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World downloads are copies of a base, build or other 2b2t location which have been downloaded and converted to single player world files via the use of hacked clients or the World Download Mod, which, similar to Optifine, works on Multiplayer servers. World downloads have a wide variety of uses and are a popular trading commodity among the 2b2t community.


As world downloads allow a base to be preserved, they enable a base to be explored even after its destruction on the main server. This is the core idea of Project Vault, which contains many world downloads of famous bases in their prime throughout 2b2t's history. With the coming of the Rusher War, the demand for Project Vault and world downloads increased. Players today are constantly looking and advertising world downloads, either for personal viewing, or for other projects similar to Vault. Since Vault has been taking too long to go public and the desire to see 2b's greatest builds has grown tremendously due to the influx of players from the Rusher War, it was beaten by the Museum in terms of going public. Many players release world downloads of their bases on the 2b2t subreddit, usually after importing it into worldedit to remove the coordinates as well as nullifying any coordinate exploits.

List of world downloads

While links to world downloads can be found on their respectice articles, I decided to archive them all here as well (please expand if you find more)

From Lifeisgood73's dump (none or little to none of those were built or saved as downloads by him, but the list is copypasted from his subreddit post):


Sours: https://www.2b2t.online/wiki/World%20Downloads

This Space Valkyria III World Download is an all in one solution for your problems when playing the addictive game called SpaceValkyria. I say that because this mod will solve a lot of your problems when playing this game. When you install this mod, the mod will automatically fix a large number of errors that you might have encountered when playing the game. And that&#;s not all. You can also get free unlimited coins and buy armor to customize your character.


If you want a completely new gaming experience, then the best thing you can do is to try this mod. It has all the great features from the old versions but with a brand new feel and look. This SpaceValkyria III World Downloads is the answer if you want to play the SpaceValkyria series without compromising the quality. Plus, you can have all new weapons and armors in this mod as well.

Space Valkyria III World Download (2B2T)

This mod will completely transform the graphics and the overall content of the game. This means that you will be able to enjoy a much better playing experience. With all new enemies and backgrounds, you will truly enjoy every moment of playing this amazing game. You will even get to explore the vast untapped secrets of this mysterious planet that lies under the sea. This mod is definitely something worth trying out!


The mod has a whole new story that will keep you interested from start to finish. The main character is named Rintoo who will accompany you throughout your adventure. This little bunny is your friendly neighbourhood mechanic who will repair damage, stock up your inventory and do various other things for you. He is your usual reliable self and he will get whatever task you ask of him very easily. This is the sidekick that is always there to back you up no matter what.


The new storyline revolves around the history of two mysterious space ships that crash landed on this planet. These mysterious craft carry some deadly viruses that are designed to shut down the human system. With only 3 days left before the virus is set to strike, you and your ragtag crew had to make it to the capital and prevent it. The fighting will be tough and you will have to find all sorts of items and weapons to help you in your mission. In order to do this you must avoid being captured as you progress through the levels.


This mod is so good that it has made a lot of people talk about how well it has taken them by surprise. They love the fact that it keeps the game exciting and also helps them get past that annoying feeling that they had while playing SpaceValkyria III. You will never run out of things to do or places to go in this great game. You will find yourself engrossed in the game&#;s plot as you discover more about Rintoo and the mysterious spacecraft that crashed here. The graphics and the music are both great and the best part is that you will not feel like you have to work too hard in order to succeed in this mod.

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Sours: https://www.2minecraftmod.com/space-valkyria-iii-world-download-2b2t-mod.html
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#WorldDownloader tutorial-start minecraft -download forge at https://files.minecraftforge.net/-execute and install the client-start Minecraft with forge-download liteloader (needed for worlddownloader) at:https://www.liteloader.com/download#snapshot_ -> exe or jar-open and select: extends from: forge and press ok-download world downloder at https://github.com/Pokechu22/WorldDownloader/releases/tag/v-> mod-litemodwdlmclitemod-if you want to use hacks together with worldownloader I recommend kami:-> https://github.com/zeroeightysix/KAMI/releases / KAMI-b9-release.jarforgehax-> https://github.com/fr1kin/ForgeHax/releases /forgehaxjar (might be backdoored)journeymap for waypoints and a map-> https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/journeymap dwnload latest filemod for sorting your inventory-> https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/inventory-tweaks/download/not enough items-> https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/not-enough-items/files/ ? downloadoptifine-> https://optifine.net/adloadx?f=OptiFine__HD_U_E2.jarxray mod-> https://mc-mods.org/advanced-xray-mod/ download asunaschematica-> https://mods.io/mods/schematicayou need -> https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/lunatriuscore-move all the mods in your .minecraft folder (you get there by pressing windows + R -> %appdata% -> .minecraft/mods)-when joining its best to select disable multiwordbecause otherwise you have to select a world where you are in when starting a download and when switching dimensions.
Sours: https://github.com/TheSocietyProject/2b2t-world-downloader-project/blob/master/WorldDownloaderModTutorial.txt
FarPlaneTwo Mod - 2b2t 2k Spawn World Download With Extended Render Distance


Download 2b2t world


FarPlaneTwo Mod - 2b2t 2k Spawn World Download With Extended Render Distance


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