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Bridal Party Entrance Ideas: 16 Fun and Unique Options

6. Carry lanterns, balloons, or sparklers. 

Props are an eye-catching way to bring in your bridal party. Large outdoor lanterns with electric candles can double as outdoor lighting after the sun sets, while balloons can be tied to table centerpieces afterward. If you use sparklers, limit them to outdoor use only and make sure everyone safely keeps their distance from your guests’ heads as they walk down the aisle. 

7. Show off musical talents. 

Any marching band alumni or chorus singers in your bridal party? Have them collaborate on a tune as they walk in. It’s super personal and memorable. 

8. Have featured guests escort the bridal party in. 

If your favorite boss, aunt, or neighbor didn’t make it into the bridal party but you’d still like them to be an active part of your special day, ask them to escort your bridal party in. This option is especially useful for anyone who had a tough time choosing their bridal party to begin with. It’s a great way to get more people involved!

Reception bridal party entrance ideas:

Your reception bridal party entrance should build off the energy created by the ceremony entrance. For example, if you did a line dance into the venue, build on that excitement with a choreographed bridesmaid and groomsmen dance.

1. Do the wedding entrance from The Office

Fans of the hit TV show know that this hilarious surprise bridal party entrance was not in Pam’s plans, but it worked out anyway. The dance moves are simple enough for your bridal party to learn on the day. Check out a clip from the episode on YouTube and use it as a tutorial. Or check out the below example from a real wedding.


50 Wedding Party Entrance Songs to Get the Party Started

Although your wedding ceremony will be a big moment for you and your partner, the reception is what most of your guests are looking forward to. You can serve delicious food at a gorgeous venue, but the music is what really takes a party from mediocre to unforgettable.

To help kick things off, you need to have a wedding party entrance song that will get people in the celebratory mood. Whether you want the hottest wedding party entrance songs that are making waves this year, or you're looking for a throwback wedding party entrance song that spans generations, make sure that you work with your DJ or wedding band to pick a song that fits the mood you're going for. Check out the list of wedding party reception entrance songs below if you need some ideas.

Wedding Party Entrance Songs in this Article:

Best Wedding Party Entrance Songs

No matter what vibe you're going for, there are some wedding party entrance songs that are guaranteed to be a hit with people. From the latest music from Justin Timberlake to oldies but goodies, most of your guests will be familiar with the popular wedding party entrance songs listed below.

"Can't Stop the Feeling," by Justin Timberlake

From the movie: Trolls, 2016
Lyrics you'll love: "Nothing I can see but you when you dance, dance, dance/A feeling good, good, creeping up on you/So just dance, dance, dance, come on"

"24K Magic," by Bruno Mars
From the album: 24K Magic, 2016
Lyrics you'll love: "Players, put yo' pinky rings up to the moon/Girls, what y'all trying to do?/Twenty four karat magic in the air/Head to toe soul player"

"I Gotta Feeling," by Black Eyed Peas
From the album: The E.N.D., 2009
Lyrics you'll love: "I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night/That tonight's gonna be a good night/That tonight's gonna be a good, good night"

"Feel This Moment," by Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera
From the album: Global Warming, 2012
Lyrics you'll love: "One day while my light/Is glowin'//I'll be in my castle golden/But until the gates are open/I just want to/Feel this moment"

"Without You," by David Guetta ft. Usher
From the album: Nothing but the Beat, 2011
Lyrics you'll love: "I can't win, I can't reign/I will never win this game without you, without you/I am lost, I am vain/I will never be the same without you, without you"

"Forever," by Chris Brown
From the album: Exclusive, 2007
Lyrics you'll love: "It's like I waited my whole life/For this one night/It's gon' be me you and the dance floor/Cause we only got one night"

"Uptown Funk," by Bruno Mars
From the album: Uptown Funk, 2014
Lyrics you'll love: "I'm too hot (hot damn)/Called a police and a fireman/I'm too hot (hot damn)/Make a dragon wanna retire man"

"Crazy in Love," by Beyonce ft. JAY Z
From the album: Dangerously in Love, 2003
Lyrics you'll love: "It's the way that you know what I thought I knew/It's the beat my heart skips when I'm with you/But I still don't understand/Just how your love can do what no one else can"

"Here For the Party," Gretchen Wilson
From the album: Here for the Party, 2004
Lyrics you'll love: "You know I'm here for the party/And I ain't leaving till they throw me out/Gonna have a little fun gonna get me some/You know I'm here, I'm here for the party"

"Down," by Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne
From the album: All or Nothing, 2009
Lyrics you'll love: "So baby don't worry, you are my only/You won't be lonely, even if the sky is falling down/You'll be my only, no need to worry"

Wedding Party Entrance Songs - Groomsmen

Let's hear it for the boys! It's not uncommon for groomsmen to make their arrival known with hip hop wedding entrance songs or some good ol' rock and roll tunes. We've handpicked some popular groomsmen entrance songs that will get everyone in the room cheering as the groomsmen make their way into the reception.

"Thrift Shop," by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

From the album: Released as a single, 2012
Lyrics you'll love: "I'ma take your grandpa's style/I'ma take your grandpa's style/No for real ask your grandpa/Can I have his hand-me-downs?"

"Thunderstruck," by AC/DC
From the movie: Live at Donington, 1990
Lyrics you'll love: "Sound of the drums/Beatin' in my heart/The thunder of guns/Tore me apart/You've been thunderstruck"

"My House," by Flo Rida
From the album: My House, 2015
Lyrics you'll love: "Welcome to my house/Baby take control now/We can't even slow down/We don't have to go out"

"Panda," by Desiigner
From the album: New English, 2016
Lyrics you'll love: "This what they all been waitin' for/I guess so/They been waitin' for this stuff for a long time didn't they/I'ma give it everythin' I got"

"Good Life," by Kanye West ft. T-Pain
From the album: Graduation, 2007
Lyrics you'll love: "Like we always do at this time/I go for mine, I got to shine/Now throw your hands up in the sky/I g-go for mine, I got to shine

"Me and My Gang," by Rascal Flatts
From the album: Me and My Gang, 2006
Lyrics you'll love: "Me and my gang/Jump on that train/Grab hold of them reigns/We're gonna rock this thing"

"Eye of the Tiger," by Survivor
From the album: Eye of the Tiger, 1982
Lyrics you'll love: "It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight/Risin' up to the challenge of our rival/And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night"

"Bring Em Out," by T.I.
From the album: Urban Legend, 2004
Lyrics you'll love: "I got the crowd yelling (Bring 'em out, bring 'em out)/Aye, all my hotgirls yelling (Bring 'em out, bring 'em out)/Aye, all the Dope Boyz yelling (Bring 'em out, bring 'em out"

"Let's Hear It for the Boy," by Deniece Williams
From the movie: Footloose, 1984
Lyrics you'll love: "Let's hear it for the boy/Let's give the boy a hand/Let's hear it for my baby/You know you go to understand"

"Rock You Like a Hurricane," by Scorpions
From the album: Love at First Sting, 1984
Lyrics you'll love: "Here I am/Rock you like a hurricane (Are you ready, baby?)/Here I am/Rock you like a hurricane"

Wedding Party Entrance Songs - Bridal Party

Now, it's the ladies turn! Your bridesmaids have been by your side through thick and thin, and it's time to give them some recognition. Give your bridesmaids something empowering to walk out to (or at least something with an amazing beat). Below are some great picks that you can use as wedding entrance songs for the bridal party.

"Heroes (We Could Be)," by Alesso ft. Tove Lo

From the album: Forever, 2015
Lyrics you'll love: "Anybody's got the power/They don't see it/'Cause they don't understand/Spin around and round for hours/You and me we got the world in our hands"

"Where Them Girls At," by David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida
From the album: Nothing but the Beat, 2011
Lyrics you'll love: "I seen this one, I'm 'bout to go in/Then she said, I'm here with my friends/She got me thinking and that's when I said/Where dem girls at, girls at?"

"Scream," by Usher
From the album: Looking 4 Myself, 2012
Lyrics you'll love: "And I've tried to fight it, to fight it/But you're so magnetic, magnetic/Got one life, just live it, just live it"

"Country Girl (Shake it For Me)," by Luke Bryan
From the album: Tailgates & Tanlines, 2011
Lyrics you'll love: "Aw, country girl, shake it for me/Girl, shake it for me/Girl, shake it for me/Country girl, shake it for me"

"Anything Could Happen," by Ellie Goulding
From the album: Halcyon Days, 2012
Lyrics you'll love: "But now I've seen it through/And now I know the truth/That anything could happen/Anything could happen"

"SexyBack," by Justin Timberlake ft. Timbaland
From the album: FutureSex/LoveSounds, 2006
Lyrics you'll love: "I'm bringin' sexy back (yeah)/Them other boys don't know how to act (yeah)/I think it's special, what's behind your back (yeah)/So turn around and I'll pick up the slack (yeah)"

"I Love Rock and Roll," by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
From the album: I Love Rock 'n Roll, 1981
Lyrics you'll love: "I love rock n' roll/So put another dime in the jukebox, baby/I love rock n' roll/So come an' take your time an' dance with me"

"Run the World (Girls)," by Beyoncé
From the album: 4, 2011
Lyrics you'll love: "It's hot up in here/DJ don't be scared to run this, run this back/I'm repping for the girls who taking over the world/Help me raise a glass for the college grads"

"We Are Family," by Sister Sledge
From the album: We Are Family, 1979
Lyrics you'll love: "We are family/I got all my sisters with me/We are family/Get up everybody and sing"

"Raise Your Glass," by P!nk
From the album: Greatest Hits… So Far!!!, 2010
Lyrics you'll love: "So raise your glass if you are wrong/In all the right ways/All my underdogs/We will never be never be, anything but loud/And nitty gritty"

Funny Wedding Party Entrance Songs

After a serious ceremony, it can be difficult for your guests to immediately switch into party mode. You can help them out by playing some funny wedding party entrance songs as you arrive at your reception. These funny wedding party entrance songs will get some laughs out of your guests and get them into the mood to party.

"It's Tricky," Run DMC

From the album: Raising Hell, 1986
Lyrics you'll love: "It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time/It's tricky, it's tricky (tricky)"

"Who Let the Dogs Out," by Baha Men
From the album: Who Let the Dogs Out, 2000
Lyrics you'll love: "Who let the dogs out/Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof/Who let the dogs out/Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof"

"Can't Touch This," by MC Hammer
From the album: Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em, 1990
Lyrics you'll love: "Fresh new kicks and pants/You got it like that now you know you wanna dance/So move out of your seat/And get a fly girl and catch this beat"

"Stanky Legg," by GS Boyz
From the album: Released as a single, 2009
Lyrics you'll love: "Do the Stanky Legg (ayyyy!)/Do the Stanky Legg (ayyyy!)/When I hit da dance flo'/(I be) do the Stanky Legg (ayyyy!)/Do the Stanky Legg (ayyyy!)"

"Sexy and I Know It," by LMFAO
From the album: Sorry for Party Rocking, 2011
Lyrics you'll love: "Girl look at that body/Girl look at that body/Girl look at that body/I work out"

"99 Problems," by Jay-Z
From the album: The Black Album, 2003
Lyrics you'll love: "If you havin girl problems I feel bad for you son/I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one"

"Apache (Jump on It)," by The Sugarhill Gang
From the album: Jump on It!, 1999
Lyrics you'll love: "Tonto, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it/Kemosabi, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it"

"I'm Too Sexy," by Right Said Fred
From the album: Up, 1992
Lyrics you'll love: "I'm too sexy for my shirt/Too sexy for my shirt/So sexy it hurts"

"Hustlin'," by Rick Ross
From the album: Port of Miami, 2006
Lyrics you'll love: "Everyday I'm hustlin'/Everyday I'm hustlin'/Everyday I'm hustlin'/Everyday I'm hustlin'"

"Shake Ya Tailfeather," by Nelly ft. Murphy Lee, P. Diddy
From the album: Bad Boys II, 2003
Lyrics you'll love: Here we go loop de loop /Shake it up baby /Here we go loop de la/Bend over and let me see you shake a tail feather"

Fun Wedding Party Entrance Songs

Although they may not be declarations of love, there are some songs that can be used as fun wedding party entrance songs anyway. Some songs simply have a great beat that gets everyone dancing the night away, or they can leave room for creativity as you plan your grand entrance. Here are some fun wedding entrance song suggestions that will get your reception off to a great start.

"Starships," by Nicki Minaj

From the album: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, 2012
Lyrics you'll love: "Star ships were meant to fly/Hands up and touch the sky/Can't stop 'cause we're so high/Let's do this one more time"

"Pour Some Sugar On Me," by Deff Leppard
From the movie: Coyote Ugly, 1987
Lyrics you'll love: "Pour some sugar on me/Ooh in the name of love/Pour some sugar on me/C'mon fire me up"

"Party in the U.S.A," by Miley Cyrus
From the album: The Time of Our Lives, 2009
Lyrics you'll love: "I got my hands up, they're playing my song/I know I'm gonna be okay/Yeah, it's a party in the U.S.A/Yeah, it's a party in the U.S.A"

"Blurred Lines," by Robin Thicke
From the album: Blurred Lines, 2013
Lyrics you'll love: "No more pretending/Cause now your winning/Here's our beginning/I always wanted a/Good girl!"

"Timber," by Pitbull ft. Ke$ha
From the album: Meltdown, 2013
Lyrics you'll love: "It's going down, I'm yelling timber/You better move, you better dance/Let's make a night, you won't remember/I'll be the one, you won't forget"

"Chelsea Dagger," by The Fratellis
From the album: Costello Music, 2006
Lyrics you'll love: "I was good she was hot/Stealin' everything she got/I was bold she was over the worst of it/Gave me gear thank you dear bring your sister over here/Let her dance with me just for the hell of it"

"Best Day of My Life," by American Authors
From the album: Oh, What a Life, 2014
Lyrics you'll love: "I'm never gonna look back/Woah, never gonna give it up/No, please don't wake me now/This is gonna be the best day of my life"

"Levels," by Avicii
From the album: Playback Season OST, 2012
Lyrics you'll love: "Oh, sometimes/I get a good feeling, yeah/Get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before, no no/I get a good feeling, yeah"

"Let's Get It Started," by the Black Eyed Peas
From the album: Elephunk, 2003
Lyrics you'll love: "Lose control, all body, all soul/Don't move to fast, people just take it slow/Don't get ahead, just jump into it/Y'all hit a body, the Peas'll do it"

"On The Floor," by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull
From the album: LOVE?, 2011
Lyrics you'll love: "Dance the night away/Live your life and stay young on the floor/Dance the night way/Grab somebody drink a little more"

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100+ Wedding Entrance Songs to Start the Reception Off With a Bang

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"You Make My Dreams (Come True)," by Hall & Oates

Lyrics of Love: "What I got, full stock of thoughts and dreams that scatter/And you pull them all together/And how? I can't explain, oh yeah/Well, well you/You make my dreams come true"

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"Ain’t That a Kick in the Head," by Dean Martin

Lyrics of Love: "I go to sleep and keep grinnin'/If this is just the beginnin'/My life is gonna be beautiful"

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"Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)," by Stevie Wonder

Lyrics of Love: "Like a fool I went and stayed too long/Now I'm wondering if your love's still strong/Ooh baby, here I am signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours"

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"Let's Stay Together," by Al Green

Lyrics of Love: "Let me say that since, baby, since we've been together/Loving you forever is what I need/Let me be the one you come running to/I'll never be untrue"

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"You're The First, The Last, My Everything," by Barry White

Lyrics of Love: "I know there's only, only one like you/There's no way they could have made two/You're, you're all I'm living for/Your love I'll keep forevermore"

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"Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe," by Barry White

Lyrics of Love: "Darling, I, can't get enough of your love, babe/Oh no, babe/Baby, it didn't take all of my life to find you/But you can believe it's gonna take the rest of my life to keep you"

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"Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," by Michael Jackson

Lyrics of Love: "Touch me and I feel on fire/Ain't nothing like a love desire/I'm melting/Like hot candle wax"

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"This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)," by Natalie Cole

Lyrics of Love: "Loving you is some kind of wonderful/Because you showed me just how much you care/You've given me the thrill of a lifetime"

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"Your Love," by The Outfield

Lyrics of Love: "You know I'd do anything for you/Stay the night but keep it undercover/I just want to use your love tonight/I don't want to lose your love tonight"

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"That's Amore," by Dean Martin

Lyrics of Love: "When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie/That's amore/When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine/That's amore"

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"I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)," by Whitney Houston

Lyrics of Love: "Oh, I wanna dance with somebody/I wanna feel the heat with somebody/Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody/With somebody who loves me"

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"You Make Loving Fun," by Fleetwood Mac

Lyrics of Love: "I never did believe in miracles/But I've a feeling it's time to try/I never did believe in the ways of magic/But I'm beginning to wonder why"

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"Come Fly With Me," by Frank Sinatra

Lyrics of Love: "Once I get you up there, where the air is rarefied/We'll just glide, starry-eyed/Once I get you up there I'll be holding you so near/You may hear angels cheer 'cause we're together"

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"Dancing in the Dark," by Bruce Springsteen

Lyrics of Love: "You can't start a fire/You can't start a fire without a spark/This gun's for hire/Even if we're just dancin' in the dark"

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"Ain't No Mountain High Enough," by Marvin Gay and Tammi Terrell

Lyrics of Love: "Remember the day I set you free/I told you you could always count on me darling/From that day on, I made a vow/I'll be there when you want me/Someway, somehow"

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"Superfly," by Curtis Mayfield

Lyrics of Love: "Oh, Superfly/You're gonna make your fortune by and by/But if you lose, don't ask no questions why/The only game you know is do or die"


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"Tell Me Something Good," by Chaka Khan and Rufus

Lyrics of Love: "Your problem is you ain't been loved like you should/What I got to give will sho' 'nuff do you good"

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"We Are Family," by Sister Sledge

Lyrics of Love: "We are family/I got all my sisters with me/We are family/Get up everybody and sing"

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"All You Need Is Love," by The Beatles

Lyrics of Love: "There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be/It's easy/All you need is love"

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"How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)," by James Taylor

Lyrics of Love: "I needed someone to understand my ups and downs and there you were/With sweet love and devotion/Deeply touching my emotion"

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"Love Shack," by The B-52's

Lyrics of Love: "The love shack is a little old place where/We can get together/Love shack baby/A love shack baby"

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"What I Like About You," by The Romantics

Lyrics of Love: "What I like about you, you really know how to dance/When you go up, down, jump around, think about true romance, yea/Keep on whispering in my ear"

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"We Built This City," by Starships

Lyrics of Love: "Don't you remember/Marconi plays the mamba, listen to the radio, don't you remember/We built this city, we built this city on rock 'n' roll"

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"Let’s Hear It for the Boy," by Deniece Williams

Lyrics of Love: "Maybe he's no Romeo/But he's my lovin' one-man show/Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa/Let's hear it for the boy"

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"Jump (For My Love)," by The Pointer Sisters

Lyrics of Love: "You are the one, you are the one/And heaven waits here at my door/And if you want more/If you want more, more, more/Then jump/For my love"

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"Viva La Vida," by Coldplay

Lyrics of Love: "I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing/Roman Cavalry choirs are singing/Be my mirror, my sword and shield/My missionaries in a foreign field"

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"T.N.T.," by AC/DC

Lyrics of Love: "'Cause I'm T.N.T. I'm dynamite/T.N.T. and I'll win the fight/T.N.T. I'm a power load/T.N.T. watch me explode"

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"You Shook Me All Night Long," by AC/DC

Lyrics of Love: "Shook me all night long/Yeah, you shook me all night long/Working double time/On the seduction line/She was one of a kind, she's just mine all mine"

29of 104

"Home," by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Lyrics of Love: "I'll follow you into the park/Through the jungle, through the dark/Girl, I never loved one like you"

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"1, 2, 3, 4," by Plain White T's

Lyrics of Love: "You make it easy/It's easy as one, two, one, two, three, four/There's only one thing, two do, three words, four you/I love you"

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"Float On," by Modest Mouse

Lyrics of Love: "Good news will work its way to all them plans/We both got fired on, exactly, the same day/Well, we'll float on, good news is on the way"

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"Best Day of My Life," by American Authors

Lyrics of Love: "I'm never gonna look back/Woah, never gonna give it up/No, please don't wake me now/This is gonna be the best day of my life"

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"Riptide," by Vance Joy

Lyrics of Love: "I wanna be your left-hand man/I love you when you're singing that song"

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"It's Time," by Imagine Dragons

Lyrics of Love: "I don't ever want to let you down/I don't ever want to leave this town/'Cause after all/This city never sleeps at night"

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"On Top of the World," by Imagine Dragons

Lyrics of Love: "I'm on top of the world/Waiting on this for a while now/Paying my dues to the dirt/I've been waiting to smile/Been holding it in for a while/Take it with me if I can"

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"Shut Up and Dance," by Walk the Moon

Lyrics of Love: "Oh don't you dare look back/Just keep your eyes on me/I said you're holding back/She said shut up and dance with me/This woman is my destiny"

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"Animal," by Neon Trees

Lyrics of Love: "Here we go again/I kinda wanna be more than friends/So take it easy on me/I'm afraid you're never satisfied"

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"Say Hey (I Love You)," by Michael Franti & Spearhead

Lyrics of Love: "My momma told me don't lose you/'Cause the best luck I had was you/And I know one thing/That I love you"

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"Young Folks," by Peter Bjorn and John

Lyrics of Love: "If I told you things I did before/Told you how I used to be/Would you go along with someone like me?"

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"I Believe in a Thing Called Love," by The Darkness

Lyrics of Love: "I believe in a thing called love/Just listen to the rhythm of my heart/There's a chance we could make it now/We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down"

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"Sex on Fire," by Kings of Leon

Lyrics of Love: "Your sex is on fire/Consumed/With what's to transpire/Hot as a fever/Rattle of bones/I could just taste it/Taste it/But it's not forever/But it's just tonight/Oh, we're still the greatest"

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"Good Life," by OneRepublic

Lyrics of Love: "When you're happy like a fool/Let it take you over/When everything is out/You gotta take it in/Oh, this has gotta be the good life"

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"Feel Again," by OneRepublic

Lyrics of Love: "I'm feeling better ever since you know me/I was a lonely soul but that's the old me/A little wiser now from what you showed me/Yeah, I feel again"

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"We Will Rock You," by Queen

Lyrics of Love: "Buddy, you're a young man, hard man/Shouting in the street, gonna take on the world someday/You got blood on your face, you big disgrace/Waving your banner all over the place"

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"Sharp Dressed Man," by ZZ Top

Lyrics of Love: "Silk suit, black tie/I don't need a reason why/They come runnin' just as fast as they can/'Cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man"

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"Happy," by Pharrell Williams

Lyrics of Love: "It might seem crazy what I'm 'bout to say/Sunshine she's here, you can take a break/I'm a hot air balloon that could go to space/With the air, like I don't care baby by the way"

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"Crazy in Love," by Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z

Lyrics of Love: "It's the way that you know what I thought I knew/It's the beat that my heart skips when I'm with you/But I still don't understand/Just how your love can do what no one else can"

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"Levels," by Avicii

Lyrics of Love: "Oh, sometimes/I get a good feeling, yeah/Get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before, no no"

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"Moves Like Jagger," by Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera

Lyrics of Love: "Just shoot for the stars if it feels right/And aim for my heart if you feel like it/Take me away and make it okay/I swear I'll behave"

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"Uptown Funk," by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

Lyrics of Love: "Don't believe me just watch/Stop, wait a minute/Fill my cup, put some liquor in it/Take a sip, sign a check/Julio, get the stretch"

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"Feel So Close," by Calvin Harris

Lyrics of Love: "I feel so close to you right now/It's a force field/I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal/Your love bows down, I mean surround me like a waterfall/And there's no stopping us right now"

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"Marry You," by Bruno Mars

Lyrics of Love: "It's a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do/Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you/Is it the look in your eyes, or is it this dancing juice/Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you"

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"24K Magic," by Bruno Mars

Lyrics of Love: "Tonight/I just want to take you higher/Throw your hands up in the sky/Let's set this party off right"

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"Cheerleader," by Omi

Lyrics of Love: "She gives me love and affection/Baby did I mention, you're the only girl for me/No I don't need the next one/Mama loves you too, she thinks I made the right selection"

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"Moment 4 Life," by Nicki Minaj

Lyrics of Love: "Put ya drinks up/It's a celebration every time we link up/We done did everything they can think of/Greatness is what we on the brink of/I wish that I could have this moment for life"

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"Cake by the Ocean," by DNCE

Lyrics of Love: "Red velvet, vanilla, chocolate in my life/Confetti, I'm ready, I need it every night/Red velvet, vanilla/Chocolate in my life/I keep on hoping/We'll eat cake by the ocean"

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"Dynamite," by Taio Cruz

Lyrics of Love: "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes/Saying ay-oh, gotta let go/I wanna celebrate and live my life/Saying ay-oh, baby let's go/'Cause we gon rock this club/We gon' go all night"

58of 104

"OMG," by Usher feat.

Lyrics of Love: "Baby, let me love you down/There's so many ways to love ya/Baby, I can break you down/There's so many ways to love ya/Got me like, ooh my gosh I'm so in love"

59of 104

"SexyBack," by Justin Timberlake feat. Timbaland

Lyrics of Love: "I'm bringin' sexy back/Them other boys don't know how to act/I think it's special, what's behind your back/So turn around and I'll pick up the slack"

60of 104

"This Is What You Came For," by Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna

Lyrics of Love: "Baby, this is what you came for/Lightning strikes every time she moves/And everybody's watching her/But she's looking at you"

61of 104

"Good Life," by Kanye West feat. T-Pain

Lyrics of Love: "Welcome to the good life/Where we like the girls who ain't on TV/Cause they got more/The good life, so keep it coming with the bottles"

62of 104

"Can't Stop the Feeling," by Justin Timberlake

Lyrics of Love: "And under the lights when everything goes/Nowhere to hide when I'm gettin' you close/When we move, well, you already know/So just imagine, just imagine, just imagine"

63of 104

"I Gotta Feeling," by The Black Eyed Peas

Lyrics of Love: "A feeling, woohoo, that tonight's gonna be a good night/That tonight's gonna be a good night/That tonight's gonna be a good, good night"

64of 104

"Let’s Get It Started," by The Black Eyed Peas

Lyrics of Love: "Lose control, of body and soul/Don't move too fast, people, just take it slow/Don't get ahead, just jump into it/Y'all hear about it, the Peas'll do it"

65of 104

"Suit & Tie," by Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-Z

Lyrics of Love: "And as long as I've got my suit and tie/I'ma leave it all on the floor tonight/And you got fixed up to the nines/Let me show you a few things"

66of 104

"How Will I Know," by Whitney Houston

Lyrics of Love: "How will I know if he really loves me?/I say a prayer with every heartbeat/I fall in love whenever we meet/I'm asking you what you know about these things"

67of 104

"As Long as You Love Me," by the Backstreet Boys

Lyrics of Love: "I don't care who you are/Where you're from/What you did/As long as you love me"

68of 104

"True to Your Heart," by 98 Degrees feat. Stevie Wonder

Lyrics of Love: "Baby, I knew at once that/You were meant for me/Deep in my soul I know/That I'm your destiny/Though you're unsure/Why fight the tide/Don't think so much/Let your heart decide"

69of 104

"Déjà Vu," by Beyoncé

Lyrics of Love: "Baby, seems like everywhere I go I see you/From your eyes, your smile, it's like I breathe you/Helplessly I reminisce, don't want to/Compare nobody to you"

70of 104

"Love on Top," by Beyoncé

Lyrics of Love: "Come on baby it's you/You're the one that gives your all/You're the one I can always call/When I need to make everything stop/Finally, you put my love on top"

71of 104

"Hey Ya!," by OutKast

Lyrics of Love: "One, two, three/My baby don't mess around/'Cause she loves me so/This I know fo sho"

72of 104

"Shining," by DJ Khaled feat. Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Lyrics of Love: "Money don't make me happy/And a fella can't make me fancy/We smilin' for a whole 'nother reason/It's all smiles through all four seasons"

73of 104

"Love Me Like You Do," by Ellie Goulding

Lyrics of Love: "You're the light, you're the night/You're the color of my blood/You're the cure, you're the pain/You're the only thing I wanna touch/Never knew that it could mean so much"

74of 104

"Bang, Bang," by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj

Lyrics of Love: "She got a body like an hourglass/But I can give it to you all the time/Sure she got a booty like a Cadillac/But I can send you into overdrive/You've been waiting for that"

75of 104

"Let's Get Married-ReMarqable Remix," by Jagged Edge, Run, and Lamarquis Jefferson

Lyrics of Love: "Meet me at the altar in your white dress/We ain't gettin' no younger/we might as well do it/Been feelin' you all the while girl/I must confess/Girl let's just get married"

76of 104

"Stand By You," by Rachel Platten

Lyrics of Love: "Even if we're breaking down, we can find a way to break through/Even if we can't find heaven, I'll walk through hell with you/Love, you're not alone, 'cause I'm gonna stand by you"

77of 104

"Starving," by Hailee Steinfeld feat. Zedd

Lyrics of Love: "You know just how to make my heart beat faster/Emotional earthquake, bring on disaster/You hit me head-on, got me weak in my knees/Yeah, something inside me's changed"

78of 104

"Raise Your Glass," by P!nk

Lyrics of Love: "So raise your glass if you are wrong/In all the right ways/All my underdogs/We will never be never be, anything but loud"

79of 104

"Bring Em Out," by T.I. feat. Swizz Beatz

Lyrics of Love: "I got the crowd yellin' (Bring 'em out, bring 'em out)/Aye, all my hot girls yellin' (Bring 'em out, bring 'em out)/Aye, all the Dope Boyz yellin' (Bring 'em out, bring 'em out)"

80of 104

"I Feel It Coming," by The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk

Lyrics of Love: "Tell me what you really like/Baby, I can take my time/We don't ever have to fight/Just take it step-by-step/I can see it in your eyes/'Cause they never tell me lies"

81of 104

"I Want Crazy," by Hunter Hayes

Lyrics of Love: "I've searched the world and I know now/It ain't right if you ain't lost your mind/Yeah, I don't want easy, I want crazy/Are you with me baby? Let's be crazy"

82of 104

"Suds in the Bucket," by Sara Evans

Lyrics of Love: "She was in the backyard/Say it was a little past nine/When her prince pulled up/A white pickup truck/Plenty old enough/And you can't stop love"

83of 104

"Stuck Like Glue," by Sugarland

Lyrics of Love: "Had enough/You give me that look/I'm sorry baby let's make up/You do that thing that makes me laugh/And just like that/There you go making my heart beat again"

84of 104

"Country Girl (Shake It For Me)," by Luke Bryan

Lyrics of Love: "Shake it for the young bucks sittin' in the honky-tonks/For the rednecks rockin' 'til the break of dawn/For the DJ spinnin' that country song/C'mon, c'mon, c'mon"

85of 104

"Wagon Wheel," by Darius Rucker

Lyrics of Love: "So rock me momma like a wagon wheel/Rock me momma any way you feel/Hey, momma rock me/Rock me momma like the wind and the rain/Rock me momma like a southbound train"

86of 104

"Making Memories of Us," by Keith Urban

Lyrics of Love: "I'm gonna be here for you baby/I'll be a man of my word/Speak the language in a voice that you have never heard/I wanna sleep with you forever/And I wanna die in your arms"

87of 104

"I Do (Cherish You)," by Mark Wills

Lyrics of Love: "All I am, all I'll be/Everything in this world, all that I'll ever need/Is in your eyes, shining at me/When you smile I can feel all my passion unfolding"

88of 104

"Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)," by Big & Rich

Lyrics of Love: "Well I don't give a dang about nothing/I'm singing and bling-blinging/While the girls are drinking/Long necks down/And I wouldn't trade ol' Leroy/Or my Chevrolet for your Escalade"

89of 104

"Once in a Lifetime," by Keith Urban

Lyrics of Love: "I know that you're scared, but you've never been this loved/It's a long shot, baby, I know it's true/But if anyone can make it, I'm betting on me and you"

90of 104

"Run Away With You," by Big & Rich

Lyrics of Love: "This life's like a riptide and we're barely hanging on/Caught up in the worry, and always in a hurry and losing what we're all about/Let's slow it down/Take our love and get out of this town"

91of 104

"Sexy and I Know It," by LMFAO

Lyrics of Love: "Girl look at that body/I work out/When I walk in the spot this is what I see/Everybody stops and they staring at me/I got passion in my pants and/I ain't afraid to show it/I'm sexy and I know it"

92of 104

"You Sexy Thing," by Hot Chocolate

Lyrics of Love: "I believe in miracles/Where you from/You sexy thing, sexy thing you/I believe in miracles/Since you came along/You sexy thing"

93of 104

"All I Do Is Win," by DJ Khaled feat. T-Pain, Rick Ross, Ludacris, and Snoop Dogg

Lyrics of Love: "All I do is win win win no matter what/Got money on my mind I can never get enough/And every time I step up in the buildin'/Everybody hands go up/And they stay there"

94of 104

"Milkshake," by Kelis

Lyrics of Love: "I know you want it/The thing that makes me/What the guys go crazy for/They lose their minds/The way I wind/I think it's time"

95of 104

"Welcome to the Jungle," by Guns N' Roses

Lyrics of Love: "Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun and games/We got everything you want honey"

96of 104

"MMMBop," by Hanson

Lyrics of Love: "And they're gone so fast/So hold on the ones who really care/In the end they'll be the only ones there/And when you get old and start losing your hair/Can you tell me who will still care?"

97of 104

"Party Rock Anthem," by LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett and GoonRock

Lyrics of Love: "Party rockers in the house tonight/Everybody just have a good time/And we gon' make you lose your mind/Everybody just have a good time"

98of 104

"Dear Future Husband," by Meghan Trainor

Lyrics of Love: "Here's a few things/You'll need to know if you wanna be/My one and only all my life/Dear future husband/If you wanna get that special loving/Tell me I'm beautiful each and every night"

99of 104

"Be Our Guest," from Beauty and the Beast

Lyrics of Love: "It is with deepest pride/and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight/And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents/your dinner"

100of 104

"Turn Down For What," by DJ Snake and Lil Jon

Lyrics of Love: "Fire up that loud/Another round of shots/Turn down for what?/Turn down for what?"

101of 104

"Dynamite," by BTS

Lyrics of Love: "'Cause I, I, I'm in the stars tonight/So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight/Shinin' through the city with a little funk and soul/So I'ma light it up like dynamite"

102of 104

"Sugar," by Maroon 5

Lyrics of Love: "Yeah you show me good loving/Make it alright/Need a little sweetness in my life/Your Sugar (Your sugar!)/Yes, please (Yes, please)/Won't you come and put it down on me"

103of 104

"This Is How We Do It," by Montell Jordan

Lyrics of Love: "This is how we do it/It's Friday night, and I feel alright/The party is here on the West side"

104of 104

"Finesse," by Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B

Lyrics of Love: "Fellas, grab your ladies if your lady fine/Tell her she the one, she the one for life (Woo)/Ladies, grab your fellas and let's do this right (Do this right)"

Incredible Wedding Party Entrance - Introducing Mr \u0026 Mrs Charles \u0026 Madylaine Tu'ipulotu

95 Epic Wedding Entrance Songs To Get The Party Started

Are you stuck trying to find the right wedding entrance songs for your wedding reception? The entrance songs help set the mood and tone for your reception. First of all, you need to decide if you want traditional wedding reception entrance songs. Or would you rather have current Top 40 hits? Perhaps you want to mix it up a bit!

entrance songs

Next, you have to find music that matches the theme of your wedding. Do you want your wedding entrance songs to consist of all country music? This, of course, will work if you are having a country-themed wedding. However, if you are having a fancy, white-tie wedding you may want to go with more traditional songs.

Are you stuck on the perfect wedding entrance ideas? It might seem overwhelming, but we are here to help! We have compiled a list of some of the best wedding entrance songs to help you choose!

Best Bride And Groom Introduction Songs

Your entrance into the reception hall or venue is your first public appearance as a married couple. So, of course, you will want to choose epic entrance music to make the moment as memorable as possible.

You can choose a slow and romantic song or even an upbeat song to set the tone for the rest of your reception. Either way, you want to make it special and meaningful. Whether you choose a country first dance songs or the latest pop hits, your entrance song needs to make a statement about you as a couple.

For this reason, we have gathered a list of some of the most memorable couple entrance songs to help you decide:

16 Romantic And Dramatic Bride And Groom Entrance Songs:

  1. Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling
  2. Beyonce ft. JAY-Z – Crazy In Love
  3. Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris – We Found Love
  4. Bruno Mars – Marry You
  5. Keith Urban – Somebody Like You
  6. Hall and Oates – You Make My Dreams
  7. Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered
  8. American Authors – Best Day Of My Life
  9. Frank Sinatra – Come Fly With Me
  10. Michael Jackson – The Way You Make Me Feel
  11. Maroon 5 – Girls Like You ft. Cardi B
  12. Beyoncé – Die With You
  13. Katy Perry – Chained to the Rhythm
  14. The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be
  15. Train – Play That Song
  16. BETSY – Waiting

Now that you have some ideas for your wedding entrance song as a couple, let’s talk about wedding party entrance songs! It’s time to honor your bridal party, parents, and special guests!

Meet the Groomsmen! Best Men Wedding Intro Songs

No doubt, your groomsmen are an important part of your bridal party. They are your husband’s best friends and family. And as men, they won’t want to enter the reception hall to a romantic ballad or sappy chick song as would your bridesmaids. For your groomsmen, you want to select a song that embodies masculinity and strength. As well, it should have some sort of symbolism that ties them to your husband. Following are some of the top wedding songs for groomsmen entrance:

Best Intro Songs For Groomsmen:

  1. Rascal Flatts – Me & My Gang
  2. Queen – We Will Rock You
  3. Justin Timberlake – SexyBack
  4. Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started
  5. Usher ft Lil Jon and Ludacris – Yeah!
  6. Rick Ross – Hustlin’
  7. Talking Heads – Burning Down The House
  8. Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger
  9. Prince – 1999
  10. Dean Martin – Ain’t That A Kick In The Head
  11. Bruno Mars – 24k Magic
  12. Fitz & The Tantrums – Handclap
  13. Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop the Feeling

Look At Those Cute Bridesmaids — Bridal Party Entrance Songs

Now let’s get to your girls! You have chosen these girls to be your bridesmaids because they are special to you! From your sister to your bestie to your cousins, to your college roomie your bridesmaids play an important role in your life. So, of course, you want to honor them with fun wedding entrance songs.

Here you might choose a song that is meaningful to your bridesmaids, such as the song that was popular in your childhood or college years. Of you might choose a fun, top 40 hit to get the party started. We have some great suggestion for bridesmaid wedding entrance songs:

Top Wedding Songs for Bridesmaids Entrance:

  1. Coldplay – A Sky Full of Stars
  2. Rachel Patten – Stand by You
  3. Luke Bryan – Country Girl (Shake it For Me)
  4. Jennifer Lopez – Let’s Get Loud
  5. Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing
  6. Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang
  7. Pitbull ft Kesha – Timber
  8. Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA
  9. Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World
  10. Pink – Raise Your Glass
  11. Gretchen Wilson – Here For The Party
  12. Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Cheer Up Your Dear Guests — Wedding Introduction Songs For Invitees

And now it’s time to set the mood. Let’s get the party started! You want to rally up your guests for the remainder of the reception. How about some hype songs to kick things off in style?

From Top 40 to 80s hits to oldies but goodies, there are so many cheerful and fun wedding entrance songs to play for your guests. Again, you want these songs to have some special meaning that pertains to you and your husband. However, you need to take your guests into consideration. And most especially those honored guests who you will recognize at the reception. This could include your officiant, family members, and other special people in your life.
The wedding ceremony itself is the most important part for you and your spouse. However, the wedding reception is meant to be a celebration for your guests and loved ones. So by all means, choose some upbeat wedding songs. Following are some suggestions for the best wedding entrance tunes for your honored guests:

Uplifting Wedding Entrance Music to Celebrate Your Guests:

  1. Baha Men – Who Let The Dogs Out
  2. Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out
  3. Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull – On The Floor
  4. Wang Chung – Everybody Have Fun Tonight
  5. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
  6. The Champs – Tequila
  7. B-52s – Loveshack
  8. Nelly ft. Murphy Lee, P. Diddy – Shake YaTailfeather
  9. Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
  10. James Brown – I Feel Good
  11. Chainsmokers & Coldplay – Something Just Like This
  12. Flo Rida – My House

Songs For Parents Entrance At Wedding Ceremony

Of course, you will want to honor your parents. They are an important part of your life and more than likely have contributed to planning your wedding. Suffice it to say you will pay them homage during the reception.

From classic rock mother son wedding songs to ballads for that special mother-son dance, you probably have the perfect song in mind for that momentous occasion. But what about the entrance song for your mum and dad?

And we are sure that you have plenty of ideas for daddy-daughter dance. From soft ballads to more modern hits, there is no end to the list of songs you can share with your father or father figure. But again, you need to find the perfect entrance song for your parents and the parents of your spouse. Here are some suggestions:

Special Wedding Entrance Songs for Parents:

  1. Sister Sledge – We Are Family
  2. U2 – Beautiful Day
  3. Rob Base – It Takes Two
  4. Katrina & The Waves – Walking On Sunshine
  5. The O’Jays – Love Train
  6. Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World
  7. Robbie Williams – Angels
  8. LeAnn Womack – I Hope You Dance
  9. Stevie Wonder – Sunshine of My Life
  10. Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole – Unforgettable
  11. The Beatles – All You Need is Love
  12. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin

Country Wedding Entrance Songs

If you have a country-inspired wedding in mind, then country wedding entrance songs are playlist essentials. This also extends to couples who have a thing for country songs. Who wouldn’t? They are soothing, mastered, romantic, sometimes slow, and other times upbeat. The country music genre offers wedding entrance songs from the ceremony and down to the reception.

For every entrance, there’s an appropriate country song. Talk about the groom entering the ceremony to “In Your Eyes” by Shania Twain. So romantic! You’ll also find the perfect bride and groom introduction songs, wedding party, and parent’s entrance into the ceremony. One more thing, pick out songs that are well known to everyone. The old folk will love country songs more.

Upbeat Country Wedding Entrance Songs:

  1. Tracy Byrd – I’m From The Country
  2. Florida Georgia Line featuring Luke Bryan – This Is How We Roll
  3. Shania Twain – From This Moment On
  4. Rascal Flatts – Me and My Gang
  5. Blake Shelton – A Guy With A Girl
  6. Cole Swindell – Flatliner
  7. Trace Adkins – Swing
  8. Jason Aldean – My Kinda Party
  9. Shania Twain – In Your Eyes
  10. Gretchen Wilson – Here For The Party

Hip-Hop Wedding Entrance Songs

Whether for the ceremony or reception, Hip Hop comes with its own fire. Perfect for the young folks, these are wedding grand entrance songs for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Couples can also use Hip Hop as wedding intro songs into the reception. These wedding upbeat entrance songs allow your wedding party to show their leg skills. It’s time to show the guests what your goons are made of. But be very careful about the lyrics of these songs.

It’s common knowledge that a lot of Hip Hop music is not wedding-appropriate. They contain a lot of swear words and profanities that could deafen our grandmas. So when creating your Hip Hop playlist, look out for the lyrics first, and make sure they are decent. It doesn’t hurt to have them romantic too.

  1. TI – Bring Em Out
  2. DMX – Party Up
  3. Tag Team – Whoomp!
  4. Mase – Feel so Good
  5. 50 Cent – In Da Club
  6. Chingy – Right Thurr
  7. Terror Squad – Lean Back
  8. PitBull – Don’t stop the Party
  9. Rob Base – It Takes Two
  10. Nicki Minaj – Moment For Life

Fun Wedding Entrance Songs

The ceremony up until the recession is always filled with jitters and tension. Who doesn’t know that?! So the perfect way to break the ice is to introduce fun wedding entrance songs. From the wedding party entrance songs to the wedding reception entrance songs, keep the same energy. Some songs come on and you can’t help but move. That’s what we are talking about! Start the day with fun wedding entrance songs and everyone will stay excited through the ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony, there’d be some relief, but the tension is still in the air. It may even be a bit hard for everyone to get into the reception mood. Fire off another batch of fun songs and make a grand entrance. And everyone will dance their hearts out till the end of the night. Remember, every song must match the people making an entrance. And the guests must be able to sing along.

  1. Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing
  2. DJ Khaled – All I Do Is Win
  3. Train – Play That Song
  4. The Darkness – I Believe In A Thing Called Love
  5. Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger
  6. Spice Girls – Wannabe
  7. Kelis – Milkshake
  8. Westlife – Uptown Girl
  9. Pharrell Williams – Happy
  10. Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling

Check out our site for everything involved in planning a wedding from creating your guest list to choosing a venue to list of wedding songs. We’ve got you covered so relax and enjoy the ride!

Short List Of 50 Epic Wedding Entrance Songs Playlist!

We hope that you have found our suggestions for wedding entrance songs to be helpful! Remember, that this is your special day to be shared with your loved ones so enjoy every moment!


Ideas 2019 party entrance wedding

5 Unique Wedding Entrance Ideas

I am an OL (office lady) working in one of the busiest city in the world - Hong Kong.

Funny Wedding Entrance Ideas for Brides, Grooms, Bridesmaids, and Groomsmen

Your wedding day is a very special occasion, and you don't want any part of it to feel mundane—least of all when you and your "other half" enter to become Mr. and Mrs. for the first time.

Instead of walking in with nothing more unique than a smile and a wave, plan a more exciting and entertaining entrance. My friends and I felt that there had to be a more fun way to enter the wedding, and so we brainstormed the following ideas. Hopefully, one of these fun wedding entrances will leave you with a lasting and happy memory for years to come. (But before you run away with this exciting idea, it's best to discuss it with your bride or groom to make sure they agree. Really, you can't pull this off alone.)

Check out the happy faces of the soon-to-be-marrieds, the smiles of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and the guests' laughter. Let them leave your wedding talking about how they had never before witnessed a unique wedding party entrance like yours!

Unique Wedding Entrance #1: The Mistaken Bride

All your guests invited to the wedding party should know the bride and groom in person—or at the very least, be able to recognize them. So when the emcee announces your grand entrance, when the spotlight is directed at the entrance, open the door to reveal the groom holding hands with the wrong bride!

Proceed to stage a funny conversation:

The groom and the wrong bride enter. The groom acts unaware that he is holding the hand of the wrong bride. They walk about one third of the length of the aisle before stopping and staring at each other.

Groom: 'Eh, who are you? Why are you here?'

Wrong bride: 'I am your bride, remember? Your darling, your beloved wife?'

Groom: 'NNNOOOO....'

Wrong bride: 'You know, I have been admiring you for a long time. You are the best man on earth.' Insert good characteristics of the groom. 'That's why I am willing to be your bride.'

Groom: 'I guess you have misunderstood. I need to find my wife! My wife is the best woman on earth.' Insert reasons for choosing her as wife. Melt the bride's heart with his speech.

Wrong bride: 'Ok, now I understand why you chose your bride over me. Let me tell you where she is.' She whispers into the groom's ear.

Groom, now knowing where his bride is, is excited and happy. He turns and runs out of the ballroom, closing the door behind him.

Meanwhile, the wrong bride continues to crack up the crowd.

Wrong bride: 'Oh well, now that I have no groom, are there any volunteers? Please...' Sighs. 'I give up; I shall try again tomorrow. For now, shall we all rise and put our hands together to welcome the real Mr. and Mrs.!'

Then make your grand entrance! I am sure by now, all your guests will be laughing and very happy to see the real bride and groom!

Unique Wedding Entrance #2: Bear Chase

Dress your groom up in a bear costume. It's easiest to leave out the bear's body, so the groom just wears the head of an adorable bear costume. It will match well with his tuxedo. And don't worry, the costume is for the entrance only. Oh, make sure he can see well and walk straight. You really don't want your groom to be knocking down the flower stands along the aisle.

When the doors open, have the hurrying down the aisle as she is being pursued by a bear in a tux! When she's at the end of the aisle, the bear can catch her and remove his costume to give her a kiss.

You can easily change this by choosing a character that is significant to your relationship instead of a bear. Maybe the first soft toy he gave you is a Mickey, and you can have a Mickey chasing you down the aisle.

If the bride is willing, both the bride and groom can don the costume head of the characters important to their relationship. You can have Mickey and Minnie walking down the aisle before taking the costume head off at the end of the aisle and greeting the amused guests before going on stage.

If you feel nervous about this one, remember that most importantly, it is your wedding. You have the right to be happy and to introduce fun elements that characterize your relationship into your ceremony!

Unique Wedding Entrance #3: Obstacle Course

Walking down the aisle of the wedding reception takes about 30 seconds to one minute. How about playing some games along the way and enjoy every moment on the carpet?

There can be 'roadblocks' that form an obstacle course, forcing the couple to complete simple tasks before they are allowed to move on.

Ideas for the 'roadblocks' include:

  1. Hold a kiss for one minute and have the entire ballroom of guests countdown together. This can be tricky for shy couples out there.
  2. Share a strand of noodle, each from one end, without breaking it! Towards the centre of the noodle, their lips will touch and enjoy a kiss to remember.
  3. Feed your groom with a baby bottle of beer or red wine.
  4. Carry the bride in the prince and princess style from the last road block to the stage! This definitely creates a happy entrance, albeit a tiring one for the groom!

Make sure the couple discusses these 'roadblocks' with their friends and practice them beforehand. You really don't want big surprises, causing your to face uphill tasks that you cannot complete right in front of all your beloved guests! So, upfront preparation is especially important for this unique entrance!

Unique Wedding Entrance #4: Pop-Out Party Streamers

Pop-out party streamers set the scene for one-of-a-kind beautiful photos during a surprise wedding reception entrance. The key to this unique wedding entrance is picking the pop-out party streamers that pop-out to create just the effect you desire. So, what to look out for when choosing a pop-out party streamers for wedding entrance?

  1. The length of the streamers. They really should not be too long. The most common type of streamers are usually very long, exceeding 50 cm (15 inches) or even 100 cm (30 inches). Such long streamers really do not provide a good photo opportunity, and could tangle up the bride and groom. The ideal length I would suggest is 15 cm (4 inches). Short and sweet, this length of streamers will pop up higher into the air, giving the photographer more 'air-time' to capture the moment.
  2. Loudness of popping. If possible, choose ones with minimal sound. We don't want to excessively shock our elderly guests.
  3. After-smell of popping. You will be surprised that some pop-out streamers leave a tingly scent of smoke hanging in the ballroom. This is especially important to prevent if your venue is indoors. I can't really imagine how guests could enjoy their food with the smell of smoke in the air.

To add to the surprise, provide pop-out party streamers to friends scattered around the ballroom. Have them coordinate their popping by spreading evenly throughout the room, so guests sitting in the far corners do not feel left out.

Most importantly, plan the photo opportunity. Coordinate with your photographer and inform him or her of the where the pop-out streamers will go off. Know where to look and smile to the camera, so you make a great memory worth keeping for the rest of your life!

Unique Wedding Entrance #5: Flash Mob Dance

Last but not least, the mass dance wedding entrance!

Pick a song with an easy and catchy rhythm. Have your bridesmaids and groomsmen dance into the ballroom, showing funny acts and warming up the crowd prior to your grand entrance.

Enough said: watch the video above to get the idea!

Special Thanks

Many special thanks to my friends featured in this article! Readers out there: these entrances are real: real people, real weddings, and proven happy-crowd-warming wedding party entrances!

Have you thought of your wedding theme? We are having our wedding theme based on Up the movie! To complete the theme, we had a Up photoshoot! Look at my profile to see the photo shoot and my other writing on wedding ideas.


arayan on January 06, 2013:

loved it! thanx a ton.

Ryan Swayt from Salt Lake City, Utah on November 14, 2012:

These ideas will all make for a very entertaining wedding. Thanks!

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