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Is a Bob Haircut Still in Style?

A bob haircut is forever a classic and trendy haircut for women. It’s versatility gives it an edge over other hairstyles. If you are looking for something simple, all-time and trendy, a bob haircut is one of your best bets.

This ever-popular haircut requires your hair to be voluminous and textured. You shouldn’t worry even if you he scanty hair, there’s always different ways to achieve a bob haircut.

What Is A Bob Haircut?

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Bob haircut also known as a bob, or a bob cut is a short-medium length haircut that requires cutting the hair straight to the chin or jaw and curving the tips. It’s original accompanied by a bang (fringe).

Bob hairstyles are versatile and beautiful in every way. It’s a haircut that can transform your entire look and style. Bob hair cut comes in various lengths and volumes. It can be medium length to super short.

And also, you can add other things from color choices to edgy elements. Bob cut hairstyles have proven to be beautiful no matter the color.

Why is it called Bob Haircut?

The name bob haircut can be first traced to 20th century when Jeanne D’Arc defied odds to cut her hair into a bob. Bob haircuts weren’t welcomed in the society which made women who decided to have the haircut look rebellious. Bobbed hair grew in popularity, and during World War II, women who worked as medics had to cut their hair since they couldn’t take care of it. It wasn’t also medically advisable to carry such long hair, so they had to cut their hair into a bob.

Bob cut hairstyles have grown to be widely accepted by women of different races. It has grown above one style into several sleek and elegant versions.

These haircuts are more attuned to a business professional who has a certain elegance to maintain. These variations of the cut are often worn by business executives who are in fierce competition for high-end jobs.

The Most Popular Bob Variations In 2021

Just so you know the truth, the world of bob is so diverse and multi-faceted that there's an option for every woman. Since this haircut offers you great freedom of choice, there's no way you won't find a perfect idea for you. Based on your preferences, hair type, and facial features, you can choose a haircut that will soon become your signature look. Now, let's have a look at the most popular variations of bob haircuts.

Classic Bob

The classic bob is quite different from other bob haircuts. So, what is a Classic Bob? The classic bob haircut is a bob that all the sides have the same length, and it’s slightly above the chin. The ends are slightly razored to achieve a curvy shape for the edges. By so doing, the haircut frames the face on both sides, beautifying your cheeks.

For a more balanced look the hairstylist spices up the bob with slight graduation at the front piece. They are a couple of millimeters longer than the rest of the hair, which creates a voluminous round silhouette.

Stacked Bob

The difference between stacked bob and the traditional one is that the latter is just jaw-length bob, while the former is also stacked at the nape, hence the name. You get the angled haircut with a longer front and shorter curved back. Because it's layered, this stacked hairstyle gains a lot of volume and texture. While the stacked cut is similar to the A-line bob, there are a few clear differences. The stacked effect starts at the back, which is to be done very precisely. Also, it is crucial to choose a stylist who is familiar and experienced in cutting this style, because it’s a style that isn’t easily perfected.

A-line Bob

Not so different from a stacked bob, the A-line bob follows the same graduated pattern. However, it varies in length, and its name implies the perimeter of the haircut. Also, A-line cuts feature sharp angles at the front, which allows having a nicely-shaped and precise body at any length. This haircut is a perfect option for those who don't want to go too short while having a well-balanced modern look.

Asymmetrical Bob

Everything is pretty simple: one side is longer, and the other is shorter. However, this simple trick can drastically change one's appearance with its visual magic of drawing attention from prominent facial features. An asymmetrical bob can be as short or long as you please. On top of that, you can always regulate the contrast of length, adjusting every side to the preferrable shape.

Layered Bob

You have probably heard about the beautifying layers. Well, the variety of bob haircuts doesn't stand still, so you can see lots of enviable layered bob haircuts. It's a bob that features layers. For example, it can be a classic bob with long layers throughout the body for an additional volume. Or, it can be a stacked bob with short and sharp layers creating a textured finish. At the same time, you can combine many different layers, as well as many different bobs, to create a custom look.

Pixie Bob

The timeless combination of two trendy cuts - a pixie and a bob will always be a crowd-pleaser. As the name suggests, this cut embraces the best features of two popular haircuts, producing a volumetric masterpiece. The sides and back are cut pretty short, cascading to a voluminous top. As for the top and the crown, it features long layers of a bob. Due to the voluminous body and face-framing front, this haircut will be a nice choice for everyone seeking balanced stylish looks.

And the good news is, all bob haircuts require little maintenance. Once the hair is cut to the proper specifications, all you need to style your hair is a couple of well-chosen hair products. The option to straighten or add curls is totally up to the wearer and her time constraints. No matter which hairstyle you choose, this cut allows for styling variations to suit every taste and situation possible.

Celebrity Choices

Bobs leave women from all over the world speechless. Well, celebrities are no exception! See the popular looks on famous ladies to get inspired for the next salon appointment!

Julie Bowen: Wavy Choppy Bob

Credit photo: Jaguar PS/Shutterstock

Julie Bowen knows that a woman can’t go wrong with a wavy choppy bob. First of all, the choppy ends can lift the whole body and make it appear fuller. Secondly, the wavy silhouette can work on one’s face shape: these slight waves frame the actress’s square face, making the overall look perfectly balanced.

Anna Faris: Layered & Messy Medium Bob

Credit photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Some messiness won’t hurt the premiere look, right? Anna Faris decided to amaze cameras with an absolutely effortless, yet very beautifying look. Her layers give a nice lift to the crown, and the tousled silhouette enhances the volumetric effect.

Molly Quinn: Blunt Bob With Curved Ends

Credit photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Molly Quinn shows how a perfect blunt bob looks like. The style is so flattering because it goes awesome with her hair texture. Not only does the cut whips her thick hair into shape but it also accentuates the beauty of her hair type.

Rihanna: Inverted Sleek Bob

Credit photo: Everett Collection/Shutterstock

Well, it’s no secret that Rihanna was the one who has made an inverted sleek bob a huge trend of now. The pointed edges of the asymmetrical body nicely hide such flaws as the broad forehead and chubby cheeks, thus giving a chic and slim appearance.

Credit photo: s_bukley/Shutterstock

A side part + wavy styling = a hairstyle that can wash away all thin hair problems. Well, looking at Ellen Pompeo, it’s hard to believe that she has any troubles: the focus is brought to the voluminous waves that gently fall on her face, giving it a slight framing touch.

Kirsten Dunst: Bob Cut With Blunt Ends

Credit photo: Everett Collection/Shutterstock

Kirsten Dunst has simply mastered hiding her thin hair. This simple bob with blunt ends that curve at the chin a bit gives the needed balance of length and thickness, creating a nice and pretty full silhouette.

Morena Baccarin: Shaggy Chin-Length Bob

Credit photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Ladies who have the same hair type as Morena Baccarin should never pass by shaggy chin-length bob haircuts. Such a length gives her texture more room for the lift and bounces while the layers add a lot of pleasant movement to the cut.

Credit photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Emma Watson changes lots of hairstyles and haircuts throughout her diverse career. And this is how a simple but feminine haircut plays a role of her premiere look: the straight bob is kept super voluminous despite the sleek styling, and a subtle side part serves as a nice finish for the minimalist style.

Cardi B: Long Angled Bob Haircut

Credit photo: Eugene Powers/Shutterstock

Cardi B loves to impress her fans with outrageous hair colors, asymmetrical haircuts, and dramatic hairstyles. But this time she decided to go pretty girly. This long, middle-parted bob looks ravishing on her thick black hair. Needless to say, the angled body of the cut is just to die for!

Marion Cotillard: Shoulder-Length Blunt Bob

Credit photo: magicinfoto/Shutterstock

Marion Cotillard always looks flawless, whatever hairstyle or makeup she shows up with. And this medium blunt bob styled a bit messily isn’t an exception. Such bob haircuts are designed to make a woman feel comfy with her hair while having a natural look.

Who Does A Bob Haircut Look Best On?

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With the right attitude, meaning style, a bob can be flattering for anybody. Its versatility allows women with different face shapes and hair textures to sport this trendy look. The most beneficial, though, it will be for women with thin hair, as such ideas as A-line cut with layers can add more volume. But, ladies with kinky hair can also pull off the hairstyle without looking overly poufy. It comes out more Carrie Bradshaw-ish. What a tempting thought, isn't it?

Bottom line: bob haircut suits everyone.

How Do You Style a Bob Haircut?

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If you still need reasons for falling in love with a bob, here's another one. It offers you a plethora of styling options. Depending on your mood, personal preference and time available, you can style it curly or straight.

A wavy bob doesn't require much effort. After showering your hair with a shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, dry it with a towel or a cotton T-shirt. Apply curling spray, and leave your locks simply air dry. Afterward, tousle your waves with fingers.

Inversely, a straight bob does imply a bit of styling. Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that give a smoothening effect. Use a hair serum that prevents frizziness before blow-drying the hair with the help of a round brush. To complete the style, spritz the bob with a mist for satin effect.


As for the styling process for this type of haircut, there are very few tools needed. Most often, due to the way that this hairstyle is cut, the blow dryer and the brush do most of the work for you. Once you decide which hair products you should use to help you achieve the look you desire, the style can do itself. A straight iron can give your bob that seamless, sleek look and curling iron can throw some waves into your hairstyle to spice it up a bit.

Shiny Asymmetrical Bob

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This cute wavy bob is slightly edgy, but still has that professional look that you can easily sport for both work and play. Apply wave cream to damp hair and then give it a pass of a curling iron. Next, apply a thermal protectant.

Curly Stacked Bob Haircut

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This short and sassy look is best for those with thick curly hair who want to remove some of the weight of their thicker tresses. Wash and condition your hair with your favorite curl-friendly and/or frizz ease shampoo and conditioner. Then add a curling cream to your hair immediately after washing/conditioning.

Short And To The Point

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Try these funky A-line bobs with short layers in the back, drastically longer layers in the front and heavily textured fringe for a fierce new look that is especially flattering on those with a heart-shaped face. It’s also super-easy to style, so it is ideal for those who want something simple.

All you have to do is apply a quality straightening product to your damp hair, and then blow dry it with a flat brush. Then, simply use your flat iron to straighten your hair in sections. A fun streak of bold color will add some flair to this look, by the way.

Rocker Chic Bob

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This slightly shaggy bob gives an edgy look with lots of volumes and also looks great on those with oval, round or heart-shaped faces. To achieve this far-out, funky look, apply a light texture cream to slightly damp hair, and blow-dry with a paddle brush. Finally, use quality pomade to lift and separate, adding depth.

In general, you can experiment with color with this fearless style. Therefore, you should be brave and not hesitate to add bold rainbow streaks or opt for a simple three-toned balayage for extra dimension.

Sexy Over-The-Shoulder Bob

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Cut slightly shorter on one side while gradually getting longer as it reaches the other, this sophisticated look will give you the constant appearance of wreathing your hair over one shoulder. The best thing about this style is that it works for any face shape.

Simply apply a thermal protectant to dry hair and then make loose waves using a large barreled curling iron. Add some texture cream and finish with a medium holding spray for added movement.

Bright Bob Haircut

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Nowadays pastel colors are very popular among many ladies, but some are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. And for those, we would recommend something brighter – like this bright pink bob. To finish the look, we suggest adding some shorter layers and sharpening the front. Done!

Bob Hairstyle With Bangs

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Bed hair is on the edge of popularity right now. And we propose you this perfect solution. These wispy bangs transforming into a short disheveled bob will grant you that desired look. Also, you shouldn’t leave out the fact that this style also suits well the ladies with medium thick hair. Although such a short cut is not for everyone, its face-framing structure can suit anyone!

Blunt Bangs

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The evenly trimmed bangs are something that not everyone could wear, as they might look severe if you do not know how to soften them. What we suggest is a sharp, shoulder-length bob with the addition of effortless brown color. Indeed, natural appearance is the most desired beauty value, so you can’t go wrong with brunette shades.

Textured Bob

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The beauty of choppy hair is that you can style it in so many different ways that no one can even imagine! Here, we focus on soft waves that will flatter any hairdo, as well as add some sexy spice to your everyday look. The key is to make them look a bit undone like you just got out of bed. They say that this is what attracts men’s’ attention the most – are you ready to try it out?

Straight Bob

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Many women with fine hair wonder what would be the best haircut to get for hair like theirs. The answer is a gradual cut because it goes best with straight hair. Straight bob with sharp angles with some unusual color might be your golden key to open all the doors. We focused on a sweet lilac shade that is very trendy by the way, but you can choose something different, just go for it!

Cute Long Bob

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This pretty long bob with a soft pink and lavender balayage combo is super cute. First off, the colors are subtle and not overly dramatic. Secondly, this look is very feminine and trendy. As for the finish, the waves give it more volume, while the balayage tones add depth to this stylish cut!

Ombre Hair Style

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The pastel blue tone on this naturally dark base is just stunning. Moreover, the straight texture is super girly and chic. And, needless to say, the side part makes this sexy cut even more dramatic. If you want to embrace modern trends, this look is right up your alley!

Beach Wave Bob

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Beach waves on bob haircuts are very sexy and chic, and this cut is no exception. The beachy-toned lowlights blend in perfectly with the brunette bases. And last but not least, the uneven, choppy ends give this look a bit of an edge. Still, overall, this look is playful and cute!

Layered Bob Haircut

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Highlighted hair is trending these days, and this blonde and light brunette combo is so pretty. The shiny highlights blend in very nicely with the contrastive waves for a look that’s soft and sexy. As you can see, the waves add more volume to this sassy hairstyle! P.S. This style will look stunning in the sunlight!

Peachy Glow-Up

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Pink hair is very trendy right now, and this pretty shade of watermelon is perfect for many bob haircuts. For example, paired with a wavy stacked bob, this all-over color look is strikingly cute if you want to try something bold and new.

Messy Asymmetrical Bob

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If you want a look that’s both classy and chic, try this wavy asymmetrical bob. The light blonde tones give it a soft and feminine look and feel, while the messy waves give it a fun and carefree vibe.

Blunt Bob Haircut

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If you prefer blunt bob haircuts, you will love sleek cuts, as they're sophisticated and chic. Here, the refined platinum blonde blends in nicely with a wheat blonde base for the subtle transition.

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This cut is ultra-glamorous with its sexy side bang that seductively covers one eye. The two-toned chestnut and honey brown balayage are just stunning if you want a mature look that’s still flirty and sexy!

Shoulder Length Bob With Balayage

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These balayage combos have a stunning gradual melt from darker roots to honey blonde to platinum tips. Keep in mind that slightly asymmetrical, choppy ends are enough for a carefree and youthful appearance that is also quite sexy!

Shoulder-Length Tousled Bob

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This look is fun and flirty with its wavy tousled layers that add volume to your tresses, as the slightly darker roots give this layered bob added depth and dimension. By the by, if you want to add fullness to your hair, this look should be your go-to.

Shaggy Lob

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Shaggy lob haircuts are very charming and alluring, especially with this dirty blonde shade that screams sassy and chic! Ask your stylist to cut your hair at an angle so that it’s slightly longer in the front for a tousled look that oozes sex appeal!

Bleached Medium Bob

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This sharp, voluminous bob is just adorable! The uneven layers add depth and dimension, and the natural beige shade of blonde nicely accentuates the beauty of your cut!

Glossy Auburn Shade For Long Bob Haircuts

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If you want a slightly longer bob, this look is just too cute for words! The blunt, yet slightly uneven ends give it an edgy vibe, and the auburn color is bursting with sheen and dimension!

Short Stacked Bob

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This super short stacked bob will add a ton of volume to your locks. As you can see, the angled cut is very sleek and stylish, and the light blonde and dirty blonde tones add to the fullness of this fun and flirty look!

Edged Sleek Bob

Edged Sleek Bob #bobhaircut #haircuts

21 Hottest Short Stacked Bob Haircuts to Try This Year

Short Stacked Bob For Thick Hair

short stacked bob for thick hair

Instagram @nikitenko_elen_

Spice up your thick bob by giving it a warm amber color. If you’re being adventurous, you can style wavy curls at the ends to create more texture in your stacked hairstyles.

Stacked Bob for Older Women with Short Hair

Long stacked bob for older women

Instagram @fearlessbeautybyidalesse

A stacked bob for older women with short hair is a great option for women who are experiencing some thinning on their hair. Add soft layers and texture for added volume. When styling, add Aveda Smooth Infusion into a boar bristle brush when blow-drying for a smooth, sleek finish.

Wedge Stacked Bob for Women Over 70

Wedge stacked bob for women over 70

Instagram @brits_elizabeth

A wedge stacked bob for women over 70 is perfect for creating a fuller style for fine hair. If you’re looking to be bold, adding a touch of lilac coloring just makes it more fun!

Silver Stacked Bob for Women Over 60

Silver stacked bob for women over 60

Instagram @ninis_hairstudio

A silver stacked bob for women over 60 is absolutely perfect. The long layers and short undercut allows for easy styling and maintenance.

Feathered Stacked Bob with Piece-y Layers

Feathered stacked bob with piece-y layers

Instagram @aheadhairmedia

A feathered stacked bob has graduation in the nape, and lots of piece-y layers throughout. A cut such as this will need some maintenance. A five or six week trim should do the trick.

Stacked Bob with a Nice Back View

Stacked Bob with a Nice Back View

Instagram @beautyparadesalon

A refined short, stacked bob haircut that is both attractive at the back and front is one to try out! Get the look by straightening out your hair and brushing it inwards to achieve a rounded look.

Inverted Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

inverted stacked bob for thin hair

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

A short stacked bob with layers is more fun as you explore multiple stacks of short hair that are sure to rack up your hair’s volume. The longer hair at the front gives a flattering effect on this short stacked bob for thin hair that is sure to complement your hairstyle and color.

Stacked Bob for Fine Hair

stacked bob for women with fine hair

Instagram @flauntbybrynn

A subtle and clean stacked bob on short hair that allows women with fine hair types to achieve great volume and shape for their everyday hairstyles! Short hairstyles for women over 60 with fine hair include bobs and pixie cuts.

Dramatic High-Stacked Bob for Women Over 50

A dramatic high-stacked bob for women over 50 is a great cut to add volume to flat, limp hair. Salon owner Emily Horsefield from the UK created it, which looks pretty with full-head highlights, too!

Horsefield says, “The graduated cut makes it easy to get volume into the hair. There’s no need to put in the hours of blow-drying, styling, and applying products.”

Super Short Stack

This short cut is a stacked, slightly short inverted bob. It was created by hairstylist Sheridan Holyoak of Ogden, UT. “Get an undercut at the nape to eliminate cowlicks. You can wear it choppy,  wavy or you can rock straight hair or curly hair, and the texture is still going to be visible,” says Holyoak.

When considering short stacked haircuts like this, make sure you find a stylist that is confident in cutting short hair, as that can make or break this hairstyle. Also, make sure you have time to style this cut. It is not a wash-and-go style.

For short bob haircuts, Holyoak says to make sure you have proper styling products volumizer, heat protectant, a dry texture spray, and possibly a light pomade.

Short Stacked Bob With Side Bangs

Short stacked bob with side bangs

Instagram @design_danette

A short stacked bob with side bangs is a beautiful classic cut. A bob that’s stacked meaning it has shorter layers in the back that get longer in the front to the desired length. This is a short stack style for women of all hair textures and face shapes you can’t go wrong.

A Very Short Stacked Bob

Very short stacked bob

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

If you’re looking for a cute, short haircut consider a very short stacked bob. Short but still very feminine, a layered stacked bob is very versatile. It can be worn straight, curled, or even tucked behind the ears. If you have fine hair ask for an extra-short stacked bob to add volume to your limp locks.

Short Wavy Bob That’s Stacked

“It’s a very textured, layered, stacked bob on short hair,” describes stylist Yuliya Yotova of London. “If you have a lot of hair and absolutely no time to style it every day, pick a short wavy cut that is effortless. At the same time, it’s very versatile so that it can fit any occasion if styled a certain way.”

When it comes to stacked haircuts, Yotova says to go for it! “It’s on-trend at the moment and suits almost every face shape.”

This high-stacked bob is so versatile and easy to wear and style. It’s perfect for ladies with thick hair and medium to fine hair because it takes lots of the weight out giving texture (thick), creating volume, body, and movement (medium to fine).

“It can be styled smooth with a dryer and round brush, waved with wands, thongs, or straighteners, and even left to air dry,” says Yotova. “If using any hot tools, ladies, always use a good heat protector – for example, Nectar or Extentioniste Thermique by Kerastase.”

Stacked with Bangs

Short stacked bob with bangs

Instagram @lara_stelmashuk

A short stacked bob with bangs is definitely classy. For women wanting a bob haircut, this will always be in style. To get the straight look created here, blow dry with smoothing lotion and a round brush.

Angled Short Stacked Bob

Angled short stacked bob

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

An angled short-stacked bob is absolutely stunning for all ages and especially with thick hair. A short angled bob that’s stacked in the back, has longer, face-framing pieces with multiple different layers in the back to create a clean, rounded cut. There is no limit to short-stacked hairstyles.

Stacked Pixie Bob

Short stacked pixie bob

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

A gorgeous stacked pixie bob haircut requires lots of texture. With multiple layers and shaggy ends, the extra texture makes for a more voluminous style.

Short A-Line Stacked Bob

short a-line stacked bob

Instagram @klippoteketkarlstad

Opt for a very chic short a-line stacked bob. Take pictures to look at with your stylist when discussing this type of graduated cut.

The short A-line bob needs to be where you discuss as well as the degree of graduation for the back. Always discuss maintenance for this stacked bob haircut.

Short Stacked Layered Bob

Short stacked layered bob

Instagram @hair_by_kanami

A short, stacked layered bob is a precision cut to create a beautiful rounded cut. A short-stacked bob hairstyle is gorgeous worn straight or curly and looks beautiful with thicker hair. Short hair is a lovely, never-ending trend.

Stacked Bob For Curly Hair

This is a short stacked bob haircut with an asymmetrical shape. “Dry and wet cutting techniques were used to achieve this short hairstyle,” says salon owner and hairstylist Mandy Rogers of British Columbia, CA.

“When working with natural curl it’s really important to create a strong foundation to the cut while it is damp with low tension,” explains Rogers. “Use freehand texturizing and cutting techniques to enhance the natural shape of the curl. This was achieved using a straight and curved shear for the cut. Curved shears can work wonders when trying to manipulate the direction of a curl.”

The strong lines of the inverted bob combined with the disconnected curls create a beautiful shape. The asymmetry is so flattering and this cut looks great from every angle and can work on women of all ages.

“When it comes to face shape, this stacked bob hairstyle is fantastic on the majority. The one exception is the heart-shaped face. A lob is a better choice in that case,” she adds.

Gels, sea salt sprays, waxes, and wax sprays are more suited for the style. In short, this is a cut for a woman who has the time to style their hair for 30 min a day. If you take the time, it can be a super fun, sassy, and sophisticated style.

Short Stacked Bob with an Undercut

short stacked bob with an undercut

Instagram @hairbyelainelock45

A short hair is a stacked bob cut that is a fun, edgy, but also stylish and professional style.

What’s also great about it is the undercut. If you’re unsure about if you want a straighter cut, ask your stylist for an asymmetrical short bob with an undercut in the back.

There was a lot of texture put into this stacked cut, to give the feeling of weightlessness. Starting with a traditional triangular shape, a more extreme angle was created to preserve length in the front.

Having the right amount of hair is crucial for short stacked haircuts. This will not work well for women with super fine or very thin hair. But on the flip side, too much hair or natural texture can make this very difficult to achieve, which may also need a lot of work to style.

A very short stacked bob cut for women with a round face shape is not recommended. This is because it would only create more roundness for them.

Beautiful Blonde Stacked Bob Cut

beautiful blonde stacked bob cut

Instagram @gulevich.vladimir

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28 Cute Stacked Bob Haircuts Trending in 2021

Stacked Medium Length Bob

Stacked Medium Length Bob

Instagram @acutshair

Q&A with style creator, Alex Brock
Stylist @ Urban Society Salon in Conway, AR

How would you describe this?

This cut is a long textured, stacked medium length bob. It has lots of layers and texture throughout to give movement and the popular lived in look.

What’s your best advice?

This cut is great for thicker hair that has lots of natural body. It looks great straight or curled. It works well for all face shapes by changing the part placement.

Stacked A-Line Bob

Q&A with style creator, Andrea Peña
Professional Hairstylist / Makeup Artist @ Kut Haus Salon in Glendora, CA

How would you describe this look?

This stacked bob haircut is a very edgy, daring, and sassy look. I love the way the sharp and longer front corners elongate the face and the way the round shape on the back just hugs her head and gives it a beautiful shape so easily after round brushing it. I love adding layers in the back to bobs, so they fall nicely around the shape of my client’s head.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Depending on their hair texture, it may or may not require much styling. So if you have very unruly hair, it might require more effort in styling. That is something to consider before trying this look. But also, people who desire short hair but have round faces (like myself) can rock this look. The longer front will help give the illusion of an oval face shape, which is usually ideal and goal for most clients.

Short Stacked Bob

Short stacked bob haircut

Instagram @lara_stelmashuk

Straight, thick hair on short stacked bob hairstyles looks marvelous when it’s high up at ear to neck-length. Light colors like blonde and silver can help add volume to the whole hairstyle.

Edgy Stacked Long Bob (Lob)

Edgy Stacked Long Bob (Lob)

Instagram @glamiris

This lived-in layered, stacked long bob haircut is a total stunner with its highlights that provide amazing contrast and dimension on naturally dark hair! It’s a sexy take on the modern long bob.

Shaggy Bob That’s Stacked

Q&A with style creator, Jessica Parker
Independent Stylist in Scottsdale, AZ

How would you describe this look?

This is an updated stacked bob cut. The lived-in color, texture, and tousled wave all help to make it feel fresh instead of the same old bob.

The best thing about this short shaggy bob that’s stacked is how versatile it is! The style is cut right in. The hair will fall into place, whether it’s blown smooth or waves are added.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This cut is perfect for fine to medium density hair and works well for most face shapes. You’ll want to visit your stylist every 6-8 weeks to maintain the shape.

Finer hair types use a heat protectant blowout spray on damp hair. Once dry, add texture with 1″ iron and then mist a sea salt spray for a beachy finish. Medium hair types use a smoothing blowout cream before blow-drying. Add waves with a 1″ iron and finish with a cocktail of pomade with your favorite serum/oil to give it definition and shine.

See more shaggy bob cuts here

Trendy Stacked Bob with Undercut

Q&A with style creator, Sheridan Holyoak
Hairstylist @ AVEsalon in Ogden, UT

How would you describe this look?

This cut is a textured, slightly stacked bob with undercut. On this particular client, her hair is shaved all the way around her head on the underneath side. I love being able to see the undercut when it’s tucked behind her ear. I think it adds just a little extra detail to the overall look.

Also, for clients that have a tricky neckline, but still want a bob, that is another benefit of the undercut. If you can eliminate any cowlicks or swirls on the neckline, you can still achieve a very sharp baseline. I cannot claim the color.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Prepare to be styling your hair most days. Find a good quality salon product to achieve the look you’re wanting. If the client isn’t sure what she needs, she needs to ask her stylist, and hopefully, they can turn them in the right direction. For this style, I used products from Kevin Murphy and Davines.

I always use a leave-in conditioner and heat protectant. If a volume product is needed, I will use one, but since this client has so much hair, it wasn’t needed. For dry styling, I use a GHD flatiron and loosely curl pieces leaving out the ends and finish with a dry texture spray or light spray wax.

I would recommend this cut and style for anyone who has a fair amount of hair and has the time to style it. I think the bob haircuts we see now look great on most face shapes and can be styled many ways. I would just recommend finding a stylist who is seasoned in cutting short hair which can give you a good length and texture to complement their own face shape.

Medium Length Stacked Bob

Stacked Medium Stacked Bob

Instagram @betofaria_coiffeur

This is a gorgeous A-line bob with stacked layers. Enhance the stacked medium bob even more with blonde highlights on brown hair.

Long Stacked Bob with Bangs

Long Stacked Bob with Bangs

Instagram @ascendhairdesign

Unlike the usually graduated bobs, this long stacked bob with bangs gives length and form to your hair. Caramel tones and bangs add attitude to the layers.

Short Curly Stacked Bob

Stacked bob for curly hair

Instagram @peachiehair

This short, curly stacked bob haircut how precise cutting and the use of highlights and lowlights can gorgeously define and give life to curly hair! A shadow root can also give added dimension.

Messy Stacked Bob for Thin Fine, Hair

Messy Stacked Bob for Thin Fine, Hair

Instagram @hairbymanouk_

Asymmetrical looks straight on anyone, especially to round and oval faces. The disheveled messy bob look on this stacked bob haircut also works best if you have thin, fine hair.

Stacked Bob for Wavy Hair

Medium Length Stacked Bob for Wavy Hair

Instagram @headrushdesigns

Even a slightly angled shape to a medium-length cut can do a great job in enhancing your hair’s texture and volume! Just make sure to use the best products when styling waves for a lasting gorgeous stacked bob for wavy hair.

Gorgeous Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

Gorgeous Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

Instagram @tmhairstylez

This stacked bob for thin hair has layers that gradually increase. This creates the illusion of a bulky and beautifully shaped back that makes your hair look denser than it is. Stacked bobs are fashionable options for women with thin hair because it creates a fuller appearance.

Super Short Stacked Bob Pixie

Super Short Stacked Bob Haircut

Instagram @tammygamsobeauty

Keep it sassy with this cute stacked pixie bob cut that’s trimmed at the nape area but kept long at the top for versatility in styling. The dark red hair color reminds me of chocolate and cherry.

Short Red Bob with Undercut

A red undercut stacked bob

Instagram @brittnado_

Q&A with style creator, Britt Lincoln
Studio Stylist @ Von Kekel Salon and Spa in Cary, NC

How would you describe this look?

This is a fun, edgy take on a stacked bob cut. My favorite thing about it would be the awesome undercut, as it’s a freeing feeling not to have hair on your neck.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Stacked haircuts are best for women with thick hair and who would like a cute trendy cut. To help maintain this edgy look, you would want to use Aveda smooth infusion style prep to help smooth the hair to show these nice clean lines.

Short Stacked Bob with Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Kimberly Murray
Stylist @ Ave Salon in Ogden, UT

How would you describe this look?

This short stacked bob with bangs is just fun and playful! I gave her bob long textured layers with some fringe around the face. I love that it can be worn more smooth and sleek or full and messy, depending on what the client wants that day.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I recommend applying a product for volume when wet (I used a volumizing mousse) and then styling with a round brush to give optimal lift. The blow out is everything when it comes to getting volume. Spray wax is my go-to when giving the finished look and showing off the texture. I feel a bob can be customizable to most hair types. Stacked bobs normally grow out great, but I recommend regular trims to keep the shape.

Very Short Stacked Bob with Side Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Jenna
Stylist @ Willow Salon in Maple Grove, MN

How would you describe this look?

This is a sassy and fun yet sophisticated, very short stacked bob with side bangs. I like that this cut looks amazing curled and messy or straight. It’s easy to style, and if you’re looking for something that’s a good mix between long and short, this is it. The color works well for this client because it is great for grey blending.

Any advice for someone considering it?

If you want something that you can style multiple ways (straight, wavy, teased, etc.), this is the perfect look and is easy to get volume and texture. The best product to use with this look is texturizing hairspray to give it that tousled texture. Have fun and play around with it because there are so many different looks you can get!

Inverted Stacked Bob

Stacked Inverted Bob

Instagram @carlosferreirahairstyle

This chic bob is stacked and inverted. It’s so soft and enhances the soft layering in the cut beautifully.

This stacked inverted bob hairstyle is easy to style with very few styling tools and styling products. A light volume foam is such a great product to start with. It allows to create volume without a stiff hold.

Start with a good flat wrap using a Denman brush or a small boar paddle brush that will ensure smoothness and create a natural volume based on the head shape. Once completely dry, use a medium or small round brush for the front fringe area to give it extra bounce and put a bit of a bend in the hair to create interest. You could also opt for a curling iron as well as create the same look in the front. Then finish with a light moveable hairspray.

This is a great stacked bob for fine hair that needs movement. Keeping some length in front creates a beautiful elongated look, which is very slimming.

Blonde Stacked Bob for Over 50

Q&A with style creator, Jill Toma
Hairstylist @ Salon Westlake in Westlake Village, CA

How would you describe this look?

I would say this cut is somewhat of a stacked bob haircut with a slight undercut to give it more volume. This gal has fine wispy hair in front with quite a bit more in back. I wanted to create a natural ebb and flow with many interior layers in the back, allowing the top of the cut to sit nicely without much product to weigh it down. With this cut for fine hair, less product is best.

Some styling cream for the blowdry (cream over a moose as her hair is on the dry side and the alcohol in the moose dries it out more and the cream is more smoothing on her frizz), a little dry powder root lift at the crown and top it off with your favorite spray. The front is softened with fringe and layers but kept the edges sharp to fit with her button-down personality. I feel anyone/any age can wear this cut as long as it’s tailored to their personality.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This gals lifestyle is on the go, but that doesn’t mean this is your low maintenance color and cut. I see this client every five weeks like clockwork for highlights/cut and bang trims in between. But hey, if you want to get noticed, this is your go-to. She gets stopped everywhere she goes. She’s my walking billboard!

Stacked Bob with Layers and Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Ingrid Kissel
Future Professional @ Paul Mitchell the School in Green Bay, WI

How would you describe this look?

This cut is great for any texture and density! It’s so easy to style every day or run a flat iron or curler through to change it up. The color has a lot of dimensions with keeping that underneath darker, and it’s flattering for many face shapes and is almost slimming to the neck area.

Any advice for someone considering it?

With this bob with highlights, there will be outgrowth that needs upkeep, so you’ll be back in the salon every 4-6 weeks. The cut will also require upkeep to keep the lines clean at the neck.

Everyday styling can be as low maintenance as you want it to be. You can let it air dry and rock a more lived-in look or straighten it and add some Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatment Oil from the mids to ends to add shine and softness and finish the look!

Medium Stacked Bob

Q&A with style creator, Jacquelyn Marie
Cosmetologist / Makeup Artist @ Bii Natural Salon & Shop in West Dundee, IL

How would you describe this look?

The color is a custom balayage highlight with a gray coverage color touch-up. The cut is a razor cut, stacked layered bob. It has a graduated, diagonal forward cut.

I can’t say any single part of this medium stacked bob haircut is my favorite. What I do love is that this look is organic. It’s light, airy, and lived-in.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This color is more low maintenance when it comes to touch-ups. You can go to a couple of appointments with just color touch-ups to cover gray. These kinds of blended highlights grow out beautifully – no lines of demarcation. Balayage is the way to go these days. “Natural highlights” will always look like an effortless beauty.

This cut does require some styling daily. The razored layers look organic, as well as grow out beautifully.

Stacked Angled Bob

Q&A with style creator, Stephanie Pachla
Stylist @ Mila Salon and Spa in Shelby Township, MI

How would you describe this look?

This is a stacked angled bob with lots of texture. I took weight out through the back, especially to keep it from looking too bulky. For styling, I used a 1″ barrel curling iron to create a soft tousled look.

The color is a Wella Professional line, and we wanted to deepen her down from her summer golden blonde. I added in deep reddish lowlights to maintain dimension and then made her base a rich auburn tone.

Any advice for someone considering it?

For someone who is seeking stacked bob hairstyles like this one, it’s all about the maintenance. You have to be willing to get it cleaned up in order to maintain the shape. It can work well on most hair types because the graduation through the back adds fullness if you have finer hair, but it’s also a nice option for someone with thick hair as long as the weight is taken out, and texture is added.

I typically always use a volume spray to achieve this look. My favorite is thickening hairspray by Bumble and Bumble. I also used a styling lotion to add moisture and shine and to protect against heat styling. My favorite is called Perfect Me and is in Wella’s Eimi styling line.

Wavy Bob

Q&A with style creator, Laura Vance
Cosmetologist @ Hair Bar in Natchitoches, LA

How would you describe this look?

I love this cut because it gives the look of a lot of effort without complicated styling. The shape is interesting to the eye and looks great both straight and curly, so you can rock your natural wave pattern or quickly run a flat iron through it if you’re in a hurry. When you have more time to style, you can curl it like shown here for this refined but slightly edgy look! The color is a balayage, which gives a ton of depth and dimension with less upkeep than traditional color.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Stacked bob haircuts are great for coarse or thick hair but can also work on fine, thin hair when the right products are used. This client has thin hair, so to style it, I used L’anza Healing Oil on damp hair, then blow-dried and curled with a flat iron with about one inch of the ends left out. I finished it with Kenra Dry Texture Spray for a bit of “grip” and teased the crown area for extra volume. This cut would also be perfect for round or wide face shapes since the long pieces in the front help to balance the width of the face. The ease of styling and the balayage color are awesome for people with busy lifestyles or those who don’t want to spend a ton of time on their hair, but want to look like they did!

Asymmetrical Bob

Q&A with style creator, Jessica Castillo
Hairdresser @ Panther City Salon in Fort Worth, TX

How would you describe this look?

This is an asymmetrical bob with classic graduation. I really love this shape because the graduation allows the haircut to be tailored to fit the client’s head shape. This allows for a really nice grow out. The unexpected asymmetry adds an unconventional element to bring a little more edginess to a classic shape.

Any advice for someone considering it?

The good news about stacked bob cuts like this is that it can be achieved in almost anyone who already has the length in the right places. The irony of going shorter is that sometimes, layers and face-framing have to grow out enough to create a strong angle in the front like this one. If the shape is executed correctly, it will work nicely on almost anyone because it is specificity tailored to the client’s head shape. If you are thinking about trying out this look, just go into it with an open mind and let the art happen!

Layered Stacked Bob Back View

Short stacked layered bob back view

Instagram @emerson_ferrazoficial

This is a seamless, stacked layered bob cut. The goal is was to make sure you don’t see any hard lines. A razor and shears were both used throughout the haircut.

This is a versatile haircut. Adjust the length, height, and volume depending on the texture of the hair and face shape. A good consultation helps to ensure the success of the haircut and to meet your expectations.

Shoulder Length Stacked Bob

Q&A with style creator, Sarah Brophy
Licensed Cosmetologist @ Lace’d Unisex Hair Salon in Langhorne, PA

How would you describe this look?

I would call this look a shaggy bob. This client originally came to me as a color correction. This was her 3rd session with me, and I finally was able to achieve the goal of color beigey blonde. The maintenance of this color is low because we can bring the root down for a more shadowed look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Have an open mind for styling. Using the right size tools will help create the intended shape of the haircut. Even using a 1″ curling iron will enhance a stacked bob hairstyle like this one.

Chin-Length Stacked Bob with Fringe

Q&A with style creator, Jessica Kingsbury
Stylist @ Cherry Creek Hair Company in Puyallup, WA

How would you describe this look?

This is a fun textured stacked bob with fringe that has lots of built-in texture and movement. It has a pretty high stack in the back with a dramatic angle. For this particular client, she wanted to get a little edgier with some custom design on the underneath.

The greatest part of this chin-length bob is the versatility. It can be worn super sleek and perfect, or you can make it more undone with some soft waves. It is a fairly easy style that always gets tons of compliments, and the lilac will be sure to turn some heads.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This particular haircut can be achieved on many hair types, rather than be fine or thick, wavy or straight hair. As for the desired color, I recommend the client who does not have dark natural hair. This allows you to get the natural hair color to a super pale blonde that you need in order to achieve the pale pastel lilac.

At-home care for this client, I shampooed and conditioned her with Kevin. Murphy Blonde Angel Wash and Rinse. Towel dried her, next added Kevin.Murphy bodybuilder volumizing mousse all over the entire head. I then round brushed her with a 1-inch Moroccan oil round brush. After she was blown out with mega volume and smoothness, I then went in with my GHD flat iron to smooth out the ends. To finish the look, I added a little bit of Kevin.Murphy Bedroom hair Texture spray to her ends to make it a little more undone Then did a light mist of Eleven Australian give me hold flexible hold hairspray for medium-strength hold.

Choppy Stacked Bob with Long Sides

Stacked choppy bob with long sides

Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

The choppy stacked bob hairstyle works well with most hair types and face shapes. It is easy to style either straight or with some fun waves. Use a mousse or cream for blow drying and a light styling paste to add texture when dry.

Stacked Bob for Thick Hair

Q&A with style creator, Erica Branch
Hairstylist / Booth Renter @ Impressions Hair Studio in Saraland, AL

How would you describe this look?

This stacked bob for thick hair is one of my absolute favorite hairstyles! It’s super cute and fun to play around with. Styling made simple with this haircut. It’s an easy blow-and-go, or you can give it some textured beach waves. It’s very versatile. The color is a natural balayage for a subtle, lived-in look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This haircut requires a bit more attention than most. If it’s too long, it can be a headache! Regular haircuts are a must to keep it shaped up and looking fabulous. With this color, it’s very low maintenance. Keeping it looking as natural as possible but yet having a few pops of color. It makes it simple for someone who is on the go and doesn’t have time to go to the salon for a touch up every 4-6 weeks. I used a 1″ curling iron & Amika texture spray to give the curls some texture to create this look.

How-to cut a graduated bob // Bob with graduation // Step by Step medium length haircut // Salon 124

50 Most Enviable Stacked Bob Haircuts to Upgrade Your Look

A stacked haircut doesn’t have to be plain – upgrade it with a new color, highlights, layers, waves, or curls. Stacked haircuts are meant to give you shape, volume, and texture.

Check our list of sexy stacked bob and pixie looks to try during your next trip to the salon.

1. Blonde Piece-y Stacked Bob. The choppy cut gives off a sassy vibe; style straight or in loose waves.

2. Shaggy Stacked A-Line Haircut. The shorter you go, the more volume your hair seems to have. Such layered cuts are a godsend for both thick and thin hair!

3. Stacked Balayage. We love the back view photos for stacked cuts because you can really see where the stacked layers meet and how they boost each other.

4. Feathered Stacked Bob. In terms of stacked bob hairstyles, this one will give you the most texture and volume.

5. Sleek Straight Inverted Bob. Short stacked layers show of the contrast of the base color with the highlighted top layer. With this cut you instantly get depth and thicker-looking hair.

6. Stacked Wavy Hairstyle. These undone waves will save even an imperfect shape of a grown out cut. Highlights are a pleasant bonus!

7. Sassy Texture. Pair longer stacked layers with shorter choppy pieces on top and spice up with chunky highlights. An eye-catching bob look is ready and waiting!

8. Straight Burgundy Red Bob. We love the beautiful layers that don’t break the silhouette of this straight bob style. It gives off such a clean look that we can’t get enough of it!

9. Silver Pixie. Check this short stacked pixie cut with clean and crisp edges. The color is chic and modern – who would resist it?

10. Wispy Short Stacked Bob with Balayage. Show off your balayage color by keeping the longest length in the front and cropping layers towards the nape. Add some texture with stacked layers.

11. Stacked Bob with Mixed Highlights. If you are aiming for texture and volume, this bob variation with highlights in different shades is the right option for you. It is simple, elegant, and always on-point!

12. Walnut Brown Stacked Bob. Look how much height she has? If you want to get volume and height back into your hair, stacked layers are the way to go. This cut works great with any face shape and hair type.

13. Short Stacked Pixie Haircut. Look how much depth this color transition has and how the stacked layers add crown volume!

14. Back View of Stacked Cut. For ladies with thinner hair who are struggling with dull locks, try going for a shorter inverted cut so you can achieve a fuller, thicker style. By cutting off your dull ends, you let your hair breathe and grow healthier.

15. Two-Tone Razored Stacked Bob. The balayage style gives a playful twist to this stacked cut. Have the highlight color on the shorter layers for an edgy look.

16. Straight Choppy Inverted Bob. Check the contrast of clean edges and shattered, choppy texture within. To keep your look sleek, use a hair protectant before styling and your favorite hair oil afterwards.

17. Bright Short Stacked Bob. The stacked bob haircut has a place among the classics. But it doesn’t mean that you must follow the golden standard! Pick bright colors to highlight your true passionate nature.

18. Stacked Layered Bob. If you prefer shorter hair, nothing complements your look better than a flawless stacked haircut. To look even more irresistible, combine a short stacked inverted bob with platinum blonde for extra chic.

19. Shaggy Long Stacked Bob. Why go for sleek hairdos if you’re a hot mess by nature? Experiment with a shaggy bob instead. Also, try a longer stacked bob with bangs.

20. Medium Stacked Bob. Let the rich red color be the focal point of your style and complete it with an accurate stacked shape.

21. Voluminous Sleek Bob. Show off your beautiful neck and shoulders with this brilliant hairstyle. This bob variation radiates elegance and stands out from other short stacked haircuts.

22. Medium Stacked Bob Haircut. Add a few chunky shorter layers and a couple of warm touches to your basic silver bob cut to refresh your look.

23. Stacked Layered Bob with Highlights. If you are not ready for a super short stacked bob and bright colors, why not try a safer option? This beautiful brunette bob is among stacked hairstyles that never go out of fashion.

24. Stacked Haircut for Straight Hair. The rounded bob with textured ends is slightly shorter in the back and frames the face beautifully with long wispy layers.

25. Elongated Medium Stacked Bob. A feathered style that has plenty of volume in the crown area thanks to the puffy cut. It boosts the body of straight fine hair. The elongated bit is a sweet face-framing accent.

26. Stacked Inverted Bob with Bright Highlights. Even though highlights look great on medium-length hair, short stacked bob haircuts bring them to a whole new level. So, if you’ve been dreaming to freshen up your look for a while, it’s time to get that voluminous inverted bob right now!

27. Soft Jaw-Length Stacked Layered Bob. One of the cutest short stacked haircuts that is great for defining your jaw-line and beautiful facial features. A deep parting allows for some soft side bangs, moving most of the volume to your preferred side.

28. Sleek Bob for Thin Hair. The inverted bob haircut is an absolute favorite among women for good reason. Even if your hair is thin and lacking volume, you can rock this style and be the number one stunner at any event!

29. Choppy Burgundy Bob Cut. When going for short hairstyles, some women love to pair them with an exciting color to match. A shattered bob with a messier shorter back will look even better in a rich burgundy shade.

30. Feathered Stacked Bob Haircut with Highlights. Bring more flavor to the style with bronze highlights scattered over your head. Different colors will naturally lift the feathery crown of the haircut and give you an effortlessly flawless appearance.

31. Choppy Tousled Bob Cut. Puffy crown layers in short stacked haircuts are an absolute lifesaver if you want to keep your mane full-bodied and lively. Bring out the volume in the back with round stacks and make the front longer and textured with wisps on the ends.

32. Stacked Bob with Purple Highlights. The mix of deep magenta and black is surely the one to make a statement. The cut will fit women with rounder face shapes and the long fringe accent is a great option to balance out your facial features.

33. Rounded Bob with Swoopy Front Layers. The neck-length stacked bob is a wonderful base for expressing your creativity. Add a lifted portion of front layers elegantly swooped to the back to elongate the face and slim it down a bit.

34. Pointy Layered Stacked Back Haircut. A bright hair color is a perfect way to express yourself and makes for a great conversation starter. The cut with a feathered top, wisps on the neck, and longer front layers is a godsend for square and rectangular face shapes. It softens the face without taking away your character.

35. Gray Wavy Bob.A must for older women in order to embrace the gray and add a touch of sophistication. You can style this wavy or straight, and it will look great on anyone.

36. Long Layered Stacked Cut. We admire the dynamic shape, rich color and textured ends that come with this style, because you get a bright, classy look with a playful vibe!

37. Asymmetrical Stacked Bob. A simple angled bob with a puffy back really softens the sharpness in your face, while simultaneously giving you an effortless messy-meets-classy look. For extra volume in the back, tease and use plenty of hairspray.

38. Frizzy Stacked Bob. We love the long stacked layers with a frizzy effect that give a boost of volume and texture. The style truly illuminates energy and effortless chic.

39. Short Stacked Inverted Bob. The style that will fit both thin and thick hair thanks to the springy lower layers and a lighter top stack of straight locks. The elongated front part delivers a gentle, mystically elegant appeal.

40. Accurate Stacked Black Bob. The beautiful thing about stacked hairstyles is that you can choose pretty much any look and feel individual and flawless. The sleek razored nape cut with longer strands in the front helps to lift the bottom part of your face.

41. Classic Blonde Angled Cut. It depends on whether you want to go the traditional way or change things up a notch, but if you want to keep the style voluminous and chic 24/7, then swoop most of the body to your favorite side and tease the crown layers a little.

42. Stacked Bob with Side Bangs. A round silhouette complimented with crisp ends and a sharp balayage will work perfectly for fine hair. Add some longer bangs for some balance or plain fun!

43. Stacked Bob Haircut with Accurate Edges. An untraditional and pretty trendy bob style. Play around with the length, texture, and change up the usual A-line with an edgier arch-line that will peek through the messier top layers of your hair.

44. Wavy Stacked Bob with Babylights. A stacked shaggy bob is a cool option for thicker wavy hair. Check this body and texture! Play it up with random highlights here and there.

45. Medium Stacked Haircut. Calling all thick-haired ladies, this cut is for you because it shows off your thick locks.

46. Feminine Shiny Long Stacked Bob. Check this bob haircut back view. As edgy as most modern short bob cuts appear, giving it a sleek finish and an exquisite balayage solution is a very appealing feminine way to go.

47. Stacked Pixie-Bob with Undercut. The blunt undercut bob surely takes off a year or two and elongates your neck! With those multiple layers, you will forget worrying about your thin hair.

48. Wavy Layered Bob with Wispy Ends. Bring attention to your cheekbones and lift up the weight off your back with a tousled stack. The natural ash brown hair color softens the edgy cut and makes it look more delicate.

49. Stacked Bob with Blonde Highlights. A longer pixie with fun accents such as platinum blonde highlights will give anyone a flirty and charismatic feeling. It also looks rather well with some bangs.

50. Shoulder Length Stacked Bob. Classy, mind-blowing, elegant, and absolutely sleek, the long stacked bob is the best hairstyle for the times when you simply cannot decide between a lob and a pixie.

The stacked haircut isn’t predictable; there are always a bunch of interesting variations that can work for you. If you want shorter stacked layers with face-framing pieces, go for one of the stacked bobs next time you’re heading to the salon!


Haircut stacked bob

50 Trendy Inverted Bob Haircuts

Bobs, bobs everywhere, but no one ever stops to wonder what the difference between all the various bob styles is! What is an inverted bob, anyway? What sets it apart from a classic A-line bob, for instance? The main difference lies in the actual technique used for achieving this style. If you’re wondering how an inverted bob is cut, know that it’s all about stacked layers at the back, and slightly curved lines extending towards the front. You can even let your frontal strands reach the shoulder length, for an ultra-dramatic statement. Here are some awesome ideas on inverted bobs, which will be inspiring if you’re after a low-maintenance, yet modern haircut.

Popular Inverted Bob Haircuts

The curved horseshoe shape of the nape area makes this kind of bob stand out from its counterparts. Speaking of terms, an inverted bob and a graduated bob are the same things.

#1: Shaggy Inverted Bob

We were particularly keen on showing you this inverted bob from the back, because we love how simple it is to style. Go messy chic, add a pea-sized dose of texturizer or moose for a bit of a wet look and enjoy fun days out in the sun with it!

#2: Choppy Jagged Bob for Straight Hair

The swing bob is perfect for someone with naturally thick hair. The layers help tame the volume and emphasize the sleek appeal of your straight tresses. Dark roots and a teased crown put the look together with their depth and dimension.

#3: Steeply Angled Feathered Bob

The steep angles of this long inverted bob are unmistakably dramatic. The elongated pieces graze the collarbone, while the rounded back is cropped straight across the nape in sharp contrast to the front. The side part allows the bangs to be combed over, adding even more edgy flair.

#4: Inverted Bob for Coarse Wavy Hair

An inverted bob with layers works well on thick, coarse hair. The dimensional shaggy waves curl around the face in a flattering reverse pattern that draws attention to the cheekbones. Subtle copper highlights and combover bangs are additional touches that make this bob unique and stylish.

#5: Dark Brown Textured Bob with Root Lift

The inverted bob is a popular alternative to a one-length one because its angles give the cut movement. Plus, they are super cute. You don’t need length to make a statement. You can rock your natural color and texture and still come out with an awe-worthy hairstyle.

#6: Wavy Shaggy Bronde Lob

The shaggy lob with extra-long front pieces looks nice on active women who would prefer to avoid time-consuming blow drying and styling techniques. Beach blonde highlights over a dark brown base accentuate the twisty pattern of the choppy, textured waves. It’s a cool medium inverted hairstyle ideal for women with thick, unruly hair.

#7: Inverted Curly Lob with Highlights

Naturally curly hair has the perfect texture for a layered inverted cut. Honey-blonde highlights swirl through each curl enhancing the healthy shine. This pretty inverted bob is a youthful and feminine hairstyle that can be parted on the side or in the middle, and the long front pieces provide an excellent way to grow out your shorter hairstyle without going through an awkward transition period.

#8: Inverted Bob with Rounded Back

Smooth and sleek, shiny and angled, the graduated bob is a hairstyle to choose if you don’t mind spending a little more time in the morning to get it right. The crown section is lightly teased to create some extra height, and the long front pieces dip down towards the collarbone framing your face nicely.

#9: Shaggy Inverted Bronde Bob

Call it a shag or call it a bob, but make sure to refer to it as a sexy sassy haircut with a scraggly urban edge. Modern and trendy, the wavy tresses feature some bright blonde highlights that give depth to the dark brown base color. The combover bangs are long enough to tuck behind one ear or leave in front of the eyes in a peek-a-boo fashion.

#10: Wispy Sliced Bob Long in Front

Try a subtle ash-blonde color to bring out the sultry feel of your inverted bob haircut. The back is poofy, tousled, and tapered in the nape area. The wispy, shaggy ends contribute to the effortless appeal of this chic bob.

#11: Nape-Length Bob with Long Surface Layers

Shorter bobs can be very sophisticated and mature. Layers are key with cuts like this, because they help to balance out your hair. This is especially true if you have thick locks. Opt for dark roots to enhance the depth of this full-bodied bob.

#12: Wispy Inverted Bob with Accurate Edges

Straight hair with a blunt edge makes the angled inverted bob even more striking. Muted blonde highlights over a darker base are a flattering color choice for most complexions. A tousle in the back adds a touch of softness that balances out the sharp angles of the longer side sections.

#13: Collarbone Cut with Stacked Back

Bobs are known for their classic appeal. If you need to modernize yours, however, there are plenty of easy ways to do so. Shadow roots can instantly upgrade your bob. Layers at the back will complement the dimension that the dark roots initiate.

#14: Short Layered Bob with Fringy Edges

Bring an extra element of understated drama to your hairstyle with bangs. The addition of fringy ends complements the crisp angles of this jet black bob. Wispy layers keep things feeling soft and feminine, so you don’t have to worry about being too bold.

#15: Disconnected Wavy Inverted Bob

Disconnected haircuts are a popular type of inverted bob hairstyles. The long, wavy pieces stick out playfully to all sides, and the short back section is just the right length to show off your shoulder tattoo.

#16: Steeply Angled Toasted Coconut Bob

This gorgeous geometric bob for medium length hair is sculptured perfectly with not a hair out of place. Bright blonde highlights sprout from the chocolate brown roots and melt creating an eye-catching glazed toasted coconut color.

#17: Inverted Cut for Brunettes

This style will work with a business-casual look, but it will also take you out on the town, in your most glamorous mini. Note that the side parting seen in this style makes it one of the best inverted bob hairstyles for round faces, as it does a great job of framing the wearer’s face.

#18: Black Rounded Bob with V-Cut Layers

Thick hair can be hard to manage, but this inverted cut uses volume to its advantage. The layering rounds off the bob, giving it super flattering fullness. It’s also a great way to bring some depth to straight locks.

#19: Inverted Tousled Blonde Balayage Bob

This A-line bob is effortless and sassy. To throw some sweetness into the mix, try a balayage. Blonde, in particular, is bright and beautiful. Although, if you want to dial it back, for something more casual, go for piecey layers. This will create that perfectly messy style.

#20: Rounded Layered Bob with Silver Balayage

A balayage really pops against an inverted bob haircut. The straight tresses and sleek styling serve as a base for your unlimited choices of creative colors. Go bright with platinum and silvery blonde highlights contrasting bronde roots. The warm-to-cool look is pretty and unique.

#21: Loose and Wavy Hair

Bob haircuts have a reputation of being tomboyish or severe, but today’s modern inverted bob styles couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re worried about losing your femininity with a bob cut, go for a loose and wavy style that leaves plenty of room for softness.

#22: Liven Up Thin Hair

If you are tired of dealing with fine hair texture, a short style will be much easier to maintain than long locks. Go for something choppy but not too quirky, and don’t forget the bangs!

#23: Wispy Razored Bob for Straight Hair

The wispy locks of the short inverted bob look great if your hair’s texture is naturally dry and feathery. If you’re getting bored with your inverted bob with bangs, let them grow out. The strawberry blonde color is accented with golden blonde highlights that are strategically placed in the front to highlight the face.

#24: Straight Cropped Style

Keep hair straight and serious with a long inverted bob that works with the natural texture and direction of your locks. Don’t have stick straight hair? Invest in a quality flat iron to get a smooth result.

#25: Tousled Wavy Bronde Bob

Chanel beachy vibes with a layered and wavy bob. The loose waves deliver texture, while the blonde highlights bring a sun-kissed glow. It’s not always about looking prim and polished. The messy layers are what make this hairdo so stylish.

#26: Inverted Blonde Bob with Angled Layers

You can transform your haircut from just okay to stunning, with layers. Piecey or chunky, they break up the coif and give it visual interest. Layers are a great match to inverted cuts because of how they enhance the drama of the angles.

#27: Forward Thinking Bob

An inverted bob haircut is made beautiful when it follows the natural lines of your hair and facial features. In this example, a thin face with a prominent nose is softened by a bob cut that is angled toward the chin.

#28: Uneven Inverted Bronde Bob

Sometimes imperfections are what make hairstyles perfect, like with this reverse bob. The wispy flyaways and blend of colors all contribute to the final effect of this haircut. The messy-on-purpose style finishes this charming current look.

#29: Asymmetrical Razored Black Bob

If you are feeling edgy, have your stylist use the razor technique to give you that choppy and bold cut. To amplify the drama further, a jet black dye-job is key. All the standout elements of this asymmetrical bob come together to create something totally badass.

#30: Short Tousled Bob with Elongated Front

Short bobs are great for people who love more structured cuts. The stacked back of an A-line cut offers fullness. Take the volume up a notch by teasing the roots of the hair. Shadow roots will also help the cut look like it has endless body.

#31: Purple Grey Curls

Accentuate those wild natural curls with a cut that really shows off your color and texture. Go with your natural hue or go brave with a purple grey shade that works for many different skin tones.

#32: Modern Inverted Bob

This short, dramatic style is edgy and modern with every snip. Working in a darker under layer and leaving cool blonde strands up top, this is a style inspired by salon pictures but able to look totally unique on each and every woman.

#33: Short and Sweet Inverted Cut

Straight, silky hair is always popular. Although beautiful to the touch, these soft strands can be difficult to style. Go with a reverse bob that is short enough to hold those rebel strands in place.

#34: Angled Layered Silver Bob

Short inverted bob haircuts are one route to take if you are looking to experiment with color. You can make a statement without being too bold, because neck-length platinum locks don’t quite have the same impact as back-skimming ones.

#35: Long Inverted Bob with Layers

See how layered this style actually is? And it works like a charm with longer hair, since all those feathered layers highlight the model’s facial features. As an added bonus, this is possibly the easiest look to maintain for hair that’s grown past one’s jawline.

#36: Two-Tone Stacked Inverted Bob

Looking for something bold, but not too bold? Try pairing two high-contrast hues together from the spectrum of natural hair shades. Deep brown and platinum blonde is a stunning combination. The way the hair falls with an angled bob beautifully showcases the color combo, too.

#37: Big Hair, Don’t Care

This elevated, stacked hairstyle is a fun cousin of the traditional bob. If your hair is thicker or naturally wavy, you’ll win at this tousled style that aims to really show off the whole day through.

#38: Classy Stacked Bob with Blonde Balayage

The long inverted bob is a beautiful option when your short hair starts to grow out. You get the collar-sweeping look of longer tresses along with the easy maintenance of a short cut. In case you want something with a little more dimension, a blonde balayage is the perfect solution.

#39: Shattered Bob with Creative Coloring

The short inverted bob is a very popular haircut. To make yours unique, have fun experimenting with different combos of colors and tones. Pictured here is a mix of warm auburn locks and cool platinum highlights. The unexpected pairing creates a refreshing palette.

#40: Party in the Back

This sweet and sassy style has been worn by both career women and soccer moms over the years. It remains popular due to its simple upkeep and ability to work for both casual and formal occasions. Long or short, with bangs or without – personalize this haircut to fit your own personality and lifestyle.

#41: Streamlined Caramel Blonde Bob

An inverted bob with bangs is always a sleek choice. Opt for highlights to enhance that streamlined effect. What’s more, the angles of the A-line cut exude modern vibes. This medium-length look is the bob to turn to when you’re feeling sophisticated but don’t want to sacrifice an ounce of style.

#42: Textured Blonde Lob

When all you want is a classic and uncomplicated look, you can’t go wrong with this shoulder length hairdo that hits all of the right style notes. The shaggy layers are effortless, and the thin blonde highlights are super cute and harmonious. This cut is perfect for a mature lady who wants to look youthful yet age-appropriate.

#43: Tousled Bob for Thin Hair

If you love the look of long flowing locks, but don’t want to commit to the time it takes to maintain them, this inverted bob haircut is the pick for you. The loose waves are still romantic and alluring, but they don’t weigh you down like longer styles.

#44: Wavy Bob in Auburn and Blonde

The quality of the cut is important for your new short inverted bob, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore color as an opportunity to elevate your look. Pairing auburn red with a cool blonde tone creates a visually exciting hair color that is flattering without being over-the-top.

#45: Sharply-Angled Bob with Bangs

There’s a hefty dose of vintage charm to this look, from its straight blunt fringe to its curved line, and inwardly curled pointy tips. Pair it with peeptoes and a waist hugging dress and go paint the town red!

#46: Grown Out Shaggy Bob

Sometimes we are wondering how our haircut will look when it grows out. Wispy, outgrown strands and tousled texture are still charming, as you can see.

#47: High and Mighty Inverted Style

Tapered hair can add thickness and texture to lifeless locks. This stacked style is perfect for those who need a boost toward a winning style option. During warm weather months, be sure to brighten up strands with blonde highlights throughout.

#48: Cropped and Coiffed Bob

Keeping hair cropped into a bob is lovely, but sometimes you want to go with something a bit more original. For a totally different look, keep some front layers longer than the rest of the hair length. Curl them, wear them straight, however you feel that day.

#49: Medium to Long Bob for Brunettes

This medium inverted bob is perfect for straight, thick hair that has just the right amount of volume this style requires. Monochromatic color can also be interesting – it won’t distract from the shape of your cut and the texture of your style.

#50: Short Simple Cut

Inverted bob hairstyles don’t have to be complex – sometimes all it takes is a little layering and shaping to give you a whole new style that’s both easy to maintain and fun to wear.

An inverted bob is a style that requires little to no maintenance. If cut properly, following the natural lines of the hair, all it takes is a bit of volumizing product and/or fixing spritz of hairspray to style a classy ‘do. If you know of any products that work particularly well with this style, don’t hesitate to tell us, ok? So, what’s your inverted bob styling secret?

How-to cut a graduated bob // Bob with graduation // Step by Step medium length haircut // Salon 124

The Full Stack: 50 Hottest Stacked Haircuts

The right haircut is something that can quickly and easily change your whole look for the better. One of the best (and always stylish) haircuts to try is the stacked haircut, which is both chic and fashionable. Stacked haircuts can be super short or of medium length just touching the collarbone.

Charming Stacked Haircuts

The most essential element of getting a quality stacked cut is to ensure that the back section is cut to perfection. Since it is stacked in the back, the back view is the focal point of the look, so it must be done right. If you are still unfamiliar with the stack style, just think of a bob that’s rounded at the back through gradual layering and commonly slightly angled toward the front.

The following pictures showcase a wide array of cute stacked cuts that suit a variety of hair types. So, if you’re looking to try this haircut out and need a bit of inspiration, these pics are here to do the job.

#1: Stacked Nape-Length Bob with Elongation

The shorter the length and the bigger the slant of your angled bob, the more dramatic it looks and the more height you have on the crown. This is a great cut to visually elongate a round face, and it can also soften a square face if you opt for the style where your front pieces slightly curl under.

#2: Sleek Stack

The major benefit of a stacked bob haircut is its rounded silhouette that looks flawless with straight hair. Angled to perfection and complimented with soft layers, this cut would look amazing on practically anyone.

#3: Voluminous Stacked Feathered Bob

The stacked bob with extra height on the crown is a feminine style for women of any age. The cut shows a lot of airy feathering, and the curled-under-ends blend nicely into a voluminous shape.

#4: Short Textured Stacked Bob

Check out the side and back views of this short stacked bob to get an idea of how the right cut and subtle balayage create a rounder shape that makes fine hair look thicker. The feathered, side-swept bangs help to balance out the voluminous crown and back.

#5: Short Two-Tier Bob Cut

The rounded two-tier bob for thick hair looks perfect with feathered layers that retain a lot of texture. The stacked back adds volume and height. The golden-blonde color is feminine and sophisticated; it will make your skin healthy and glowing.

#6: Messy Edgy Pastel Purple Bob

This is not your mother’s stacked, layered bob. It speaks boldness! The chin-length peek-a-boo bangs run along the face complementing this ultra-edgy hairstyle with a lot of teased spiky layers.

#7: Pixie Bob with V-Cut Nape

A high stacked bob with side-swept bangs will refresh your tired hair. The V-cut nape section does a great job of showing off your neck and shoulders, and maybe your “hidden” tattoo.

#8: Sleek Feathered Jaw-Length Bob

Smooth, sleek tresses work great for fine hair that doesn’t easily hold a curl. The peek-a-boo bangs frame the face beautifully, and the deep side part gives the jaw-length cut an edgy, urban feel. The dark auburn hair color is vibrant and rich.

#9: Short Stacked Brunette Bob

When you are looking for a way to wear your thick hair in a shorter length, consider a short, stacked bob to keep it looking neat and well-styled. The poofy crown section has a lot of height and gives this cute chocolate brown hairstyle a sporty, casual appearance. The rounded shape angled towards the chin draws attention to your graceful neck.

#10: White Choppy Pixie Bob

The unique silver-white color and choppy pieces throughout create a futuristic stacked bob hairstyle for a fashion-forward girl. If you want a more down-to-earth appearance, try this cut in your natural hair color.

#11: Short Caramel Inverted Bob

The angled shape of the inverted bob looks perfect with straight hair, whether thick or thin. The elongated front pieces lend the cut a sophisticated, polished appearance. The copper tone and smooth textures make the hair look healthy and shiny.

#12: Very Short Stacked Bob with Layers

Check this pretty dimensional pixie bob. Short thick hair never looks better than when it’s cut into an extra-short stacked bob with lots of wavy layers. The bronde palette adds depth and richness to your short hair.

#13: Sharp Angled Stack

This stacked haircut utilizes dramatic layers in the back with a straight cut nape and longer, angled front, making it great for women who love the look of a bob with the ease of a pixie cut. Ready to wash-and-go in the morning, you never have to worry about finding those forever-lost hair ties with this ‘do.

#14: Inverted Bob with Finely Chopped Back

The inverted bob with delicate and refined layers pairs beautifully with a subtle golden blonde balayage. For those who have lighter-colored hair, ask your stylist about utilizing clay based bleach rather than powder. It provides a less damaging lightening effect to intensify and bump up your brightness.

#15: One-Length Bob with Stacked Nape

This luxurious stacked bob makes an impact! Smooth, sleek, and fully stacked in the nape, it shows off the envious thickness of the hair. The cinnamon brown balayage color contributes to the sense of depth and volume.

#16: Wavy Layered Caramel Balayage Bob

Curls aren’t always easy to pull off when you choose a stacked layered bob cut. With a lack of length, it is important to make sure you don’t place your iron too close to the root. For a natural, messy wave, take a curling wand measuring one inch and only wrap the hair once or twice before gently shaking them out.

#17: Short Curly Blonde Balayage Bob

An alternative to a pixie is a very short asymmetrical bob. Extending the fringe to graze the chin allows for more flexibility, whereas a boyish cut can be rigid in its styling capacity. While a regular trim is still needed, longer lengths are much more high maintenance.

#18: Stacked Brunette with Caramel Balayage

Lots of stacked layers show off the body of the angled bob pictured here. To achieve this level of fullness, you will definitely need hairspray with a strong hold. Piecey caramel highlights also help boost volume, creating almost a reflective effect.

#19: Cropped Wavy Dark Bob with Highlights

The tousled curly locks and random elongated front pieces work in tune and build a shattered stacked shape that looks effortless and classy. There’s a lot of height and texture throughout the shaggy cut, and the unpredictable highlights add to the whimsical nature of the style.

#20: Shattered Plum Red Bob

An investment in a rich color has a hefty price tag attached to it. For your hair health and your wallet’s interest, it pays to be wary of the products you choose to buy. When picking your haircare routine, look for sulfate free shampoos, as using regular ones results in dull, lifeless locks.

#21: Neat Bronde Bob with Stacked Layers

And here’s a nice idea for those who prefer neat and polished bobs to shags. Smooth lines and stacked layers create an inverted bob with a streamlined silhouette. It’s good for straight hair that tends to look boring. With this cut and color, it’s anything but.

#22: Voluminous Feathered Bob for Straight Hair

If you want to refresh your flat, lifeless shoulder-length hair, a neck-length stacked bob haircut is a great way to go. The hair that has been pulling you down will now give you a lifting effect and brighten your complexion with those chic metallic highlights.

#23: Jaw-Length Razored Bronde Bob

The jagged side part of this jaw-length stacked bob works great for thin hair, and the asymmetrical layers with feathery razored ends create a bulkier and more voluminous silhouette. The bronde balayage and its extra-light pieces in the front are very flattering for fair complexion.

#24: Pretty Rounded Ash Blonde Bob

A cropped, stacked haircut with a dramatic angle gives additional height and body for the crown. These elongate and balance out a rounder face. A great quality blow out, root lifting product, and strong hold hair spray will enhance the effect and make it last.

#25: Tousled Inverted Bronde Bob

A bob crop is a great solution if you are tired of your length and your hair is tired of styling. To stay away from split tips, incorporate a deep conditioning treatment one to two times per week. For your daily care, employ a leave in conditioner and a drop of argan, hemp, or coconut oil.

#26: Chic Bob with Swoopy Layers

The A-line bob shows off multiple stacked layers swept towards the nape. This look is classy and dynamic, with a rounded shape perfect for naturally thick hair. Subtle copper highlights add an extra sheen and make your hair glow when the sun hits it.

#27: Inverted Bob with Added Crown Layers

The distinctive auburn and blonde palette catches the eye, but the long, stacked bob cut with lofty crown layers is no less interesting. The medium-length straight hair is parted on the side and barely touches the shoulders, creating an alluring hairstyle that turns many heads.

#28: Two-Tone Short Shaggy Haircut

If you are a fan of an overly teased crown and a feathered finish, then you are sure going to like this half pixie, half stacked bob haircut. The bulk of the hair is blonde, while the nape is dark chocolate brown.

#29: Short White Bob for Fine Hair

Women with naturally fine hair benefit from super-short bobs with stacked layers in the back. The longer pieces in the front frame the face with soft, feminine angles. Enhance the effect with a sophisticated hair color, like this delicate silver, for instance.

#30: Short Pearl Blonde Razored Bob

Stacked bobs with bangs are sultry and sensual. Blow your hair perfectly straight, or let your natural waves do the work of adding extra volume and lift. The shimmering pearl-blonde tresses with razored ends and piece-y texture bring a youthful edge to the cut.

#31: Angled Bob with Swoopy Feathered Layers

Lots of wispy feathered strands add movement to the medium stacked bob haircut. The long front pieces dip past the jawline, slimming down the face, and the side-swept bangs caress the cheekbones. The partial blonde highlights over ash brown hair look naturally sun-kissed.

#32: Strawberry Blonde Stack with Red Highlights

A stacked haircut comes in a variety of colors, and this blonde one with red highlights is guaranteed to garner loads of attention. This particular stack cut can be recommended for fine hair because due to its shorter length and layering, it creates the illusion of a thicker mane.

#33: Wavy Brown and Burgundy 2-in-1 Bob

Fabulous for curly hair and for thick hair alike, this medium, wavy cut is sexiness personified. There’s a shorter straight underlayer and a wavy and messy top layer, cut choppy and uneven to enhance the fullness of the shape. The brown and burgundy hair hues add spice to the cut.

#34: Stacked Bob with Wispy Layers

An angled bob is a trendy approach to your standard short cut. Spritzing a texturizing spray and tousling straight hair with a creamy wax transforms your basic cut into a current hairstyle with a laid back vibe.

#35: Short Blonde Bob with Piece-y Layers

A stacked bob upgraded with piecey layers creates a shattered rounded silhouette. This one suits rectangular and square shaped faces, especially if the frontal hair reaches the chin. Blonde highlights with dimension spotlight pieciness, boosting texture and movement.

#36: Highlighted Bob with Stacked Layers and Bangs

A swoopy haircut that is short in the back and long in the front is perfect for someone seeking a more sophisticated look. A rounded style with bangs adds a contemporary feel to an already on-trend dirty blonde color.

#37: Platinum Blonde Bob

The beauty of stacked haircuts is in their power to accentuate the volume of even the thinnest strands. The layered back gives your hair a little extra oomph. To boost it even more, make friends with a good texturizer and a fine-tooth comb. Then, tease the roots of your hair for more body.

#38: Voluminous Medium-Length Bob

For a fuller effect, this hairstyle relies on added volume up top and on the sides instead of just the common stacked-in-back look of most bobs in these pictures. To achieve the sky-high height, try teasing the hair, throwing in some dry shampoo or even add a hair piece like a “bump it“. Remember those things? They are cheesy but they work.

#39: Inverted Bob Undercut

An undercut is a rocker chic slash punk approach to this already statement-making stacked hairstyle. As there is so much going on with the haircut itself, try toning down the color and stick to minimal styling, such as sleek and straight or gently curved. This is accomplished by using the round brush technique while blow drying.

#40: Slanted Bob with Choppy Back

The steep angle and contrast of length between the back and the front of this bob is definitely eye-catching. The blunt cut in the back cascading to a pronounced point in the front creates interest that doesn’t ask for any additional styling tricks. A little tease to reveal the texture is all you need with this gorgeous stacked bob haircut.

#41: Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

The back view of this A-line haircut shows why it works so well for fine hair. By opting for an angled and layered cut, you get a style that shows your strands are actually much thicker than you’ve thought they are.

#42: Fiery Stacked Bob

If you want to go bold with your color (and by bold we mean electric), why not try an equally daring cut like a short stacked bob? It’s a sleek choice to pair with a vibrant hue without sacrificing your sense of style.

#43: Wispy Black Bob

Chic and casual, the pitch black hue gives a bold look to this short ‘do. The piecey layers convey it beautiful sway and movement. Probably the best part about this take on the stack is how effortless it is.

#44: Inverted Blonde Style

Chic and easy for the woman always on the go, this undercut bob frames the face while keeping it super short around the back of the neck. It’s a fuss-free style that looks good without much maintenance — besides a quick brush in the morning. The dark nape undercut and blonde highlights enliven the look with super-natural dimension.

#45: Dimensional Dirty-Blonde Stack

A more textured take on stacked bob haircuts, this cut features chunky V-cut layers and dimensional balayage highlights. That means it will be anything but boring to wear.

#46: Short Textured Brown Bob

The difference between a chic bob and your grandma’s favorite style is the addition of modern textured layers. With this, a beach wave is ideally matched. Short haired girls can still include a beachy style into their lookbooks, but most of the styling will be concentrated towards the face.

#47: Extreme Teased Stack

Not every stacked cut is steeply angled and sleek, as some feature an extreme teasing finish and almost straight-cut edges. Here, you have a stacked style that is heavily backcombed at the crown and cut bluntly across the bottom.

#48: Medium Brown Stack

There is not a lot of fuss or frills to this medium brown version of the stacked cut, that’s why it looks so polished. Carefully angled on each side, this classy A-line haircut also features a slightly off center part and cute flipped in edges.

#49: Cute and Discreet Espresso Brown Bob

Whether you choose a bob with bangs or without, the back view is as important as the front of your look. If you are slim and have a long neck, a shorter bob will flatter you immensely. Otherwise opt for a medium bob or a lob.

#50: Blonde Stack with Deep Side Bang

In terms of long stacked haircuts, this one is top-notch! With bangs deeply parted and swooped to one side, bright blonde hair color and perfectly angled lob cut make a sexy hairstyle you’ll love to rock. This is how stacked haircuts should look.


Medium and short stacked haircuts for curly hair or straight locks continue to be just as popular now as years ago, when they have been first introduced. One of the best things about them is that they look like a rather complicated style, but offer so much ease in terms of everyday styling. If these pictures aren’t enough to convince you, keep searching stacked cuts…we are sure you’ll find one that stacks high above the rest!


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Below are 61 Charming Stacked Bob Hairstyles That Will Brighten Your Day:

If you are looking for a new hairstyle then why not try a short, stacked bob? It’s been a popular trend for a while because it’s an awesome hairstyle. It’s the kind of bob that is fashionable and chic; you will be turning heads wherever you go. These stacked styles can be shorter or medium length as well.

Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob

The stacked bob is called that because of the back of the style which is cut so that it stacks. There are many different styles to choose from.

  1. Blonde Hair

This stunning style is very choppy and very sexy.

2. Icy Blonde

A gorgeous style that has some icy blonde elements.

3. Stacked Styles

A sexy style that anyone would love. We just love how chic this style looks.

4. Rose Gold

A sexy style that isn’t too short if you want to keep your hair a little longer.

5. Angled Bob

As you can see, there is an angled edge to the style.

Also See:

6. Stunning Styles

Chin length styles are super sexy and this is a great hairstyle.

7. Contrasting Styles

A simple style that can show off some contrasting colors as well.

8. Soft Styles

A great style that you are sure to love because it’s soft.

9. Choppy Styles

A great style that has many different layers in it.

10. Red Hot

A great style that looks super hot with the color.

11. A Shaggy Style

This is a very short style that has many different layers.

12. Purple Styles

A stacked style that is a bit longer. The front is quite long while the back stays stacked.

13. Striking Styles

Who says you have to cut your hair short to have a stacked bob? This is a gorgeous example of what you need to be truly badass.

14. Frosty Styles

This frosty look is beautiful because of the color and the stacked style.

15. Highlights

The great thing about highlights is that they will totally stack your color in an eye-catching way.

16. Great Products

This style is very short and very choppy. You will need to have a lot of product to make this style look this good.

17. Perfect Edges

This style is not for the faint of heart. The style is very severe and blunt. There are multiple levels with different colors.

18. Sexy Style

This messy style is very attractive. We love the waves and the fact that it’s a low maintenance style.

19. Blue Styles

A greatly stacked bob that stands out because of the blue highlights.

20. Curly Styles

These curly locks really make that stacked style much larger.

21. Purple Love

Another style that has the hair longer in the front than the back and we just love the purple.

22. High Volume

If you are looking for a style that is truly dramatic then this us it. Her style has some serious volume to it.

23. Slick and Stacked

A great style that looks polished.

24. Soft Layers

A great style that has some flowing layers, this style is so sexy.

25. Flowing Locks

This style looks amazing with some flowing layers.

26. Dark Designs

The great thing about a stacked bob is that you can show off some extra colors.

27. Sleek Styles

A sleek style that is polished and sophisticated.

28. Bold Styles

A gorgeous stacked bob that you will love to show off wherever you go.

29. Great Angles

These angles are very sharp; they are also very gorgeous.

30. Purple Layers

A great style that is made wonderful by that purple shade.

31. Bold Colors

If you want to make your stacked bob really stand out, then this is the style for you. Those rainbow colors are very neon in style and they are absolutely stunning. We love all these gorgeous colors.

32. Black and White

This great style has some contrasting shades and we love them.

33. Short Cuts

If you are looking for a cute, super short cut, then this is it.

34. Bold Highlights

A This style is stunning because of the many different layers; it makes for a sexy and messy style.

35. Shoulder Styles

A great style that isn’t too long or too short.

36. Volume Styles

A sexy style that is sophisticated and truly original.

37. Shaggy Styles

These styles come in many shapes and sizes. A blonde style that is truly amazing.

38. Bright Styles

This red-hot orange is a real show stopper. It’s short and wonderfully original.

39. Bold Highlights

A sexy style that has some sleek edges that are remarkably gorgeous.

40. Add Some Bangs

A great style that isn’t too short and has a great side bang to it.

41. Stacked Bob

This stacked style goes really high and it’s beautiful.

42. A Long Style

She has really long hair that goes to the shoulder, but it’s only in the front. The back is short and stacked.

43. Feathered Styles

A great feathered style is truly a new and unique look.

44. Sexy and Sophisticated

Here is the back and side view of a chic style that will work well if you have a high profile job.

45. Bold and Blonde

A great stacked bob that has so much volume to it.

46. High Styles

Another great style that is stacked pretty high, we love it.

47. Sleek and Wonderful

Another gorgeous style that you are sure to love because we sure do.

48. Stunning Stacks

A gorgeous stacked style that looks lit up with the blonde shade.

49. Grey Styles

If you are looking for a wild new style then why not try out this messy stacked bob. Add in some bright grey and you are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

50. Round Styles

This stacked bob is rounded out so that the hair is all drawn inside.

51. Shaved Styles

This stacked bob has a shaved style underneath. If you are looking for a bold new style, then this is it.

52. Shocking Pink

A messy style that is stacked and full of some bright and amazing colors.

53. Shocking and Bright

A stacked bob that has some great highlights to it.

54. Natural Styles

A great style that is messy and loose and the colors are all natural.

55. Pale Purple

A great style that isn’t polished but it looks amazing. We just love the purple shade she’s chosen.

56. Sophistication

A great sophisticated look that is polished and so very chic. We love the fact that this style screams of a girl with power.

57. Curly and Stacked

There is a lot of volume to this style and it’s absolutely stunning. The curls and the style provides a lot of volume.

58. Auburn Shades

A voluminous style that is remarkable and truly stylish. We love these great styles.

59. Blonde Angles

A great style here and it’s because of the angle of the bob and the great color.

60. Great Styles

A stunning style that is all about bright highlights. This angled bob really shows off the colors. A simple style that you are sure to love.

61. High in Back

The back is really high and the stacked bob is styled high. The back is stacked high because it’s cute angled upwards. There are products used that allow for the extra volume. If you want a style that is very dramatic than this is the one for you.


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