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    • The popular Netflix movie 365 Dni (or 365 Days) is based on a book series by Blanka Lipińska.
    • The movie ends with a cliffhanger that threatens Massimo (Michele Morrone) and Laura's (Anna Maria Sieklucka) future together.
    • Does Laura survive the ending of 365 Dni? The books by Blanka Lipinska give away the ending, along with other spoilers.

    365 Dni (or 365 Days) is one of the most popular movies on Netflix—and certainly one of the most conversation-starting, as well. In the romantic thriller, a Polish woman named Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) is kidnapped by Massimo, a Sicilian mobster (Michele Morrone) bent on seducing her.

    By the end of the film, Massimo's dastardly plan has actually worked. Laura is enamored, and set to walk down the aisle with her brawny kidnapper—until an assassination attempt threatens their future.

    If you've seen 365 Dni on Netflix, then you know the movie's cliffhanger is just one of its many lingering, plot-related questions. Luckily, the resolution to 365 Dni's ending is found in the book trilogy by Blanka Lipińska, which inspired the movie.

    Based on the novels, Laura survives the ending of 365 Dni. In fact, Laura has two more books of madness to survive. Lipińska's trilogy, which has been compared to50 Shades of Greyby E.L. James, has more twists in store for Laura and Massimo—including secret twins, heart transplants, and manipulative games of one-upmanship. Below, we'll spoil them all.

    What happens to Laura at the end of 365 Dni?

    By the movie's end, Laura has come around to Massimo's vision of their relationship. She's pregnant and wearing an engagement ring fit for a billionaire's wife. After a jaunt to buy a wedding dress, Olga and Laura are returning to Massimo's Sicilian fortress (read: prison).

    That's when Mario (Bronislaw Wroclawski), Massimo's consigliere, gets the call: Someone has put out an assassination attempt on Laura. Did Massimo's ex-lover, Anna (Natasza Urbanska, who is literally credited as "Massimo's ex-lover"), follow through on her threats? Or are Massimo's enemies behind the attack? And why does Mario get a warning—is he double-crossing his fire-eyed boss?

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    Either way, Laura loses cell phone service before Mario can warn her. The movie ends with the strongest evidence that Massimo feels conventional emotion: He sinks to the ground, screaming. It's unclear whether or not Laura's black SUV emerges from the coastal tunnel unharmed.

    Were assassins waiting in the tunnel? Kidnappers? Cave trolls? We don't know! If Laura, indeed, is killed in that coastal tunnel, then everyone else in the 365 Dni universe should be quaking with fear. 365 Dni could easily become the two-hour-long backstory of a revenge film about a craven, but undeniably handsome, man tracking down everyone who wronged his true love.

    However, based on the fact that it's based on a book series, we can assume Laura does survive.

    The books give us a clue about Laura and Massimo's future.

    365 Dni is based on a series of Polish-language books by Blanka Lipińska. For their BDSM-laced sex scenes and their glowering billionaire romantic lead, the series is often referred to as Poland's 50 Shades of Grey.The first two books, 365 Dni (365 Days) andTen dzień (That Day), were both published in 2018. The third and final book, Kolejne 365 dni (Another 365 Days), came out in 2019.

    365 dni by Blanka Lipińska


    The completed trilogy is teemingwith spoilers about Laura and Massimo's future. The biggest, and most obvious, reveals that Laura lives and their relationship remains highly problematic.

    Lipińska's books are set within a few months of each other. Ten Dzién picks up exactly where 365 Dni left off. Laura survives the assassination attempt, and continues on her (perhaps ill-advised) mission to marry and start a family with Massimo. Even the book summary expresses skepticism with Laura's decision-making.

    "Everything would be perfect, if not for the fact that gangsters are all around, crime hangs in the air, someone is constantly trying to kidnap and kill her, and her best friend Olga blindly follows in her footsteps. Being the wife of the most dangerous man in Sicily has its consequences and Laura will find this out painfully," the summary reads, per Newsweek's translation.

    The second book furthers the supporting characters' storylines. Lipińska reveals Massimo's evil British twin, Adriano, like a soap opera trope magic trick—ta da! Unsurprisingly, Olga and Domenico, bond over their nature as side kicks and start dating.

    But the real action comes in Laura and Massimo's ever-upsetting relationship. Laura is kidnapped by another aesthetically pleasing, but morally reprehensible man: Marcelo "Nacho" Matos. We're sorry to report that Laura also "falls for" her latest kidnapper, leading to a twisted love triangle.

    The third book got fans angry.

    Judging by the Goodreads page, which is peppered with scathing one-star reviews, fans of the series are devastated by the series' ending.

    Among the third book's plot progressions? Laura has a miscarriage. She struggles with alcohol addiction. She requires a heart transplant, and Nacho—her second mob boss boyfriend—procures the heart. Massimo kills Laura's dog, which she named Prada, and sends it to her in a box. Massimo kidnaps her again and tries to get her pregnant. In the end, Laura runs away with Nacho and becomes pregnant with his child.

    With disturbing twist after twist, Kolejne 365 dni subverts the notion that 365 Dni series is a love story at all (because it's not). While Massimo is framed as a romantic lead, his behavior in Kolejne 365 dniis a reminder of his rotten core. In the end, he turns out to be a possessive, vindictive partner, incapable of change. Lipińska seems to relish in plotting his downfall.


    There will be a movie sequel, right?

    Yes! The sequel to 365 Days was supposed to begin production in Sicily in August, according to an Instagram Live with stars Anna Maria Sieklucka and Magdalena Lamparska, per Newsweek. However, production was delayed due to the coronavirus.

    We could think about how the pandemic might affect the quality of the sequel's steamy scenes, but we are definitively choosing not to. Fingers crossed for another yacht scene—if you know, you know. 'Til then, we'll bookmark Morrone's Instagram page.

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    Spoilers for 365 Dni ahead. One of the most popular movies on Netflix right now? 365 Dni (365 Days), a Polish erotic drama film that's equal parts steamy and problematic. And boy, do I have a lot of questions! If you haven't seen the film, get ready for two hours of pure chaotic bliss filled with hot sex scenes, a questionable wig choice, and a story so crazy, it's actually kind of compelling. The movie is based on a trilogy of Polish-language books by Blanka Lipińska, and follows a Polish woman named Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka).

    The plot is this: Anna gets kidnapped by Massimo, a Sicilian mobster (Michele Morrone), who gives her a year to fall in love with him. So, like, a totally healthy relationship! The ending of the film leaves us on a pretty big cliffhanger: Post-wedding dress shopping, newly pregnant Laura and her best friend Olga (Magdalena Lamparska) are heading back to Massimo's place when Mario (Bronislaw Wroclawski), Massimo's right-hand-man, gets a call that someone has put out an assassination attempt on Laura.


    365 dni by Blanka Lipinska


    Everyone tries to get hold of them to tell them to get out of the car, but Laura goes into a tunnel and loses cell service. The next shot is of that very same tunnel—police cars are parked outside of it, and then the screen cuts to black. (I screamed for, like, three minutes.) So, what happens next? Thankfully, all three books of the trilogy have been released, and give us a literary glimpse into Laura's fate.

    Laura is alive!

    Shocker: The protagonist lives! According to the second installment of the series, Ten Dzién ("This Day"), the book picks up where 365 Dni left off. The book starts with Massimo finding out about Laura’s pregnancy. As they try and leave their past behind them to start a family and get married, they face obstacles: Laura gets kidnapped (again!), by a guy named Marcelo "Nacho" Matos. Naturally, because she's only human and perhaps has a touch of Stockholm syndrome, she "falls for" her latest kidnapper, which establishes the trilogy's love triangle.


    The book ends with Laura getting shot when Massimo tries to rescue her, and he's left deciding whether to save her or their baby. It's also revealed that Massimo has an evil twin, and...he's British. I would love to dive into how that's possible, but I'll save that for another day.

    Will there be a second movie based on the book?

    I hate to be the girl to break it to you, but the sequel to 365 Dni was also one of the films forced to halt production due to coronavirus. In an Instagram Live with Anna Maria Sieklucka and Magdalena Lamparska, according to Newsweek, the sequel to 365 Dni was supposed to begin production in Sicily in August.


    The movie may look a little bit different now due to COVID-19 precautions, but I'm going to stop thinking about that for now. Instead, perhaps I'll reflect on Massimo saying, "Are you lost, baby girl?" as I wait for the sequel. Either that or re-watching the yacht scene. If you know, you know!

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    Michele Morrone - Hard For Me (Official Music Video)

    365 Days (2020 film)

    2020 Polish film

    365 Days
    365 Dni film poster.png

    Theatrical release poster

    Polish365 Dni
    Directed by
    • Barbara Białowąs
    • Tomasz Mandes
    Screenplay by
    Based on365 Dni
    by Blanka Lipińska
    Produced by
    • Maciej Kawulski
    • Ewa Lewandowska
    • Tomasz Mandes
    CinematographyMateusz Cierlica
    Edited byMarcin Drewnowski
    Music by
    • Michał Sarapata
    • Mateusz Sarapata


    • Ekipa Sp. z o.o.
    • Future Space
    • Next Film
    • TVN
    Distributed byNext Film

    Release date

    • 7 February 2020 (2020-02-07) (Poland)

    Running time

    114 minutes
    Box office$9.5 million[1]

    365 Days (Polish: 365 Dni) is a 2020 Polish eroticromantic drama film directed by Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes. It is based on the first novel of a trilogy by Blanka Lipińska.[2][3][4] The plot follows a young woman from Warsaw in a spiritless relationship falling for a dominant Sicilian man, who imprisons and imposes on her a period of 365 days for which to fall in love with him. It stars Michele Morrone as Don Massimo Torricelli and Anna-Maria Sieklucka as Laura Biel.

    The film was released theatrically in Poland on 7 February 2020 and was later made available on Netflix on 7 June 2020,[5] quickly gaining global attention.[3][5][6] It was one of the most watched items in numerous territories on multiple continents, and had one of the longest periods as the most watched item in Netflix's history in the United States.

    Despite its popularity, the film received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics, who criticized it for its perceived glorification of the Mafia and heavy use of sex sequences that included sexual violence, drawing comparisons to the Fifty Shades Trilogy.[7] Two sequels are in production.


    After a meeting between the Torricelli Sicilian Mafiacrime family and black market dealers, Massimo Torricelli watches a beautiful woman on a beach and talks with his father, the mafia boss. Suddenly, the dealers shoot Massimo and his father; Massimo survives while his father dies from his injuries.

    Five years later, Massimo is the leader of the Torricelli crime family. In Warsaw, Laura Biel is unhappy in her relationship with her boyfriend, Martin. Laura celebrates her 29th birthday in Italy with Martin and her best friend Olga, but after Martin visits Etna without her, she goes for a walk and runs into Massimo, who kidnaps her.

    At his villa, Massimo reveals to Laura that she was the woman at the beach five years ago and that when he was injured, all he could think about was her. After searching for years and finally spotting her, he kidnapped her, intending to keep her as a prisoner for 365 days in the hopes that she will fall in love with him. He also promises her that he will not have sex with her without her consent while he is physically aggressive towards her.

    As they spend time together, Laura teases him and then refuses to have sex with him. At a hotel in Rome, she begins to tease him again and he cuffs her to the bed. Massimo then makes Laura watch him receive oral sex from another woman. Afterward, he claims he is going to penetrate her but changes his mind and orders her to get dressed for a club.

    At the club, Laura flaunts herself for Massimo and his friends, angering him. When she begins to flirt with a man from the rival mafia family, the man gropes her. Massimo draws his weapons and Laura is taken out of the club. The following morning, she awakens on a yacht to Massimo and his fellow mafioso, Mario, arguing. Massimo confesses that he shot the man's hand who had groped Laura, inciting a war between the two families. Laura attempts to apologize, but Massimo blames her for the incident. They argue and Laura falls into the water and starts to panic. Massimo jumps in to save her. When she regains consciousness, he admits he was scared she might not make it and does not want to lose her. Laura begins to fellate Massimo and the two engage in sex, anal and oral, repeatedly.

    Later that evening, Massimo and Laura attend a masquerade ball, where a woman named Anna threatens Laura. Massimo reveals that he dated Anna, told her that he would leave if he found Laura and did so when he recognized Laura at the airport.

    After the ball, Massimo and Laura have sex again. He tells her he is sending her to visit her loved ones in Warsaw and promises to join her after finishing up business. He then tells her he loves her.

    On the car ride to the airport, Domenico, another one of Massimo's mafiosos, tried to reassure a nervous Laura that Anna won't hurt her, but gets a phone call, tells Laura to wait in Warsaw and rushes away.

    In Warsaw, Laura waits for Massimo for days with no contact. She reconnects with Olga and they go clubbing. She runs into Martin, who says he has been looking for her to apologize. He attempts to convince her to reconcile and follows her back to her apartment, where Massimo is unexpectedly waiting. Martin leaves and Laura and Massimo have sex. When Laura opens his shirt, she discovers his wounds from the ongoing conflict. She confesses to him that she loves him. The following morning, Massimo proposes and she accepts. However, she asks him to keep his "occupation" a secret from her parents.

    Back in Italy, Mario informs Massimo of rising tensions. Laura mentions feeling unwell but brushes off seeing a doctor. They discuss their upcoming wedding that her family is not allowed to attend, as she does not want them to discover what Massimo does. However, Massimo allows Olga to come as Laura's bridesmaid. When Olga visits, Laura reveals she is pregnant. Olga urges her to tell Massimo about the pregnancy. Laura calls him and asks if they can talk after dinner. Meanwhile, Mario receives a phone call from a Torricelli informant that the rival mafia family is about to kill Laura. Laura's car enters a tunnel but does not come out the other side. Mario rushes to find Massimo just as Laura's call drops. Realizing the implications, Massimo breaks down. A police car blocks the entrance of the tunnel.



    The film scenes were primarily shot in Poland (Warsaw, Krakow and Niepołomice) and in Italy (Sanremo).[9]


    The film's theme song "Feel It",[10] along with the songs "Watch Me Burn", "Dark Room" and "Hard for Me", are sung by Morrone. The songs "I See Red," "Give Em Hell" and "Wicked Ways" were sung by Everybody Loves an Outlaw, a.k.a. Bonnie and Taylor Sims.[11] "I See Red" made #1 on Spotify's Viral 50 chart in the US, with "Hard for Me" also in the top 5.[11] Morrone and Everybody Loves an Outlaw entered the top 10 of Rolling Stone's Breakthrough 25 Chart.[11]


    365 Days was released in Poland on 7 February 2020, grossing $9 million.[1] In the United Kingdom, the film received a limited theatrical release on 14 February 2020, and grossed $494,181,[1] before premiering on Netflix in June 2020.[12]


    The film made the top three most viewed items on Netflix in numerous territories, including Germany, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Romania, South Africa, Portugal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Mauritius, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Malaysia, and the United States.[13][14] It was the first movie to have two multiday periods as Netflix's #1 movie in the US: it was #1 for 4 days, then replaced in that position by Da 5 Bloods, but then, 3 days later, returned to #1. The film has thus had 10 days as #1, the second highest in the chart's history.[15]

    365 Days drew parallels with the 2015 erotic drama Fifty Shades of Grey.[16][12][17][18] It was criticised for romanticising kidnapping and rape.[19][20][21][22]Review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes collected 16 reviews and identified 0% of them as positive, with an average rating of 1.9/10.[23]

    Jessica Kiang of Variety described the film as "a thoroughly terrible, politically objectionable, occasionally hilarious Polish humpathon".[24]The Guardian, after citing other media – "Variety called it 'dumber-than-hair'. Cosmopolitan labelled it 'the worst thing I've ever seen'" – highlights the film's "dismal dialogue", poor character development and unsexy sex scenes.[25]

    On June 17, 2020, Collectif Soeurcières, a French feminist collective, started an online petition through Change.org, addressing Netflix France, to pull the film from streaming availability. As of August 16, it gained 40,000 signatures.[26] On July 2, 2020, singer Duffy wrote an open letter, addressing Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, criticizing the film for glamorizing sexual violence. "This should not be anyone's idea of entertainment, nor should it be described as such, or be commercialized in this manner", she said.[27] After this, another Change.org petition, initiated by social media influencer Mikayla Zazon, gained over 70,000 signatures.[28] On July 8, 2020, PTC president Timothy F. Winter requested Netflix to remove the film from the platform.[29]


    In March 2021, the film was nominated for six Golden Raspberry Awards, including Worst Picture, becoming the second foreign-language film to be nominated for Worst Picture after Italy's Pinocchio (2002).[30]


    Plans for a sequel, titled This Day, were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[32] In May 2021, it was reported that Netflix had started filming two sequels concurrently, with several cast members returning.[33] Morrone, Sieklucka and Lamparska are all confirmed as returning.[34] The titles of the sequels are currently referred to as 365 Days Part 2 and 365 Days Part 3.[35][36]


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