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Gender Roles Test (For Women)

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Are you firmly rooted in the 's when it comes to your gender roles, or do you have a tendency to be more modern in your viewpoints? Are your gender roles at work different than those in your personal life? Are you attitudes in line with your emotional and behavioral reactions? This assessment will provide information about your gender roles in the personal and work domains, comfort with womanhood, whether you possess a balance of masculine and feminine traits, and the degree to which you hold feministic views.

Please answer the questions according to how you really feel. Choose the response that best reflects <i>your</i> opinion rather than what you think everyone else believes or what you think you should believe.

After finishing this test you will receive a FREE snapshot report with a summary evaluation and graph. You will then have the option to purchase the full results for $

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This test is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional diagnosis or for the treatment of any health condition. If you would like to seek the advice of a licensed mental health professional you can search Psychology Today's directory here.


Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine &#; Feminine Quiz

Gender Role Test

This truthful gender role test shows how healthy you think about genders and masculine and feminine traits. Just answer 30 personality questions to find out.

Toxic Gender Role Test – Are You Struggling with Stereotypes?

“Men should be strong,” “girls should be cute and caring,” “kind boys are gay,” “Bossy girls are a turn-off.” These are some examples of gender stereotypes that lead to harmful assumptions and generalizations. Taking the toxic gender role exposes whether you believe in such labels or not.

What is the point of taking the gender role test?

The point is to shows how modern or old-fashioned your opinions about femininity and masculinity are.

How does it work?

You will answer 30 gender- and sexuality-related questions. Each question has a specific point that helps algorithms analyze your personality. There is no right or wrong answer. So, you only need to choose the option that makes sense to you. (See below for a more detailed explanation).

Everything Wrong with Masculine & Feminine Energy Test

Gender roles have been there since However, scientific researches and studies have shown that they are more of a myth than anything else. Modern life is not supporting such outdated ideas anymore. That is why most of the BSRI quizzes on the web are no longer popular.

Here is everything wrong with a dated BSRI test.

1. It Is NOT Scientific

Dr. Bem was the first person to categorize womanly and manly traits back in the s. However, her method was not scientific at all. She interviewed students, asking them about their ideal traits. Then she narrowed down her findings into 40 main characteristics, 20 masculines, and 20 feminines.

Her research was limited to a particular area and specific population. That is not a logical method to identify eight billion people’s behaviors.

Taking an original gender role test that is based on Dr. Bem’s study is useless. It is like taking a quiz to see if the Stanford students find you manly or womanly.

2. It Is Based on Unvalued Principles

Back in , social values were different. Most societies still encouraged girls to grow as mothers—while they urged men to become working robots. So, Bem Sex-Role Inventory is only a written form of such principles. For instance, her study claims that men love to gamble and guns. And girls love poems and dancing.

Today, we have professional girl shooters all around the world. Many famous dancers around the world are men, and women are playing poker like Dan Bilzerian. Advanced societies are no longer restricting the possibilities regarding gender and stereotypes. That’s another reason why Dr. Bem’s test is impractical in the 21st century.

3. It Is Offensive

Some of the questions of the classic gender role tests are offensive. For instance, they might ask you, “do you prefer math overcooking?” If you answer yes, then you are masculine. If not, you are womanly.

It is ridiculous to assume cooking is a women-exclusive action and anyone who loves it is feminine. It is not fair to label men as individuals who are meant to be smart, hardworking, and tough.

On the other hand, there is no room for nonbinary or other genders in Bem’s studies. You are either feminine or masculine. So, it is ignoring millions of people who do not want to fall into those two categories.

Toxic Gender Role Test Is Different

QuizExpo’s toxic gender role is not the same as the classic quizzes. During this test, you answer sex-related questions. However, the goal is completely dissimilar. By the end of the test, you will realize whether your definitions of femaleness and maleness are harmful or not.

&#; It Is Modern

The QuizExpo’s gender role quiz neither includes nor promotes old-fashion beliefs. You will encounter questions that suggest such ideas. However, they are only meant to reveal your beliefs.

&#; It Has a Purpose

Knowing how feminine or masculine you are is a waste of time. It will not help you become a better person by any means. However, the Toxic Gender Role test on QuizExpo has a purpose. It helps you review your attitudes and give them the once-over. The test will tell you if you are struggling with the stereotypes or not.

&#; It Respects all genders

“There are more than two genders.” QuizExpo’s test respects all of them and values their right.

How BSRI Tests Work VS. Toxic Sex Role Quiz Work

Traditional tests work based on the original study of Dr. Sandra Bem. So, they ask you questions about the traits you like. The more “feminine” traits you like, the more female-ish you are—and vice versa. Remember, such tests use Dr. Bem’s BSRI charts as the primary reference. So, they still promote that stuff like cooking, dancing, and writing diaries while showing passion for guns, sports, and business are manly.

The Toxic Gender Role on QuizExpo works contrarily. The questions are about how you perceive the sex roles. You will not be labeled based on your hobbies and passion. Instead, you will realize whether you fall prey to the gender myths or not.

The Results of Toxic Gender Role Test

There are three possible outcomes of taking the QuizExpo’s test. You are either toxically feminine or masculine. Or you believe in equality for all genders. (See below).

Toxic Masculinity:

If you see this result, you believe men are superheroes who should not fail. People like you are still struggling with the labels and traditional roles. You think men should not show their real emotions. You also suggest that women should not be in charge of critical positions.

Toxic maleness has led to a phenomenon called Hegemonic Masculinity. It is a state of trying to keep men in power.

Toxic Femininity:

If you see this result, you are toxically female-ish. You believe that women should be praised for their beauty and charm. You also think that a man must take care of a woman’s needs and wellbeing. Unfortunately, people like you consider women like princesses, monarchs, or duchesses who cannot handle anything by themselves when there is no man around.

Toxic femininity leads to unreliable one-sided relationships in which one person is a servant, and the other is a receiver.

Healthy Gender Role:

If you this result after taking the Toxic Gender Role test, you have nothing to worry about. You believe in equal rights. And you do not fall for sex-related myths such as BSRI. People like you do not limit themselves because of their gentiles. Instead, they value their capabilities, skills, and knowledge.

Things to Know Before Taking the Test

1.   The results are private.

QuizExpo’s privacy policy is % user-friendly. We do not use or sell your results at all. The outcome is only visible to you and is removed from our servers once you leave the site.

2.   QuizExpo does not store your information.

QuizExpo does not monitor your performance during the Toxic Gender Role test.

3.   The results are entirely FREE.

Some gender role quizzes sell the full results for $ or more. However, you have FREE access to the test questions and results—and it will not change. We do not ask for your personal information such as credit card number, phone number, name, email address, etc.

4.   You can share the results with others.

There is a share button in the test result. So, you can show others how you did on the quiz via social media, email, or messengers.

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Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    The best poker players in the world are men. That's why people say gambling is man-ish.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 1
  • Question 2

    Boys who dye their hair are lame.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 2
    • Yes, they are.

    • Dying your hair has nothing to do with being lame.

    • Boys who dye their hair are not boys.

  • Question 3

    Girls do not like to do dangerous things. It's in their nature to avoid risks.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 3
    • There is no such thing as nature!

    • Girls are too fragile to do dangerous stuff.

    • It's not that they don't like it; it's that they can't.

  • Question 4

    If a girl crafts a gift for you, you are special to her. If a boy does so, he is too greedy to buy you a gift.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 4
  • Question 5

    God created only males and females. Other genders do not exist.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 5
  • Question 6

    It is kind of hot to see girls fall in love. But it is disgusting to watch two boys kiss.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 6
    • Agree

    • Slightly agree

    • Strongly disagree

  • Question 7

    In general, boys like to be heroes, and girls love to be saved by heroes.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 7
    • That is just horseshit.

    • Yes, that is true.

  • Question 8

    Girls should be valued, loved, and praised for their beauty.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 8
    • Agree

    • Disagree. Physical appearance is not enough to be praised!

    • Neutral

  • Question 9

    Shy girls are sexy.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 9
    • Agree

    • Disagree

    • Most girls are somewhat shy, anyway.

  • Question 10

    Boys do not memorize their best friends' birth date. They have nonverbal ways to show their love for their besties.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 10
    • It's just a stereotypical sentence.

    • Yes, that is true.

  • Question 11

    Girls are afraid of guns. That is why they do not like video games.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 11
    • Yes, that is true.

    • No, gender has nothing to do with that.

  • Question 12

    Cosmetic products are only for girls.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 12
    • No product has to be gender-specific

    • I cannot imagine a guy using such stuff.

    • It's a fact that women use them more than men.

  • Question 13

    Dancing is one of the sexiest things a girl does to catch others' eyes.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 13
    • A boy can do that as well.

    • Yes. Most boys fantasize about cheerleaders.

    • Yes, that is true.

  • Question 14

    Bad boys are such a turn-on.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 14
    • Yes, they are!

    • Only in movies

    • Girls love them

  • Question 15

    If men and women are not different, why most militaries are consist of men?

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 15
    • Because being equal is different from being the same.

    • Because girls are too cute to go to war

    • Because men are stronger

  • Question 16

    Girls' friendships are fake. Only real dudes know how to make lifelong friends.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 16
    • It is a foolish sentence.

    • Yes, that is true.

    • It is easier to trust boys.

  • Question 17

    If my friend comes out as homosexual, I will_________________.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 17
    • Support them

    • Makes fun of them

    • End my friendship with them

  • Question 18

    Boys who cry when they are angry are just funny.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 18
    • Crying is an emotion. (Nothing funny about it).

    • Yes, they are funny and weak.

    • Only girls cry when they are angry.

  • Question 19

    Guys do not like to show their love through words. You know they love you when they start protecting you.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 19
    • That is % true.

    • It is only a label.

    • A real man protects his family no matter what.

  • Question 20

    It is normal for a guy to playfully insult his friends. It shows how close they are.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 20
    • Definitely true.

    • Insulting others has nothing to do with gender.

  • Question 21

    Girls who act like boys are usually lesbians.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 21
    • That is a stupid assumption.

    • Yes, that is true.

  • Question 22

    Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is a profound book.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 22
    • Yes, it is.

    • It is just a sexist book.

  • Question 23

    Feminism is all about turning women against men.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 23
    • Yes, that is true.

    • No, not at all.

  • Question 24

    Let's agree that only a girl travels with a tone of luggage.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 24
    • The way you travel has nothing to do with your gender.

    • Yes, that is true.

    • Maybe.

  • Question 25

    Almost all vegetarians are female.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 25
  • Question 26

    Girls cannot live without shopping.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 26
    • Definitely yes.

    • Many girls don't care about shopping.

  • Question 27

    You can tell it is a girl's room by its decoration.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 27
  • Question 28

    Boys who like pink are weird.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 28
    • You can love whatever color you want.

    • Yes, they are.

    • Pink suites girls better, anyway.

  • Question 29

    Gender inequality is a myth.

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 29
    • No, it is a fact.

    • Yes, feminists made that up.

  • Question 30

    Girls have a peaceful childhood. But boys’ childhood is full of risky adventures

    Gender Role Test. % Truthful Masculine & Feminine Quiz 30
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  • Sours:
    gender role test ?


    This study aims to explain and analyze the influence of gender roles, Masculine and Feminine Gender Role Stress against work commitment. This research uses quantitative approach, with purposive sampling technique. The respondents were UB's administrative staff of 96 respondents. The data were collected by using questionnaires. The analysis of this study used the simultaneous significance test (F test) and Partial significance test (t test). The results of gender role deception show that male and female respondents tend to have a feminine gender role. The result of F test shows that there is influence of gender role, Masculine Gender Role Stress (MGRS), Feminine Gender Role Stress (FGRS) together with significant work commitment on male respondent, (F count> F table) F arithmetic 4, < F table 2,, and big influence 22,8%. While Sig.F 0, <0, However, the results of the female respondents in the F test did not show significant results, because (F arithmetic <F table) F arithmetic <F table , with a large influence of %. From the result of t-test, the significant result is only evidenced from the influence of gender role on work commitment (sign 0,) on male respondent. While the result of MGRS sera FGRS test on work commitment both on male and female respondents did not show significant result. Nevertheless, the measurements of MGRS and FGRS indicate an indication of stress on male and female respondents. In other words, masculine and feminine stereotypes are one source of stress and problems in both male and female respondents.


    Test gender role


    The Gender Roles Test


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