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What does the laurel wreath tattoo mean?

Laurel wreath is a sign of achievement and perfection. Throughout history, laurel leaves have symbolized nobility, triumph, and victory; the famous crowns were tailored to crown the emperors of the Roman Empire and were given as a reward to warriors and outstanding athletes in ancient Greece.

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In this way, what does the laurel wreath symbolize?

It is a symbol of triumph and is worn as a chaplet around the head, or as a garland around the neck. The symbol of the laurel wreath traces back to Greek mythology. In Rome they were symbols of martial victory, crowning a successful commander during his triumph.

Likewise, why did Romans wear laurel wreaths? Emperors wore laurel wreaths. In ancient Greece and Rome, laurel wreaths were worn around the head as signs of victory in pursuits of sports, music and poetry, the realms of the god Apollo. It could also signify victory in battle, but it wasn't traditionally a daily accessory for Roman leaders.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what does it mean to be crowned with laurel?

A crown of laurels is a wreath or garland of laurel leaves worn in ancient Greek and Roman times as a symbol of victory or status. The expression "resting on his laurels" is commonly used to describe a person who is so satisfied with his past achievements that he is no longer trying to accomplish anything new.

What does a leaf tattoo mean?

Leaves as Life, Death, and Circle of Life SymbolsIt is said that a single leaf is an ancient heraldic symbol that represents happiness. However, it can represent so much more than happiness. In fact, the leaf can represent a variety of aspects of one's life as it is a symbol of life. It can also represent death.

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60 Laurel Wreath Tattoo Designs For Men – Branch Ink Ideas

What better way to show yourself as a victor among mere men than with a laurel wreath tattoo? Laurel wreaths are presented to winners of competition or other types of battle, so there’s a manly tradition to get a laurel wreath tattoo to show your manliness and aggression.

The practice of presenting laurel wreaths to victors dates back to the Greek myth of Apollo, where he was shown with a wreath on his head.

In ancient Greece, laurel wreaths were given to athletic victors, especially those who won in the Olympics. They were also given to winners at poet meets, the very first poetry slams in existence. In ancient Rome, laurel wreaths were reserved for military victors who returned from battle, making them especially badass.

In ancient depictions, they were shown to be in a horseshoe shape, however, in modern designs, these are usually complete rings in design. There are a couple of expressions that directly relate to laurels. To “rest on one’s laurels” means to rely on previous successes or victories for recognition or fame. To “look to one’s laurels” means to look forward to competition and victory.

In some areas, the laurel wreath is related to the master’s degree and is given upon completion of the degree. Also, the word “laureate” in “poet laureate” refers to the laurel wreath. All the more reason to get a sweet tattoo of it.

1. Forearm Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Inner Forearm Dagger Traditional Laurel Wreath Tattoos Male

Manly Geometric Skull With Top Hat And Laurel Wreath Tattoo Design Ideas For Men On Inner Forearm

Triangle Eye 3d Laurel Wreath Tattoo Design Ideas For Males On Forearm

Inner Forearm Dotwork Skull Laurel Wreath Guys Tattoo Designs


2. Bicep Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Unique Mens Laurel Wreath Tattoos With Arrow On Inner Arm Bicep


3. Arm Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Incredible Laurel Wreath Tattoos For Men Tricep

Guys Laurel Wreath With Arrows Arm Tattoo

Mens Laurel Wreath Tattoo Ideas On Arm

Outer Arm Tricep Male Tattoo With Laurel Wreath Design

Upper Arm Laurel Wreath Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen


4. Elbow Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Outer Forearm Laurel Wreath Guys Tattoos

Small Traditional Old School Forearm Gold Laurel Wreath Male Tattoos

Gentleman With Outer Forearm Elbow Laurel Wreath Tattoo

Masculine Laurel Wreath Tattoos For Men Outer Arm Elbow


5. Chest Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Upper Chest Laurel Wreath Tattoo Designs For Guys

Mens Laurel Wreath Tattoo Design Ideas On Chest

Collar Bone Laurel Wreath Mens Tattoo Ideas

Artistic Male Skull Laurel Wreath Chest Tattoo Ideas

Chest Sparrows Flying With Laurel Wreath Tattoo Ideas For Males

Distinctive Male Chest King Crown Laurel Wreath Tattoo Designs

Mens Cool Laurel Wreath Tattoo Ideas Upper Chest

Mens Laurel Wreath Tattoo Design Inspiration Upper Chest

Upper Chest Brass Knuckles Laurel Wreath Tattoos For Gentlemen


6. Back Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Upper Back Praying Hands Laurel Wreath Tattoos Men

Crown Laurel Wreath Laurel Wreath Male Tattoo Ideas On Back

Back Of Neck Laurel Wreath Tattoo On Men

Cool Solid Black Ink Laurel Wreath Tattoo Design Ideas For Males On Back

Mens Woodcut Eye Laurel Wreath Tattoo On Back

Upper Back Laurel Wreath Mens Tattoo Designs


7. Leg Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Below The Knee Leg Laurel Wreath Tattoo Ideas On Guys


8. Calf Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Guys Laurel Wreath Skeleton Hands Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Male Cool Laurel Wreath Brain Leg Calf Tattoo Ideas

Mens Tattoo Ideas With Laurel Wreath Design Leg Calf


9. Thigh Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Thigh Guys Tattoo Ideas Laurel Wreath Designs

Thigh Creative Laurel Wreath Tattoos For Men


10. Hand Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Amazing Mens Hand Knights Helmet Laurel Wreath Tattoo Designs

Guys Hand Quote Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Hand Simple Laurel Wreath Tattoo Design On Man

Negative Space Hand Guys Tattoos With Laurel Wreath Design


11. Finger Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Mens Tattoo Laurel Wreath Design Fingers


12. Neck Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Mens Tattoo With Laurel Wreath Design Behind The Ear

Male Laurel Wreath Tattoo Design Inspiration Traditional Old School Chest

Male Laurel Wreath Sparrow Collarbone Tattoo

Angel With Sheild And Laurel Wreath Male Neck Tattoo Ideas

Around The Neck Cool Male Laurel Wreath Tattoo Designs

Guys Laurel Wreath Rose Flower Neck Tattoo Deisgns

Male With Cool Laurel Wreath Tattoo Design Around The Neck


13. Ankle Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Ankle Laurel Wreath Guys Tattoo Ideas


14. Palm Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Palm Anvil Laurel Wreath Tattoos Guys With Black Ink Outline Design


15. Traditional Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Awesome Old School Traditional Chest Lighthouse Laurel Wreath Tattoos For Men


16. Knee Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Guy With Crying Eye Laurel Wreath Tattoo Design On Knee Cap

Knee Cap Laurel Wreath Male Tattoo Designs


17. Palm Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Remarkable Laurel Wreath Tattoos For Males On Palm


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Laurel wreath tattoo meaning is triumph, victory, and success. However, the most common meaning of laurel wreath tattoo remains victory. Very often laurel tattoo means victory over oneself, over bad qualities.

Such tattoo design is preferred by people who are used to win. Through laurel tattoo, they can show others that they are not used to lose or to remind themselves that they need to make every effort to achieve the best results.

Such a tattoo can be made on any part of the body, but most often it is preferred to be made on elbow or back. A laurel wreath tattoo also looks great on the inside of the forearm. It is a female tattoo, it looks especially beautiful on wrists and neck.

Laurel in history

In the ancient world, the laurel tree was considered as a protecting tree, and the laurel branch was used as a sprayer in the Roman sacrificial ceremonies. Being an evergreen tree, the laurels also means immortality. In this quality, the laurel trees grow on the top of Parnassus – the dwellings of muses.

Laurel is Apollo’s emblem – the Greek god of sun, poetry, and music. Nymph Daphna pursued by enamored god Apollo and she turned into a laurel bush in the god’s and the god decorated his head and lyre by the laurel wreath. On Olympic Games in Apollo’s honor, which included competitions, both in athletics and arts, the winners crowned with a laurel wreath.

The epithet “Poet-laureate” goes back to the ancient belief that the laurels are able to inspire. In portrait painting, the laurel leaf or branch specifies that the model concerns the literature or art.

Romans have extended the tradition of rewarding by a laurel wreath – the soldiers-winners. So, Julius Caesar put on the laurel wreath on all official ceremonies, and on English coins Charles I, George I, and George II, after a while and Elizabeth II also were represented with laurel wreaths. As the symbol of superiority, the laurel branches were represented in the emblems of such automobile companies, as “Alpha-Romeo”, “Fiat” and “Mercedes”.

The laurel tree was the Lorenzo Medici’s emblem (1448-1492) with the motto “Such virtue”, underlining that virtue does not wither so as the evergreen laurel.

Laurel wreath tattoo designs and ideas

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You Will Immediately Regret Your Neck Tattoo. Shayne Smith
  • Justin Bieber got a giant new tattoo on his neck.
  • It’s a laurel wreath that has a special meaning.

Ah, I think I see what Justin Bieber did here. He just announced that his new album, Changes, comes out on Valentine’s Day and he just went through a drastic change (!) and got a gigantic collarbone tattoo. Yikes, that had to be painful.

Just a few hours ago, Justin took to Instagram to post a close-up selfie and give a little preview of his newest tattoo, which looks to be a laurel wreath. And if you hop over to his Instagram Story, he showed off the full version and a Drew bathmat because why not?

Justin didn’t reveal what the tattoo means to him or when or where he got it, but the Google gods provided some insight as to what it might symbolize. (Also, there’s definitely a neck tattoo trend going on because Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato each just got one.)

According to an article from Old Dominion University describing the symbolism of laurel wreaths, they’re one of the few plants mentioned in the New Testament, so this is likely a tattoo that will remind Justin of his faith. The article went on to say that the laurel wreath, or “victor’s crown,” is “for those who persevere.”


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TBH, it makes sense that Justin would get this tat! He has been through a lot and is still going after what he wants! In fact, when he recently announced his new music and tour, he shared, “As humans, we are imperfect. My past, my mistakes, all the things that I’ve been through. I believe that I’m right where I’m supposed to be, and God has me right where he wants me.”

Anyway, that’s the latest on the Biebs! Go stream “Yummy.”

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Neck tattoo wreath

Laurel wreath tattoo around the neck

Black fern wreath tattoo inked over the neck like a necklace

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