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Etsy logoEtsy announced it is running a new series of tests to highlight popular items. Sara Kassatly posted the announcement, writing that “giving shoppers more information about what’s trending on Etsy will help them discover and buy products they’ll love.”

Announcement follows:

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be testing new ways of highlighting your products to shoppers and letting them know how popular an item is on Etsy. We believe that giving shoppers more information about what’s trending on Etsy will help them discover and buy products they’ll love. Read on for more information about these tests.

Telling buyers when an item is almost out of stock
Beginning this week, we’ll test a new way to let shoppers know that an item is close to selling out. We believe that notifying shoppers that an item is almost out of stock will allow them to complete their purchase before an item sells out.

For listings with an item quantity of three or less, shoppers will see the information “3 left in stock,” “2 left in stock,” or “1 left in stock” as the items sell. The text will not display on one-of-a-kind or made-to-order listings. During this experiment, we’ll be showing this information to a percentage of all shoppers.

Highlighting best-selling items in search
During this experiment, we’ll be showing buyers best-selling listings that match the terms they search for. A percentage of shoppers who search for popular phrases will see highlighted best-selling items on their search results page. We believe that knowing those items are popular with shoppers will help new buyers feel more confident making a purchase on Etsy.

Best-seller badge
In addition to showcasing best-selling items in search, we’ll be testing a best-selling item badge. The badge will appear on items that are top sellers in their category and will be displayed on listings in search and on category pages. Badges will appear based on sales of that listing, so a shop may only have one listing with a badge even though they have many listings for that item.

We’ll update you with the results of these experiments and let you know if we decide to make any permanent changes.

SOURCE: Etsy Announcement

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Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner is co-founder and Editor of EcommerceBytes and has been reporting on ecommerce since 1999. She's a widely cited authority on marketplace selling and is author of "Turn eBay Data Into Dollars" (McGraw-Hill 2006). Her blog was featured in the book, "Blogging Heroes" (Wiley 2008). Follow her on Twitter at @ecommercebytes and send news tips to [email protected] See disclosure at

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Etsy Super Seller Badge tests to proportion of buyers

A new Etsy Super Seller badge is being tested on the listing pages of sellers that are eligible. Sellers are eligible for the ‘Super Seller’ badge if they:

  • Have more than 25 sales
  • Ship on time for the majority of orders (including sellers who sell digital downloads)
  • And have 5 or more reviews, with the majority of reviews being 5 stars

The goal is to give Etsy shoppers more confidence in making a purchasing decision by showing them when a seller is running a successful shop, per the Super Seller criteria. Currently the badge will only be seen by a percentage of buyers, so don’t worry if you can’t see it on your listings – if you qualify then buyers included in the test will see it.

Does the Etsy Super Seller badge remind you of the eBay PowerSeller badge?

This is interesting as it’s very reminiscent of the eBay PowerSeller Badge. That was a badge which indicated a certain level of business on eBay, albeit eBay had different levels of PowerSeller dependant on the seller’s turnover. eBay then retired the PowerSeller badge in favour of the Top Rated Seller and then Top Rated Plus badges which were dependant on performance. More recently eBay also retired the Top Rated Seller Badge and now the eBay proposition is the Premium Service badge which is a combination of a seller’s level of business, performance and eBay guarantee.

The Etsy Super Seller badge is a level behind eBay as it simply reflects a relatively low level of sales and a level of performance which shouldn’t be overly difficult to achieve. It’s not a badge which will reflect the very best sellers on Etsy and neither does it come with any Etsy backed guarantee over and above the normal protections a buyer would get from any Etsy seller, with or without the Etsy Super Seller badge.

Etsy also appear to be testing various position for the Etsy Super Seller badge. We’ve spotted it positioned alongside the seller’s shop name and beneath the ‘Add to cart’ button.

The issue that is most likely to arise from the Etsy Super Seller badge with it’s current criteria is that just about every seller on Etsy could easily qualify. This would leave just a few sellers with late shipping or sub-standard ratings and brand new Etsy sellers without the badge. If almost every seller is displaying the Etsy Super Seller badge will it have any value or will buyers become blind to the accolade?

I Got The Bestseller Badge On Etsy In Just 30 Days. July's results

I opened my Etsy shop around 2yrs ago – I’ve sold just over 4000 items, and I have less than 90 items in the shop. The reason for this is I have a couple of items that have the Best seller on Etsy badge.

In this post, I will show you the best practices to get a Best Seller badge on Etsy and why it’s not necessarily a good thing. 

What is the best seller on Etsy?

Create a best seller on Etsy with quick tips

The majority of best sellers on Etsy have several things in common. Some which are within your control and plenty you can’t do anything about. You can, however, maximize your chances of creating a best seller on Etsy and making money by following these few simple rules. 

Here is a menu of what we will cover in this post

You can also find more help in planning your Etsy shop by setting goals

*This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission. It will not cost you a penny more) Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

How I got a Best Seller on Etsy

I love to paint and spent about a month just painting what I wanted, which was watercolor plants and leaves. At the time, I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to sell any of them. I probably had 3 gorgeous ones, 20 or so good ones, and the others just not quite the same quality. Hit or miss maybe.

I worked out how other shops were selling them, and I also had anotherEtsy shop selling prints I had made up using a mixture of my own artwork and clip art I had purchased with a commercial license.

For those who are unfamiliar – I purchased a license to sell that clip art in my own work if I had made it my own. Either by adding additional interest or creating a completely new design with the clip art forming only a part of it. If you are interested you can purchase Clip art on Etsy

Some of these did well, most – not so great. 

But anyway – back to my Etsy Botanical print shop with watercolors

I scanned my artwork into Photoshop and cleaned it up and uploaded it as digital prints. 

No, it doesn’t end there – this is not how you get a best seller on Etsy 

But let’s find out what is required first.

Even though I do have a best selling on Etsy – it took a lot of mistakes to get there.

What is a top-selling item on Etsy

A top-selling item on Etsy is an item that has a high conversion rate, consistently good reviews, and shows up in search. 

In detail

My conversion rate for this particular item ranges from 2.5-1.5 

How to work out your conversion rate on Etsy

Simply divide the number of visits by the orders and x 100. 

400 visits /25 orders x 100 = 6.25 conversion rate

My reviews for this item are high – all of the reviews have 5 stars

It also shows up in a search on the first page for a couple of keywords

Find out how to increase my views on Etsy in this post

What else makes this product a target for the Best Seller badge on Etsy

The product is also fairly unique. Or at least it was for several months. (More on that later). I had seen a couple of shops combine their best sellers into one listing giving three prints for the price of two. So I pulled my three top-selling prints into one listing, and it worked like a charm. 

Best selling prints on Etsy

I was seeing sales of this item every day consistently. But then it just fell off. 


You see, the best seller badge is really a double-edged sword. You want the customers to know that other buyers have been overwhelmingly pleased with this product and increase their desire.

We all want what others have.

But the downside of this is that other shop owners can also view your success. And ’emulate’ your Best Seller on Etsy. 

What to do if your item is stolen on Etsy

The first thing you should do is educate yourself on the best course of action. Read your rights on stolen items on Etsy

I was spending at least 2-3hrs a week just reporting copies of my Bestseller. I don’t mean they had unwittingly gone out and created the same prints – I mean, they had purchased my prints and began reselling them as their own. Booo.. ! 

Copying items on Etsy

Not great

Don’t go there!

It’s ok to be ‘inspired’ by another store. Indeed I have done this. But I can paint my own prints and sell them. I don’t have to purchase someone else’s painted artwork and resell it as my own. 

Fortunately, I was able to show Etsy my original prints in watercolor, and they took down all the listings which had stolen my artwork. 

Instagram link to original artwork.

But the damage was done. 

If you are starting on Etsy, you can find the best way to start an Etsy shop helpful

My Bestseller had gone over to the ‘let us all do that same thing’ – I shouldn’t have been surprised. It had happened before with another print in my other Etsy shop. Honestly, I had purchased a water pen for my watercolors and put ink in it and was testing it one night just by drawing lines. I figured I’d put it in my digital Etsy shop and boom – it went off like a rocket. 

Best selling line art print on ETsy

Does it look familiar?

Oh yes, – I know. (Holds head in hands)

So it happens. But then on the plus side, you are really are nothing on Etsy until you have been copied. And selling Digital artwork is the main target.

Don’t panic if your item gets stolen – it happens. Just keep your evidence to prove that it was your original idea, and Etsy will take the listing down. 

The dark side of Etsy

I’m saying this because I want you to know that not everyone on Etsy plays fair in the sandpit. I have seen in some Facebook groups – best sellers being reported for no other reason other than another unscrupulous shop owner wants it out of the way. 

As Etsy takes reporting of items quite seriously – you could find yourself without a shop or a best seller. For no other reason than another shop wants your business and will do much more to get there. 

And don’t think they stop at Etsy!

Oh no.

The courageous ones might even go as far as stealing your Pins on Pinterest and changing the URL to their shop. 


What rot. 

Not sure what a stolen pin is – here is the information you can find on stolen pins on Pinterest. Simply send them an Email

Or read my post on how to promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest.

Why does the Bestseller badge is great for Etsy, but not shop owners? 

Simple – unless you have something unique which only you can make – Etsy knows what sells well, and it’s in their interest for every shop to do the same thing. Guaranteed sale for any angle. 

But now my reader – you are a bit wiser. 


Ok – let’s move on from this chat. 

Why does one item sell better than another similar item on Etsy

Well, like any other market place. It comes down to buyer intent. Why will my print sell less than someone else’s identical prints? 

Having good reviews is paramount on Etsy

Don’t be surprised when I tell you that most buyers actually read reviews before buying. They want to know that other buyers have been pleased with their purchase, and this creates more buyer intent. Be aware of best practices for Bad reviews on Etsy

Check out this article on buyer intent if you are not sure what I mean by this.

I see lots of comments in Facebook groups when a shop owner is fighting ferociously to dispute that 1-star review because they wasted a few dollars on postage. 

Lookie here shop owners – 

Don’t do this.

That 1-star review can be avoided if you just get off your ‘seller mode’ and be overly sweet a helpful. Humbly accept that often, you will lose more in sales than you will by graciously giving a refund.

But what if the review has already happened – 

Well, not much you can do now – but don’t – repeat DO NOT – go in guns blazing and tell the customer it was their fault in reply to your 1 star. Even if – gasp – it is!

Your reputation is priceless, my dears. 

Find out in our complete guide to Reviews on Etsy

Shop look and branding

Your shop’s overall appeal is crucial to making sales. Buyers want to see a busy professional shop with plenty going on and past transactions. They want it to look inviting and have perhaps something to differentiate it from the next best shop. Or indeed the other 456 shops selling the same thing.

Remember your shop header is the first view – it must say everything in 10 seconds or Less.

Trending items on Etsy

Has your shop been featured in Trending items on Etsy? – Take a look. If you view this regularly, you can see how Etsy progresses through the seasons and warms up to the sales of gifts at Christmas and trending items for spring and summer. 

There is a reason they put gift items front and center from October onwards and organization items and home decor in January and beyond. 

Is your item trending on Etsy? If so, let us know in the comments. 

You solve a problem with your product

Simply put – your product solves a buyer’s problem completely. 

My items solve the problem by providing simple, cheap wall art which they can print at home and hang in minutes. 

What problems do your items solve?

Does your item solve an urgency problem? – is it worth more money because you can deliver in a shorter time, or do you solve the buyers’ gift problem by providing unique gifts not found elsewhere? 

Etsy likes and favorites

Having someone favor your item is a perfect way to get a little traction behind the scenes. If you have a lot of favorites, the buyer has found what they might be looking for and wants to keep it in their lists. 

This process can be wildly powerful on the buyers’ experience. After all, before the buyer purchases, they usually see the same thing seven times. Etsy will show you your recent favorites over and over again. They work for a reason. 

We love favorites!

If this is a bit overwhelming you can start with a post about Why sellers fail to sell anything on Etsy

How much money can you make on Etsy with a Best seller?

This is what you are here for, I know!

Etsy stats for visits to item

This item has been viewed 35194 times and has sold 706 times. Which gives it an overall conversion rate of 2. On the best month, it made 1600​

I want you to know that ultimately, Etsy sent traffic to this item, not me. But now Etsy search sends less than 1% of traffic to this item. 

Etsy traffic stats

I know rubbish – boo Etsy.


Possibly it isn’t trending any longer. Indeed someone sends me a message recently saying how much they loved my work and could they buy it to sell on print on demand in China?

Hmmm, let me think about that?

No thanks. 

But then went on to say that it wasn’t trending any longer anyway, and pop art was where I needed to focus my time. 

You see – 

Etsy is not a set it and forget it process.

Key points on how to create a best seller on Etsy

It shows up on Etsy in Search

Are your photos amazingly perfect? – have you done everything you can to improve your product images and give them the maximum appeal? – 

I favor white images mostly. Products on a white background feature heavily on Etsy shopping emails. 

Your item converts well 

Are you achieving more than 1% conversion rate on the item – for every 100 views are you making 1 sale?

Is it priced correctly – not too high and defiantly not too low

You’ve done everything possible to make it both appealing and likable.

You have good reviews on your item

Highlight those reviews – put them in the listing description, tell them, this item has had xxx 5-star reviews. 

If you can, encourage reviews for your item by asking the buyer to respond to the review request. I email my customers after they have purchased and say thank you and join my mailing list and leave a review. Since I started doing this – No reviews. 

Honestly – no reviews. 

This could be because they checked out as a guest or just because they can’t be bothered to log back in. I don’t actually know. But yes, I’ve not had a single review since I started emailing my buyers after they purchased. 

You can glean from this information as much as you wish. Try out and see what works best for your shop. 

It has, however, encouraged a lot more signups to my email list and that’s a good thing. I can repeatedly use it to send more traffic to my shop. 

No email list? – Find out how to grow an email list on Etsy

If you have a unique product – tell the buyer why it is unique, what makes it better than other similar items on Etsy. 

Final thoughts on how to create a best seller on Etsy. Produce a product that is popular on Etsy right now, either because it is trending on Etsy or has a Bestseller badge – but also has the following criteria is the best way to create a Bestseller on Etsy.

  • Good reviews
  • High conversion
  • Repeat customers
  • Does well in Etsy search
  • Unique product
Simple ways to get a bestseller badge on etsy

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How to create a best seller on Etsy

If you want to remember this article on How to create a best seller on Etsy – please pin me to your favorite board on Pinterest.

How to create a best seller on Etsy with desk image

Bestseller badge etsy

Spoonflower Fabric Designs

sef_lopod: I'm guessing the niches are automatically created from names/tags of all users on Etsy & have to fit into a number of uses range to be eligible for giving a Best Seller badge.

I'm thinking if there are above a certain number of uses by multiple users (like how many there must be for 'fabric') it doesn't happen, and if only a few users have it, again it doesn't happen.

I'm thinking it also uses the larger categories to separate BS (hah!) groups. I'm guessing, for example, if you had a 'bulldog' necklace, that would be in the huge group, 'Jewelry' and might get BSed, at the same time someone else might have a 'bulldog' cloth sold in the huge group, 'Fabric' which would not be competing against the jewelry group, and might also get BSed.

As far as time goes, I could see it being overall reevaluated once a month to remove BS that no longer qualified, but as the article said, it's also reevaluated more frequently as they found listings having the BS, losing the BS, and then regaining it within a day or a few days.
Sours:[email protected]/discuss/72157714495767936/

Etsy Star Seller - Implications & Concerns Of This New System

(This article will be updated in the future when new information comes in)

On July 28, 2021, Etsy introduced Star Seller, which is a way to rewards shops that meet Etsy’s requirements of being an excellent seller. Sellers who meet the criteria will earn a badge starting in September.

The 3 major areas are responding to messages quickly (within 24 hours), having good reviews (95% 5-star reviews) and shipping (95% orders shipped on time with tracking or a shipping label).

With a change like this, there are some implications for Etsy sellers moving forward, and some sellers have voiced their concerns about the system.

Let’s dive right in:

Will This Impact Your Search Ranking?

Although Etsy says that Star Seller won't impact your search ranking at this time, it's very likely that it will affect your search ranking indirectly.

One of the search ranking factors on Etsy is the ‘listing quality score’. It looks at your listing’s conversion rate: how shoppers view, click and purchase your product.

Shop with a shiny Star Seller badge can boost the confidence of shoppers. The shop will appear more trustworthy and the product more appealing than the competitors, making the shopper more likely to follow through with the purchase. This will improve the 'listing quality score' of that shop's product, and therefore push it up the search ranking.

In the future, it's also possible that Etsy will display this badge in search results just like the 'free shipping' badge and 'best seller' badge. Listings with a badge that says 'Star Seller' is going to catch the attention of shoppers more. One of the selling points from Etsy is that being a Star Seller will help you 'stand out from the crowd'. As the shop stand out more, it’s likely that they will be clicked on more, which increases their ‘listing quality score’.

So although being a Star Seller or not doesn’t directly impact your search ranking, it will certainly have implications on it indirectly.

Concerns Voiced By Etsy Sellers

Tracked Shipping Is Too Expensive For International Sellers

“I ship using etsy labels via Canada post for US customers, but some of my items are small and I just ship them with no tracking because the difference is $12 on a $35 item”, said blu_stingray on this reddit thread

This is especially true for international sellers shipping small and relatively low-priced items, like birthday cards. If they offer tracking to their shipping, it will spike up their prices and make them not competitive in their niche.

Some Products Don't Require Tracking

Digital item sellers often list customised items as physical items so they can ship/deliver them to customers in a later date. As you can imagine, these digital products don’t require a tracking code as they are sent digitally. My shop, alongside many other digital product seller, face the problem of having 0% “On-time shipping & tracking”

95% 5-star Review Is Too High

Some customers may be satisfied with your product and leave you a 4-star review, or an unlucky shop may get an unreasonable customer who leaves a 1-star review. According to the system now, you need a whopping 19 extra 5-star reviews just to offset that one review, which could be unachievable to smaller shop.

One Customer Sending Multiple Messages

Some customers send multiple separate messages enquiring about different products. Most sellers logically choose to answer all the questions in just one of the messages to keep all the information together. However, in this new system, the other message will count as ‘not replied’.

The 24-Hour Response Time Should Only Be Applied To Weekdays

As many shop owners choose to take a break in the weekend, they may not be able to meet this requirement because of that. The solution now is to set up and turn on auto-reply on the weekend if you can’t message your customer back within a day.


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Etsy bestseller badges are great for getting you noticed over a sea of competition – especially when star-ratings aren’t enough!

Getting a badge, however, can be a tricky affair, and many Etsy sellers aren’t actually sure how the process truly works.

Furthermore, when you search in the Etsy Help Center for Bestseller badges, the search results come up empty.

What are these bestseller badges, and how do you earn one?

Etsy Bestseller badges are a slight alteration to your listing that basically states you have sold many of that item in a small time frame over all others in that category. As soon as someone sells more than you, that badge can disappear.

The amount you sell isn’t really factored in, so much as your speed over other sellers. You aren’t notified if your item is a “Bestseller,” but you will see a small icon or “badge” next to the listing.

Keep in mind that the badge will disappear if you are running out of stock, or if someone beats you at the “Bestseller” requirement.

How Do You Get the Bestseller Badge?

Getting the “Bestseller Badge” is a great moment for your shop.

For a limited time, customers will consider your items to be “hot ticket” or “trending” on Etsy right now. This means they are more likely to buy that item because they have a new trust and appreciation for your shop and your products.

Basically, at the beginning of each month, if your product sells the most items in the quickest time frame in its “niche category,” you earn a “Bestseller Badge.”

A niche category is something that is less general than “bookmarks” or “jewelry,” and instead could be “lavender oil” or “chocolate baking molds.”

This means that you are standing out from the crowd in that niche category this month, and that makes you a bestseller!

What Does the Bestseller Badge on Etsy Really Mean?

The idea behind the “Bestseller Badge” is still really murky in the Etsy community.

As I stated before in this article, there isn’t much information on these icons in the Etsy Help Center. In fact, the term “Bestseller Badge” was given to these little icons under listings unofficially by Etsy sellers in the community.

Instead, Etsy sellers have carefully been dissecting when and how they’ve been getting their bestseller icons during a specific time frame, which seems to be every month or 28-day period.

For example, you might have sold over 1,000 items in that category overall, but you only get the badge if you sold fifty in one day on the first day of the month.

If someone overtakes your spot, say, by selling 55 of the same sort of item in your category that month, the Etsy algorithm seems to quickly switch the “Bestseller Badge” over to that seller’s merchandise.

This means that even if your item has sold better overall, small booms for Etsy sellers get them noticed more quickly with the Etsy algorithm.

How Long Do You Keep the Bestseller Badge?

Keeping your Bestseller Badge is harder than earning it.

As we’ve mentioned above, the Etsy Algorithm will quickly take your Bestseller icon and move it to the next successful shop that has quickly out-sold you in your category.

That doesn’t mean you can’t earn it back!

In fact, if your sales still continue to skyrocket that month, while other shops grow stagnant or static, then your icon will quickly return.

However, there is still some debate as to how long it takes for the Etsy algorithm to move or add the Bestseller icon to someone’s shop. Some think it is an instantaneous effect, while others will claim that it can take 24 hours to 3 days for the icon to return.

The problem is that it is very difficult to find information on the Bestseller icon and how it works on, so there really isn’t a definitive answer or time period to mention in at the time of this article.

However, many sellers do believe that the change can be instantaneous as soon as more sales are finalized and process through their shops!

How Does the Bestseller Badge Affect my Sales?

When a customer sees that your item is a “bestseller,” they tend to trust your shop and items more.

Consider yourself for a moment, and let’s create an example.

If, say, you were shopping online through Etsy and started to search for essential oils, you may worry that the lavender oil you’re looking at could harm your skin or perhaps be too strong or too weak of a smell.

You may also worry that you are getting swindled out of “organic” or handcrafted essential oils, and instead are being sold a reproduction or imitation.

If that is the case, you would probably look for shops that only have five-star ratings and great customer reviews. Once you’ve narrowed it down to about ten shops with those five-star ratings and great reviews, you see that one of them is listed as a “Bestseller.”

Now, there are a lot of reasons why a customer would choose one of those ten items out of all others, but having the term “Bestseller” on your specific product is a great hook to get more customers into your shop – and hopefully to buy!

While it is not guaranteed, nor proven or mentioned by itself that you will increase your sales because of a Bestseller icon, many Etsy sellers have reported that their sales increase when they get the “Bestseller Badge.”

Furthermore, because the badge seems to work, there are plenty of Etsy forum threads of sellers asking and wondering how they, too, can get this badge on their shop.

The trouble is that the badges do tend to have a competitive effect on shops that operate within the same small, specific niche, and often will cause frustration for shop owners who lose their badge right away.

That’s why you should always rely on star-ratings and good customer reviews, and make sure to sell a great product that has bestseller potential, even if you don’t earn the icon for it!

How to Create a Bestseller on Etsy

Creating a bestseller on Etsy is all about knowing your niche and knowing your audience.

To get many sales in such a short period of time is a really great experience, but it takes a lot of work and focus in order to make sure your products are getting out there and are impressing your customers!

Your bestseller item should:

  • Have a Great Overall Standing (i.e., Five-star ratings & detailed, positive customer reviews)
  • Be of Good Quality and Carefully Managed by You
  • Include a Sparkling Photo or Cover Image to Draw in Customers
  • Feature a Personal Touch of Yours that No One Else Has (this helps customers identify with you and feel more comfortable buying from you)

Once you’ve created these specific situations for each of your products, you will not only see sales increase, but you may also find a “Bestseller Badge” on your products!

Making Your Products “Bestsellers” in Theory

I want to emphasize that you shouldn’t only use those circumstances listed above to try and catch a “Bestseller Badge” for your products.

Those icons are few-and-far-between and tend to disappear and reappear very quickly.

Instead, using those techniques to create a “bestseller-worthy” product, in theory, will help your shop have a great reputation and will ultimately be the thing that keeps customers coming back.

If only one item in your shop is fully thought out long and hard, has all those things listed above and earns a shot at getting a Bestseller icon, well, then the rest of your shop is going to disappoint customers when they click around your store.

So while it is great to try and shoot for the stars and earn the coveted “Bestseller Badge,” making sure that all your products are winners is going to be what keeps your shop at the top of everyone’s list in the long run, and will keep customers coming back for more!

Can I Tag my Own Products as “Bestsellers”?

Tagging your own product as a “Bestseller” isn’t against the rules, nor does it say you can’t write “Bestseller” in your product descriptions.

So, technically, yeah, you could absolutely slap the terms “bestseller” or “bestselling” all over your products if you like.

The problem, however, with this is that customers are less likely going to trust someone writing that their bookmarks are bestsellers than they are going to trust the Etsy algorithm and the “Bestseller Badges.”

You could absolutely claim that your product is a bestseller, but customers are still going to base their decisions off of the ratings and reviews that you have, the number of sales your product has, and how many favorites or “likes” that your shop and your items are getting on Etsy.

Furthermore, if you wrote “bestseller” on all of your products in your entire shop, customers will consider that to be shady or dishonest behavior and move along.

However, if you write that one of your bookmark products are “the bestselling” of all your other shop items, that isn’t dishonest or a lie. Instead, you are merely letting the customer know that this product is the most popular in your specific shop.

Just be careful how you phrase things, and make sure to be as honest as possible with any and all product descriptions!

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