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di·​sas·​ter|\ di-ˈza-stərHow to pronounce disaster (audio), -ˈsa-How to pronounce disaster (audio)\

1: a sudden calamitous event bringing great damage, loss, or destructionnatural disasters

2: someone or something that is very bad: such as

a: someone or something that is extremely unsuccessfulThe wedding reception was a complete disaster.Brilliant at maths and languages, she was a disaster in physical education …— Derek Scally

b: someone or something that has a very bad effect or resultThe new coach was a disaster for the team."… for the average person, when unemployment strikes, it is a disaster for them. …"— Peggy NashThe Battle of Fort Washington took place at the north end of Manhattan Island. It was an unmitigated disaster.— John F. Di LeoIt can be tough to tell, though, whether an investment is solid or a financial disaster waiting to happen.— Katie Brockman… the police chief … warned colleagues of the potential for a deadly accident. And … the editor of a major … magazine said it was a recipe for disaster.— Patrick KingsleyThese negative reviews aren't the end of the world, but they can spell disaster for your business unless you know how to properly respond.— Amine Rahal

c: someone who is in a very agitated emotional state : wreck"… I cried like a baby and kind of had a breakdown. I really just lost it. The weekend after we wrapped, I was a disaster. …"— Alex Borstein

d: someone or something that is in a very disordered state or condition : messThe house is a complete disaster.I got caught in the rain and showed up looking like a disaster.

3obsolete, occult : an unfavorable aspect (see aspectsense 2a) of a planet or star

Sours: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/disaster
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‘Chernobyl’ and the other pronunciations no one could agree on in 2019


Appearance: Kind of a mess.

Location: The tip of your tongue.

Really? I thought it was near the city of Pripyat in northern Ukraine. You must be thinking of Chernobyl, the scene of the nuclear disaster in 1986. I’m talking about the word itself.

Ah. And why are you doing that? Because the US Captioning Company says it has caused the biggest pronunciation problems of 2019, thanks to the hit series on HBO.

Don’t tell me. People have been calling it the Chernobyl “nucular” disaster, haven’t they? Mercifully, not that I know of. But there have been some CHAIR-no-bils and CHER-nobbles.

Instead of ... Chair-NOH-bil, of course!

Um, yeah. Of course. Then there is the aspiring Democratic candidate for president, Pete Buttigieg.

Oh God. That guy. I’m praying he won’t win, mainly so I can avoid having to say his surname. At least you know where you stand with “Trump”. Well, just in case, it’s BUHT-ij-ij. Or “BOOT-edge-edge”, as he puts it.

Yeah. I imagine he gets a lot of practice doing that. Any more pronunciations I need to know about? Well, it’s Megan ra-PEE-noh, not Megan RAP-in-oh, as the president of the US Soccer Federation called her.

I see. Although footballers are always difficult. British commentators must have been worried when Spurs signed Tanguy Ndombele. You mean TONG-ghee n-DOM-bell-ay?

Yeah, him. Then we come to Greta Thunberg.

No, wait, I know this! The “h” is a trap. She’s a secret TOON-berg, isn’t she? Nope. It’s TOON-bairyeh.

What the actual … The “g” on the end makes a soft, gurgly sound.

Those Swedes are nothing but trouble! You’ll be telling me that Abba had singers called Björn ol-VEH-os and Agnetha FELT-skoyeh next. Sure. Something like that.

Look. I know we all like to be cleverer than the next person, but is it really fair to expect people to pronounce all foreign languages correctly? Why not?

Well, you would sound a bit of an idiot saying Pa-REE, Musk-VA and Bare-LEEN instead of Paris, Moscow and Berlin, wouldn’t you? Yes – a correct idiot.

That’s the worst kind. And proud of it.

Do say: “Actually, since the power plant is in Ukraine, shouldn’t we use the Ukrainian place name, which is chor-NOH-bil?”

Don’t say: “Actually, Russian was in effect the official language of Ukraine when the power plant was built, which means that it was still called chair-NOH-bil at the time of the disaster.”

Sours: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/shortcuts/2019/dec/11/how-to-pronounce-chernobyl-tricky-words-2019

Pronunciation disaster


From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisasterdi‧sas‧ter /dɪˈzɑːstə $ dɪˈzæstər/ ●●●S3W3 noun [countable, uncountable]1DISASTERa suddenevent such as a flood, storm, or accident which causes great damage or suffering → catastropheOne hundred and twenty people died in China’s worst air disaster.the economic consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disasterdisaster forThe oil spill was a disaster for Alaskan sea animals.The 1987 hurricane was the worst natural disaster to hit England for decades.Their expedition nearly ended in disaster, when one of the climbers slid off the mountain.The drought could spell disaster for wildlife.Disaster struck when two men were killed during their parachute jumps.The peace process was on the brink of disaster.Luckily the pilot saw the other plane just in time, and a disaster was narrowly averted.► see thesaurus at accident2FAILsomething that is very bad or a failure, especially when this is very annoying or disappointingsomething is a complete/total/disasterBecause of the weather, the parade was a total disaster.The evening was an unmitigated disaster (=a complete failure).disaster forThe cuts in funding will be a disaster for the schools.Five small boys on skis is a recipe for disaster (=is very likely to end badly).COLLOCATIONS – Meaning 1: a sudden event such as a flood, storm, or accident which causes great damage or sufferingADJECTIVES/NOUN + disaster a natural disaster (=caused by nature)In recent years there has been an increase in weather-related natural disasters.an ecological/environmental disaster (=causing great damage to nature)This region is facing an ecological disaster as a result of toxic waste.an air/rail disaster (=an air or rail accident)The crash was the worst rail disaster in Pakistan’s history.a nuclear disaster (=an accident involving nuclear power or weapons)A conflict could get out of hand and degenerate into nuclear disaster.a terrible disasterIt was a terrible disaster which carried away a large part of the hillside.verbsa disaster strikes (=happens suddenly)Congress often gives millions of dollars in foreign aid when natural disasters strike.prevent/avert a disasterThey called for an international programme to prevent the disaster happening again.disaster + NOUNa disaster area/zone (=area where a disaster has happened)Military planes flew food supplies to the disaster area.disaster relief (=money, food, clothes etc for people in a disaster area)an emergency appeal for disaster reliefa disaster victim (=someone who is suffering because of a disaster)Aid is being given to the disaster victims.THESAURUSdisaster a sudden event such as an accident, or a natural event such as a flood or storm, which causes great damage or suffering200 people died in the train disaster.The earthquake was the worst natural disaster to hit India for over 50 years.catastrophe a terrible event in which there is a lot of destruction, damage, suffering, or death over a wide area of the worldA large comet hitting the Earth would be a catastrophe.We don’t want another nuclear catastrophe like Chernobyl.Scientists say that the oil spill is an ecological catastrophe.tragedy a very sad event, that shocks people because it involves deathIt was a tragedy that he died so young.the AIDS tragedy in Africadebacle an event or situation that is a complete failure and is very embarrassingThe opening ceremony turned into a debacle.The team is hoping to do better this game, after last week’s debacle against the Chicago Bears.natural disastersearthquake a sudden shaking of the Earth’s surface that often causes a lot of damageA powerful earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.It was the biggest earthquake to hit the Pacific Northwest for 52 years.flood a very large amount of water that covers an area that is usually dryBangladesh has been hit by a series of devastating floods (=very bad floods).The crisis began with floods that covered one third of the countryside.drought a long period of dry weather when there is not enough water for plants and animals to liveThe country experienced its worst drought this century.In East Africa, three years of drought have left 10 million people in urgent need of food and water.famine a situation in which a large number of people have little or no food for a long time and many people diePoor harvests led to famine.4,000,000 people are threatened by famine in northern Ethiopia.hurricane a storm that has very strongfastwinds and that moves over water – used about storms in the NorthAtlanticOceanextreme weather such as hurricanesHurricane Andrew left southern Florida in ruins.typhoon a violenttropical storm – used about storms in the WesternPacific OceanA typhoon has hit the Philippines, lifting roofs off houses and uprooting trees.tsunami a very large wave, caused by extremeconditions such as an earthquake, which can cause a lot of damage when it reacheslandThousands of people were killed in the tsunami.Many Pacific earthquakes have generated tsunamis.COLLOCATIONS – Meaning 2: something that is very bad or a failure, especially when this is very annoying or disappointingadjectivesa complete/total disasterLast Saturday’s game was a complete disaster for our team.a financial/economic/military etc disasterThe project was a financial disaster.a national disasterThe Labour Party called the new government 'a national disaster'.a personal disasterI’d taken some professional risks and survived a few personal disasters.an unmitigated disaster (=a complete failure)The $24,000,000 movie was an unmitigated disaster.a potential disaster (=one that could happen)Always save a backup copy of your work to avoid potential disasters.an impending disaster (=one that is going to happen soon)She had a sense of impending disaster.verbsend in disasterBy the late 1990s his career had ended in disaster.spell disaster (=cause something to end badly or fail)Bad luck and the recession spelt disaster for her business.phrasesbe on the brink of disaster (=be almost ending in a very bad way)Once again the peace process was on the brink of disaster.be a recipe for disaster (=be a situation that is very likely to end badly)If you get married too young, it’s a recipe for disaster.something is a disaster waiting to happen (=used to say that something is bad and will fail)The government’s educational reforms are a disaster waiting to happen.Examples from the Corpusdisaster• The Los Alamos area was officially declared a disaster area after the forestfires there in May.• I'd invite you in, but my place is a disaster.• Generalconsensus is the meeting was a disaster.• At least 264 people died, in one of the worstcivilianairdisasters of all time.• The crashMonday is the latest in a long line of air disasters in West Africa.• The Challenger disastercost the lives of seven astronauts, and set back the nation's spaceprogram for years.• But if they do not leave, he said, ecologicaldisaster could be as little as five or 10 years away.• The city has emergencyplans for dealing with a majordisaster such as a rail crash.• Natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes are commonoccurrences in California.• No disaster, and the wrecking of this ship is a disaster, justifies you to act stupidly.• The 1986 nucleardisaster in Chernobyl spreadradiationworldwide.• Shawcross raises these questions within the context of disasterrelief but they have a broadersetting.• Our currenteconomicpolicy has the makings of disaster.• Staff here say that would spelldisaster for hundreds of alcoholics.• Despite the glossypackaging he ruined Labour's chances last time and he is set to repeat the disaster.• The party was a totaldisaster.• The local people are used to coping with disaster.disaster ... averted• Fortunesmiled on me that night, and what could have been a disaster was averted.• After disaster had been averted, the firemen would go to play at the bandstand.• Financialdisaster was temporarily averted when Barnato put his money in and replaced Bentley as chairman in 1926.• For disaster narrowly averted and for disaster to come if she showed any mercy.• A secondjetdisaster was narrowly averted in Bogota on Thursday.• We believe that both these disasters could be averted if the approach we have outlined were adopted widely.• Total disaster had been averted, channels of communication had been established, and there were foundations on which to build.is a recipe for disaster• A plentifulsupply of anything is a recipe for disaster.• This, of course, is a recipe for disaster, her attempts to please meeting with a steadystream of rebuffs.From Longman Business Dictionarydisasterdi‧sas‧ter /dɪˈzɑːstədɪˈzæstər/ noun [countable, uncountable]1a sudden event such as a flood, storm, or accident which causes great damage or suffering100 people died in the mining disaster.Hurricane Katrina was the worst natural disaster ever to hit New Orleans.2a complete failureDisaster could strike if the company is outbid by many of its expected rivals for the franchise.What is good news for shoppers can be a disaster for share- holders.Origindisaster(1500-1600)Frenchdésastre, from Italiandisastro, from astro“star” (from the idea of luck coming from the stars)
Sours: https://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/disaster
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