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Oakley Ejector 4142 Sunglasses


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Oakley Ejector Sunglasses – The Ultimate Guide

We review the new Oakley Ejector Sunglasses and break down everything you need to know about frame, lens and more!

Oakley continues to double down on wire frames in the last year and the Oakley Ejector sunglasses are no exception. We’ve already seen updates to the classic Whisker plus the all new Savitar and Wire Tap 2.0 frames. But the Ejector seems to comfortably slide in between those pairs as a large modern wire. First introduced in June 2020, this pair takes wire frames to a whole new level. Keep reading for our complete Oakley Ejector review plus answers to your top questions.

Oakley Ejector Sunglasses

Oakley Ejector Sunglasses Review

Frame and Design

The Oakley Ejector frame is an all around awesome wire for large faces. Featuring a full rimmed design and hexagon shaped lenses, the frame itself is made of C-5 alloy. This is Oakley’s lightweight metal alloy typically used on wire frames, which offers flexibility and durability.

What stands out most to us on the Ejector are the earstems. They go beyond the standard straight stem with an awesome design featuring sharp angles around the O logo. In terms of fit, the Ejector features spring hinges which help the wire frame grip your face without squeezing. These are an Oakley staple that we’re big fans of for comfort. Finally, the stems are finished off with low profile Unobtanium earsocks for added grip. These are similar earsocks that we’ve seen on other recent pairs of Oakleys such as the Kato X. And definitely a nice alternative to the chunkier sports earsocks that were on older models like the Half wire.

Satin Chrome Ejector with Prizm Sapphire Iridium Lens

In-line with other wires, the Ejector features silicone nose pads similar to what you’d find on eyeglasses. One day we’d love for Oakley to reinvent the classic nosepad integrating Unobtanium into this eyeglasses style. But for now, we’re still happy with the silicone “grip fit” pads.

One element that really stands out on this frame are the colors. We looked at a pair of Satin Black and Satin Chrome Ejector sunglasses and the color really popped. The satin finish offered a nice alternative to the traditional polished or matte finishes. You can see the Satin Chrome frame in action in the video below.

Size and Fit

The Oakley Ejector is a large size frame which means its suited best for big heads. As mentioned above it features spring hinges which help to grip your head offering a great fit. We’ve also included the dimensions of the Ejector below for reference:

Ejector Dimensions:
  • Frame Width: 132mm
  • Frame Length: 140mm
  • Lens Heigh: 41mm
  • Lens Width: 58mm
Earstems on the Ejector


As we mentioned above the Oakley Ejector lenses feature a modern hexagon like shape. This lens shape actually reminds us of an updated C Wire lens, and we’re loving it. Like all modern Oakley’s the lenses are made of Plutonite that offer impact resistance in everyday use. However what’s most exciting abut these is the lineup of Ejector Prizm lenses available. Similar to other recent releases we’ve seen, every colorway features Prizm lenses. We’d recommend our favorites like Prizm Ruby Iridium and Prizm Sapphire Iridium that provide an awesome pop of color against the frame. Be sure to check out our complete guide to contrast enhancing Prizm lenses for more information.

Oakley Ejector Lenses

Available Colorways

Currently the Ejector is available in 6 colorways from Oakley all featuring Prizm lenses. We’ve included the list below for reference.

Colorway (Frame / Lens)Original Price
Carbon / Prizm Black Iridium Polarized$206
Matte Gunmetal / Prizm Ruby Iridium$176
Satin Black / Prizm Black Iridium$176
Satin Black / Prizm Sapphire Iridium$196
Satin Chrome / Prizm Sapphire Iridium$176
Satin Rose Gold / Prizm Tungsten Polarized$206

Are Oakley Ejector prescription lenses available?

Yes, Oakley Ejector prescription lenses are available through Oakley’s website or your local eye doctor. You’ll just need to have your latest prescription ready. Typically prescription lenses are available in single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses ranging from +3.5 to -6.0 sphere and 5 to -5.0 in cylinder. For more information check out our complete guide to Oakley prescription glasses here.

Oakley Ejector Prescription lenses

Where can you find Ejector replacement lenses?

Currently Oakley doesn’t sell Ejector replacement lenses. However that doesn’t mean your out of luck. Luckily several aftermarket suppliers do sell replacement lenses for the Ejector. While you won’t find Prizm lenses, you can still find several similar options including polarized and Iridium like finishes.

To replace your Ejector lenses you’ll just need a small screwdriver and a flat surface. From there you can follow the 3 simple steps below:

  1. Flip your sunglasses upside down on a flat surface and locate the screws where the lenses meet the temples (pictured below)
  2. Unscrew the screws which will loosen the frame around the lenses
  3. Simply remove the lens, replace with your new lens and reverse the process above tightening the screws
How to replace Oakley Ejector Lenses

Where can you buy the Ejector?

You can currently buy the Ejector on Oakley’s website (Product link) in all current colorways. However this means unless there’s a sale you’ll likely pay full retail. If you’re looking to save on your Ejectors you’ll want to check out aftermarket options such as our Oakley Forum Exchange Areas or eBay. You can often find new pairs for 20-30% off with a little bit of work. Be sure to check out our complete guide to never paying retail for Oakleys for more information.

Are you a fan of the Oakley Ejector Sunglasses? Or still have a question? Join the largest online Oakley community and let us know in the thread below.

Created this site because of the lack of a place for the Oakley Community to talk. Feel free to Message me any time with feedback for the site, tips o...
Sours: https://www.oakleyforum.com/guides/oakley-ejector-sunglasses/
  1. Balls that hang from trucks
  2. Love seat swings
  3. Spyro bust

Sunglasses Oakley Ejector Silver Matte Prizm OO4142 04 58-16 Medium Mirror

Here they are ! Buy the Oakley Ejector Silver Matte OO4142 04 58-16Sunglasses at the best price on our online store.

The lense is Blue mirror with a sun protection factor of 3 to ensure you a clean vision even with a bright sunlight.

All the greatest athletes are fans of the technology of the Prizm lenses : they reveal unsuspected details and give a new definition of contrast to offer a perfect visual experience, whatever the sport or your operating environment.

It is a Medium sized, Rectangle frame shaped made of Metal for a gorgeous style. Fan of the Sport style ? These Oakley Sunglasses are the perfect accessory.

The Oakley Ejector are designed for Men and Women.

These Oakley Sunglasses are 100% genuine and sold with the accessories supplied by Oakley (a carrying case and a cleaning cloth).

You can see all the Men and Women Sunglasses by following this link: Men and Women Sunglasses.

Sours: https://www.visiofactory.com/en/sunglasses/all-sunglasses/oakley-ejector-silver-matte-prizm-oo4142-04-58-16-medium-mirror.html
Oakley Ejector Satin Chrome/Prizm Sapphire


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