm)
Included ComponentsTraffic signs


1:48 Scale Diecast Metal Model Truck With Traffic Sings Russian Road Repair Service Die-cast Toy Car


Detailed Model; Pull back action; Opening doors; Traffic Sings; Movable parts; Individually packed in a window box;

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Military Vehicles


Field Artillery Tractors played an important part in World War II, which was already highly mechanized.

8.8 cm FLAK 37 AA GUN

The 88mm antiaircraft Flugabwehrkanone (Flak) was one of the major successful cannons of the Second World War. The Luftwaffe.

Kfz. 385 Tankwagen

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Sd.Kfz. 234/2 Puma

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Kfz. 305 3 ton. Truck

The Opel Blitz medium truck was used extensively by the German Army on all fronts during World War Two. Several thousand of them were produced. They.


Officially presented at the opening of FIATs Mirafiori plant in May 1939, the AB 40 was, at the time, something of a cutting-edge vehicle. Thanks to.


The AB 43 armoured car is an evolution from the previous AB 40 and 41 models. Equipped with a new larger turret, its main weapon was the 20MM calibre.

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all in high quality and low price Classic Die-Cast 1948 Ford MENARDS Panel Delivery Truck 1:48 Scale - NEW outlet online store

all in high quality and low price Classic Die-Cast 1948 Ford MENARDS Panel Delivery Truck 1:48 Scale - NEW outlet online store

let’s not kid ourselves, you’re not walking through our doors because we’re excellent recyclers or because our energy bill is carbon neutral. the same way you’re not dragging yourself out of bed on sunday because we do the majority of our sourcing from friends and local farmers.

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1955 Chevy 2 Ton Stake Bed Truck 1/48 Scale Model Build Review and Weathering Atlantis Revell

True 1:48 O scale cars (as in autos)

Scale-oriented O scale enthusiasts often bemoan the lack of true 1:48 O scale cars (as in automobiles) to go with their O scale trains. Often they go so far as to call 1:48 scale autos non-existent. That’s not entirely the case. There are 1:48 scale vehicles out there. Finding them just requires some creativity and imagination.

I know of more than 20 1:48 scale vehicles suitable for O scale train layouts. They fall into two broad categories: ready made diecast vehicles, and plastic 1/48 scale model car kits, which require assembly. The model kits tend to be costlier but allow a greater level of detail. Not only that, some of the model kits are 4-door sedans, the perfect ordinary car. For the realism-craving hi rail or 2-rail enthusiast, they are hard to resist.

Diecast 1/48 scale vehicles

Ready-made diecast 1:48 scale vehicles are scarce. One of the first popular diecast scales was 1:43, and the hobby of collecting 1:43 vehicles dwarfs the popularity of O scale trains, much to the chagrin of would-be finescale O scale railroaders. But a few 1:48 diecasts exist, even if few were actually marketed as such.

Before we get into more recent sources, Dinky produced nearly two dozen diecast 1:48 vehicles in the 1950s and 60s. The vintage Dinky line is a gold mine of 50s and 60s vehicles, including ordinary sedans and plenty of long-gone brands like Nash and Hudson.

Ordinary cars

1:48 O scale autos - Studebaker

Yat-Ming didn’t set out to make a 1:48 Studebaker but that’s what they did. Be sure to get a Yat-Ming if scale is your goal.

1950 Studebaker. Although Yat-Ming marketed it as a 1:43 vehicle, Yat Ming’s 1950 Studebaker is undersized compared to other 1:43s because it’s actually 1:48!Although not the most common postwar vehicle, the 1950 Studebaker has a very distinctive look that will set your layout’s era in the early 1950s instantly. It also gives you something other than a Ford or GM to look at. And unlike some of your options, it’s common and inexpensive and effortless–just buy it and take it out of the box.

Be careful–other companies made 1:43 1950 Studebakers and those other makes actually are 1:43. So if you really want a 1:48 model, get the Yat-Ming.

In 2017, Menard’s stunned the hobby by introducing a 1:48 model of a 1940s Chevy panel truck. The Menard’s product received a warm reception. Being a panel truck, it’s immensely useful on a layout. Team it up with some of these other vehicles and you can have a nice fleet of 1:48s that almost nobody knew existed. In 2018, Menard’s followed up with modern 1:48 box trucks in two different designs.

Convertibles, sports and luxury cars

Matchbox’s Models of Yesteryear line tends to be closer to 1:48 than they are to 1:43.  Two examples include the 1930 Duesenberg (1:47) and 1930 Packard (1:46). So if you have some flexibility, these may work for you.

New Ray, a maker of inexpensive die-cast cars, has a line of “1:43” scale vehicles that 1:43 hobbyist Jerry Rettig, in his book American Wheels, determined are actually 1:48 scale. These cars range from a 1949 Buick to a 1969 Corvette, covering the era of the steam-to-diesel transition. These New Ray convertibles are inexpensive on Ebay.

Menard’s also marketed a few 1:48 scale Shelby diecasts, some modern and some vintage.

1/48 scale model car kits

It turns out that 1:48 is a popular scale for military modeling, so a few 1/48 scale model car kits exist to cater to that crowd. Additionally, Renwal produced a small number of civilian 1:48 models several decades ago and Revell reissued them in the 1970s and 1980s.

Model kits require assembly, and in some cases, some adaptation. Be sure to put one or more seated people in the vehicles for additional detail. I’ve covered assembling models and painting figures in the past.

Prewar 1/48 scale vehicles

Ford Model T.  Wiseman makes several Ford Model T kits in various configurations. In the right era, the Ford Model T was the most common car on the road, so this can be a useful kit.

1929 Ford Model A. Renwal issued a 1929 Ford Model A in the 1960s. With some hunting you can track down this vintage kit on Ebay.

Ford Model 40. In some ways this model is the holy grail. It’s an ordinary looking Ford 4-door sedan in 1:48 scale. Ford made the Model 40 from 1932 to 1934. It just so happens the Soviets built their own version of the Ford Model 40 and used it as a staff car. Painted civilian colors like black, tan, or maroon and placed in a civilian setting, this Soviet impostor easily passes for a 1930s Ford sedan.

1934 Ford pickup. For something that passes for a 1934 Ford pickup, look for a GAZ M415, another Soviet design based on U.S. technology. Pickups weren’t nearly as common in the 1930s and 1940s as today. But in a rural setting, a 1934 Ford pickup will look correct.

1:48 O scale autos

Paint this Tamiya army staff car a color like tan, maroon, or dark blue and it will look like an ordinary Ford sedan.

1942 Ford Super Deluxe. Tamiya also makes a model of a U.S. Army staff car based on the 1942 Ford Super Deluxe Fordor sedan. Painted civilian colors, here’s another good 1:48 model of an ordinary family car.

1930s luxury cars. Renwal and Revell also made a 1930 Packard, 1931 Cadillac, 1934 Duesenberg, and 1939 Mercedes. Renwal made them first, then Revell re-issued them a couple of times. All of these are a far cry from the ideal “ordinary car” for a train layout, but they are 1:48.

Postwar 1/48 scale vehicles

Volkswagen Beetle. For parts of four decades, the Volkswagen Beetle was one of the most common cars on the road. Tamiya makes a WWII-era German staff car that, painted civilian colors, can pass for a 1:48 Volkswagen Beetle.

Chevy 2-ton truck.Sometime in the 1960s or 1970s, Revell issued a 1:48 model of a Chevy 2-ton stake truck, an incredibly useful vehicle for a train layout. You can park these in front of any business or industry without it looking out of place.

Willys Jeep CJ. Of course there are plenty of models of military Jeeps. Omit the military gear and paint it a civilian color like blue or red, and one of these kits easily passes for an early Willys Jeep CJ.

1965 Corvette. If you want something sportier, Renwal made a 1:48 model kit of a 1965 Corvette. Due to its extreme popularity, a Corvette, like a VW Beetle, is another car that works across decades.

1956 Ford pickup. In the 1970s, Revell made a 1:48 model kit of a 1956 Ford pickup, which is another useful postwar-era vehicle, especially for rural settings.

1966 Jaguar. Renwal issued a 1:48 scale 1966 Jaguar in the 1960s and Revell re-issued it in the 1970s and 1980s. If you need a swanky 1960s luxury car, here you go.

Hummer H1. For something more modern, a Tamiya Humvee kit, with military gear omitted and painted different colors, can pass for either a Hummer H1 or a police SWAT vehicle. The Hummer H1 was less common than the later H2 and H3, but certainly had a following in the 1990s.

Postwar 1/48 scale heavy trucks

Revell also made 1/48 model kits of White gas trucks, and a Freightliner moving van in the mid 1950s. They were reproduced later as well. These 1950s models work perfectly with the steam-diesel transition period.

Stretching availability

While 20 vehicles sounds like a lot, it’s fewer vehicles than you need to populate a large layout in an urban setting. It’s also hard to envision a layout where everything from a Ford Model T to a Hummer H1 fits in and looks right. To get the quantity of vehicles you need while avoiding repetition, buy multiple examples of various cars, then paint them different colors. Most steam-era vehicles came in 3-4 different colors. You can do a Google image search to get an idea of what colors these cars really came in when new.

If you avoid bunching all of your 1942 Ford sedans together and place them facing different directions on your layout, you can disguise exactly how many 1942 Fords you have.

The book Building Vehicles for Model Railroads offers ideas for assembling kits, kitbashing, and detailing model vehicles. It targets HO scale, but the techniques will work in O scale just fine.

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Scale trucks 1/48

1:48 Scale Engineering Car Alloy Model Carrier Truck Transport Trailer Model

Terms of Entry

-Limit of one entry per person

-The stock entered must have a minimum market capitalisation of A$50mil fully diluted as at date of entry

-Minimum entry age 18 years

-Eley Griffiths Group reserves the right to deem an entry invalid

-By entering this competition you agree to be added to the Eley Griffiths Group monthly newsletter. You can unsubscribe from this at any time by following the instructions in the newsletter

The Contest

-Competition entries close 5pm September 30 

-The contest will be judged from 10am Monday 1st October and conclude at ASX market close on Monday 31ST December

-The winner entry will be judged by a panel of investment experts based on relative outperformance of the ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index 

-In the event of two entrants picking the same winning stock, the first entrant by date/time will be deemed the winner

The Prize

-The masterclass will be held at a time mutually agreeable to both parties

-The competition winner can elect for a family member to attend the masterclass on his/her behalf

-Professional Investors (i.e. Fund Management Professionals) are ineligible to win the Investment Masterclass due to Privacy and Competition reasons. In the event a professional investor wins the contest, the Masterclass will be awarded to second place

-The competition winner is only eligible to receive the prize of $5,000 worth of units in the Small Companies Fund, subject to meeting the application requirements (i.e. Anti Money Laundering)

-The units in the Small Companies Fund donated as part of the prize will be funded by Eley Griffiths Group Pty Ltd

-The units in the Small Companies Fund are not transferrable

Sours: http://eleygriffithsgroup.com/Contemporary-Manufacture-Trailer-Model-Scale-Engineering-Car-893961-Toys-&-Hobbies/
IL-2 Shturmovik - Full video build 1/48 scale by ZVEZDA

Hallmark(as in greeting cards) offered a GMC/Chevy pickup truck about 8 years ago in 1:48. It had a Christmas tree in the bed and an eye hook in the roof, both were easy to remove.   Athearn offered Ford C model flat bed with removable side straight trucks and semi tractors in 1:50.DSCN5975

Ertl and Ertl(1:43) and Tootsie(1:48)

Tootsie 1

Tootsie and Tootsie (1:48), Athearn(1:50) and Ertl(1:43)


Tootsie (1:48)


Tootsie tractors with scale (96" wide, 13' 6" tall) scratch built trailers.  Trailer tires are dowel rods with starting holes drilled with a metal bit and painted to resemble wheels. Trailer bodies are from a ripped 4x4. All Tootsie semi tractors were stripped, primed and painted. Stripes on trailers are hobby or auto parts tape. Signs are cut from hobby or trade magazines and glued to the painted wood with a second coat of diluted glue over them after the undercoat dries.

K-Mart Rio Grande trailer atop K-Line flat car

K-Mart scale width and height trailer

K-Mart Weis trailer atop K-Line flat car

Scale kit trailer atop K-Line flat car


Weaver 35' trailer atop Weaver piggyback flat car.

Scale Art Models REA truck

REA truck (1 of five options) from a Scale Art kit.  Kind of rare.

Mayflower model trailer

Ertl repaint.

REA repainted Athearn trucks

Athearn Ford C (1:50) flat bed truck with sides repainted.

Tamiya '42 Ford

Internet photo of a completed Tamiya kit.  Tamiya offers scale size military trucks and automobiles.  Some Revell 1:48 kits are available

John in Lansing, ILL

Sours: https://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/topic/locating-1-48-scale-vehicles

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