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I once saw a watercolor tattoo IRL and bet my friend five bucks that it was actually a temporary design. Like, it really, truly looked as though it were painted with actual paint brushes, with realistic paint splatters and perfectly blended colors. Fact: I lost five bucks that day, and since then, I've become legit obsessed with all things watercolor tattoos. So if you're lookin' for tattoo inspo and wanna know more about this soft, fluid style, keep reading to hear what tattoo artists who specialize in this style have to say about watercolor tattoos, followed by all the design inspo you could ever need.

What is watercolor tattooing?

As NYC-based tattoo artist Amanda Wachob explains it, a watercolor tattoo lacks the black outline of traditional tattoos, in order to highlight and emphasize the color in a design. The result? A tattoo that looks much more realistic and less cartoon-like. But even within the style of watercolor tattoos, you've got different sub-genres to choose from. "Some artists are more expressive with their work, adding brush strokes and color splashes and sketchy lines," says NYC-based tattoo artist Bryan Gutierrez. "Others do a more refined look, using more pastel and muted-down colors to make it look softer, like a real watercolor painting."

Do watercolor tattoos fade easily?

Ah, yes. The million-dollar question of how watercolor tattoos age, and if they fade or blur over time. So what's the consensus? Gutierrez and Wachob agree: All tattoos will fade and age. "Time marches on regardless of the style of tattoo or the color in it, and tattoos with black outlines don’t stop the aging process of a human being," Wachob says. "Black tattoos get thick, gray, and fuzzy, while colored tattoos will lighten and soften over time."

If you notice some fading, you can get a touch-up (which is when additional color is applied) to keep your tattoo looking almost as good as the day you got it. But you might not even need to. Think of some watercolor tattoos like a hair color that grows out nicely: "Some watercolor paintings tend to have blurred edges, undefined details, and softer colors, so I think the natural aging of the tattoo can work really well with the initial design," Gutierrez adds.

How long do watercolor tattoos last?

Tattoos are permanent, but just like the rest of your skin, if you don't take care of it, it isn't gonna age well. Protecting the tattoo from the sun is *so important* for preserving the color, so always use sunscreen to protect it from UV rays and take care of your tattoo when it's healing. "With proper care and proper application from the artist, even the lighter colors should last a good amount of time," Gutierrez says.

Fully convinced you need a watercolor tattoo? I knew you would be, so I gathered all the inspo for you below.

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1Watercolor Lightning Bolt Tattoo

When it comes to watercolor tattoos, you're not limited to what design you can choose—although flowers (Gutierrez's specialty) do look amazing with this style. If you don't want a straight-up flower tattoo, incorporate a floral pattern into your design, like this one.


Zodiac tattoos are quite prominent and popular, especially among the celebrities that are role models for many people who get the tattoos after them. Libra is the 7th Zodiac sign, and quite popular because there are different types of the tattoo and ways to ink it on your body. Libra that is often described as a goddess holding the scales in her hands has always symbolized equilibrium and balance. But there’s much more to the whole tattoo concept than just that.

Many people don’t believe in the depth of horoscope meanings, but they are still willing to get a tattoo of their zodiac sign to manifest their most prominent traits. That’s why we wrote this article.

If you’re looking for the meanings behind the Libra zodiac that will perfectly represent your upcoming tattoo, regardless of its shape, you should continue scrolling through this article and inform yourself about the detailed meanings behind this tattoo. It’s also a popular option because zodiac tattoos are usually small, and great for people who don’t want them to stand out too much.

Libra Tattoo Meanings

Libra Tattoo Meanings

One of the key reasons people get the Libra tattoo is because of the zodiac sign that reigns from September 23rd to October 22nd. It’s the 7th sign of the Zodiac, represented by the air element. Other air elements besides Libra include Gemini and Aquarius. There is a variety of different meanings to the Libra Zodiac, as well as the personal concept in itself.

People born in the sign of Libra are social, extroverted, creative, innovative, and oftentimes carefree. They are easy to fall in love with and give themselves in their entirety. However, even though they oftentimes rather think with their heart than head, they can be quite rational when it comes to making the right decision. Because Libra is also represented by scales, they weigh the good and bad in certain things to reach the ultimate equilibrium.

Being extroverted, Libra individuals have an easier time finding friends. They feel comfortable with other people and possess impeccable communication skills that make them more convivial compared to other Zodiac signs. They will make anyone respect them thanks to their rationality when it comes to making important decisions, and finally being just and righteous, always looking for the ultimate truth and sincerity.

They’re the epitome of equality which is why this symbol has become incredibly popular in tattoos over the past few years. Libras seek the truth and unification with nature. With that in mind, libra can also represent love, peace, balance, honesty, and the positive energy.

Libra In Mythology

The symbol of Libra first appeared in the days of ancient Greece, among those who worshipped the goddess Themis. Themis was the Goddess of justice, often depicted holding scales to represent the balance and righteousness of good and justice.

The Libra tattoo is often more popular among the female, especially because of the scale being held by the Greek Goddess. Many other definitions and symbols look into the scale as one of the most important symbols of justice and righteousness.

Types of Libra Tattoo

The keywords that represent Libra are peace, balance, beauty, harmony and creativity.

There are different ways to get the Libra tattoo done on your body. Some people are looking for a minimalistic approach to the Libra’s zodiac symbol, while others are more abstract and want to get larger and more detailed tattoos. Those that particularly tell a story.

That said, before listing the most popular Libra tattoo designs, let’s see to detail some Libra tattoo types that will help you get the right tattoo for yourself.

Libra Zodiac: Naturally, the most popular idea behind Libra is exactly its zodiac. It’s supposed to represent the sun that is rising and marking the beginning of the new day. Because of that, Libra stands as the balance between the sky and earth, takes a piece of both of them, and details that one cannot exist without the other.

Scale: The second most popular representation of the Libra zodiac are scales. They are often depicted in more illustrated versions of the horoscope readings, blogs, and even television horoscopes. It’s the symbol for balance, justice, and equilibrium. It emphasizes the importance of finding balance in everyday activities.

Goddess holding the scale: As mentioned earlier, Libra is believed to first have appeared in the Greek mythology, held by the goddess Themis, or Justicious, who holds the scale and symbols that represent justice and righteousness. They also represent the equilibrium between the good and evil, giving the ultimate protection.

Libra Constellation: Another popular tattoo type of Libra is the popular Libra constellation that consists out of four stars, which is less than other constellations. Needless to say, only one of the four stars stands out in its brightness, while the others appear more faint. Still, they can be noticed in the Southern Hemisphere. They particularly can be noticed in areas that don’t have too much light pollution. The stars making it are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Sigma Librae stars.  Libra stands as weighing scales in Latin.

36 Best Libra Tattoo Designs

Being one of the most gracious and popular zodiac signs, we’re sure that there are plenty of tattoo design ideas that you’ll like and get inspired from when making your tattoo come to life. Make sure to check out the designs.

1. Libra Tattoo For Females

Libra Tattoo For Females 1
Libra Tattoo For Females 2
Libra Tattoo For Females 3

It’s no secret that the libra zodiac, as well as the tattoo, is more common among females than males. Females are more expressive of their tattoos, and they’ll usually get quite creative when it comes to choosing their dream tattoo. That’s why there are a lot of design options to choose from, regardless of whether you’re picking the regular scale or zodiac tattoo.

Female tattoos usually use gentle tones, gentle width of the brush, and additional symbols like stars, moon, planets, as well as flowers. If you’re planning to tattoo the Libra scale on yourself, the best option to go with is in the arm area, as it implicates how we hold the balance with the scales.

Of course, there are other separate options like the zodiac, the libra goddess, or something else. Nevertheless, you’re open to combining different symbols that you’ll find more helpful to use.

Also, you shouldn’t outcast the small feminine tattoos like the ones we highlighted earlier. If you’re not a fan of combinations and you’re looking for something more minimalistic, check out below.

2. Small Libra Tattoo

Small Libra Tattoo 1
Small Libra Tattoo 2
Small Libra Tattoo 3

A lot of people don’t see themselves carrying a large tattoo that is easily noticeable. One reason can be the fear of social stigma at work or university, or simply worry about what will the parents or other relatives say. While the stigma is slowly being lifted and these tattoos are more acceptable widely, we can understand the choice of sticking with a small tattoo.

Above, we focused mainly on the zodiac Libra tattoo as they are small, minimalist, and yet they look and feel beautiful on the skin. You can place these tattoos anywhere, but if you’re trying to hide them, you could consider more subtle areas like the thigh, under the knee, back, or behind the ear. Of course, you can play with different shapes or even colors.

If you prefer your small tattoo to remain hidden you can also use white ink which is popular at different tattoo studios. The sky is the limit!

3. Libra Constellation Tattoo

Libra Constellation Tattoo 1
Libra Constellation Tattoo 2
Libra Constellation Tattoo 3

Here’s to the fans of astronomy and astrology particularly. The Libra constellation is a little fainter than other constellations and can be more difficult to spot with the naked eye. That’s exactly why a lot of people drive and retreat away to be able to worship these tattoos. That could be exactly what the first tattoo is saying.

If we withdraw far away enough, we’ll be able to see the clear night skies with all the constellations visible. It’s beautiful because there’s no more beautiful thing than observing the night sky while being surrounded by nature. Other ideas for the constellation tattoo are quite cool and innovative.

Now, you can either combine this with some of your ideas or use these to come up with your unique plan for your first Libra tattoo. Are you an astronomy fan? Add more elements like the moon, planets, or even comets. You can even play with the watercolor tattoos that are quite popular lately.

4. Libra Zodiac Tattoo

Libra Zodiac Tattoo 1
Libra Zodiac Tattoo 2
Libra Zodiac Tattoo 3

When it comes to the Zodiac tattoos, they are nearly always the tattoos of the Libra symbol that represents the scales or the sun setting behind the horizon or rising, it’s up to you and your imagination. Nevertheless, these tattoos are always more minimalistic than the rest of the tattoos that we displayed above.

Don’t let that worry you, you can always get creative about your tattoos and see how you can improve them to be better. It’s all left down to you and what you can do. Naturally, these tattoos are smaller, but if you’re not worried about showing them off and exposing them, you can add more elements and patterns and leave them at a more exposed place on the body.

5. Libra Tattoo For Males

Libra Tattoo For Males 1
Libra Tattoo For Males 2
Libra Tattoo For Males 3
Libra Tattoo For Males 4

Although you can find more feminine tattoos when it comes to the Libra sign, saying that men don’t tattoo them would be an understatement. There are quite some popular Libra tattoos for men.

They’re usually inked with a thicker layer of ink, a little more minimalistic or rogue, as you can see in some designs that we displayed above. They look bolder and sometimes bigger, as men place them on their chest, back, and oftentimes the biceps too. You can see that there is dominantly the Libra zodiac signs tattoo that is popular among men.

However, you can also see that some designs mean that they were thinking out of the box to prepare them to look stunning and appealing no matter how you look at them. If you’re looking to get a Libra tattoo as a man, it’s best to combine bolder tones but don’t run away from expressing yourself.

6. Scales Libra Tattoo

Scales Libra Tattoo 1
Scales Libra Tattoo 2
Scales Libra Tattoo 3

As we said earlier, the scales Libra tattoo is among the most popular ones. It gives a more picturesque image to the Libra zodiac but also serves as an asset, a tool that helps those who ink it to express themselves. It helps them show their sense of sincerity, honesty, and righteousness.

The scales can be used to measure something, but they also serve to make the balance between certain traits that we’re conflicted about. If you’re looking for those traits, it’s best to express them within the tattoo and find the tattoo artist that will be able to convey the masterpiece.

One of the scale tattoos we displayed is weighing down between the heart and the mind. This balance, at first sight, seems hard to achieve, but with dedication and consistency, you can always get closer to the balance.

7. Watercolor Libra Tattoo

Watercolor Libra Tattoo

Colorful tattoos have been a thing for a long time. However, those who are looking for more minimalistic designs will avoid the color and focus on the more black and white aspect of creating tattoos.

Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of colorful, vibrant, and vivid backgrounds, you should try adding a bit more charm to your tattoo. It’ll help bring life in it, making it more noticeable and dragging a lot of positive comments from other like-minded tattoo artists.

Watercolors are being popular everywhere in art, and tattoos are no exception. As long as you talk to your tattoo artist who is experienced with them, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your tattoo. While we only found one good idea for this concept, we’re sure you can come up with even better ideas.

8. Libra Woman Tattoo

Libra Woman Tattoo 1
Libra Woman Tattoo 2
Libra Woman Tattoo 3

We mentioned earlier that the Libra scales were inspired by Greek and Roman mythology. Where the Goddess of justice holds the scale in one hand to show the justice being satisfied and the balance is achieved.

Modern horoscope illustrations also show the Libra figure as a woman, like many other zodiac signs. That being said, making a tattoo of a woman representation of libra and adding it to a back tattoo or a tattoo sleeve seems like a great idea.

Hopefully, the designs we listed will inspire you to make a design of your own. Many women even use their pictures and pose as inspiration to craft the tattoo. There is a myriad of ideas that you can use to bring a larger Libra tattoo to life, you only have to dare.

9. Floral Libra Tattoo

Floral Libra Tattoo 1
Floral Libra Tattoo 2

Every tattoo shape looks better with flowers. Flowers are the sign of delicacy, innocent, spring, positive energy, and pretty much everything beautiful. It is said that Libras are passionate and full of fierce strength. However, flowers can be there to highlight and describe their nature-oriented and romantic side.

There are many meanings behind the flowers. However, you can never go wrong with the roses, hibiscus lilies, and other delicate flowers in the spring and summer.

Let your tattoo’s passion burn, but also show the compassionate and gentler side. What we noticed a lot is that some tattoo designs for the Libra constellation consisted of floral patterns instead of the stars. We listed a few such designs. Make sure to check them out and see whether that works with your style or not.

10. Minimalist Libra Tattoo

Minimalist Libra Tattoo 1
Minimalist Libra Tattoo 2

Minimalism is a lifestyle. In minimalism, everything is consisting of pure simplicity and spareness. In sense of tattoos, that means using gentler and fainter ink, focusing on simpler patterns and designs and other aspects that will make the tattoo glow with simplicity. When making a tattoo many people want it to be large and consist of many different patterns and symbols.

But, that doesn’t work for everyone. Some people simply prefer having tattoos that are of smaller and simpler designs. While most of the tattoos we listed here can be called minimalistic, we added a few more options that could be given the same trait. If you are looking for a minimalistic tattoo that won’t stick out. This is a good option to try.

11. Libra Back Tattoo

Libra Back Tattoo 1
Libra Back Tattoo 2

Most men prefer making larger tattoos that look like a canvas of art on their back. When it comes to making a large painting-like tattoo design on your back, it’s important to understand that one symbol usually won’t suffice. There are different ideas. Some prefer mixing multiple zodiac signs from their natal card, using different planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter… Sometimes they extend even more beyond with the moon sign, etc.

However, some like to detail Libra as a woman, or Goddess to be precise. Constellations are also quite present. However, many like them joined by different shapes like shooting stars, comets, planets, and other celestial bodies that are too far from us to reach.

12. Libra Wrist Tattoo

Libra Wrist Tattoo 1
Libra Wrist Tattoo 2

Finally, we’re wrapping this list with a smaller tattoo design, which is small as a button and can easily fit into the wrist, or some other area that you’ll find fit. People who don’t like their tattoo to stick out will usually look into ways to position it on the wrist. Still, even with precautions, it can make someone see them and potentially get you into trouble. The wrist is a great position for tattoos.

However, it’s worth noting that focusing on smaller Libra tattoos, as well as using thin patterns and even white ink could be much more helpful in obscuring the tattoo from others.

More FAQs About Libra Tattoo

People who want to get the libra tattoo are usually creative in how they want it to look and represent them. Nevertheless, if some questions need answers about the tattooing process itself, we may have the right answer.

Which Position Is The Best For The Libra Tattoo?

Libra tattoo is quite popular among women. We can mostly see it on less prominent places like the calves, ankle, wrist, forearm, and sometimes even neck and behind the ear. Still, many people stand out from their comfort zone and make larger and more prominent designs on their shoulders and biceps, face, chest, hands, and sometimes even palm.

If you’re looking for a larger design, then getting the Libra tattoo on your back or even thigh sounds like a great idea.

Does Getting A Libra Tattoo Hurt?

Getting any tattoo will hurt. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It all depends on the position where you’ll get your tattoo. However, it can also matter based on your pain tolerance and other emotions that you might have. Whatever may be the case, you should be ready to talk to your tattoo artists about ways to relieve pain before and during the inking process. You can also look into our detailed guide about tattoo pain management.

Can Guys Also Get Libra Tattoo?

Although Libra tattoos are more popular among women, which is also visible in the tattoo designs we listed, getting the Libra tattoo isn’t constrained by your biological sex. With that in mind, you can get your own Libra tattoo whenever and wherever you want (as long as it’s a safe and regulated facility.) If you’re worried about it looking feminine, you can add some additional elements from your everyday life, such as hobbies, or the name of your loved ones. The possibilities are endless and beautiful.

What Is The Cost Of A Small Libra Tattoo?

The smallest libra tattoos with the most minimalistic design can cost anywhere from $30 to $50 in the budget-friendly range, up to several hundred dollars if you’re springing for a more difficult tattoo design on the market. Large back tattoos of a more abstract Libra character could even cost you well-above $1,000 in more popular tattoo studios.

Note: You can also try some temporary tattoo if money is your concern or you’re afraid of pain.

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In All Fairness, These Are the Best Libra Tattoo Ideas

Libra Tattoo - updo watercolor

Hey, you Libra babies. Ruled by Venus, this is the zodiac sign for anyone born between September 23 and October 22. Symbolized by scales, the “most balanced” sign is full of fairness, harmony, sociability, and trying to avoid making waves. So although surfing may not be your forte, you can show off your strengths with a Libra tattoo.

And since we know how high your standards are, we scoured the internet for the absolute best Libra tattoo ideas. So take your time to peruse all the tattoo options – they’re not going anywhere! But a pro/con list never hurts to speed up the process.

Libra Tattoo

25 Libra Tattoo Ideas to Show Off Your Sign

1. This takes “naked dress” to a whole new level, and we love it. Tattoo by Prana.

Libra Tattoo - woman in the stars


2. If it takes bringing all the elements together to get this much volume in our hair, we’ll gladly do it. Ink by Nathália Corrêa. 

Libra Tattoo - lightning bolt woman


3. When they said come to court dressed appropriately, we’re pretty sure this is what they meant. Tattoo by Marilen Adrover.

Libra Tattoo - woman with flowers


4. We don’t care how indecisive you are if you’re this cute. But also could you just please decide what we’re eating tonight? Tattoo by Sonia Lazo.

Libra Tattoo - scales on horns


5. There’s nothing cuter than this Libra zodi-cat sitting on a cloud of cotton candy. Think he’ll mind if we munch on a corner? Tattoo by Suelen Coslï.

Libra Tattoo - constellation cat


6. This Lady Justice ditched her eyes instead of using a blindfold. They’re so hard to draw, anyway. Tattoo by Miroslav Skokanič. 

Libra Tattoo - horned woman


7. Double the scales, double the fun!

Libra Tattoo - mermaid with scales


8. These neck exercises are really getting out of control. Tattoo by Simona Politi. 

Libra Tattoo - balanced scales


9. This perfectly consistent color scheme shows that even a Libra can make decisions. Tattoo by Jessica Channer.

Libra Tattoo - balanced scales in hair


10. Lady Justice may be showing her impartiality, but we’ll admit that we’re bias with how much we love this ink. Tattoo by 놀지다타투.

Libra Tattoo - blindfolded woman with balanced scales


11. Sometimes the world does revolve around you. Mainly when you have a top bun this good. Tattoo by NYU.

Libra Tattoo - updo watercolor


12. Libras are such hopeless romantics that their eyes and hair turn into hearts. Especially when the pizza arrives. Tattoo by Andy Palacios.

Libra Tattoo - anime girl


13. Our hairstylist is going to really love us after they see our Pinterest inspiration board. Tattoo by Matthew Murray.


14. This crisp clean font is a subtle way to show off your Libra pride. And it reminds us that we forgot to charge our typewriter. Tattoo by Liron Tal. 

Libra Tattoo - balance minimalist


15. At first glance, this tattoo has scales, a pendulum and snake to symbolize justice. On second glance, this snake is saying, “Look Ma, no handzzz!” Tattoo by Madness Tattoo. 


16. The sun really does make a great accessory for her outfit, but we hope she remembered her SPF. Tattoo by Rubia Alvarenga.

Libra Tattoo - tarot card


17. With a nose ring, purple eyebrows, and luscious lashes, this Libra queen is just what we want to look like when we grow up. That means, 55 right? Tattoo by Lilian Raya.


18. Are you a night owl or day owl? Guess it depends on the time of day.

Libra Tattoo - moon and sun balance


19. Connect the dots has really jumped the shark these days. But we don’t mind when it looks like this! Ink by artist Laura Martinez.


20. Although sometimes pain is beauty, we also think our new sweat suit is pretty beautiful. And that is very comfortable.


21. What? You don’t carry your own pocket scales to weigh your crystals throughout the day? Tattoo by Lilian Raya. 


22. This intricate scale shows a beautiful balance of opposites. Way more poetic than a tattoo of peanut butter and jelly.


23. Balance out these subtle finger tattoos with a set of eye-catching nails. But seriously, be careful when you put your contacts in.


24. And here we thought Pippi Longstocking was a Gemini.


25. This off-kilter line is great reminder that balancing is a process. We can’t all be Simone, after all!

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