Outer worlds best unique weapons

Outer worlds best unique weapons DEFAULT
A Spade
A Spade
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)1-Handed Melee-Bleed Can be found inside a bin at Ambrose Manor's outskirts.Acqua Regia
Acqua Regia
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)1-Handed MeleeSpeedGrip
Mr. AcidBurn Can be found on a table at Compound Harvesting, Enrichment, & Molecularization Lab - Basement.p_bloodyshears_fp_01-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Adelaide's Gardening Shears1-Handed MeleeN/ABleed Found on the desk in the captain's quarters of the Unreliable after killing Adelaide.Aerial Assault
Aerial Assault
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)2-Handed MeleeSpeedGrip
Mr. AcidBleed Can be at Probably Carl's Legitimate Storefront.Agony
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)Long GunsSpeedyMate Barrel
Exact-O-SightExecute Can be found in a corner at Human Inquiry & Auditing.https://theouterworlds.wiki.fextralife.com/file/The-Outer-Worlds/hammersmith-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide.png
Anarchist's CookbookHeavy WeaponMag-2-PowerKnockback Reward for the quest Journey Into Smoke in Roseway Gardens on Terra-2.tl_plasmacarbine-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Anti-Manti RayLong GunsMag-2-MeltStagger Looted from Mantisaur Lair on Monarch.sc_trip_blade-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Blad on Stik2-Handed Melee-Bleed180% Crit DamageDropped by Doc Maybell during the Fistful of Digits quest in Emerald Vale on Terra-2.Burnout
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)Long Guns-Stagger Acquired by killing Wihelmina Ambrose at Olivia's Personal Lab.Bursty
BurstyLong GunsFunTimes BarrelStagger ???saber-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Clive's Cleaver1-Handed MeleeN/ABleed Can be acquired from Clive Lumbergh by completing the quest A Cysty-Dance with Death on Monarch.Contraband
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)HandgunWhisper QuietStagger Can be found inside the security booth at the Gorgon Security Checkpoint at Gordon Canyon.Coolant Distributor
Coolant Distributor
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)Heavy Weapon-Chilled Can be found next to a corpse at Gordon Canyon's outskirts.discrepancy-amplifier-science-weapon-the-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Discrepancy Amplifier
(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)Hangun    Joch Doctor's Orders
Doctor's Orders
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)Handgun

Mag -2-Ray

Stagger Can be found inside Olivia’s bedroom in the Ambrose Mansion.Equilibrium
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)Long GunsMag-NumStagger Acquired by killing Olivia Ambrose tlshotgun-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Euthanasia KitLong GunsNoneKnockdown Looted from a dead Iconoclast medic at Terra One Publications on Monarch (Pay for the Printer quest).Discharge
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)

Long GunsMag-2-Zap
Extend-O-SightStun Can be acquired by killing Dr. Marion Blakeslee at Groundbreaker - Auxiliary Maintenance Baysc_revolver-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
FiverHandgunExtend-O-SightKnockback Sold by Stefan Garcia in Botanical Lab on Terra-2.Flurry
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)Heavy WeaponSpeedyMate Barrel
Mag-NumKnockback Can be found at Office creative Incubation floor 4Gravedigger
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)2-Handed Melee---Can be found at Synthesis & Manufactory Center - Lobby LeveGrimm's Tossball Blocker

Grimm's Tossball Blocker1-Handed Melee


Mr. Ouch

Stagger Given by Grimm for completing The Grimm Tomorrow quest in Stellar Bay on Monarch. Currently bugged.Grinder
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)1-Handed MeleeMr. OuchKnockback Can be found inside a safe at Olivia's Personal Lab.Hall of Famer Tossball Stick
Hall of Famer Tossball Stick
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)2-Handed MeleeSpeedGripStagger Can be found at Invading Ship floor 2Handy Deconstruction
Handy Deconstruction
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)2-Handed Melee-- Can be purchased from Khaleel Chakroun at Khaleel's Survival Goods.Infested Flechette Gun
Infested Flechette Gun
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)Long GunsSure N' Straight Barrel
Mag-2-MeltKnockback Can be found at the hidden stash of Adrena-Time in one of the housing units in the Gorgon Ruins.ab_plasmacutter-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Ionized Paper Knife1-Handed MeleeSpeedGripBurn Found in Maintenance Tunnels in Byzantium on Terra-2 during the quest Cupid of the Laboratory.tl_automag-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Irion's FlintlockHandgunsN/AStagger Obtained from Captain Irion on Scylla during the quest Solution Vital.tl_tremorcleaver-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Landing Pad Cutter2-Handed Melee Plasma ModBleed Found at Edgewater Landing Pad on a narrow walkway underneath the edge of the landing pad facing the ocean. It is by two dead bodies.tl_securityblade-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Latinus2-Handed MeleeN/ABleed Sold by Percival Platt in Byzantium on Terra-2 for 7,410 bits.tl_huntingrifle-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Long RangerLong Guns  Stagger Acquired by killing Grace in the Botanical Labs on Terra-2.Lucky
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)HandgunsFunTimes BarrelKnockback Can be found at Gordon Canyon, Chem Lab Upper Exterior area.flamethrower-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
MSI Saltuna SearerHeavy WeaponN/ABurn Obtained in the quest Canid's Cradle on Monarch by siding with Sanjar .sc_impacthammer-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Maxwell1-Handed MeleeMr. ZapKnockdown Sold by Julius Moreau at Emerald Vale General Store inside Edgewater.Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)Long GunsSure N' StraightBarrel Mag-Num
Exact-O-SightStagger Can be acquired by completing Love Is The Plan the Plan is Deathtask.tl_shockcannon-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
MontagHeavy WeaponMag-2-PowerStun Kill or Pickpocket Captain Macredd in Back Bays aboard the Groundbreaker.Most Dangerous Game
Most Dangerous Game
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)Long GunsSure Straight Barrel
Extend-O-SightStagger Can be acquired during the quest Mostly Harmless, inside a safe.sc_lmg-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Ol' ReliableHeavy WeaponNoneStagger 20,000 Condition Rating Primal Nest in Emerald Vale.Overheat
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)Heavy WeaponMag-2-PowerBurn Can be found at Sprat Shack. Use the conveyor belt to climb to the top, and you will find it there leaning on the side of a computer terminal.jochplasma-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Pauper PopperLong GunsN/ABurn Sold by Percival Platt in Byzantium on Terra-2 for 6,080 bits.sc_shotgun-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
PeacekeeperLong Guns Knockback Pickpocketed from Constable Reyes in Edgewater on Terra-2.Perfect Game
Perfect Game
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)1-Handed Melee-Stagger Can be found at Office of Creative Incubation floor 1sc_lar-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Phin's PhorceLong GunsFunTimes Barrel

Found in Phineas' personal quarters in his lab during the quest "Kept Secret But Not Forgotten" near the end of the game.

Pink SlipLong GunsExacto-O-SightExecute Sold by Winston Forsythe in the Estates District of Byzantium on Terra-2.tb_blocker-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Primal Tamer's Baton1-Handed Melee Stagger Found near a dead body on Scylla, directly East of Irion’s Ship, next to a wrecked starship. Prototype Light Pistol
Prototype Light Pistol
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)HandgunSure N' Straight BarrelBleed Found on a table at Synthesis & Manufactury Center - Synthesizer Level floor 4j_plasmalauncher-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Purpleberry LaunchHeavy WeaponMag-2-RayBurn Found in locked door inside Cascadia on Monarch. The door is at the top of a ladder next to the large "BOTTLING PLANT" sign.w_hmg120
Rapti-don'tHeavy WeaponMag-2-PowerKnockback  Can be found at Hero's Last Stand on Monarch.tossball-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Rapti-prod2-Handed MeleeMr. ZapNone Found on a table in the middle of the room in Covert Lab in Roseway Gardens on Terra-2.scpistol-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Salvager's HelperHandgunMag-2-MeltBleed Sold by Gladys aboard the Groundbreaker for 3829 bits.Shock and Awe
Shock and Awe
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)1-Handed MeleeSpeedGrip
Mr. OuchStun Can be found inside a safe at Human Inquiry & Auditing.stunbaton-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Shock-Stick1-Handed MeleeSpeedGrip
Mr. OuchStun Complete Die, Robot in the Emerald Vale.tl_vortexmace-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Silencer1-Handed MeleeSpeedGripBleed Found on the body of Frey at relay GB-23.sc_telestaff-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Soft Speaker2-Handed Melee Knockdown Obtained by completing the quest Canid's Cradle on Monarch by making peace between Sanjar and Graham.j_plasmalauncher-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Storm Cannon
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)
Heavy WeaponMag-2-zapBurn Can be found at Olympus Orbital Pharmaceutical Station. Reach the large Station Laboratory and enter the small maintenance room near the front of the room.ab_plasmacutter-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Sublight Plasma Knife1-Handed Melee

Grip, Attack

Burn Sold by Lyanna Reed in Fallbrook on Monarch.h_deadeye-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Sublight Sniper RifleLong Guns

Whisper Quiet Muzzler

Execute Can be purchased from Lyanna Reed at Guns! Guns! Guns! And Ammo in Fallbrook.ab_officersspine-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Supper Time1-Handed MeleeNoneBleed Looted from Braxton's body during the quest The Secret People in Stellar Bay on Monarch.tl_securityblade-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Tanaka's Peacekeeper
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)2-Handed MeleePower Grip
Mr. OuchBleed Can be found at Compound Harvesting, Enrichment, & Molecularization Lab.ab_infernoscythe-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
The Candy Cane2-Handed MeleeMr. NBurn Looted from Herbert at Cascadia Bridge Safehouse on Monarch.vermin-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
The ExterminatorHandgunNoneKnockback Sold by Winston Forsythe in the Estates District of Byzantium on Terra-2.sc_lmg-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
The Good WordHeavy WeaponMag-NumStagger Obtained in the quest Canid's Cradle on Monarch by siding with Graham.ab_pulsehammer-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
The Hammer of Olympus2-Handed MeleeMr. ZapShock Found at Sundered Rock on Monarch, northeast of Devil's Peak Summit.The Negotiator
The NegotiatorHandgunsN/AStagger Can be found on the Unreliable after finishing all Sublight faction quests.tlassault-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
ThunderLong GunsMag-2-ZapStagger Steal it from the C3 Barracks (Near Devil Peak Summit) on Monarch.ac_scipistol-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
Ulti-NatureHandgunsNoneCorrosion Obtained from Orson Shaw in Roseway on Terra-2 if you completed the quest Vulcan's Hammer favorably, after some time has passed.ac_scipistol-weapon-outer-worlds-wiki-guide
UltimatumHandguns--Burn Rewarded for completing the quest Vulcan's Hammer in Roseway on Terra-2.Wall of Swords
Wall of Swords
(Only available with Peril On Gorgon DLC)1-Handed MeleeSpeedGrip
Mr. NBleed Can be acquired by completing The Electric FlingSide QuestAll InAll In
(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)Heavy Weapons



Can be found in the SubLight Freight Storage and Processing warehouse at the Piraeus Spaceport on Eridanos. Past the lobby, head to the East side of the main floor then turn left. The weapon is leaning against the wall of a small room in this area. 

Note that it is best to try and get this weapon during the Lord of Blight quest, as you will gain access to this warehouse during the quest. Otherwise, you will have to sneak in from the back entrance and fight a bunch of thugs.

(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)

2-Handed Melee



Brontide can be found on Eridanos at the Phaeton Pilothouse's lower Gyro area. In the first room you enter after the entrance hallway, there are upper ledges on either side with ladders. Take the left ladder and you should find the axe buried in the back of a Rizzo's Employee's corpse at the end of the walkway.

Captain Robin's Spine
Captain Robin's Spine
(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)1-Handed Melee



Captain Robin's Spine can be found in the Purpleberry Puzzlehedges at the Purpleberry Orchards on Eridanos. The weapon is on a bench in the very center of the Hedges, inside the building.

Force MagnumForce Magnum
(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)Handguns



The Force Magnum is obtained as a reward for completing the Task The Pteroray Trap.

(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)Long Guns



The Frigidariator can be found on Eridanos, on the small island between the Grand Colonial Hotel and the Purpleberry Orchards. North of the island, you can find the entrance to a small room. To the right of the entrance is a table with the gun.

Man SplitterMan Splitter
(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)2-Handed Melee



The Man Splitter can be found at the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve on Eridanos. From the Holey Caves entrance, head directly West until you see some containers with a corpse on the found. The weapon is embedded on the back of the corpse.

nova-burst-long-guns-the-outer-worlds-wiki-guideNova Burst
(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)Long Guns

Damage Type: N-ray
Damage -50%


Can be looted from the administrator after siding with Helen. Can be looted after killing the queen, the Administrator Ludovico's body would be in the same place as where the queen died.

The PenThe Pen
(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)Long Guns



The Pen is obtained as a reward for completing the side quest Your Primal Heart.

(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)2-Handed Melee



The Piledriver can be found on Eridanos at the Purpleberry Orchards in an area just south of the RR&DD Labs. In this area, there is a small storeroom of sorts. The weapon can be found leaning against the right wall in this room.

Plasma Propulsion PackPlasma Propulsion Pack
(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)Heavy Weapons



The Plasma Propulsion Pack can be found at the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve on Eridanos. Head behind the LEGAL Hunting Supplies store to find a camp of sorts. Past the campfire and to the back, you will find the weapon on the floor in front of some wreckage.

(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)Heavy Weapons



The Recharge can be found on Eridanos at the Distillation Station. Enter the main Distillery building. In the room with the giant Rizzo's mascot head in the middle, unlock the left door. Go under the crawlspace and then the other crawlspace on the left. The gun can be found leaning against the machinery at the end of this room.

Short CircuitShort Circuit
(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC) Long Guns Mag-2-Zap Knockback  

The Short Circuit can be found on Eridanos, on the small island between the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve and the Grand Colonial Hotel. Coming from the Hotel-side of the bridge, there is a patch of land left of the bridge with a cave. Inside the cave are several hostiles. Defeat them and loot the safe key from one of the corpses. Head back outside and onto the main platform on the island. There is a small building here with a hole blown on one side of the wall. The weapon is inside the safe in this building.

Signed Tossball StickSigned Tossball Stick
(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)2-Handed MeleeSpeedGrip
Mr. PowerStagger 

The Signed Tossball Stick can be found in the VIP Floor of the Grand Colonial Hotel on Eridanos. You will need to have gained access to the floor by progressing in the main quest The Man Who Chafed. From the floor's entrance, take the left hallway all the way to the end. Turn right and enter the room. The weapon can be found leaning against a wall of the room.

(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)1-Handed MeleeN/AKnockdown 

Can be found in the basement of the Grand Colonial Hotel on Eridanos. You can get there by taking the stairs near the Kitchen. Find the hallway marked 'B' and enter the room B2. There is a crawlspace here that you can use to get into room B1 where the Thunderclap can be found on the floor among the junk.

Quick and Dirty
(Only available with Murder on Eridanos DLC)2-Handed MeleeN/A Physical 

Eridanos, West of Rizzo's Distillation Station. Stuck on a tree. Looks like used to cut.

Sours: https://theouterworlds.wiki.fextralife.com/Unique+Weapons

The Outer Worlds: The 10 Rarest Weapons, Ranked (& How To Find Them)

Although 2019 didn't have as many great games as previous years, among the good games that came out last year was The Outer Worlds. This FPS with heavy role-play elements blew everyone away with the sheer amount of content it offered, weapons and armor being a big part of it. Unique weapons in The Outer Worlds are weapons that usually have special names and aren't as easy to find when compared with regular old assault rifles and such. These unique weapons usually have special effects, making them extremely useful, especially early in the game.

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In this list, we will look at some of the best rare weapons in the game ranked by their performance, as well as where to find them.

10 Rapti-don't

The cleverly named heavy machine-gun, Rapti-don't, is a fast-shooting weapon that deals plasma damage to all those in its wake. It has a fast rate of fire, meaning that the DPS it dishes out is good, especially in the early game. It can be found in the Monarch wilderness, in the upper-left corner of the map near the Gunship Crash Site in a spot called "Hero's Last Stand".

Even though the player has to go through a portion of the game before reaching this gun, it still proves useful later on. The only down-side to this gun is that because it is a plasma weapon, it doesn't do much against robots or enemies with tough armor.

9 Shrink Ray

A classic in any sci-fi setting ever, the Shrink Ray does exactly what the name implies - if you aim the ray gun at something that moves and pull the trigger, they shrink down to the size of a human child. The Shrink Ray can be found within the lab of the cooky scientist who saved you, Phineas Welles, which you can visit relatively early in the game. The ray gun sits right in front of the scientist who hides behind a wall of bullet-proof glass.

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Even though this gun has a comedic effect on enemies, it doesn't prove useful in every situation. The effect of the shrink ray dissipates quickly after you stop shooting it at the target, making it more of a support-weapon, leaving the task of damage-dealing to your companions.

8 Soft Speaker

The Soft Speaker is an interesting melee weapon because of a couple of reasons. The first being its decent DPS, especially for a melee weapon, making it a good choice for anyone going for a melee build. The second, and main feature, is the fact that it improves the user's intimidation skill by 10 points, as well as reduce the radius of noise made by 90 percent. It is acquired specifically when the player manages to reach peace between the Monarch Stellar Industries (MSI) and the Iconoclasts.

Although it's definitely not the best choice for anyone going for a full-on melee barbarian build, this weapon can prove useful to anyone with a stealth build by making sneak-attacks much more viable.

7 Montag

Montag, as a weapon, can be considered as one big literary reference to the classic that is Fahrenheit 451. Although it is technically a shock cannon, it is modified to instead use plasma as its ammo source, making it somewhat of a man-melting machine that shoots lightning instead of throwing fire. It is attainable by either killing or pickpocketing Captain Macredd on the Groundbreaker, an obvious pyromaniac who strangely went for this type of weapon instead of an actual flamethrower.

Although it isn't the strongest weapon, it proves very effective against organic enemies such as people or beasts due to it using plasma.

6 Supper Time

Another viable weapon for anyone going for a melee build, Supper Time is a 1-handed blade that is a great option for any low-level player. The reason why it's so good is that not only does it do corrosive damage, meaning robots and armored enemies will be no match against it, but it also has a bleed effect, meaning that it deals even more DPS. This weapon can be found inside the house of the Mather family during the quest "The Secret People" on Monarch.

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Supper Time is a fitting name for this weapon, as you loot it off a corpse inside the Mather residence, who, as you find out, is a family of cannibals. Be careful as you try to get this blade, as it is not worth getting eaten for.

5 Mind Control Ray

Science weapons such as this one all have unique and useful effects, and this one is no different. As the name states, this weapon lets you control the mind of an enemy that is exposed to the ray emitted by this rifle. More accurately, any enemy that is continuously being bombarded by this weapon will attack all other enemies while taking damage from the mind-control ray. It can be found in the Rizzo Secret Laboratory in Cascadia hidden on top of a platform that takes some agility getting to.

While this gun doesn't do a ton of damage, it is useful in tough fights by making an enemy turn on their own. The only real down-side is the noise you'll have to endure while firing this weapon.

4 Salvager's Helper

Even though this little pistol might not seem like much, don't let its small size fool you. Salvager's Helper lives up to its name, mostly by being a pistol with the highest DPS of all pistols in the game. It achieves this feat not only by having corrosive damage and a bleed effect, but also firing off six bullets each time you pull the trigger. You can get this pint-sized killing machine by buying it from Gladys who is staying in the Rest-N-Go on the Groundbreaker.

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This is a great weapon to have in lower levels since it makes short work of anything that stands in your way. The only real drawback of this pistol is that its reload time takes three whole seconds due to its "complex reload mechanisms".

3 Purpleberry Launch

Don't let the silly name fool you, because Purpleberry Launch is a beast of a launcher. This Rizzo-themed launcher blasts purple balls that detonate, dealing N-Ray damage to everyone in the area, spreading to others who are nearby. It also has a burning effect, adding insult to injury. This beast of a weapon can be found in Eastern Cascadia on the second floor of an apartment, sitting in a sink.

Although the initial DPS might not seem as much, this is a great tool to use when clearing areas of tightly-packed enemies. Just make sure the N-Rays don't spread to you.

2 Ol' Reliable

As we have seen so far, the names of the unique weapons in this game tend to describe the weapons themselves pretty well, and Ol' Reliable is no exception. This machinegun can be found early in the game, located in the Primal Nest in Emerald Vale Region. What makes this gun so good is, well, everything. It shoots fast, is accurate, holds a lot of ammo per magazine, making it a very strong weapon DPS-wise.

Because this gun is so reliable all around, it is very recommended that you get this weapon early on to make things easier for you.

1 Phin's Phorse

Before you ask, no that was not a typo - Phin's Phorse is the actual name of this extremely powerful gun made by none other than Phineas Welles. The DPS of this gun is absolutely insane, mainly due to it dealing N-Ray damage. Not only that, but it also fires in bursts and has a staggering effect, that makes this gun an absolute monster at clearing hordes of enemies. This gun can only be found towards the end of the game in Phineas' personal quarters.

As with any powerful weapon, this beast of a gun has two main drawbacks - one, that the N-Ray shots may spread to you if you shoot in tight areas like small rooms, and two, that it is only attainable near the end of the game.

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[Guide] The Outer Worlds Unique Weapons

June 5, 2020 4:40 pmPublished by Jack Longman

*The following Guide is a work in progress, with more information being added to it.


It’s time to see what all the fuss is about. The Outer Worlds has finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch, allowing players to undertake its epic adventure on the go and we couldn’t resist doing our part and sharing all that we know, when it comes to obtaining the Unique and Reward Weapons available in-game.



Emerald Vale Unique Weapons:

Fiver: (Revolver)


Weapon Type: Handguns

Modifications: Extend-O-Sight

Special Effect: Knockback

Location: Botanical Lab on Terra-2

How to Obtain: Purchase from Stefan Garcia at Stefan’s Bartering Post.

Blad on Stik:(2-Handed Melee)


Weapon Type: 2-Handed Melee

Modifications: None

Special Effect: Bleed

Location: Marauder Hideout, northwest of Edgewater in Terra-2

How to Obtain:During the Fistful of Digits quest, kill the bandit leader Doc Maybell, to have him drop it.

Maxwell: (Impact Hammer)


Weapon Type: 1-Handed Melee

Modifications: Mr. Zap

Special Effect: Knockdown

Location: Emerald Vale General Store inside Edgewater

How to Obtain: Purchase from Julius Moreau for 3,000 bits.

Ol’ Reliable: (Light Machine Gun)


Weapon Type: Heavy Weapons

Modifications: None

Special Effect: Stagger

Location: Primal Nest

How to Obtain: It can be found in the canyon area, next to a dead body.

Shock Stick: (Riot Baton)


Weapon Type: 1-Handed Melee

Modifications: SpeedGrip Mr. Ouch

Special Effect: Stun

Location: Geothermal Plant

How to Obtain: Complete the Die, Robot quest.

Landing Pad Cutter: (Tremor Cleaver)


Weapon Type: 2-Handed Melee

Modifications: None

Special Effect: Bleed

Location: Edgewater Landing Pad

How to Obtain: By walking along the lower edge near the landing pad, it can be found on a ledge, facing the water, residing between two dead bodies.

Long Ranger: (Hunter’s Rifle)


Weapon Type: Long Guns

Modifications: None

Special Effect: Knockback

Location: Botanical Labs on Terra-2

How to Obtain: Pickpocket or kill Grace.

Peacekeeper: (Sawed-Off Shotgun)


Weapon Type: Long Guns

Modifications: None

Special Effect: Knockback

Location: Edgewater on Terra-2

How to Obtain: Pickpocket or kill Constable Reyes.


Groundbreaker Unique Weapons:

Montag: (Flamethrower)


Weapon Type: Heavy Weapons

Modifications: Mag-2-Power

Special Effect: Stun

Location: Back Bays aboard the Groundbreaker

How to Obtain: Pickpocket or kill Captain Macredd.

Salvager’s Helper: (Light Pistol)


Weapon Type: Handguns

Modifications: Mag-2-Melt

Special Effect: Bleed

Location: Aboard the Groundbreaker

How to Obtain:Purchased from Gladys.

Silencer:(1-Handed Melee)


Weapon Type: 1-Handed Melee

Modifications: SpeedGrip

Special Effect: Bleed

Location: Relay GB-23

How to Obtain: In the centre of the station, during the Silent Voices quest, it can be found on Frey’s body.


Scylla Unique Weapons:

Irion’s Flintlock:(Auto-Mag Pistol)


Weapon Type: Handguns

Modifications: N/A

Special Effect: Stagger

Location: Scylla

How to Obtain: During the Solution Vitalquest, Irion’s Flintlock is obtained from Captain Irion for saving him.

Primal Tamer’s Baton:


Weapon Type: 1-Handed Melee

Modifications: None

Special Effect: Stagger

Location: Scylla

How to Obtain: East of Irion’s Shio and next to a wrecked starship, Prima; Tamer’s Baton can be found on a dead body on Scylla.


Unreliable Unique Weapons:

Adelaide’s Gardening Shears:


Weapon Type: 1-Handed Melee

Modifications: N/A

Special Effect: Bleed

Location: Captain’s Quarters

How to Obtain: After killing Adelaide, it can be found on the desk in the captain’s quarters.

The Negotiator:


Weapon Type: Handguns

Modifications: N/A

Special Effect: Stagger

Location: The Unreliable

How to Obtain: Once you’ve finished all Sublight faction quests, The Negotiator can be found aboard the Unreliable.



Roseway Gardens Unique Weapons:

Rapti-prod:(Tossball Blocker)


Weapon Type: 2-Handed Melee

Modifications: Mr.Zap

Special Effect: None

Location: Covert Lab in Roseway Gardens on Terra-2

How to Obtain: During the quest, The Distrss Signal, the Rapti-pridcan be found residing on one of four tables in Vaugn’s Lab, in the interiors of the Covert Lab. 

Ulti-Nature:(Ultimatum Pistol)


Weapon Type: Handguns

Modifications: None

Special Effect: Corrosion

Location: Roseway on Terra-2

How to Obtain: Successfully complete the quest Vulcan’s Hammer, by returning Orson Shaw his weapon schematics and waiting for him to contact you via ADA on the unreliable. Then return to Roseyway to get the Ulti-Nature.

Anarchists’ Cookbook:


Weapon Type: Heavy Weapons

Modifications: Mag-2-Power

Special Effect: Knockback

Location: Roseway Gardens on Terra-2

How to Obtain: Recieved as a reward for completing the quest Journey Into Smoke


Monarch Wilds Unique Weapons:

Anti-Manti Ray:(Laser Carbine)


Weapon Type: Long Guns

Modifications: Mag-2-Melt

Special Effect: Stagger

Location: Mantisaur Lair, west of Fallbrook Crossroads

How to Obtain: The Anti-Manti Ray can be found atop a pile of bones that is gaurded by a monster.

Euthanasia Kit:(Tactical Shotgun)


Weapon Type: Long Guns

Modifications: None

Special Effect: Knockdown

Location: In a building north of the Terra One Publications building, near the abandoned settlement west of Stellar Bay

How to Obtain: During the Pay for the Printer Quest, it can be looted form the body of a dead Iconoclast Medic.

Purpleberry Launch:(Shock Cannon)


Weapon Type: Heavy Weapons

Modifications: Mag-2-Ray

Special Effect: Burn

Location: Cascadia

How to Obtain: Found in the sink of a second floor apartment, next to a “Bottling Plant” sign.

Rapti-don’t:(Heavy Machine Gun)


Weapon Type: Heavy Weapons

Modifications: Mag-2-Power

Special Effect: Knockback

Location: Hero’s Last Stand, north of the Sulfur Pits

How to Obtain: Found on top of a dead body, on top of a large pile behind a Mega Raptidon

Supper Time:(Captain’s Spine)


Weapon Type: 1-Handed Melee

Modifications: None

Special Effect: Bleed

Location: Stellar Bay

How to Obtain: During the quest The Secret People, the weapon can be looted from Braxton’s body, which can be found in a locked room, which is at the top of Mather Residence.

The Candy Cane:(Inferno Scythe)


Weapon Type: 2-Handed Melee

Modifications: Mr. N

Special Effect: Burn

Location: Cascadia Bridge Safe House

How to Obtain: Once you have been able to hack the Cascadia Gate Door to gain access to the bridge, ride the elevator down and you’ll come across a room where you will encounter Herbert. The Candy Cane can be looted from his dead body.

The Hammer of Olympus:(Impact Hammer)


Weapon Type: 2-Handed Melee

Modifications: Mr. Zap

Special Effect: Shock

Location: Sundered Rock, northeast of Devil’s Peak Summit

How to Obtain: Found in Sundered Rock.

Thunder:(Assault Rifle)


Weapon Type: Long Guns

Modifications: Mag-2-Zap

Special Effect: Stagger

Location: C3 Barracks near Devil’s Peak Summit

How to Obtain: Found inside C3 Barracks.

Soft Speaker:


Weapon Type: 2-Handed Melee

Modifications: None

Special Effect: Knockdown

Location: Monarch

How to Obtain: Reward for completing the quest Canid’s Cradle and achieving peace between Sanjar and Graham.

MSI Saltuna Searer:


Weapon Type: Heavy Weapon

Modifications: N/A

Special Effect: Burn

Location: Monarch

How to Obtain: During the Canid’s Cradle, side with Sanjar.

The Good Word:


Weapon Type: Heavy Weapon

Modifications: Mag-Num

Special Effect: Stagger

Location: Monarch

How to Obtain: During the Canid’s Cradle, side with Graham.

Grim’s Tossball:


Weapon Type: 1-Handed Melee

Modifications: SpeedGrip, Mr. Ouch

Special Effect: Stagger

Location: Stellar Bay

How to Obtain: Given to players by Grimm for completing the quest The Grimm Tomorrow.


*This unique weapon is seemingly bugged.

Sublight Plasma Knife:


Weapon Type: 1-Handed Melee

Modifications: Grip, Attack

Special Effect: Burn

Location: Fallbrook

How to Obtain: Purchase from Lyanna Reed.

Clive’s Cleaver:


Weapon Type: 1-Handed Melee

Modifications: N/A

Special Effect: Bleed

Location: Monarch

How to Obtain: Obtained from Clive Lumbergh for completing the quest A Cysty-Dance with Death.


Byzantium Unique Weapons:

Pink Slip:(Dead-Eye Assault Rifle)


Weapon Type: Long Guns

Modifications: Exacto-O-Sight

Special Effect: Execute

Location: Estates District of Byzantium on Terra-2

How to Obtain: Purchase from Winston Forsythe at Forsythe Luxury Munitions.

The Exterminator:(Vermin Revolver)


Weapon Type: Handguns

Modifications: None

Special Effect: Knockback

Location: Estates District of Byzantium on Terra-2

How to Obtain: Purchase from Winston Forsythe at Forsythe Luxury Munitions.

Ionized Paper Knife:


Weapon Type: 1-Handed Melee

Modifications: SpeedGrip

Special Effect: Burn

Location: Maintenance Tunnels in Byzantium on Terra-2

How to Obtain: During the quest Cupid of the Laboratory, the Ionized Paper Knife can be found in the Maintenance Tunnels.



Weapon Type: 2-Handed Melee

Modifications: N/A

Special Effect: Bleed

Location: Byzantium on Terra-2

How to Obtain: Purchase from Percival Platt for 7,410 bits.

Pauper Popper:


Weapon Type: Long Guns

Modifications: N/A

Special Effect: Burn

Location: Byzantium on Terra-2

How to Obtain: Purchase from Percival Platt fort 6,080 bits.


Phineas’ Lab Unique Weapons:

Phin’s Phorce:


Weapon Type: Long Guns

Modifications: FunTimes Battle, Mag-2-Ray

Special Effect: Execute

Location: Phineas’s Room

How to Obtain: Found nearer to the end of the game, during the quest Kept Secret But Not Forgotten.

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5 STRONGEST UNIQUE WEAPONS in The Outer Worlds - Caedo's Countdowns

Outer Worlds: Best Weapons

The Outer Worlds takes you on a trip around the Halcyon Colony, ruled by mega-corporations and The Board. You’ll be going up against plenty of marauder and alien creatures along the way, so you’ll need good weapons to defend yourself with. Luckily, we’re here to help you with the best weapons in Outer Worlds.

Best Weapons in Outer Worlds

Before we get into things, it should be stated that The Outer World’s weapons system makes it so you can use pretty much anything you want. If you find a weapon you like, you can Tinker with it at a workbench to raise its damage in exchange for bits. In addition, you can equip mods on absolutely everything.

While you can upgrade anything to be pretty great, there are some weapons that start off better than others. Let’s get into them.

Assault Rifle Ultra

Assault Rifles are some of the most useful weapons in Outer Worlds as they have good range, good rate of fire and quick reload speed. Basically, you’ll want one in your inventory at all times.

The Assault Rifle Ultra is the best one you can get in the game, outside of unique weapons, and it’s pretty easy to get your hands on. The Ultra starts with a damage score around 620, and can easily be upgraded.

How to Get – Pick up off of enemies starting in Monarch, or purchase from a store.


Ultimatum is a nifty little pistol that comes automatically packed with plasma damage, and has a pretty decent damage score for whenever you get it as well.

Even better, however, is that the shots from Ultimatum can bounce off of most surfaces, making it a great option to just blast away.

How to Get – Talk to Shaw on Roseway and complete the Vulcan’s Hammer quest. Don’t take the schematics back to Gladys and instead let Shaw develop the weapon.

Prismatic Hammer

One of five science weapons in the game, the Prismatic Hammer is an incredibly useful melee weapon. The cool thing about it is that the weapon can cause every type of damage, switching between them with each hit.

This means that you alternate between shock, plasma, and caustic constantly, inflicting some crazy damage on enemies. You can also Tinker with the weapon to get it’s damage score higher, and investing in perks to raise your Science Weapon damage will help too.

How to Get – Head to Groundbreaker and buy the battered Mardet datapad from Gladys. Follow the marker to a hidden room on the west side of Groundbreaker.

Phin’s Phorce

This hugely modified plasma rifle fires off a three-round burst of N-Ray energy, making it a tremendously deadly weapon. It causes great damage, especially when upgraded, and can easily be made even better with some mods.

How to Get – The weapon is found near the end of the game in Phineas’ Lab, during the “Kept Secret But Not Forgotten” main quest.

Shock Cannon Ultra

There are a few different weapons with crowd control in Outer Worlds, but for our money, the Shock Cannon Ultra is the best of them. Although you have to be fairly close, this weapon shoots out a beam of electricity that causes constant damage to the enemy it hits, and it can even spread to other nearby enemies. This makes it perfect for close-knit groups of enemies.

How to Get – Luckily this isn’t one of the unique weapons of the game, so you can find it dropped by enemies about halfway through the game or purchase it from a shop later on in Byzantium.

Irion’s Flintlock

Pistols are hugely useful in Outer Worlds, mostly due to the sheer speed they have both in fire rate and reloading. Irion’s Flintlock shoots two bullets at once, giving it a damage bonus over normal pistols. It also gets a huge bonus on weakspot damage, making it the perfect weapon to use with Tactical Time Dilation.

How to Get – Go to Groundbreaker and talk to Wanda Dorsett in the clinic to get the Solution Vital quest. Then head to Scylla and follow the marker to find Irion and save him, getting the pistol as a reward.

Supper Time

Supper Time is the only unique venom sword in Outer Worlds and it has two handy features. For one it causes caustic DPS, and two it can cause bleed status on enemies making it even deadlier. This is especially true if you have a melee build character.

How to Get – Talk to Velma in the factory in Stellar Bay to get The Secret People quest. Follow the marker to the, uh, interesting family’s house and then search the top locked room to find Supper Time there.

That does it for our guide on the best weapons in Outer Worlds.

If you need any other help or tips, make sure to check out our Outer Worlds guide wiki. Here are a few others to look at in the meantime.

What are the best weapons in The Outer Worlds?

Assault Rifle Ultra, Ultimatum, Prismatic Hammer, Phin’s Phorce, Shock Cannon Ultra, Irion’s Flintlock, and Supper Time.

Sours: https://twinfinite.net/2019/10/outer-worlds-best-weapons/

Best weapons unique worlds outer

The Outer Worlds: Where To Find All Unique Weapons | Gun Locations Guide

Unique Weapons are rare, powerful variants you can find hidden throughout the Halcyon galaxy in The Outer Worlds. These are the best weapons you can get, and they’ll give you a serious edge in combat. Sometimes they’re just weird weapons, other times they’re Easter eggs — but they’re always a step above the standard stuff you’ll get from enemies.

Unique Weapons have pre-installed mods that you won’t be able to change. You can, however, still Tinker with Unique Weapons to make them even more powerful. Most Unique Weapons have a special function — a unique elemental damage type, for example — that instantly sets it apart. Usually, it’s just a whole lot more damage. Learn where to find your favorite weapons’ unique variant in the full list of weapons below.

More The Outer Worlds guides:

Emerald Vale Region Unique Weapons:

Blad-On-Stick (2-Handed Melee): In the Marauder Hideout, northwest of Edgewater, Emerald Vale Region. Kill the bandit leader to claim it.

Ol’ Reliable (Light Machine Gun): In the Primal Nest, Emerald Vale Region. Find it next to a dead body in the canyon area.

Peacekeeper (Sawed-Off Shotgun): Carried by Constable Reyes in Edgewater, Emerald Vale Region. Kill or pickpocket her to get it.

Shock Stick (Riot Baton): Located in the Geothermal Plant, Emerald Vale Region. It’s carried by the security chief’s corpse.

Maxwell (Impact Hammer): Sold for 3,000 bits at the Edgewater, Emerald Vale General Store.

Fiver (Revolver): Sold by Stefan’s Bartering Post in the Botanical Garden, Emerald Vale Region.

Grace’s Rifle (Hunter’s Rifle): Carried by Grace in the Botanical Lab, Emerald Vale Region. Pickpocket or kill her to get it.

Landing Pad Cutter (Tremor Cleaver): In the Emerald Vale Region, walk along the lower ledge of the Landing Pad. On the ledge facing the water,

Groundbreaker Unique Weapons:

Salvager’s Helper (Light Pistol): Sold for 6,000 bits at Gladys’ store on the Groundbreaker. An incredibly powerful pistol.

Montag (Flamethrower): Carried by Captain MacRedd in the Back Bays of Groundbreaker. He’s the first enemy you’ll encounter and talk to when you take the elevator down!

Silencer (1-Handed Melee): Found on Relay GB-23, during ‘The Silent Voices’ quest, given by the woman in Engineering on the Groundbreaker, across from the Captain’s office. Find the Silencer on Frey’s body, in the center of the station.

Scylla Unique Weapons:

Irion’s Flintlock (Auto-Mag Pistol): Given by Captain Irion after saving him on Scylla.

Roseway Gardens Region Unique Weapons:

Ulti-Nature (Ultimatum Pistol): An energy pistol you’ll receive for completing the ‘Vulcan’s Hammer’ quest in Roseway. Successfully return Orson’s weapon schematics. Wait awhile, and he’ll contact you through ADA on the Unreliable. Return to Roseway and you’ll earn this powerful pistol.

Rapti-Prod (Tossball Blocker): Found in Vaugn’s Lab in the interiors of the Covert Lab, Roseway Gardens. It’s on one of the four tables. Grab it from the table. You’ll enter this lab during the quest ‘The Distress Signal’.

Monarch Wilds Region Unique Weapons:

Thunder (Assault Rifle): Located inside the C3 Barracks, on Devil’s Peak in the Monarch Wilds.

Euthanasia Kit (Tactical Shotgun): Found on a dead medic in a building north of the Terra One Publication building, in the abandoned settlement west of Stellar Bay.

Supper Time (Captain’s Spine): Stuck into a dead body in the locked room at the top of the Mather Residence. You’ll enter this room on the quest ‘The Secret People’, given by the warehouse manager in Stellar Bay.

Rapti-Don’t (Heavy Machine Gun): On a dead body in a corner of Monarch called Hero’s Last Stand. The spot is north of the Sulfur Pits. The body is on a giant pile, behind a Mega Raptidon.

The Candy Cane (Inferno Scythe): Found at the Cascadia Bridge Safe House, Monarch. Take the lift down at the bridge — you’ll need to hack the Cascadia Gate Door to reach the bridge. In the room below, the weapon is carried by Herbert.

Purpleberry Launch (Shock Cannon): Found in Cascadia, Monarch. Enter the second floor apartment to the left of the fallen ‘Bottling Plant’ sign. The weapon is in the sink.

Anti-Manti Ray (Laser Carbine): Found at the Mantisaur Lair, Monarch. Find the lair directly west of the Fallbrook Crossroads. The weapon is sitting in a pile of bones guarded by a giant monster.

The Hammer of Olympus (Impact Hammer): Found on the Sundered Rock on Monarch. The rock is on a ledge to the east of the Devil’s Peak Summit.

Byzantium Region Unique Weapons:

The Exterminator (Vermin Revolver): Sold by Forsythe Luxury Munitions in the Byzantium Region.

Pink Slip (Dead-Eye Assault Rifle): Also sold by Forsythe Luxury Munitions in the Byzantium Region.

There’s no way we found them all yet. More unique weapon locations coming soon!

More The Outer Worlds guides:

Sours: https://gameranx.com/features/id/186024/article/the-outer-worlds-where-to-find-all-unique-weapons-gun-locations-guide/
The Outer Worlds BEST WEAPON IN THE GAME - Complete Guide Science Weapon Location \u0026 MORE!!!

The Outer Worlds best guns: Which weapons should you be using?

With so much to chose from, picking through The Outer Worlds best guns list is tricky. The options are as you'd expect from a spacey first-person RPG, with assault rifles, shotguns, and less than conventional science weapons. Fortunately we're in the position of having beaten the game and so have plenty of experience of all the Outer Worlds best guns options. Based on our extensive testing (basically shooting people a lot and measuring the 'ows') we've made a list and, and this it it. Here are our choices for The Outer Worlds best guns and weapons.

The Outer Worlds tips | The Outer Worlds companions | The Outer Worlds  Science Weapons | The Outer Worlds Slaughterhouse Clive | The Outer Worlds best guns

It's also worth adding in a quick disclaimer about how weapons work in The Outer Worlds. Standard guns have basic names like "Assault Rifle", "Light Machine Gun", "Tactical Shotgun", etc. You can find these in droves and when looking at your inventory screen, they're on a standard black background. As you get further into the game, you'll come across improved versions of the base weapons, indicated by things like "Mk2" and "Ultra" in the name.

Unique weapons will have special names and descriptions, and they'll feature a gold icon behind them. These are usually slightly more powerful than their standard counterparts, although keep an eye on the weapon level and damage because you'll outgrow the early ones eventually.

Finally, the Science weapons have a blue background, and there's only five of them in the entire game. These have unique effects, and you'll need to complete the Weapons from the Void quest to obtain them all. Since they're so unique, we won't be covering them in this guide, but we have a dedicated The Outer Worlds Science weapons guide that goes into detail on how to get each one.

Assault Rifle

Perhaps my favourite weapon in the entire game is the bog standard Assault Rifle. It uses Heavy ammo and has 24 bullets in a magazine, with each one dealing significant damage. You can install a barrel, magazine, and sight mod to it, and it staggers enemies.

When you make it to the C3 base near Devil's Peak on Monarch, you can find the unique Assault Rifle called Thunder lying on the table inside the building. This does shock damage and carried me through to the end of the game.

Plasma Cutter

When it comes to the best melee weapons in The Outer Worlds, the Plasma Cutter wins by a long shot. This one-handed melee sword can be swung rapidly and as you'd expect, it deals some severe Plasma damage. You can attach both a Grip and Attack mod too, which makes the Plasma Cutter one of the best melee weapons to use throughout the game.

Tactical Shotgun

For those times you need to get up close and personal, the Tactical Shotgun is your friend. This is perfect for when you've got Mantisaurs or melee Marauders getting all up in your business, especially if you enable Time-Dilation and hit a few weak spots. You can install both a Barrel and Magazine mod to spruce it up even further.


If you find yourself with a surplus of Energy ammo, get a Flamethrower out. It deals severe burn damage, as you'd expect, and is perfect for emitting continuous damage at multiple enemies at once. You can also install a Magazine mod to make it burn enemies and deal a specific type of damage like Shock or Corrosion. 

Light Machine Gun

Our final choice for the list of the best Outer Worlds weapons is the Light Machine Gun. Chances are, you'll have a huge amount of Light ammo because Heavy and Energy seem to be harder to find. If that's the case, whip out a Light Machine Gun and spray to your heart's content at enemies, because you'll start burning through your excess ammo in no time at all. 

One of the resident guide writers around these parts, give me a game and I will write every "how to" I possibly can or die trying. When I'm not knee-deep in a game to write guides on, you'll find me hurtling round the track in F1 2020, flinging balls on my phone in Pokemon Go, pretending to know what I'm doing in Football Manager 2020, clicking on heads in Valorant, or mowing down hordes of enemies in Outriders.

Sours: https://www.gamesradar.com/the-outer-worlds-best-guns-weapons/

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